Jinjer - Sit Stay Roll Over Lyrics

Roll over, sit, stay
Roll over, sit, stay

They have unleashed the bloody flock
Fierce, black hounds are getting mad
I hear the beast behind my back
And stench comes from its maw
The baying of berserks with each right paw upraised
They're painted red in blood

The march of curs to trample their own truth
To chase all crows of white
No breath for those who dare to disagree
One path, one past, one trust

Loyal dogs, unfailing tool
They do what they have been trained to
With the eidolons, the minds are full
The evil ghosts of old
The evil ghosts of old
Insanity turns back at last
As soon as their food is done
And dog will raven dog
The claws crush bones, the claws crush bones
Claws crush bones, claws crush bones
Claws crush bones, claws crush bones

The one who disobeys
He learns a cruel lesson of bones and stones
Your dissidence objected
And it's a basic skill to earn

Roll over, sit, stay
Roll over, sit, stay

The march of curs to trample their own truth
To chase all crows of white
No breath for those who dare to disagree
One path, one past, one trust

One path, one past, one trust
One path, one past, one trust
One path, one past, one trust
It's not one's path, it's not one's past, it's not one's trust
It's not my path, it's not my past, it's not my trust

Devouring meat of those right paws upraised
The flock has gone
They fressed themselves
Devouring meat of those right paws upraised
The flock has gone
They fressed themselves
They fressed themselves
They fressed themselves

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Jinjer Sit Stay Roll Over Comments
  1. Александр Станченко

    классная собачка!

  2. eylul oncu

    Jinjer 😻❤️❤️❤️

  3. William Jefferson Clinton

    Hail Satan be thyne lord

  4. Man Hifi

    Ого валят сильно...

  5. AAR Atlanta AR

    I'm old like 90s metal.i thought metal was dead and rehashed. This band is good and her voice is incredible.
    Makes me want to pick up my guitar again

  6. jan voja

    какая же она нежная и красивая девочка

  7. Fernando narcos Maldonado

    She is beautiful!!!!

  8. TheRealMonsterHD

    Imagine her when she has an orgasm

  9. Rohanz Madbunny

    Moshed my head off..👍

  10. Ramon Lujano

    Few leave him in total freedom that only indicates that you have the absolute power of me in sing

  11. Ramon Lujano

    you let it go very well I love that demon I can see how you let it out

  12. Adam Brink

    She is so amazing and beautiful. The band kicks ass also but I love her

  13. Christopher Peterson

    I'm guessing at this point talent-vs-talent conflict. The girl, "Jinger" was hot and talented. The band was hot and talented..

  14. Derek Willis

    that bass is sexy as fuck, but not near as sexy as her

  15. Aiden Macleod

    All I heard was:"Bayuhhh rut go bahhh. Rig gull up no shawwwww.
    Rup ro ray-uhhhhhh."
    Must have taken singing lessons from Scooby Doo, or something.

  16. aa miw1999

    Can somebody inform our very beautiful and talented Tatiana that claws don't crush bones? Maybe she just meant the claws scratch the bones so much until it's all in a crushed form.

  17. Dimitra Kagioudi

    Bisschen wie infected rain

  18. Joey Foorr

    Legend says she's still wearing those shorts!

  19. Brian Clipsham

    Hahahaha... Awful! 😅😅😅

  20. Dylan Caldwell

    This is a if you didn’t know about us you definitely do now song. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. Keta

    3:42 You thought the song was about to finish, but suddenly the real outro comes... Gorgeous, one of the magics of Jinjer

  22. Paulo Pires Júnior

    it is a little like an Otep with a Lamb of God.

  23. Frits Wester

    Why is this mediocre band being hyped so much?

  24. Pete Maloney

    Death Metal...played by ego maniacs and self absorbed Autistics. The Death of music. Children playing music at twice speed and thinking it makes it better. Music for those who can"t write songs. Talentless.

  25. Beerus the destroyer

    come to california please!!!

  26. Keenan Cooper

    Why does this video remind me of Deftones "Be Quiet and Drive"??

  27. SERJ

    «A песни нам пишет никто «

  28. Larry Sanders

    This Pisces is infatuated....

  29. deanlynn52

    Whole new meaning to doggy style

  30. Vito Karleone

    Наша Таня ГРОМКО плачет :)

  31. Nuno Silveira

    one of the best musics i ever heard

  32. Doompocalypse CSAPress

    #RawAndInsane. This entire #band is totally and completely out of control.👺👹💀🤘

  33. The drumsticks You left upstairs

    Queen of Death metal

  34. 1000namen

    2:35 Doggy lost its fancy necklace?

  35. RyZCh

    This chic is no joke

  36. Ярослав Исачев

    Привет из Речицы (Белорусь). Вы как-то у нас на фесте выступали. ГОРДИМСЯ, Любим, помним! Продолжайте жечь!

  37. Mmm 333

    it's soo similar to Infected Rain.

  38. Tero Sutinen

    Qstock :)

  39. Albert Vasu

    I didn't knw to head bang during the intro😂😂😂

  40. Vladymir Alex

    I like these bitches!
    I don’t advise yelling at the dog

  41. gonzalo jimenez rivero

    Jinger is unique

  42. Kiт Запорiжжя

    Татьяна Шмайлюк

  43. Black Wilde Black Wilde

    Хоть и люблю миталл,но это ужоооссс...

