JJ Cale - Devil In Disguise Lyrics

From the California shore to New York City
The beat don't never stop
You can hear it on the radio anywhere you go
It's steady as the rhythm of a clock
It cuts through the noise of the city life
It won't seem to go away
It's the devil in disguise I tell you no lies
My fingers do the walking everyday

Yonder comes a young girl she wants to take a whirl
She thinks it's all a dream
She got rock and roll way down in her soul
She wants to know where's the limousine
Get up honey let your mama sit down
You're too young anyway
The devil in disguise give her the prize
Then you can carry her away

When the road I travel starts to unravel
Every which way it goes
The beat starts to press on my bullet proof vest
And my high turns out to be low
Give me my guitar I'm going to go far
Let me see it let me hold it in my hand
I'm the devil in disguise I tell you no lies
I'm playing in a rock 'n roll band

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JJ Cale Devil In Disguise Comments
  1. Joseph Fox


  2. 坂巻洋


  3. Nikos Diamantakis

    Why would someone thumb down this,I don't know...

  4. Lone Wolf

    And God gets another Rocker...Bless ya JJ


    The Love for him shines in her eyes a real blessed man indeed

  6. Günther Büscher

    This is Love !😘

  7. doctor steve

    this camera guy must be on drugs and not know who J J Cale is....

  8. Davide Baruffi

    Dio ti benedica

  9. Roy Howard

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9W6Am0dnTY Child Piano Prodigy

  10. Sold to be Diers

    ''There's artists who can wrest us up,
    And place us into themselves and their work.
    These are the 'One's Who Will' continue to wrest us up...
    Even beyond their appointed rests in peace.'' -gilpin 11120

  11. Pat Benny

    Eric Clapton once said of JJ that it wasn't what he played that made him special, but what he didn't play that made him a master.

  12. Michael Macleod

    This is simply amazing!

  13. Altaf Altaf

    Smitten Mrs JJ Cale.

  14. xtenkfarpl xtenkfarpl snr

    Why did they not give her a separate microphone? I have never understood the 'two singers sharing a mic' scheme except for a stage gimmick. For any kind of recording, it's a nightmare for the sound engineer.

  15. Bert Lubbers


  16. Sam

    JJ and Leon does not get any better than those two Back in the day when music was Real Music

  17. Gil T. Mann

    Love this duet but it's gonna make me short out my computer.
    Btw. Christina's guitar is gorgeous (matches nicely to her delicateness). What brand is that? Custom?
    JJ's thumbing and fingering style is mesmerizing. A little Wes Montgomery in there.


    JJ and Christine are playing Ovation guitars!

  18. Tony Williams

    Forever in our hearts, always in our thoughts and deep in our soul. Live on JJ


    The 200 people that thumb downed this - R Phukin Idiots

  20. Cujo Sns


  21. Philippe Gillet

    Je pense que la chanson est une partie de leur histoire commune à ces deux tourtereaux.

  22. Altaf Altaf

    Harmony musical, facial, classical.

  23. Michael

    I really like these people

  24. Sunil Mohan

    The soul of music was JJ. Clapton maybe more successful. RIP!

  25. James 0

    Barrel house fun to the max

  26. Rodinei Rigo

    christine love...

  27. altstuder

    the tambourine is killing me.

  28. Jack Tattis

    J.J. is a little flat here

  29. paul pattinson

    She love. S him

  30. Michael VanDyke

    Now this is music!

  31. D J


    Buck Ó Donnghaile

    They were together since the mid 70s until his death and with the she looks at him I'm sure he did. Check out JJ Cale and Leon Russell live at Paradise Studios 1979 to see a 24 year Christine Lakeland jamming with one hell of a group of musicians.

  32. Jardel S&B


  33. Игорь Воронин

    Во делают супер сильнейшие музыканты

  34. Jack Tattis

    A great guitarist

  35. Stephen Carpenteri

    Nowadays they hand out Grammy's like candy for songs you can't understand, make no sense and have no message. JJ deserved more.

  36. royalordinance

    Never be another like JJ.

  37. sion evans

    Ahh just effortlessly cutting out beautiful fills like that half way through... blissful J.J. bless your funky ol'heart Daddio

  38. R-A 2.0

    I think this is Siri's wake alarm mbe ?

  39. John Anderson

    An American treasure and that's coming from Canada

  40. rob somesh

    a zen master sounds really cool but the tightest rythms on the planet

  41. Lionel Ducote

    She got nice wrist movement, and her fingers are held just right ? to play the guitar..............................

  42. Serge Cazaux

    Trop amoureuse Christine, love!

  43. Robert Tomlin

    Thanks John for the joy you put in our lives. Job done my friend. RIP.

  44. kumar abhishek Jha

    JJ Cool!!

  45. Andi V

    makes me sooooo smileeeee

  46. Paul Winters

    the gentile bob Dylan


    Actually, having seen Christine Lakeland's blues band The Code (sometimes with Cale on guitar incognito as Charles Johnson) her sets were studded with some marvelous rhythmically altered and grooved Dylan songs. My favorite in 2-5 different arrangements being her 2 drummer (Jim Karstein and Jose Martinez) versions of "Shelter from the Storm." So intriguingly festive... From the stage and on radio interviews she did when touring with The Code she's threatened to do 2 tribute albums on her favorite songwriters besides J.J. Cale: Bob Dylan and Hoyt Axton (whose road band she played in between playing with Merle Haggard's Strangers and joining Cale....)

    To enjoy Christine's taste go to the J.J. Cale official home page on You Tube of all those international and different language artists who've talked about (usually with translation) what they liked about Cale's records and if they were lucky enough to see Cale on a rare overseas flight (he was apprehensive of flying, couldn't bus tour overseas...) or a visit to

    North America. Here's one of my favorites. Bless them foreigners for having better taste than U.S.!!!

