JJ Cale - City Girls Lyrics

City girls they're all right
They just want you for the night
But when the morning comes at dawn
City girls they all gone

You know the daylight can be sad
When you feel that you've been had
Only night time brings the price
City girl she thinks it's right

What's a poor boy going to do
If he wants a girl like you
Can't afford no diamond rings
Or all those other fancy things

Only one thing I can give
A song down where you live
I'll sing to you hear the sound
City girl please stay around

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JJ Cale City Girls Comments
  1. Silvia Chiarle Alejos

    Una caricia al corazón. Thanks for sharing, PEC.😄😍🙆💖💖💖💖


    You are very welcome.

  2. oalsecnev1

    0:18 - 0:25. Am I the only one who finds similarity with Heart of glass by Blondie?

  3. Linda Martin

    Country at its best👏👏👏👏⭐️🎩⭐️😍🥰💋💋🔥💥🌬🍇🍒🍓🍊I Love Cale🍇🍒🍓

  4. Linda Martin

    Thank you great song🧸🧸🧸🧸👏👏👏👏👏⭐️🌟💞💞☃️☃️☃️❣️💋🎩💋

  5. salvatore con cuore

    many......many thanks JJ Cale for your City Girl 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎤great if i have a time machine want back to the 80's JJ Cale R.I.P.😡

  6. Petru Carp

    Beautiful music!

  7. joel gibaja

    une merveille....

  8. SL Yeung

    Thanks so much for uploading Mr Cale music. I love all his songs .


    You are very welcome.

  9. rimakuja

    Absolutely wonderful Ron :) Thank you for your great video to be enjoyed over and over again! ~ Stephan ~


    You are very welcome Stephan. I am glad you enjoyed it.

  10. lukas hynes

    jj, where have all the musicians gone...


    There is one hell of a good band up above.

  11. lukas hynes

    JJ cale, you are a musical genius !

  12. karl peters

    He was Huge Inspiration to whole lot,whole lota guys,showed them what playing Guitar was,RIP JJ

  13. Anny Feret

    On ne s'en lasse pas !

  14. Arjun Satheesh Nair Music

    these are what you call evergreen numbers...

  15. Erin Michalak

    who/s the Dick that down thumbed this? Notice it's capitalized becuase he is a MAJOR DICK

  16. Judson Clayto

    one of his most 'country' sounding song... can't tell if it has a pedal steel or if he's just that good on reg guitar... his laughter is great on this track, never heard that on the grasshopper album before...


    City Girls Bass – Tom Cogbill*Drums – Ken Buttrey*Electric Guitar – Reggie Young Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar, Vocals – J.J.*Electric Piano – David Briggs (2)Engineer, Mixed By – Ron ReynoldsOrgan – Bobby Emmons Rhythm Guitar – John Christopher*

  17. Birgit Friese

    Gostei immenso, obrigada .


    One of my favorite JJ Cale tunes. Glad you enjoyed it.

  18. Mark Rabone

    Loved JJ since my uncle lent me a CD when I was studying at uni!

  19. fred pg

    Ever wondered who was a HUGE inspiration on Mark Knopfler? Listen to this.


    eric clapton, i think

    Franck Wortigen

    J.J. cale is the master...of clapton and M.Knopfler....they say it themselves...

  20. Antonio Fernandes de Queiroga

    So many hits along his career, but CITY GIRLS is my favorite one. These guitar solos really steal the spotlight. Thanks Pecvillian.


    +Antonio Fernandes de Queiroga You are very welcome.

  21. виктор мазилов

    One of my fave songs!Perfect!

  22. Arne Sandal

    Once again thanks to pecvillian for the upload..One of the coolest cat in the business..he sang the blues like no one else


    @Arne Sandal You are very welcome.

    Jose Furlong

    That's cats to you and me

  23. Senior Rocker

    Fantastic upload - thanks. What a talent !!


    @Suleman Kesh You are very welcome.

  24. Abby Dalton

    One of my favorites....RIP JJ......YOU are missed!!

  25. Alex Tahti

    Saw JJ at small venue when I was in college.  While packing up (Christine was at bar bumming a smoke from friend), my friend asked JJ why he was packing his own equipment stating "You're a god".  JJ said back "I'm no god, just doing my job."

