JLS - Other Side Of The World Lyrics

Well your taxi is leaving
And I'm here in the hall
You know I only just kissed you
But it feels like you've already gone
To the other side of the world

I try to keep it together
Turn my face to the wall
Take the next elevator
But it feels like you've already gone
To the other side of the world

I know you're leaving you've got plans to make
Don't catch me crying as you walk away
I'm right here
You're out there
Til you're back again
I'll be holding on

But now I'm left with the silence
On the 25th floor
Above the city and sirens
Cause it feels like you've already gone
To the other side of the world

I know you're leaving you've got plans to make
Don't catch me crying as you walk away
I'm right here
You're out there
Til you're back again
I'll be holding on

I got everything I want but tell me what's the use?
When the one thing that I need has no substitute
So I'd run a thousand miles just to be with you
Just to be with you
Just to be with you

You make your way through the traffic
Forty minutes or more
Get to the airport departures
But it feels like you've already gone
To the other side of the world

I know you're leaving you've got plans to make
But I know I can't just let you walk away
So for wrong
Or for right
I'll be by your side
We'll be holding on

Now my taxi is waiting
Told my friends not to call
Got my suitcase and ticket
By tomorrow you know I'll be gone
To the other side of the world

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JLS Other Side Of The World Comments
  1. Avonuo Angami

    I got everything i wanna but tell me what's the use ??? N i still love you 💜💜💔

  2. Vathanaraj Thambiyappah

    Dont mind me the only recent comment passing through

  3. Liayle Morgan

    Jack ❤️😘😍📞😄

  4. Liayle Morgan

    Jls Jack ❤️

  5. amy willcox

    2019 anyone

  6. Chelseaà McKenzie

    2019 anyone 🤷🏾‍♀️😭

  7. Angel Leigh Younge

    Still listening in 2019 I love em with all my heart ❤️💙💜

  8. david sheppard

    jls im go t xf

  9. Maisie Williams

    October 2018 💜💜💜

  10. TheConfidentNoob

    A perfect long song/break up song

  11. Unknown User

    Love all of them but one thing you shoul open Aston is a dad now

  12. Kayleigh Siggins

    crying in 2018.... miss JLS soo badddd!!!!!!!!!

  13. Nicole Sneyd

    still listening to them in 2018😍💔

    Kayleigh Clements

    Nicole Sneyd still listening in 2019

    Liayle Morgan


    Liayle Morgan

    @Kayleigh Clements

    Liayle Morgan

    Oh Jack

  14. Marie Cruickshank

    I so wished 💙💙💙💙💙👍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖sings the last line i hope he would go to the other side of the world to be with me or Jazzy.xx👍💖💖💖💖💖💖👍💙💙💙💙💙💙

  15. scott schalk

    thinking to doing cover this song

  16. Schnell Yeboah

    I almost honesty started to cry

  17. Niamh Bakker

    2016 💙💚💛❤

  18. Jemslife

    Why did have to break up 😢😢😢

    Alice Sparkes

    Aidan Razali no they thought it was enough now

    Naomi Hembery

    I miss them so much, my heart literally breaks when I have a nostalgic minute listening to their songs

  19. Sandhya Gulati

    this the one for my dad he want to the airport to go back to INDIA I MISS U DAD

  20. Chloe Scales

    Good job and thanks

  21. Nurulhuda binte Mustaq Ahmad Mir

    this is the best sad song /break up song

    Call Of The Minecraft Bombers

    +Nurulhuda binte Mustaq Ahmad Mir he doesnt say hes braking up he says hes going to the otherside to see her again. hes basically saying he would love no matter how far apart from eachother they are

  22. sarah mccann

    Miss these boys..😭

  23. emily j

    I miss them ❤️

  24. Maddison Wright

    Extremely relatable love this song

  25. Italia James

    love it . jls the best xxx

  26. Kirsty Duckworth

    Love this song.... thisnis my wedding song ♥♥♥♥

  27. Sandra Fortune

    I love osti

  28. Michael Vickery

    This song makes my day I'll be watching this years later

    Chrisdurham64 Jigajiga

    I like that😷😞😚😫😙😋😛😟😨😇😢😰😡😆😅😨😨😄😄😄😃😂😂😁😁😀😀😊😊☺☺😉😯

    Ellie-Grace Phillips

    Im watching 4 years later still 😢

  29. Rebecca Morrison

    Me and my mum love this song

  30. jlslover123

    Ohh omg I wold love into meet them in real life its or wedding song ohh congraculationd

