JJ Cale - You Keep Me Hangin' On Lyrics

Every time I stop awhile
Think about your sweet smile
I can't do nothing else all day

The way that you wink your eye
Every time you walk by
Baby what can I say

You keep me hanging on
I can't get nothing else on

When the evening rolls around
And there ain't nobody around
Baby, I think of you

Of all the stars at night
None can match the brilliant light
That I see in your eyes

The humble warmth, the glow
Baby child I know, I still think of you

You keep me hanging on
I can't get nothing else on

If I could hold you just one time
Stop that moment in my mind

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JJ Cale You Keep Me Hangin' On Comments
  1. Maria-Lena Olovsson

    How can you not love this wonderful song.

  2. SL Yeung

    Lovely !

  3. SL Yeung

    Love it.

  4. SL Yeung

    Thanks for posting this beautiful song. Mr J.J. was amazing.

  5. Sylvain Lehmann

    La femme de mon pote

  6. Dalido Cédric

    AMOUR everday!

  7. Harry

    this was an absolute genius american - RIP JJ Cale

  8. Nawsae Lee

    Too beautiful. . . the melody as well as the lyrics. So beautiful that it made me cry when I first listened in my 20's. J.J. Cale . He was a true poet. He was the songwriter who made lovely songs more than any one else in the U.S.

  9. Job101066

    "Of all the stars at night
    None can match your brilliant light"
    R.I.P. J.J.

  10. leif rørvik

    great <3

  11. R Nod

    One of the greatest love songs and one of the best blends of piano and guitar.

  12. kristiina alakoski

    -All His songs gives Harmony and Joyfullness in My Soul! - RIP Deare One!

  13. Rick Mason

    Is it ok to be 18 and love this music better than modern music?

    tippity plop

    Rick Mason yes. Yes it is

    Reinhard Kellner

    For sure Rick - wholehearted music is timeless.

  14. Summertimeblues50

    ...again after beeing here 4 years ago... it is one of my JJ-favorites ... just now hearing while enjoying vacancy ... NEVER FORGOTTEN JJ CALE !!!

  15. Richard MG

    That last solo reminds me of her and makes cry😔

  16. Richard MG

    Is it ok if im 17 and love this type of music

    Charles Dyce

    You have got good taste, this music will never grow old. Keep listening to JJ.

    Charles Dyce

    Richard MG You have good taste. Keep listening to JJ, his music will never age.

    Fabio Boschetti

    It'perfectly ok ✋🎸

  17. Truman Green

    my 1st wife.......

  18. Ingrid Duthoo

    if i could hold you one more time and stop that moment in my mind , prachtig

  19. Joke Gunter

    my precious

  20. Danny O'Neill

    just magic jj

  21. Just the JJ guy Just me

    and honest

  22. Just the JJ guy Just me

    Sensitive, pure and kind....

  23. Just the JJ guy Just me

    One of the best love songs ever written.

  24. Vendredi 13

    So beautiful song!!! RIP JJ Cale, my guitar héro

  25. trackwhack1

    and then one day you break up ... and listen to this song ... and then you break down

  26. Polika Perfect

    He holds perfect musical harmony. I love him.

  27. Joanne Lecourt

    pour toi papa

  28. yehuda lev

    Lovely, as so many of his songs

  29. brummbaer50

    ....sitting in chair .... laid back ... I hear this music, so sensitive .... this is JJ Cale ... always ... for me since the beginning 70th ... R.I.P.

  30. cristiano dottori


  31. Janne Johansson

    Pure genius. RIP my hero boddy!

  32. Roberto Tenan


  33. Martine Labrujere

    Best song ever.I love it..Thanks for the music !!

  34. ozoneisgood

    such an affectionate love song, my all-time favourite from JJ, RIP, you still keep me hanging on ...

  35. Janne Johansson

    Rest in peace JJ!!!

  36. hotlion

    Such a fabulous love song ! R.I.P. JJ fabulous artist

  37. Veojam

    I'm so sad. The most unaffected person in music business passed away.
    R.I.P. JJ

  38. Singer/Songwriter JJ Staley

    RIP Sir JJ thanks for the music !

  39. Barry Guy Targett

    Thanks so much for posting. x

  40. doslu1

    Great love song

  41. TheYlro

    I love this song

  42. Marianne Menon

    I simply love this tune....JJ is absolutely brilliant....Thanks Ron...Lovely share both the tune and the video...Replay!! :))