Jo Dee Messina - Lesson In Leavin' Lyrics

Somebody's gonna give you a lesson in leavin'
Somebody's gonna give you back what you've been givin'
And I hope that I'm around
To watch 'em knock you down
It's like you to love 'em and leave 'em
Just like you loved me and left me
It's like you to do that sort of thing
Over and over again
You're a fool-hearted man

I hear you've been askin' about me
From some of my friends
Well you'd better believe I'm not goin'
Through that again
You're the kind of man a woman thinks she can change.
Oh, but the only thing changin' is my way of thinkin'
And I'm thinkin' that maybe someday

Somebody's gonna give you a lesson in losin'
Somebody's gonna do to you what you've been doin'
And I hope that I'm around
To watch 'em knock you down
Somebody's gonna give you a lesson in hurtin'
Somebody's gonna leave you with your fire burnin'
And no way to put it out
Baby there ain't no doubt
You're a fool-hearted man

Yeah, you're the kind of man
A woman thinks she can change
But the only thing changin'
Is my way of thinkin'
And I'm thinkin' that maybe someday

Somebody's gonna give you a lesson in leavin'
Somebody's gonna give you back what you've been givin'
And I hope that I'm around
To watch 'em knock you down
It's like you to love 'em and leave 'em
Just like you loved me and left me
It's like you to do that sort of thing
Over and over again
You're a fool-hearted man

Somebody's gonna give you a lesson in leavin'
Somebody's gonna give you back what you've been givin'
And I hope that I'm around
To watch 'em knock you down
It's like you to love 'em and leave 'em
Just like you loved me and left me
It's like you to do that sort of thing
Over and over again
You're a fool-hearted man

Oh, a fool-hearted man
Oh, whoa
Oh, a fool-hearted man

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Jo Dee Messina Lesson In Leavin' Comments
  1. Macey Estes

    This is for my ex......

  2. Irene Unumi

    Sometimes it's not a broken heart but rather pain relievers 🤣😂

  3. BlaZeR2000

  4. Immortal & Undestroyable

    You women do know relationships are 2 sided. Think about this he treated you cause he was giving back what he was given. Takes two people to start a war.

    Immortal & Undestroyable

    Put the fucking phone down. Watch whats in your face. Goes for men and women. And get rid of Fakebook!

  5. Wendy Veliz

    Me encantaria saber la letra en español de este bello tema Lesson In Leavin!! De Jo Dee Nessina!! Hermoso ritmo

  6. Christina Funk

    Mr. Alexander exist!!!!!! Yay!!!

  7. T Larrissa

    I don't pursue, date, fk or wait for lying, cheating, manipulative MARRIED men!!!! 😠😠🖕💯

  8. Lorali t

    I'm thinking sing it girl
    😄 HAHA THANK you
    Problems gone

  9. Crystal Werman

    I love it...I see all.the negative post

  10. Candice Machella

    I also decatied this to a person to put there hands on me Tuesday.

  11. Candice Machella

    Thats how i feel about all men right now

  12. michael Parris

    both sexes can relate to this song..

  13. Robin Alberti

    Maren Morris be like... I could use a love song... no sweetie... you need to do your fucking homework.... these guys do not care.... and you do not understand the lyrics to the music....

    Robin Alberti

    they will throw you under the bus so fast you won't even know what hit you.... do not jump into the middle of a song remix you don't know....

  14. Melissa Denton

    Men and women both deserve this song 💯 and I hope and wish for everyone who came into my life gets what they got coming and hope I'm there to watch it all.... Fool hearted people and y'all suck!!

  15. Kylee Hopper

    Haha this song never gets old!!! So amazing!!

  16. Andrea Hukill

    Over a decade later I am gunna rise above and beyond. Not looking for what caused so much pain and never would talk it out. Gunna be ok and greatful I stop dragging my own heart! #sobrietyismychoice #codepentcygoodbye #shewasntcrazyherlovewas

  17. Cher Wisthoff

    Currently going through the worst heartbreak..he just threw me away like nothing after 2 years ..I found a place for us , and i thought we were sharing a life together .. I poured my heart and soul to hes taking the place 😫. I just got used .. everything was always my fault .. I didnt listen etc etc ... didn't even want to work it out.. worst pain ever

  18. Liliana Ocampo

    I never realized how much autotune this song actually has until 2019!!!

  19. Canaan Daniels


  20. Shane P

    Jo Dee Messina did not write this song. And she ruined it.

