JJ Cale - One Step Ahead Of The Blues Lyrics

I ain't high on cocaine
I don't need the pain
It's bad for your brain and that's true
I ain't droppin' no names
I ain't playin' no games
I'm just one step ahead of the blues
One step ahead of the blues

From Memphis to Reno
From New York to Tokyo
I'll try to come through for you
I won't do you in
I ain't no fairweather friend
I'm just one step ahead of the blues
One step ahead of the blues

I don't rob, I don't steal
I ain't beggin' no meal
I ain't driven to drink, I'm no fool
I don't run with the crowd
I don't talk big and loud
I'm just one step ahead of the blues
One step ahead of the blues

I've been under a spell
I ain't been feelin' well
I've been in a shell, and that's true
Dealin' with a curse
But it couldn't be worse
I've been one step ahead of the blues
One step ahead of the blues

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JJ Cale One Step Ahead Of The Blues Comments
  1. MJS376

    Love it! God Bless JJ. RIP

  2. joea wilson

    Could anyone write the lyrics to this song it's an awesome song

  3. joea wilson

    Don't talk Big and Loud just one step ahead of da Blues

  4. Mike Perkins

    Gotta love it. Thank YOU

  5. Mickey Hay

    A master a great amazing dude rip

  6. Greg Chamberlain

    JJ cale is the best ever

  7. RaVen DaWn

    "One small step for man. One large step for (human)Mankind!" I stay about even and dance past like a jigsaw, the slow world is like reading the spin on a bad curve ball, figuring the plot of a bad B-movie western, such as what killed my own brother. He was a step behind, paid it no mind, Dewars in the sewers and he could beat ya', he'd rather cheat ya'- that just kept him amused. One day he calls me from the biker bar here, says RaVen come get me clear I have all their Deeds and hogs too! Ain't making it outta here alive, will you hurry afore I dive into the very bad bottom of the blues. I went and I went in hard, played a bluff and took my card, got him out and sent him on the Mississippi rehab, that was dumb. He walked out, took a junker van and lived about, shuffling his card skills until he hit Vegas and had to run. His was fate, I was late, and my dear brother always on the wrong end of a loaded gun. I went back to the forest, long time to heal my wounds from SE Asia, a task I'd rather not say. I come out the woods, ragged, rugged and riled, a wild thing, maybe like we all are born to be. I get the phone. I hate the phone. Is never good news for the ear. next thing I hear, I smiled without nary a tear- my dear brother was toasted into an urn. They burn us. They do. I asked about trying to find out why he was not honored by his being from the wealthy side of family. I was told and I had seen his tattoo of deepest meaning for a Jewish fella, a tatt, is like a branding iron. Been cattle to the Nazi's. I empathize, I've mostly been free. Even when they jailed me, I read law and forced my way out. I am not a lawyer. Here come the judge! Lock and load, shatter the crystal road and always, carry an extra clip. One in the barrel, in case of fast quarrel, 6 more spin the grin around. Here come the judge! Yes, here come the judge. I carry no grudge and need not a nudge, it is not revenge that I will have; it is a reckoning. See my old bro, he sits there with me, his spectre always telling bad puns. Haunted I am and with no place I wanna run. In his farmer jeans, coz there are so many pockets to carry his extra rounds- Dewars that is, flatline good time. Moonshine I block for, all the shady runners, and my own brother has to buy it from a liquor store! A liquor store- I thought that was a legend, or maybe just lore, to poker in the front and liquor- haha, have I got that backwards or do she like it both ways, s'ok, I do multiples long as there ain't no "crossed swords." Now my bro's tatto made his whole arm pitch black- shoulder to hand, with only three words left white as his lizard like skin, saying, "N.J. Kike." -a message he asked me to pass. I refused. Though it was easily earned and he was unfairly burned in an urn, I just have to stop the damage, even as homage, is true. That he continues to appear, it is not a surprise to us here, we grew up where such things are known. I guess, been arrested now going on 30 times or more, have defended myself, from who ever thought it would be good to defy. I rub some the wrong way. is my right to wear my leathers, and my way to stay independent, my friends they fight each other, is true. I learned law from reading in libraries and then the google, even taught me to beat a Contempt of Court charge, "Quash" like squash only without Ruby's sexy knees. Reverses the curse of the abuse that is used when a judge tells you it is his or her house (court) you stand and deliver, you do. Yet it is WE THE PEOPLE who pay and pay every day, so I have won 27 cases against myself to date. While I enjoy my Presidential letters of regard; I enjoy playing baseball with every legal and illegal outlaw and tech-tard in the park. Simple me. My bro, he urges on, my family so far gone, I bring up the question, and they writhe and waddle, lie and paddle, turn right and walk into walls to keep the truth aloof; afraid I may not like what was done. I had been in Africa, the Glades and then Hong Kong, so it was awhile they waited my reaction. Why should it matter now anymore? Sadness and tragedy are insatiable whores! Thank goodness mine left in time, it was her default, not my divorce. Historic actually. 'Nuff 'bout me. I keep my soul amused, my spirits high and riding hard, she kneed me, needed me, scraped me up and I loved all the attention and the abuse. Yes, though I must digress, I stay just one step ahead, one small step ahead, of the devil, the dues and "one step ahead of the blues". Met JJ at an SC party and he was grouchy coz Christine she was late. My son met his first icon, and what a man to meet, we know quite a few what some would call, "celebrities" -eh. No matter. My bro fell behind and his life was land mines, he danced through. He fell to the ground where the blues can be found, a garden of loss and pain. What else we can see, is the beauty of humanity, that we rise, above, we love, we lose, we overcome and that ain't no news, I know. So we listen to JJ, and we know he is simply tapping our souls with good vibes. The man was special and his music and lyrics, they will maybe be underrated, -eh, impact intact, I just want to say, well- I want to thank you. Dang cat dancing on the keys... takes my pulse and writes these true stories, gotta love 'em even though he smells and he bites- bites down to the marrow too! Then again, so did my heX, and she became a fast food junkie, blues driving through. "Can I have your order ma'am?" All at the Dollar Store- who knew; the Dollar Store Drive Through! I could be down I could be dead, instead, I am dancing on the thunderhead, just riding here, and always near, I keep it one step ahead...

