JJ Cale - Everything Will Be Alright Lyrics

Same old hassle every night
All we do is fuss and fight
Ain't no use in talking, might as well start walking
Walking out into the night

You get your gun, I'll get mine
We can do it just one time
If we live no longer, it won't get no stronger
Then we'll know who's really right

All we do is weep and moan
Trying to build ourself a home
Ain't no shame in trying, ain't no use denying
Everything will be alright

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JJ Cale Everything Will Be Alright Comments
  1. Kris Trznadel

    Great tune 😀

  2. DNS

    Did u see that 2:14

  3. kikque

    I love the tight drums, loose bass and the suspended piano inflections. Sorry for getting technical, just an awesome foot tapper for me ;)

  4. Marcelo Carvalho

    G E N I O !

  5. wakenbait

    I hear something new every time I listen to JJ Cale. The music just flows from him.
    I hear his music and my foot starts tapping... sweet one, Chet !!!

  6. hmac2222

    Bass player (Norbert Putnam) is the unsung hero of this track.

  7. Gary Curto

    she wasnt even born when this song was recorded.....

  8. Kit Young

    This is the shit!

  9. gNarLy cEe

    *GooseBUMPS* ♥ JJ Cale ♥