  31. Emma Harris

    Love this song loads, Love JLS why did they have to split up!! Never gonna stop listening to you guys!! xxxxxxxx

    Blue Eyes

    I'm going to try and help you find closure in regards to the reason they split up. they split up because they were on a five year contract with their record label and when they reached the end of the contract they had a meeting with their management and were asked if they wanted another five year contract but they turned it down as they felt they had given all they could give as a band and decided to call it a day. they all remain friends and meet up socialise together and unlike most bands they split up on very good terms. if you dont believe me there is a youtube interview video of them on alan carr chatty man and they explain why they have split up.

  32. georgie barratt

    this is my wedding song 

  33. Grace Marshall

    Love this song so much !!!!

  34. Ciara McCready

    love you too

  35. Abbie Deans

    Really good song my favourite well done jls for coming this far but why split up now for love u jls all the way don't care for what anyone says u will always be the best forever x

  36. Maya S

    This song is beautiful but sad... <3

  37. Juberno7

    why do they have to split up? why didn't they release this song? why why why

  38. Amy Saunders

    Why do you have to split up. You are amazing. You can do anything you know that. I will shave my head if you stay together. Please do. I love you

  39. Faiza Hussain

    Omg I cant wit till u come back togather

  40. Sabah Rani

    Jlster for ever and a day!!

  41. Becky Wills

    I feel like there going to the other side of the world now there splitting up :(

  42. Kezebra

    :'( i cant believe they splitup! JLSter 4 life

  43. Lucy Burton

    3 years later and still watching this♥

  44. flopbob

    Cried. :'( I don't want then to go!! :'( xxx

  45. mackenziefearon

    same they are splitting up :(

  46. Kelly Hau

    love this song

  47. Preethiya Annathurai

    I know how it feels.just keep calm.

  48. romasia mohamed

    my song <3 it makes me cry about my past

  49. Mafalda Rebelo

    its aston and JLS, not ashdon and Jls.

  50. Emilia Young

    ashdon? is that a joke? clearly dont love him, haha sorry but its ASTON* :/ aston iain merrygold<3 'i have seen your song everyone in love'.....1)its not called that, its everybody in love, 2)'your song' they have so many songs, 4 albums, so many singles, not just one song.

  51. Chloe Allen

    Love this song!!!! Their awesome singers right now

  52. bethany barry

    really lovley song tht i like it <3

  53. shanineLovesinging

    from who is the real song x

  54. Keevy

    OMG I luv this song soo soo much!!

  55. Kezebra

    this was at ma bezzies leavin party before she left 2 live in New Zealand :( miss u Gemma LOVE U JLS

  56. Shawna YT

    i love jls

  57. millie eaton

    i love jls sooo much!! they are my life! <33

  58. Chloe Williams

    this is my favourite song off Outta This World :)

  59. SammieBieber14

    When a song has a meaning :'(

  60. Libby

    i would run a 1000 mails to kiss JLS

  61. AJLSter

    JLS are the definition of perfection to me ...

  62. jjenna k

    This song is amazing... it makes me cry everytime I hear it, just so beautiful song <3

  63. Tori James

    this song reminds me of something

  64. Shara Styles

    didnt need the lyrics ha:)

  65. obtrwace mosimanyana

    i rily luv the song guys.....keep it uuuuuuuuuuuuppppppppp JLS.....

  66. lissy jane

    At 1:34 on I'm the only put 'm

  67. jake brumpton

    this should have had been relised by millions by now

  68. laura-ann Griffiths

    crying coz my boyfriend is the other side of the world on holiday:'(

  69. molly jls

    i hadnt heard it for ages!! i cryed, first time ever!! ove it, i keep playing it on s loop! xxx

  70. kún siu

    jls is the best

  71. kelby

    luv it <3

  72. Selin Mus

    i <3 this song it makes me cry :*