JJ Heller - Little Things Lyrics

There are not enough minutes in the day
I am crippled by the thought of wasting time
I don't have enough money to heal the poor
So I don't want to try

But it's the little things that make a difference
It's the little things that show love
It's the little things
A simple cup of water that can change the world
That can save our sons and daughters

I'll be praying for the widow all alone
Sewing clothes for a loaf of bread
It is not my fault that she is hungry
It's my joy to make sure she's fed


We are all related, children of the King
We may not have much, but what we have we bring

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JJ Heller Little Things Comments
  1. Sarah Holmes

    Ahhh I love this song

  2. sarge bananna

    Not a single comment ? Heathens!