JJ Cale - Bringing It Back Lyrics

Saturday, past September
In the jailhouse, I remember
I got caught with too much soul
Bringing it back from Mexico
Bringing it back from Mexico

Spanish lights and pretty faces
Trip you out to where the place is
Load you up and let you go
Bringing it back from Mexico
Bringing it back from Mexico

Across the border is where you get her
The wine's good, there ain't no better
I think I'll get me some to go
Bringing it back from Mexico
Bringing it back from Mexico

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JJ Cale Bringing It Back Comments
  1. Richard Johnson


  2. Chuck Fortier

    That video bring a SMILE in your HEART.

  3. Срба Девић

    Woow !!

  4. CooManTunes

    What a great venue!

  5. Gary Low

    Such a cool guy. So glad I got to experience JJ cale & his tunes. It was years ago, in Calgary, Ab., but man, what a cool soul. R.I.P., JJ.

  6. Paul Garcia - Bos'n

    But I'm really into old music - bluesy, rough life singers, like JJ Cale, Leon Russel, and Eric Clapton. I wouldn't have minded being born in the 1940s! I picked up up a guitar after forty years and started to rock again. Bos'n G

  7. KER JI

    classieux !

  8. Professeur VB

    Je jalouse fortement tous les gens sur cette vidéo....... A vie eh eh eh eh

  9. Bruno Cornen

    très belle vidéo , un soupçon sexy , terriblement cool, un petit concert grandiose bien filmé

  10. cyrille cové

    un seul mot: SPLENDIDE...!! GG

  11. mannfm11

    Neil Young said Cale and Hendrix were 2 two best electric guitar players he knew of. Knoffler copied him. Clapton loved him. I think the CD I have is To Tulsa and Back. Smooth as they get.

  12. Dfw Fqdefqw

    What a stupid video. JJ is playing and you show some old bimbos dancing? Please!

    Jeffrey Delallo

    Dude enough with the negativity

  13. Francois Froge


  14. Stephen Hudson

    Adorable. Loved the man since 1970. 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Tom Maxwell

    Notice the blonde with the Scotland t-shirt. Bonnie!

  15. Stacey Grove

    A man in his own time zone, the sneakiest cat ever! Mark Knopfler and Eric Clapton have made tons of bucks copying this guy, but neither of them are in the same light year as JJ!

  16. Marie Durand


  17. rheaume rube

    COOL SOOOOOO COOL damn this is so goood !

  18. m lauschi

    The Weather, the musik,and lot of Beautiful Girls...thanks Mr cale r.i.p

  19. Ros G J

    Yeahhh so gooddd

  20. Sally Singer

    Always top of my favorites list.... Love J.J.

  21. Kambiz Koutahy

    the best

  22. William

    Smoothsville. ....If i could jump thru this screen and dance...luv the groove

  23. Michelle Butler

    Love you Mr. J J Cale The Breeze~~~

    Quentin Fernandez

    Yep thats his greatest hit. The Breeze

  24. Iain MacLeod

    International, timeless, and so so good. Bless!

  25. robert hoagland

    The uber rich hired the king

  26. Michael VanDyke

    Looks like 12 idiots don't know what good music is about!

  27. Petrel R. Calvo e Hijos S.A.

    JJCALE musica para rodar!!!!

  28. phil aube


  29. Peg Davis

    Great close-ups of JJ doing his magic on the guitar. Most guitar lovers can recognize his sound when they hear it.

    Claws Rawlins

    You called that one Hoss.

    Unclebenny Gaming

    JJ was a master of "less is more"

  30. Mickey Hay

    you were the best bro and cool and easy rip

  31. handyhanks

    Only one JJ Cale right ?

    Koronis Koroneos

    handyhanks right!


    handyhanks oh yes !!!

  32. János Balga

    NAGYON tetszik !!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Pat McCann

    Cool stuff.

    But white people really can't dance.


    but maybe true

    amgman Hamburg


    In Ternet

    yeah but their lives are not based on their ability To dance, moron.

    Clive Money

    What crap .racist remark

  34. Rick S.

    JJ CALE LIVES ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Cesar Moraes

    Adoro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like This.........

  36. Swed Smokey

    Well ... this is the King of laidback music ! Awesome !! , sit back and enjoy those professionals !!

    Karim Rifaat

    Impensable. Now.. Musique pop classique Vivaldi Mozart couperin de la musique bientôt Var is a very good place to be nice today and it is a great place to work thanks