  8. L. Horseman


  9. Owen McGee

    I never heard this one before. I guess financial worries keep me two steps behind. I do have a skip full of useless thrupenny bits, though, and know I will never have true currency. Breathe, you idiot.

  10. Angie Lawson


  11. Marcos Gomes

    its really sad that JJ dont come often to Europe i think he had many more Fans here the most Americans cant enjoy good music

  12. Greg Isaac

    Holey Shit i found the Holey Grail. Cheer KthanasisK

  13. Noemi Lena

    I love our great musician

  14. ulpana

    Thanks so much Thanasis K. for posting this great Cale band recording, circa '82's GRASSHOPPER album. One clarification for the record though is that "One Step Ahead O'the Blues" was Cale "phoning it in" and honoring his studio friend from back in Nashville, Roger Tillison. On the cusp of when Cale & Lakeland Grasshopp'd to L.A. for the rest of the sessions and most of the rest of his blessed life between road work with his wife and band(s) and Tulsa reunion times.

  15. Eric Writes

    Great crossover song - black or white, love the man...

  16. Italo Lenta

    In 2003 I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear JJ Cale play at a very small venue near San Diego. I had no ticket; I just drove to the joint and stood outside with a small paper sign that said simply, "I need a ticket". Someone was nice enough to give me one for free and I can never thank them enough. Cale's show was fantastic, he played a great mix of oldies and newer stuff and the crowd was mellow and really appreciated everything. Cale was so approachable, he even stayed behind to talk with people and shake hands and sign autographs right from the stage for a long time. Great musicians pass on, but thankfully great music lives forever! Roll on and rock on, JJ. Thanks for the music.

    Wladek Wloszcz

    Envy you this experience, Italo, I've always craved to see/meet JJ, his music shaped my life. JJ and Jeff Beck are my fave artists, I play JJ's music at my place/in my car when I get down. Made my own fave compilation which is all the time in my backpack . Stay well !

  17. dnhug

    great great song indeed



    R I P - JJ

    Marcos Gomes

    JJ CALE - FOREVER GOLD you are complete right JJ is the real

  19. Nick Cooper

    at 16 years of age ive been listening to cale since I was about 5..His songs are too fucking good..brilliant tulsa feel to his stuff

  20. gopherholehotel

    A really great song and good words to live by as other posters said. I never get tired of his music. I have a lot  of his albums on vinyl , but come here to see if there is anything , that I may not have. Love his music, sad he's gone as a person, after watching the documentary of him , To Tulsa and back, I thought what a nice humble guy he was . Made me like him all the more. 

  21. TheGGs223

    God I love this tune! Words 2 live by --- + --- Grasshopper ...

