JJ Cale - After Midnight Lyrics

After midnight, we're gonna let it all hang out
After midnight, we're gonna chug-a-lug and shout
We're gonna cause talk and suspicion
Give an exhibition
Find out what it is all about
After midnight, we're gonna let it all hang out
After midnight, gonna shake your tambourine
After midnight, it's gonna be peaches and cream
We're gonna cause talk and suspicion
Give an exhibition
Find out what it is all about
After midnight, we're gonna let it all hang out
After midnight, we're gonna let it all hang out

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JJ Cale After Midnight Comments
  1. Juan Carlos Garcia Gomariz

    Hola tronko!
    Lo compartimos en "Neguri Rock Murcia"

  2. Dr. Peter Zeitler

    Bin heute erstmals auf J J Cale gestoßen, habe mehrere Lieder von ihm angehört....: großartig!

  3. aurelie millet

    The song of my teenager's years <3

  4. Irma Jimenez

    This is the first version I heard and to me it’s the best and original 😘

  5. Claudia Katz-Palme

    Hello from Berlin, Germany - i love this song because i am a night owl 😍🖐️

  6. Janet B

    I’ve been obsessing over both

  7. Dominick Bui

    This song is the men's version of Dusty Springfield's Son of a Preacher Man

  8. Erulin68

    This "is" of course the only version you can actually play full blast without the cops busting down your door. Much as I admire E.C. "this" is what music is supposed to sound like 'after midnight'

  9. Drab Bard

    Clapton is still God and his covers of Cale's songs are fantastic, but this... this blows Eric's version out of the water. No comparison.


    You got that right hombre

  10. David Ard

    5 stars

  11. Liliane Beeckman

    Gnight, morgen een betere dag.

  12. Peter Klowss

    bought this album back in 79 & still is a great album today

  13. Cyrus Slapatich

    His style of guitar playing is very pleasing and calming.

  14. Mountain spirit

    Yeah people...😎...!!!!!

  15. Robert V

    And he's from Tulsa! This IS the sound!

  16. Wilma Mann

    Tulsa boy!  I grew up in Tulsa listening to J.J. Cale, Leon Russell, etc.  Love the Tulsa Sound.

  17. Ronny Harmsen


  18. Mike Hood

    When we was growing up, we GI Brats that was in music heard of Mr. Cale and this is a true US Song Master.

  19. Irma Jimenez

    This is my favorite version of this song love it sorry Eric.

    Lipe Boussada

    Irma Jimenez This is the original, Eric just did a cover

  20. Len Cross

    Heard it for the first time while sitting in car waiting for someone. Now cant get it out of my head. What a great piece of music.

  21. Kevin Francis

    Some of the best music ever made ...love JJ Cale

  22. Ralph Hintzen

    Milestonic_aholi_C **it,Night All.)).

  23. Patsy Porter

    love this so much, beutiful music, so pure, gives me shivers, thank you JJ Cale x

  24. Jay See

    Was he able to live well from the royalties from Eric Clapton's cover versions of his songs? All these years I thought those were Clapton originals.

    Susan Predis

    He shunned the limelight and was real low key.

    Drab Bard

    Sorry that I can't give a definite answer, but I do remember reading, years ago, that Mr. Cale recalled being very happy that Eric Clapton was covering his songs. As he said, he was at the time no longer a young man. And, as we know, Clapton was a big admirer of his.

  25. Rhys Thomas

    Anyone heard the jerry garcia band version? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6_3T8wQyjU

  26. Thomas Larkin

    Agreed ... why is JJCALE NOT IN THE ROCK N ROLL HALL OF FAME ... 1 word Disgusting.....jj is and was and will always be the GUVNOR ... period ...

  27. shawntoh

    It's good to see few idiot Clapton fans knocking this version, the original which is superior to the rockstar Clapton claptrap arrangement in the final analysis.

  28. george sisson

    JJ Cale just plain crazy cool!!!

  29. unprof


  30. Gary Low

    Awesome album

  31. Brad Miller

    Keep ya Faith ...

  32. Quentin Fernandez

    J J one of my favourites. He was blessed with a super style and rhythm.

  33. polo Lacoste

    Alfileres mil ❤️

  34. Zev Feldman

    a cover from eric clapton

    Devadas Govindasamy

    It's not a cover from Eric Clapton. It got covered BY Eric Clapton.

    Susan Predis

    Dude JJ wrote it

    Andres Vola


  35. Devadas Govindasamy

    48 people are so retarded and don't know the words "mellow" or "cool". How can you possibly give this a thumbs down.

  36. Magnolia Trees in the Meadow

    45 people have never let it all hang out

  37. Peter Nicholson

    Twenty past twelve here. After Midnight. Feeling good. J.J.

  38. Bob S. Stevenson

    brains behind claptons career. the man, the legend. The way he sings this will last forever.

  39. Garry Harriman

    The Kasashians are more well known than this man....such is the irrelevance of modern 'celebrity'. There would be no icon that is Eric Clapton without this man


    well i grew up listening to JJ & wtf r The Kasashians never heard of them

    Pauline Chapman

    Garry Harriman think you mean the kardashians...really irrelevant people compared to JJ...