  21. brittany shankles

    Change fool hearted man to cold hearted bitch telling you it works 😂😂

  22. Krista Shelby

    I love this song.

  23. Clarisse Griffin

    U already did that over and over when u got with it.

  24. Robin Alberti

    How ironic... Courtney

    Robin Alberti

    Jo D......
    Mary Jane....

    What the fuck ever

    Robin Alberti

    Yo daddy bitch

  25. julian butler

    tbh... sometimes it's the other way around... fool hearted woman lol

  26. Trisha Hug

    My ex left me after we lost both babies. He cheated after the first one. Now that we have have a child, he moved on like he doesn't have a child and is denying his child. He doesn't understand why I am mad. This song is how I feel about his relationship. I really hope he falls hard for her and she leaves him.

  27. Lexus Littlejohn

    This song is really good that brings back memories I love this song

  28. Emma Bateman

    The 1980 version brought me here.

  29. Laura Torres

    "Karma" Perfect Song--Love it!

  30. lemm81608

    What song

  31. Tiffany Pence

    Jo dee Messina is one of my favorite country female artist of all time. I grew up listening to this woman.

  32. joy Tkaczyk

    No one can. Pull this off. Dottie.

    joy Tkaczyk

    She rides on

  33. Dan Meyer

    Produced by Byron Gallimore and Tim McGraw. Composed by Randy Goodrum, Brent Maher Sony / ATV Tunes (ASCAP)

  34. fire legend

    Honestly who needs the lyrics this is the only song i know every word too lmfao love it 💘

  35. Christina Mcdonald

    I needed this song today ugh

  36. s j

    I gave him 20 years. I truly loved him, but got tired of begging him for his time. Goodbye.

  37. Spooky Mama

    I dedicate this song to my ex and baby daddy. Levi Vaughn Hill😈

  38. cyn 76

    Sometimes you need a helluva lesson to learn to leave...

  39. Holly Born

    Omg thank you!!! I forgot this amazing song existed! I listened to this as a kid watching my parents jam love. When life was good.❤

  40. Robin Alberti

    I couldn't agree more....Bye Jodi...

  41. Matt D

    Damn this takes me back to my youth!!!

  42. Mary save for cops! Girl

    Amen!!! what goes around comes around!!!

  43. Tracy Walden


  44. Daisy Edberg

    Yup but I'm keeping the bank account

  45. MARCIO I'm from Brasil Marcio I'm from Brasil

    Brasil here I Love you

  46. Lorali t

    Yep bye bye

  47. FUEL 'N' SPARK

    2019 🤘

  48. Shawn. J Dykes



  49. Daisy Edberg

    To anyone who left me

  50. Trisha Hug

    My ex leaves every woman he's with and blames it on them. He ruins their reputation all over town and makes them look like the dirty whore they are not. He cheated shortly after we lost our first child. Karma is bitch. I have moved on, and he regrets ever letting me go.

  51. Brittany Speirs

    To my ex husbend alan speirs 2 hope you get urs soon

  52. Lynn Fernandes

    Ha Ha Screwed up homosexual ROBERT ILICIC . SCORPION CONMAN. Screws his daughters for excitement. SICKO. Screws Asian prostitutes and is married to Patricia. I think its time for Lorena Bobit.

  53. Jessica Loveme

    This is to my ex who tried to kill me multiple times and the guy who slit my throat and I turn around and cut your dick. I'm glad you finally got what you deserve... He was raped in prison after raping me and I'm glad I told your dad and I'm glad he sent me the proof of you being raped.

  54. Linda Jackson

    Lord yes I just had the worst relationship I've ever had in my life and I will be here to see you this is the best song I could even send you but I'm not going to do that it's going to happen and it's going to be epic on my part life is good the Cable Guy

  55. Linda Jackson

    This is a song that me and my sister used to sing at karaoke. It was badass 15-20 years ago and it still is

  56. Juanita Buron

    15:34 10/9^18 18:21 11/19*18 1:17 1/12/19

  57. Avery Daymond MAGA

    Wow some bitter women on this comment section. WE men move on while y'all stay vindictive & when a good man does come along you sometimes hold him accountable or are suspicious of things he hasn't even done.
    Its a good song but gotta say Dottie sang it better, with more feeling & the instrument arrangement was twice as good as this version.

  58. Jo-Dee McCauley

    Finally someone who has almost the same name as meee.