  26. Nolan Pierce

    This song is pure sugar to my ear.

  27. Billbill80s

    Great song. I really do hear some of Knopfler's twang here. It is before everything I can manage to compare it to. So in my opinion, many people cloned or stole from this unique artist.


    @ItZz CoRp3z
    Seeing as J J was playing since late 50s I think its a big assumption to say that Clapton got him his break. All clapton did was get some of his music (a couple of tunes) pop-rock exposure to kick off the 70s. Pretty late in the game to claim that he gave him exposure after over a decade of being an active artist, preceeding Clapton.

    Jordzvg 2nd

    That is a statement from Cale. He might have been playing but he was still a nobody ... do a little research for your self.


    @ItZz CoRp3z
    A nobody in what regard? See, I see Clapton as the real nobody. No need to research.

    Jordzvg 2nd

    +Billbill80s He was a nobody in the sense he was playing small venues and selling shoes for a living. Clapton heard him fell in love with his stuff straight off and got him into the big time so he became a global artist. A very humble global artist at that who shunned the mega stardom stuff.
    I've been listening to and enjoying J J very much for nearly forty years ... don't be fooled by the account I'm signed in on it's my twelve year old grandsons who's been on my puter today and I've only just realised.
    Theres plenty of writings out there for you to check. I aint here to prove anything or argue so best of luck with your research if you bother to do any. Goodbye.

    Jordzvg 2nd

    +Billbill80s Clapton played loads with him and even had a hit with his cocaine song ... they were big buddies. Never really been a Clapton fan myself.

  28. Alexander Ziemann

    A timeless song, that could survice in any hitparade, any austrian ski-resort as well as in every damn truck-stop. It has the irresitable JJ groove (with a light swing). It reminds me of the fact, that he was working as a dancehall musician for years before starting his country-rock career. We lost a timeless musician here!

  29. Abby Dalton

    My favorite of his songs...reminds me of a sweet love and great times...and a great friend who introduced me to JJ Cale. Thanks CC.

  30. Gerd Seyer

    RIP - he was really a legend!!!

  31. Ladi Ćosić

    R.I.P. legend

  32. Gary Ryan

    Rest in peace JJ,

    Your timeless music will live on my friend...

  33. obidus98

    The Ultimate Blues Artiste!

  34. volimZbjeg

    I was shocked how underrated and not well known JJ Cale is in north America when I moved here 1985.

  35. chintanb


  36. pecvillian

    That's the truth.

  37. Mark Tschetter

    Just like ol` Waylon said "The Sweetest Cowboy Blues" . Very good , been listening to him since I was a kid and yes he is so underated, deserves much more.

    Silvia Chiarle Alejos

    thanks a lot Pecvillan for posting.😍🙆💕💞 this a wonderful💜💗

  38. Daniel Humbs

    well i'm from holland, and i can tell you he is pretty well known over here:) its just a fact that all musicians like jj are underated nowadays

  39. oleole52

    @pecvillian I've unable to find one of my favorites from Shades--a song called Love Has Been Gone.Any suggestions?

  40. Walter Severino do Nascimento

    J J Cale,este é o cara!Sossegadinho,tipo fazendeiro mesmo,ou melhor,dono de um pequeno sítio,onde ele vive a vida com serenidade,fazendo algumas das mais belas canções que conhecemos.JJ Cale.

  41. pecvillian

    @charlotte946 Seems to me he is more popular in Europe as most of the comments on my Cale vdeos come Europeans

  42. pinchold pinch

    Amazing! Here's J.J. from the album released in 1982 resurrecting DISCO that had died 6 years before. Quite an unlikely number for J.J. too.

  43. pecvillian

    @mkeenan36 yes it is

  44. pecvillian

    @MKviganj I agree this is a great song, Thanks for the comment.

  45. pecvillian

    @dddewan Me too. It's a good song.

  46. Deepak Dewan

    Love this JJ song...

  47. pecvillian

    I agree. Grasshopper was a very good album

  48. pecvillian

    Hey Eddie glad you like it. Thanks for the comment.