Jinjer - Words Of Wisdom Lyrics

Word is a gift, word is a sword
Word is a gun always ready for war
Mistakenly taken, gracefully faken
A hill of shit is played off as a stack of gold
Filtered through restrictions
Distilled passive perception
My words of wisdom
Go in one ear and out the other

Yet untold, still unheard
A shield built against warning and alert
Yet untold, still unheard
A shield built against warning and alert

For consciousness never bothered
For the minds never taught to listen
My words of wisdom
Go in one ear and out the other

Like cattle chew your grass
Of recreating advertising
Ears are deaf, not customized
To what is meaningful and wise
Sleeping notion lies unconscious
Under absurd lullaby
It's time I wake it up with a bullet of
Words of wisdom in my mind

Yet untold, still unheard
A shield built against warning and alert
Yet untold, still unheard
A shield built against warning and alert

For consciousness never bothered
For the minds never taught to listen
My words of wisdom
Go in one ear and out the other

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Jinjer Words Of Wisdom Comments
  1. G. Andaluz

    When Rayna's your drummer

  2. James Curcio

    I don't know why it took me so long to find them as a metal fan, but jesus man.

  3. MrSweets1000

    Definitely they’ve been kicking ass for these pass years, I think one of they’re guitar player left the band, n they replace they’re drummer with sum1 new.

  4. Ms. Moore

    Shit Otep vibes😯 I'm late tho! This is phuqin wicked

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  6. Richard Biondo

    What the happered to me any other music i try to listen to sounds shitty now !!!!

  7. Lalo Sciarreta



    Ruslan Rainbow /Ukraine, Kiev-Тemple/
    https://youtu.be/5uSBl1klvsM = AUDIO BOOK =

  9. Michael K.

    Fucking BADASSS!!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥

  10. Alone not

    My words of wisdom🎶🎧

  11. Aye Guy

    Anarchists are so stupid

  12. Nolan Collins

    Go on tour with Canada’s protest the hero

  13. Nado Bachir


  14. MikuPinky

    Oh boy ! They're ukrainian too ! So happy :D

  15. Candace Barnhill

    She is beyond bad ass. Her and Lena from Infected Rain wear the fukin crowns!!

  16. Krists U

    Никогда не подумал бы что буду тащится от на столько тяжёлого метала...

  17. Josh Perkins

    Just a Matter of time before this band takes over the world! \m/

  18. City Point

    Can folks now maybe recognize some Nile tunes here too. \m/ :P So not the band (JInjer)to give up on. saw that immediately.

  19. Nick Brannnigan

    This bassist is legit!

  20. Horizon31

    Damn id let her scream right into my ass

  21. Joshua Newman

    The infected
    By Joshua styles

  22. PurpGamerNekotaku Meow

    Anyone knows what are the names of the songs in the end?

  23. paul smith


  24. Kirsten-Marie Bensvik Varan

    Wow. Just wow. 🤩

  25. PhauxtoN


  26. Ceci Avila

    I love drums and bass is just f... awesome!!

  27. Aryagandhi Jennifer

    She's out of this world... Hollllllyyyyyyyy!!!!! Goosebumps through and through. ❤️

  28. epic müller

    Wath for a Voice EPIC!! Next coming big thing

  29. Hans Heimlich

    another teenie heavy beat out that shit of something ultra metal band...i am bored to death. paint up a chick, let some dudes play monotonous guitar riffs and that it. works for every kid under 25.

    Klaus Flammuth

    This 57 year old dude disagrees, it works on us old fucks too!

    Roma Pupilla

    Hans Heimlich

  30. Janko

    3:18 JENT cut for my measurement

  31. Eduardo Barra


  32. Sergey Kabatskiy

    Таня, я люблю тебя. Даже не предлагаю выходить за меня замуж, ИБО ты в 100 раз ебанутее чем я :)

  33. ccchase420

    pisces is good but this track is my favorite from them. every riff on this track rips insanely hard.

  34. TrippyCustodian

    Blew my socks off

  35. truellaksala

    It is so sad that so many have that could - have not had this in their lives.

  36. Joan Jett

    Damn who is this chick..... She's amazing ....now this is a level of something you just do not hear from a girl.....GIRL POWER!!!

  37. КИР Джебаксан

    Танечка ты лучшая!!!

  38. Real Rican

    Beautiful in each and every way. Great opening, breakdown, and above all chorus. Keep up the great concept

  39. Merlator

    Recomended by a friend, best advise ever! \m/

  40. Joe

    Only Tati could rock a pair of sweats & still look fuckin' badass and beautiful

  41. ShallowDepression

    Good Ameripean band.

  42. Elfeis Ojeis

    new drummer ?

    autemni aequinoctius

    Elfeis Ojeis
    an old one

  43. 77INFECTED RAIN 77

    The riffs are Killers...



  45. deggial2005

    the bass is amazing! (hello Tatiana)

  46. reighn401


    JayJay the Mad 😻🐧


  47. Михаїл

    This part of the pier has never been so clean.
    Fake xD


    Dude, we don't all live in Ukraine. What are you talking about?

  48. Sol

    The drummers cute asf

  49. MrMethadrine

    damn i hate this song.

  50. Holy Atroce

    Found music for Cyberpunk 2077

  51. Trump's Neck Vagina

    Like No Doubt on steroids.... and maybe a little gamma radiation.