  59. Shay

    Still a damn good song
    I played it for my boyfriend before I left him

  60. Trisha Hug

    My ex leaves any woman he is with. He left his children when they were young. Now he has left me knowing I am carrying his child. I hope one day karma bites him hard.

    babygirl babygirl

    I hope Kramer bites him in the ass your not along mine just lift me and am pregnant with twins

  61. Deborah Stammler

    lmao please seek help

  62. Kimber Lee

    One bad arse song, in my opinion . . Bwahahaaa

  63. Divine Katalin

    Another good song by Jo Dee..

  64. Ruby Love


  65. Trisha Hug

    I dedicate this to my ex, who left when I needed him the most-right after a miscarriage- and tried leaving after our second miscarriage.

  66. Randall MCBROOM


    Randall MCBROOM


  67. Billie Bolin

    THIS IS FOR MY EX......😊😊

  68. Einsteinz Vice

    #LYRXLUVR🎛️ #YouTubeMusic #MyRetroThrowbackLife🎶📺😎

  69. Trent Thompson

    I hate country music with a passion. But maybe because I grew up with certain songs that played over and over again in my life I've come to appreciate and love select old songs like this that were oddly the portions of my childhood that I forgot but are still memorable enough to have stuck around so when I stumble upon them again they bring back the forgotten memories. Jo Dee Messina, a name I would not recognize about 2 hours ago, is a large part of my young childhood along with Shania Twain, but if we're being honest I think Messina has her beat, and that's saying something

    ray 716

    Why even comment if u hate it

  70. Billie Bolin

    This song is about my ex ..all the way..☺

  71. Sabrina Dotson

    That's who sang these songs b4 jo dee

  72. Sabrina Dotson

    Patty loveless - man i feel so old

  73. Mark Ginther

    Great job on performing a great Dottie West song

  74. Tyler Smith

    You bitches are crazy

  75. Samantha da Savage

    Dedicated to my ex joshua paul rhodes 😂😭🤪

  76. The Firmament

    one day woman will learn men dont want to be with them. Without the vag, do you think you guys are fun to be around.? hahah

  77. R Michael

    Love this song #NeverGoesOld :)

  78. Casper The friendly ghost

    Somebody's gonna do to You what you've been doin and im gonna be around.

  79. Casper The friendly ghost

    Over and over again youre a fool hearted man...

  80. Chloe Jayne

    I dedicate this Robert Langdon.

  81. Casper The friendly ghost

    Ass holes keep your dirty dishes out of my kitchen and ill keep it clean. Dare me to clean it and watch how dirty it stays with your GNC BULLSHIT.

  82. Melissa Asbury

    Wow Truth is finally out

  83. Aleisa DeMichael

    My ex just got it full force

  84. Rare Condition

    I’m a dude. Is it weird I can relate to this

    Julia Reeves

    No we all have feelings no matter what gender

    Joshua Funderburk

    No I love this song! 🖤🖤🖤

    Joshua Funderburk

    And I'm a man

    Douglas Muller


  85. Theresia Merglewski

    , please
    , 5th 55 00?

  86. Kimberlee

    I always thought it was bull-hearted lol

  87. Lindsay Mitchell

    How do you dislike a lyric video? Like really?

  88. Jill Davidson

    I was married .trjue love.right. lol.nkarma ant quick enough

  89. Kota Kay

    To my shallow ex who has a gf and hits me up trying to get sex! Hope u get hurt like u hurt me TWICE

  90. Makayla Lawson

    I think all of us females here can relate to this song ?

  91. Sabrina Lynn

    This goes out to my ex Jordan

  92. Martha Knox

    Indeed sombody thought him a lesson.

  93. Donna Carey

    Great song

  94. Sherry Pyburn

    Oh hell ya a man we will get his in the end when he hurts u he will get hurt too

  95. Lacey Beal

    Yep this is to my ex husband I hope he gets his soon

  96. countrygirl country musiclover

    The only version worth listening to. Not saying this because I was a kid when this version came out. Saying it because it's true. I love tons of country before my time but I have pulled up the Dottie west version on utube and it's pure garbage. Dottie was not even close to a singer

  97. Jonathan Skiles

    The best revenge is none at all. Harboring scorned bitterness is like eating rat poison and waiting for the rat to die. Just go on an ask God for grace to get thru the hurt. He will heal your broken heart and you'll find a new relationship.