    Bertrand's take on Cale's "Friday" creates even more workingman's empathy & solidarity. Wish his remarks in French were sub-titled. But his version of "Friday" and French explanation communicates in the universal language...........

    Watch all of these beyond U.S. borders artists that Christine has curated on the official Cale U. of Tube page...Also check out her own indie recordings of her own singular songwriting and join me in wondering why more artists haven't recorded her work. RECKONING, TURN TO ME, FIREWORKS and VERANDA being among my favorites of her indie projects.

    Hello there Vermont artist who name checked Cale's records in one of her best early songs, Grace Potter of The Nocturnals "(Gimme Back) My Tooth Brush and My Table" in a bold break-up song on dividing up the records and who gets custody of the J.J. Cale in that broken-up couple's collection! https://genius.com/Grace-potter-and-the-nocturnals-toothbrush-and-my-table-lyrics
    Potter's more recent albums could use some of Christine's original material and would go with the grooving sound of her band The Nocturnals...

    Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Shifters and Song Chasers
    Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
    Media Discussion List

  47. philippe dufau

    C'est pas de la balle ça ? Mister and Madam together. JJ avec son touché de guitare

  48. Evan Hodge

    so glad the camera got this, everything about it

  49. willy mueller

    That smile in the beginning, Christine is very beautiful.

  50. Tony Kaye

    Smooth as silk,this guy I will miss....Today I will write some wrong with a song..J.J. will always inspire my hand what a Gracious Soul......

  51. Kevin Francis

    Love this ...total brilliance

  52. Kells Kells

    Always in mood for jj. Love it!!

  53. roland brejon

    So cute !

  54. Al Bushing

    we love you JJ

  55. Mickey Hay

    Such a cool cupple

  56. Raymond Powditch

    Can feel the love with these to

  57. Moussa Alioua

    Magnifique.Tres jolie chanson.Tres joli couplé. Clair, simple et agréable à entendre.

  58. Jeff Spradling

    J.J. Was the operational definition of cool.

  59. Liviu Stefanache


  60. Ros G J

    I like so much. Rip J J CALE

  61. Kenny H

    He was a lucky man, he had the love of a beautiful woman. You can tell she absolutely adores this guy! She looks at him like a teenage school girl hopelessly in love!

    m cayetano

    J J CALE WAS A Legend and his music was ever green

  62. Barbi Ferrari

    You can not thumb down JJ Cale!

    Michael VanDyke

    The ones that do, haven't a clue what good music is!!

  63. t34 fan

    Just pure perfection, listened to him since the 70s RIP

  64. TheAcemaster25

    You can see in her eyes that he is her man...

  65. Ian Smith

    Kin Leg End. Fan Kin Tas Tic. Audio ambrosia.

  66. Giuseppe Tasselli


  67. Slavko Cosic

    Yeah...This Rocks...Legend - J.J. Cale...Light & Love...

  68. Alexandre Nunes

    Não sei quem foi o idiota que filmou mas sempre que o J.J. solava, a câmara estava noutro sítio ! Beeeeeemmmmm.............

  69. Garden Construction Company

    that bit around 2:15 .. awesome is it a chord is it a solo is it a refrain .. in fact I do think it's a refrain..

  70. gabriel TDU

    such a beautiful wife he has

  71. Marcel Eisenring

    one of the best ever

  72. Toymiko

    Waaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuwwwwww ................ Toymiko

  73. Terry Richards

    Love JJ Cale, this artist was a Genius!

  74. Andrew Bonina

    That man is great just wished I had seen him in concert as I got to know who he was way too late. God Bless JJ CayleAJB

  75. Shala Taebi

    Kudos to Christine who was his muse and partner all the way through his last years.

  76. I Tait

    Awhe let the good times roll

  77. Davidross

    She so freaking CUTE'

  78. david adams


  79. jdhreiss

    I think she likes him!

  80. carl tucker jr

    true artes are teaches thinking and they love you to = hugs .

  81. Thomas Bindesbøll

    RIP JJ. Cale - we all miss you!!
    See the rest and very fine video video/audio here:


  82. Alison Trudgill


  83. Mister Jezmondo

    with Elvis on the tamborine.....I'm sure somone els has spotted that here! Love it. Live on in your music JJ.Cale x

    Paddy O'Lantern

    Haha! It's Jimmy Karstein and he's been laying down a beat for JJ since Elvis was still skinny.

  84. rockislivin

    love it!

  85. Jane Giesbrecht

    All my life I wanted to be the girl harmonizing with the top star, J.J. Cale.

  86. robertm2000

    I DID get to see JJ Cale live! It was in a small, literally underground club in the Ballard section of Seattle, that I lived truly just around the corner from! It was just JJ, his guitar, and his rather young son plying occasional percussion for his dad! I never saw or heard anyone who could make a solo guitar jump and groove the way JJ Cale did!

  87. Quirt D'Rozario

    Love J J Cale. Bought just about all his CDs. Couple DVDs as well.

  88. flashtheoriginal

    Christine Lakeland. Ah thats her name. Great stuff

  89. NabinKBhattarai

    Beautiful people making beautiful music.

  90. Maureen Miller

    my kinda music 💙

  91. Bob docteur vélo

    quand rien ne va plus, j'écoute cette chanson et ça repart !

  92. Garden Gnome

    Heard of the name, never heard the music of this man and that's a damn shame until now, cool.

  93. Anurag Shanker

    Check out our original tribute to Mr. Cale - 'Meet The Tulsa Sound' - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckcliiG8Kyk

  94. Ashley Rawe


  95. Ashley Rawe