  52. HeavyRaiden

    Love this band

  53. ochavez79

    The best band since Pantera

  54. Box of Demons

    Katy Perry wanna hear me roar...... tatianna.. hold my beer bitch.

  55. Sa Mac

    I love how this band shares the spotlight, and emphasizes every member.

  56. bluesyleader

    what i love much about this band is all of their music is so well thought out. and not just the vocals but the instruments, they blend so well together and every instrument just perfectly compliments the other. Jinger has stolen the hearts of many by storm through this alone.

  57. James Greenrod

    Does anyone here remember when Queensryche came out....lead "Geoff Tate" was bar none the most supremely talented singer....fast forward a whole new generation Tatiana = Geoff Tate and i fully believe she has only just started teaching us....well shit..its official "im a fanboy"

  58. Pablo Orellana


  59. N Rose

    A M A Z I N G 🙏🏽💥

  60. Bob Owens

    At a loss for words.Mind blown everyone I watch her.

  61. Rowan Geerlings

    It’s evanescence on crack love it . So Good to to see chicks taking on this style and clearly pulling it off . Love her stage presence live as well . Bad ass band really bad ass chick outstanding.✅🤨🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🤘

  62. russ kilian

    unique band i mean their whole musuc

    russ kilian

    love this stuff fuck man orignal stuff

  63. russ kilian

    fuck how did is miss this band unique fucking song love it fuck me

  64. Robert Harkins

    That opening little growl gave me chills

  65. Dicho Steliyanov Banchev

    Респект от България👍😜👌🇧🇬❤🇺🇦🤘😉✊

  66. Malevolence 067

    "My words of wisdom go in one ear and out the other" anyone else relating to that too?

  67. Chance Simmons

    Everyone talks about how much they love Tatiana and don't get me wrong I love her but fucking hell I love you Eugene. That man can play the hell out of that bass! 🤘🤘🤘

  68. Emon Mahmud

    Anyone please help me to figure out the 1st suggest song in this video....

  69. Mario Valdez

    This band is such a breath of fresh air I quit smoking

  70. Chris A. Feiden

    Killing band man, damn i want to see them live ASAP!

  71. Trevor Leon

    been into Jinjer for only a week now, started dreaming about her already!! its that accent i tell ya!!!

  72. Proximoprod

    Sounds like the most generic "blabla-core" song ever. Like seriously!!

  73. Proximoprod

    God this is boring as hell!

  74. Ramiro Villalobos


  75. Zbelsurdos

    1:07 to 1:12 five seconds of CROWBAR

  76. Eric Costa

    where can I find her jacket?? looks georgeous and I couldnt find it anywhere

    Brendan doe

    have you checked blackcrafts website that looks like something they might sell

    Eric Costa

    @Brendan doe Not in there pal...

  77. Dino Velvet

    The future of METAL!

  78. John Doe


  79. Rebecca Sanchez

    it is so good 🎤🎸

  80. StonerHub

    2:41 Eugene lol

  81. Tomorika Sakkaki

    Shit i just got to know this group and damn im not evn too hot on metal but im diffntly gonna be more into it bcz of this artiste nice now that pure clean song not just random screams respect for talent

  82. TodoPix

    i keep trying to find the 2 songs at the end of the video. Does anyone know what they're called? cuz they sound awesome

  83. Quist Media 2020

    I used to be obsessed with Otep but now I got a bad case of the Jinjervitus.

    City Point

    Yeah Also came in as wrecking ball.

    хеивен книгхт


    Levi Dead

    Check out straight line stitch. She throws a cool ass show as well. Even chills with her fans

    Andrew Bishop

    I can remember opening "sevas tra" and putting it into my buddies CD player for the first time...unreal

    Jeff Guidry

    @fonsecorona I agree, I don't think Otep ever broke free of nu-metal and found a unique sound, no matter how good the lady herself was as a frontwoman.

  84. sven tutt

    Can't wait to see them at Download festival 2019, I'm gonna go crazy in the pit when this comes on

  85. Chris Brown

    I love how everyones into ChuckBilly TestAmenT style vocals. I hear a lot of OF DOG FACED GODS in metal these days. Funny nobody was really into this style of metal 20yrs ago. CkOut Testament DEMONIC too.👊

  86. John Doe

    Bad ass×10 love the lyrics

  87. Akshay Sehgal

    One should admit that beside the vocal part is fucking awesome but the instrumental part is fucking fucking awesome too....

  88. Nicholas Knight

    Ok guys did you bring your black front brimmed hats

  89. Jonathan Westbay

    holy shiznit this is tite

  90. Nicole L

    Schock verliebt, wow!!

  91. Rodrigo Cordero

    Just 1 min and I love her attitude.

  92. Maria Sanchez

    Has a hard-core edge to it

  93. Maria Sanchez

    Bass player is Bad ass not into the clean singing though

  94. Nitro Spider

    Love the beep tone to the voice love the band power house good clean vocal yes good job

  95. AIRAN S

    oh my gosh, I feel like she is my lesbian crush

  96. drogsvold

    Best metal band of this era........ hands down

    Maria Sanchez

    Hahaaaaaaa you're fucking stupid

    Dylan Caldwell

    drogsvold without question💯. Besides maybe Gojira Jinjer is the future of metal. These two bands are carrying the torch

  97. Marcelo Ledes


  98. Jean Cruz

    Porque esse baterista nao esta mais na banda?
    Melhor baterista que a banda já teve, pelo amor de Deus, ele precisa voltar, por favor!!