JJ Cale - Miss Ol' St. Louie Lyrics

Miss ol' St. Louie, wish I was back
Picking my guitar by the railroad track
All them pretty womens, hangin' 'round me
Miss ol' St. Louie, how it used to be
Mississippi River, water so deep
Running down to Memphis on to New Orleans
Trying to hustle quarters, nickels, and dimes
Ol' St. Louie's where I spent my time

Standing on the corner with my old wooden box
Watching them steam boats gather at the dock
Cotton and tobacco and people for sale
Trying to stay clear of the St. Louie jail
Strumming to the rhythm of an old freight train
Ol' St. Louie's where I played my game

Ain't no doubt about it, wish I was back
Picking my guitar by the railroad track
All them pretty womens, hangin' 'round me
Miss ol' St. Louie, how it used to be

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JJ Cale Miss Ol' St. Louie Comments
  1. Bern 75

    ...what a human dislike....this????!!!

  2. Bern 75

    👌my favorite song ...and the song "old friend".and "old school" and "ol st. louis" and "....so many songs of jj are amacing!...excuse me i mean" high school 😅

  3. Gibby

    Oh man.....when your biggest fans are huge rock stars......you must be doing something right.....

  4. holyshit

    the lick at 2:12 thats why he was and will always be, the smoothest greatest.

  5. Magnolia Trees in the Meadow

    6 people couldn’t stay clear of the St. Louis jail

  6. Dallas Jacobs

    Who gives this a thumbs down

  7. Count Blue

    I have a feeling like he said goodbye with that song to all of us.
    His music should never leave us.

  8. Olecranon Rebellion

    A true master.

  9. Terry Quelet

    Best song ever written ..........

  10. Gery Riba

    Somebody share this guitar tab please!

    d lostlyrics


  11. WilliamZeebub

    sometimes the moon shines bright on a cold and lonely winters night

  12. Magnolia Trees in the Meadow

    4 people aren’t missed by anyone

  13. Robert Meller

    I love that song since the first time I heard it!

  14. Tyler P

    Oh, JJ.... so effortless amd beautiful. So many of his songs just bring a tear to my eye, especially since his passing. So many reminds me of days gone by, old friends, and places I haven't been for decades... Sometimes I actually avoid listening to him because I can get too emotional. Not many artists invoke such feelings in an ex junkie who still struggles to feel at times.
    Love you, JJ


    well said

  15. BOB 1992

    Grande jj n1!!!

  16. Evan Hodge

    brother, thanks for all your treasures

    Tyler P

    Hear hear

  17. анвар галиев

    One of my favourite song of J.J.Cale!Brings peace and joy to my soul no matter what is happening.Hello from Saint-Petersburg!:)

  18. Jean Tondereau

    I miss Him.

  19. Mallika Chauhan

    How could anyone dislike this :)

    Jean-Michel Pascal

    Des cons !

    Marcos Gomes

    miss do you think the Biebers would have so many fans if the people enjoy real music?

  20. Vinoteo Oviedo

    Thanks !

  21. Vinoteo Oviedo

    Where´s the studio of JJ Cale ?


    former "church studio" (leon russell)

  22. SurrepticiusChannel2

    May The FATHER hold you & keep YOU - JOHN
    ...I use to tell people you were my "secret mentor"
    what ever THAT should mean...TPH...R.I.P.

  23. Matteo

    It's a Tacoma guitar.

  24. Charlene Ripley

    The Church Studio during the Steve Ripley era.

  25. lostlyrics

    и моју

  26. Tony

    Rest in peace, J J.
    Your a legend.

  27. Ivan Pavičić

    Počivaj u miru LEGENDO.... Uljepšao si mi mladost!

    Bosko Bedalov

    Ivan Pavičić Genijalni minimalist.

  28. Opal

    This song has a bit of a progression similar to Needle in the Hay by Elliot Smith. If you know, then you'll know.

    Slim Meddeb

    Still love you jj after all those years. You're out of time.

  29. Matteo

    thank you..I never seen this guitar. Very good sound!

  30. Thomas Höfer


  31. Sonny Boy Havidson

    A Tacoma but which one ?

  32. lostlyrics

    not sure in this special case,
    try to track back on jjcale dot org

  33. Matteo

    someone knows this guitar's model please?

  34. Skwerrlly

    J.J Cale is the coolest hipster in the universe

  35. Robert Paine

    A national treasure

  36. alewijn don

    Just love his voice and the way he plays!

  37. summercoat

    He IS the Messiah.... I should know, I've followed a few!

    (Seriously though....he is).

  38. maeuschen64

    Wonderful . i have enjoyed your Video.
    Thanks to Brummbaer50 for sharing.
    Best wishes from Germany

  39. guatimosig

    JJ Cale - just genious music!!

  40. spinks31

    This is a classic

  41. Jakeronly

    such a great song..

  42. ogi2701

    Cale is legend! Croatia love you!