  40. Renée Matte

    La🐺 effrenée de belle musicalité 💖 la 🎸🎷🎸🎹🎺 la vidéo épinglée par Mutters Log
    via After Midnight - JJ Cale ¸.•'**☆ ╰⊰✿ 🎻

    Timothy Flanagan

    Started reading his music at8yearsold.thxDad,rip.allfromdaHeart,😎T.Flanagan.Tenn.

  41. Adalberto De La Fuente

    Clapton version... is o.k. This one? First Class!!

  42. distracted spaces

    Best song ever

  43. Jason Pearce

    Really miss you JJ

  44. elmertjee

    1:29 That guitar part is just perfect.

  45. Hans Schetselaar

    I play this song on guitar now
    Only the guitar solo is hard to play

  46. Tim Cantrell

    Like this cut much more than the Clapton cover.

    Bob S. Stevenson

    he probably recorded it in an hour

  47. Vincenzo Sallusto

    epico brano e unico,, il meglio degli anni 70, s !! r i p. ,,,,(+),,,, isuna magka , !!

  48. Jim is the man

    Like all songs Clapton covered post-Creme, his cover sucked. THIS original just rolls along like a super smooth blues ballad, not some frenzied pop hit. Don't get me wrong, I like Clapton, and I'm hardly a JJ Cale fan, and I like blues covers, but Clapton assassinated this song. The only worse cover he did was "I Shot the Sheriff". Sign the petition to repeal Clapton's covers!

    Ray Tyler

    you got that right but Eric has made some reparations by doing his tribute album -Clapton did the most damage by doing Cocaine - then he set up a rehab center

    Bob S. Stevenson

    Clapton cant sing for shit, and I hate his playing completely. I believe JJ to be superior in every facet. However I respect your view also.

    Magnolia Trees in the Meadow

    Jim is the man If you’re not a JJ fan don’t fucking post here

    Bob S. Stevenson

    robert - yeah and his tired playing annoys me in seconds, same off tune bend and vibrato in every song. cant stand it

    Bob S. Stevenson

    River, at least he admitted that JJ was better here

  49. Datwuzfun !!

    Simply soothing. I also like JJ's live recording, sounds different but his guitar skills are in the forefront of the other version.

  50. Squiggles Avatar

    Has to be one of the best sleeves too
    Racoon with a top hat.

    1611 Leather

    Best ever.

  51. Chlynn13 B

    I love his version much more than Claptons. What a groove these Tulsa guys laid.

    Dennis Schrank


    Lynne Waugaman

    @Dennis Schrank What songs did he steal? (Clapton)

    Brian J. Carnevale

    A groovy chill song!

    Matt O'BRIEN

    This is not a “version” this the original. Anyone who covered it after this is doing a version.

  52. Greg Williams

    Ok now, Yes!

  53. Stu Pidity

    Bon anniversaire JJ Cale!!!

  54. F Dannn

    I like how this is more mellow and slow, I heard it on the radio and I like this one so much better than Eric Clapton's.

    Lee McFall

    JJ Wrote this you do know don't you?

  55. Kay Muldoon

    I prefer this version. Has a nice blues-y sound

    Lee McFall

    It is THE version. JJ wrote it

  56. mzyzdr

    When I die I'll leave some memories and fade away...people will be playing JJ for a hundred years and smilin' while listening.
    Thank you JJ...without you the world would have been a much more empty place.

  57. Peter Nicholson

    all time greatness

  58. Cat

    So nostalgic <33

  59. busaking1 hawley

    Notice how J.J. Cale's vocals are superior to any of the covers of this song.

  60. Sweeps McCullough

    Vegans don't even know they've been obsessing over the wrong Cale!

    Susan Predis


    Red Amy

    Us vegans everywhere say: you got that right!

    Cyrus Slapatich

    I think JJ might calm them down a bit.

    Garry Harriman


  61. Jeremy Ray

    sometimes I hear pushin out poopie sounds

  62. 320 Parks

    knoffler & Clapton admit it's all about J J Cale's writing & pull offs on guitar.

    Bob S. Stevenson

    they both know they owe half their earnings to the man

  63. Green Man

    Just heard this in a bar ... not knowing what or who .. just loving the vibe .. home now & found it here ...
      Regards .

    Last Kayle EUW

    I want to go to that bar!

  64. Lord Zero

    Havin' some beers with my dad and my grandpa to this song... Those are memories that are forever.

  65. peter velthuis

    waarom gaan deze goede muzikanten zo vroeg dood?gelukkig leeft hun muziek altijd voort!

  66. monica anderson


  67. Nahid Ul Islam

    Te quiero

  68. Techarmy

    How can anyone give a thumbs down to this.?

    Dylan Fowler

    Ignorant Clapton fans who thought JJ Cale ripped off Eric. lol

  69. flyingfishsurf

    This man is NOT in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame.  Travesty.  He is one of the most outstanding contributors to the great American Songbook.


