JJ Cale - A Thing Going On Lyrics

Look here we got a thing going on
Never fear we got a thing going on
Ain't nothing to it
Got to get down and do it
I tell you the truth
Ain't jivin' you

Lord, Lord, we got a thing going on

Something in this place
It's on every face
It's catching fever
You just can't leave her

Look here we got a thing going on
Never fear we got a thing going on

What we gonna do
We're gonna roll through
Do it right, keep it light

Lord, Lord, we got a thing going on
Look here we got a thing going on
Never fear we got a thing going on

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JJ Cale A Thing Going On Comments
  1. E Starling

    Oh Lord...

  2. Richard James

    One of his best...gives me chills still.

  3. Craig McCauley

    Love it!

  4. joel gibaja

    j'adore ce morceau..

  5. Sebastian Heeger

    This song go straight to the deepest part of your Soul !!! Amazing

  6. Marcos Gomes

    this sound is sooo good ,i miss you JJ

  7. Without L

    2:21 the sweetest guitar sound I ever heard

  8. bobbyforce1

    I love these pictures too

  9. gordon wilson

    music to hoover wi...

  10. Valentina Orlando


  11. Valentina Orlando


  12. Constantinos Michalis

    Dire Straits used to have the fame but JJ Cale have the original music and soul !!! Great Song !!!

  13. bobbyforce1

    Anyone else annoyed with all these frozen dinner ads? Yeah yeah ad block. I got it

  14. Marcos Gomes


  15. Try Thinking For a change

    Nice tune, but I could do without the fake colored photos.

  16. Al Standridge

    Smooooth, light, take me away

  17. Nahid Ul Islam

    honestly the Aallahu Akhbar is goin on . thanx cale.

    Try Thinking For a change

    not really.

    Marcos Gomes

    Nahid Ul Islam in your ass

    Marcos Gomes

    Nahid Ul Islam if there is hell you burn

  18. matt bluesmain

    one of clapton's first comments about jj was...how you supposed to do his songs..he sings in a whisper..if my memory serves me

  19. TheSporehacker

    Absolutely first class :)

  20. Rafael Oldblues

    Genial. Maravilloso

  21. nocab28

    Beautiful music but the voice always sounds very quiet. I guess its old. Im not bashing the music at all I actually love it.

    carole adams

    Thats how he sings. He said he sang softly so people would turn it up loud.

    Purple Hayes

    Talent,! Style ! No screaming, contortions needed!

  22. Evan Hodge

    immortal vibrations of how to be on good terms with yourself...

  23. mark friel

    Keep it light , do it right,1st I,ve heard that for maybe 20years,big fan of jj Cale,s music,and a brilliant guitarist, r I p.

  24. oleole52

    His music sounds simple,until you listen to it closely.Often,Christine is playing rhythm,and JJ is playing two,sometimes three guitar parts over top of her.It's one of the reasons that anyone can play the chords,but no one sounds like him.

    Kitten Katt

    Mark Knopfler sounds like him.

  25. Nikolay Lachev

    Great Music and Perfect clip !

  26. Ricardo Nunes

    JJ Cale was a capital singer , songwriter , musician and essentially a human being with capital H , artists like him never die . Ramble on JJ 

  27. Mallika Chauhan

    Mellow, smooth, perfect. He don't need no tricks. He is perfection :)


    Yeah. Absolutely!

    BigCoolViking. G.S.

    He...... was the trick.

    Alexander Mills

    Guitar and songwriter genius....


    Nicely said. Spot on.

  28. christine larock

    Great song to make love to.....

    JOhn WHiteClouD

    @christine larock that's exactly what I thought about now ... even though I've listened to it a thousand times ....

    Marcos Gomes

    christine larock great music for whatever you want

    gordon wilson


    Garry Harriman

    Or to knock one out to?

  29. ddxddxddx13 ddxddxddx13

    merci merci encore , jj cale, soyez en Paix...

  30. gopherholehotel

    So Sad man ! He was the best . RIP JJ Cale

  31. Turning Coyote

    Truly one of the best... rip JJ

  32. Debra Schene

    rockin the angles....peace

  33. Milan Vasiljevic

    R.I.P. Cale :(

  34. Evelyn Tidman

    Love it.

  35. jjcalefannet

    cale came before knopfler, but they're both amazing!

    peruda hudson

    no way.. jj is the man.. knopfler got comercialised.. dire straits 1st album was quality.. after that mmmm

  36. gNarLy cEe

    Oh lawdy lawd! You're killin me JJ ! One more tour? maybe ? Maybe?!?!??!
    Anywhere! I'll follow you !

  37. ZitherBeast

    I thought it was Knopfler, found out it was Cale, WOW!!!! BAD ASS!!!!

  38. RetroJenny

    I love this tune! Thanks for sharing.

  39. Clue Vios

    Πολυ κορματαρι...με ηρεμει αφανταστα :D

  40. Jane Johnson

    That voice - so simple and sweet was one of his greatest fans in the early 70's!

  41. Casey WeatherGleek Fields-Morrison

    this song is on the Phenomenon soundtrack

  42. Niño Manaog

    Unforgettable cool.

  43. genesisvirgine

    best song i ever heard!! simple true! beautiful!!!! bring my to tears !!!

  44. gNarLy cEe

    This song gives me goosebumps, like so many of Cale's work. It almost makes me cry. So sweet, so sincere, such a voice...so simple...so direct !!!!!

  45. eranae telematae

    Sweet song :)

  46. changedaughter

    Great video to a great song- thanks!