  22. Barb Turley

    I have forgotten how great J.J. Cale sounds. "One Step Ahead of the Blues" was what I listened to back in the late 80's"
    Never will be another Blues Artist like him.

  23. Mallika Chauhan

    One of the best, no need for any tricks. Genius :)

    ST Peterson

    Mallika Chauhan amen sister

    Philippe Cherpit

    100% in agreement with you Mallika! The Great JJ ! Oh how we musicians miss him so!

  24. Angio Faccini

    Non credevo!
    Davvero molto belli i brani.

    Era un Grande.

  25. Samir Mokdad

    Howdy KthanasisK...don't be amazed of us keeping listening to JJ...I've been doing so since the 60s when he started singing...

  26. KthanasisK

    Hello everyone! I'm so amazed to see that you keep on listening to good music! Spread J J Cale's music everywhere... We all miss him...

  27. Mark Di Marzio

    Thanks for uploading this man. I love it ! Cheers!

  28. nigsvon

    Thanks for posting, another good one song with great guitar playing.

  29. Gary Ryan

    The deaf, blind and dumm...

  30. Phillip Peters

    no joke!!

  31. jim peterson

    who are these 3 people disliking it?

    peruda hudson

    probably rap lovers lol

  32. Patricia B

    RIP, Mr. Cale...

  33. Len B

    JJ was one of my faves. This is a shocker! Today's crap could not tie his shoes. And the things we take for granted...........Step on Bro, Step on.

  34. JustAintThatWay

    Blues caught up with us today. Rest easy JJ. T/y for the music man.

  35. Claragh Carty

    Good bye JJ what a legend you will be missed xx :(

  36. Gary Ryan

    you have left us many jewels like this one, now you have gone, but this sort of music is, and will be here to stay

    R.I.P. JJ...you;ve left a great legacy!

  37. calvin pieters

    Such a loss!!

  38. Juja1971

    rest in peace J.J.

  39. Tom Thompson


  40. stick935

    what you mean slim pickins, type in ronnie earle, johnny a., david grisman, john butler trio from australia, and enjoy.

  41. RetroJenny

    JJ Cale...so cool.

  42. Lefteris stoukogeorgos

    bravo re thanassi...ta kourelia tragoudoun akoma!

  43. Richard Larsen

    Thanks for the play list I've been looking for this tune for awhile now.

  44. bluesmain1

    shook his hand at namm
    saw his wife christine's solo tour
    she's got a lover on.. to tulsa and back.. is like that but meaner
    put it on..play along all day and never get tired



  46. lommi pommi

    no,niin oli jotain ylistäviä sanoja ,,, ,,,,,mutta ei nitä enää löydy

  47. gNarLy cEe

    oh god... you're killin' me man... please one more tour! PLEASE!~!

  48. Anne Torrens

    nice post never can go wrong downloading JJ his music is real :-)

  49. solinjar

    could you upload perfect woman as well? :)

  50. tapsahtip

    good song . . . .sounds too low though....

  51. Attilio D'Onofrio

    If you like Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits, you have to LOVE JJ Cale!

  52. Joe Patrick

    fuckin wicked. thanks

  53. Louise Duvee

    @louiseduvee Actually, all through the 70's, Mr. Cale indicated his dislike of an audience by turning his back on them. In Memphis, we got lucky and he told us he didn't do curtain calls, but he was making an exception for us.

    Marcos Gomes

    Louise Duvee you are a Lucky one i never had the chance to see JJ live

  54. Louise Duvee

    @oleole52 Actually, he does a lot of covers. 'Mama Don't' is traditional, but I like Mr. Cale's version best. Obviously you can find all this info online.

  55. oleole52

    @louiseduvee I've never heard of him.Cale does so few covers.Any info on Tillison?

  56. Louise Duvee

    @oleole52 Roger Tillison.

  57. oleole52

    @louiseduvee Ok,I give up.who did it?

  58. Louise Duvee

    @oleole52 The song is a cover.

  59. oleole52

    @louiseduvee Are you talking about the album cover,or suggesting the song is a cover?

  60. Sharon Season

    Thx, I appreciate listening to this (; ) makes me happy, cheers...

  61. cookrod54

    Thanks for sharing, great song.

  62. bigcitykitty

    great song i was missin this one

  63. KthanasisK

    @tikodebladder yeah! it's a great song! and i didn't find it on youtube, so i decided to upload it :)

  64. Tikodebladder

    great job to upload this song