    He deliberately did not want to be, and went out of his way to never be "in the limelight" though he had multiple offers and opportunities that would've let him be.


    He is but he didn't court fame, so that may be part of the reason.

    Tim Bryant

    I didn't know that. Screw the R.R.H.O.F.!


    Well, he's pretty good

    Brian J. Carnevale


  70. Mário Vasconcelos


  71. Linda Jones

    Great track, great album. But then JJ always was the epitome of smooth. Thanks for posting.

  72. Finlay Carson

    great song, we did a cover of this song
    check it out here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzcyzPfg2KE

  73. Terry Boren

    This version is the best totally funky.

  74. steelyman08

    This is peaches and cream. Thanks :-)

    Mike D

    @steelyman08 Lol, perhaps he was.

    G Turner

    peaches is puhssy bouy


    @G Turner
    Whatever works ;-)

    Dee dee Weit

    du homophobia ?

    Mutters Log

    peaches and cream;
    (idiomatic) A very enjoyable experience. Usually used to describe something being unrealistically idyllic.

  75. George Gates

    Whoever is playing that piano is GRAND!! Wish I could play like that :(


    This website confirms it is David Briggs on piano on After Midnight- https://www.discogs.com/JJ-Cale-Naturally/release/1385917

    Sadek Derrega

    He is a California boy through and through.

    tom scott

    jj cale was an Okie


    ....or Florida

    George Brent

    It's not that hard

  76. 1practicaljoker

    The original and the best

  77. Cornel Bébié

    The more I listen to JJ Cale, the more I love his music, the better it gets. He's got a very understaded, refined and discreet style. He plays indeed with "finesse and grace"... Not an ounce of "show off". Just "directly from my heart to you". What would our lives be without JJ Cale ?

    Mike Bouvier

    +Cornel Bébié Awesome Indeed!!


    Totally understated - he never even really wanted to be famous, just wanted to play his music. A total original and pure class.

    Peter De Paauw


    Charles Summers

    Give me an artist to listen to that's got the same vibe!

    Cheyenne Lowe

    Please listen to the Cale-Clapton compilation, "Road to Escondido". Incredible!

  78. Ioanna V.

    We're gonna cause talk and suspicion
    Give an exhibition
    Find out what it is all about
    After midnight
    beloved JJ

    Pat Brink

    +Ioanna "We're goona cause a talikn' suspicion "

  79. Kenneth Bailey

    Old Song ,but  great song*

  80. Marjo Wielinga

    The US. and the fab. artist they have got.

  81. Marcus Fidel

    May peace be your journey JJ Cale.

  82. ledzzappa

    swingers, soldier, shelly, shelly.

  83. David Wright

    ...peaches and cream

  84. zeehondje1000


  85. 11:11

    ....eff Clapton.....

  86. Mario Varraut

    Excellente chanson.

  87. Per Bjarne Pedersen

    It's still the best version till now, I loe this so much...


    No soul Julian? What were you listening to? Couldn't possibly have been this.

    Rhianna Barr-Beaumont

    +Julian Pope JJ Cale wrote this. His version is more a Southern R&B blues style.


    +Rhianna Barr Indeed! And it's a flavor Clapton could never have reproduced (and that's taking nothing away from Clapton). JJ Cale just had that Okie thing going on. That's his own personal brand :-)

    Julian Pope

    @***** I do know that I could outplay you on guitar any day of the week, so question my lack of "soul" if you'd like, but I would light you up kid

    Matt O'BRIEN

    Hahaha, Julian where you come from, do you know what a wanker is?

  88. Ross Cicero

    Shit.  I always assumed Eric Clapton wrote this.

    Nick Cooper

    this is the case with quite a few of Cale's songs, call me the breeze and cocaine etc


    @Ross Cicero They were very good friends.  This was recorded when Eric Clapton owned a house in Tulsa.

    Tanya Fitzsimmons

    Ross Cicero Lol so did I until I turned 13 😂

    Tanya Fitzsimmons

    Ross Cicero there was no internet back in my day lols 😂

  89. washoski1958

    muchas gracias mutters log me has devuelto 20 años de vida.

  90. brian sutton

    awesome song,i want to help a girl take it all off.

  91. Walter Dott. Troisi

    Chiudi gli occhi, porta il tempo con la testa, ibera la tua mente e lasciati trasportare dalle note in mondi sconosciuti e sereni.
    After midnight  will be a good day!

    Gerardo De Maio

    Ma hanno bloccato il video

    Walter Dott. Troisi

    mi pare di no.

    Gerardo De Maio

    Walter a me dice che nel mio paese il contenuto e bloccato

  92. andrew mann

    First heard this 1978 - still love it xx

  93. C. Parks

    Nobody took it down mellow like JJ.

    Cheyenne Lowe

    Mark Knofler of Dire Straits plays a lot like JJ. Definitely influenced.

  94. eleka decks mar del plata

    Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Jacques Moine

    RIP JJ CALE, très bel artiste, des titres merveilleux, la classe !

  96. jaddajn1

    for uncle martin x