  44. Darla Lathan


  45. Sam Musicman


  46. Astrospect

    I'm hearing some into eternity influence in this track

  47. Виктор Церихов

    Танечка вы душечка!

  48. Gemini Twin

    Hmmmmm needs more cow bell

  49. Sanna R


  50. zdubasov

    too soft / pop shit / the bitch is ugly af

  51. Belin dani

    Va beh.



  53. Travel Lover

    Sexiest woman alive g... taylor swift

  54. chucky cromers

    Tatiana is a badass

  55. I am Anabel


  56. Marina Ferreira

    Que mulher linda da DESGRAÇA

  57. Miguelcare Sierrapija Sierra

    I love you jinjer

  58. Jorge Mendonça

    J I N G E R!!!!!

  59. Дмитрий Обожин

    Молодца, ещё бы музыку

  60. Maher Salam


  61. Maher Salam

    Brauchst du nicht reger wir müssen hengen ab das ax für vinus spelen 😆

  62. Buzzramjet

    Not exactly into this kind of black metal, or death metal or whatever they call it because every last one of these bands sounds EXACTLY THE SAME. They have that growl/scream vocals, the ultra low notes and the same beat. My nephew is really into this kind of thing so I went to a concert at his urging with him (I think he really wanted me to buy the tickets :-) ) And ALL THREE BANDS sounded like the same band with different singers and they all had this same death scream that isn't a scream or growl. I love metal, heavy rock, hard rock, rock, rock and roll and any form of the blues, been going to concerts since the early 60s and have seen probably 200 bands in my day and this just doesn't do it for me and I just don't understand why these death voices (I still don't know what this kind of "singing" is called) Bass players always seem to need the 5 or 6 string basses so they can use the lower register B and G strings. And I actually like that deep sound they get I just wish they had music and singing behind it all.

    So is it time for me to get into my rocking chair, hang up my basses and Marshall cabs with 100 watt Ampeg tube heads. YES I liked laying loud.

    I DO LIKE a lot of the heavy metal coming out of Japan though. LOVEBITES, MARY'S BLOOD, JILUKA etc.

  63. Michael Hutchison

    Her and Alissa from Arch Enemy should do a duet , That would fucking rock.

  64. Dunny Ursul

    Тетяна,ти SUPER!Дуже дякую,за то,що ви є.Нарешті не соромно.👍👍👍👍👍👍

  65. Haaddeesss

    I’m back here 4 years later & have to say I am impressed with how big Jinjer has gotten & the new music they have been putting out cheers to them

  66. Micah

    Lol I just can’t take this seriously.


    you mean the band or the comments?

  67. pfcymbaline


  68. Meadow Sweet Lovable

    Great Song great Video but grrrl.. please get rid of these stupid dreadlocks.


    She did get rid of them long time ago , i kinda liked them though

  69. Darius ToleranT


  70. Darius ToleranT

    Все на защиту рюзкого мира.......

  71. Trevis Schiffer

    My subwoofers are crying...! :((

  72. Suman kumar Das

    Is that the same drummer now? 🤔

  73. Brandon Keith

    Omg she's scary hot

  74. Lina K

    От такой музыки цветы вянут)))

  75. Fire Heart

    *GO UKRAINE !!!*

  76. Annika

    I remember having this recommended to me when it came out and me clicking on it because I thought she was beautiful. I became a fan and I'm even more proud now, four years later, where they're becoming really big <3

  77. лютый жидяра

    хочу чтоб ты была счалива и желанна танюха!

  78. Kevin Guillemette

    What a Gorgeous woman!! And what a signer too...... I think i'm in love....

  79. Rocker 4Life

    Awful music but i love Tatiana

  80. Shane Rutherford

    Tatyana sounds like Randy Blythe!

  81. M Shadows

    Ditch the growling and blast beats and this band will be something special. So much talent; I tolerate growling with bands like Between the Buried and Me, Killswitch Engage, Opeth, etc. because of how insanely good they are. I can tolerate it with this one but I wish I didn't have to. Clean vocals sound so much better. Just my opinion, overall I dig this band.... a lot

  82. Nick Brannnigan

    Br br deng!

  83. Slade Kane

    I wish I was that dog

  84. Artem Pasechny

    Уже вторая украинская группа, которую я знаю, которая на таком уровне исполняет, что же у нас в России нихера подобного нет?

  85. Joshua Newman

    The infected
    By Joshua styles

  86. Billy Cain

    How in the hell can anyone be so fine and so heavy at the same time Metallica take this band out please they won't disappoint


    Billy Cain I saw them last month, I’m still recovering, neck thing

  87. José Maurício Gonzales Praxedes

    I´m not that fond on that growled vocals , but the riffs are KILLER and her clean vox is basically perfect .

  88. N4 0M1

    I wonder what happened to this drummer?

  89. AlikKra

    Надо пригласить Таню для записи заставки передачи "Спокойной ночи малыши"

  90. Crafty Virgo

    The dogs featured in this video and their respective families are still in therapy to this day. All hail Queen Tatiana.

    Rae Bookworm

    In therapy for not being able to go home with her afterwards? I can believe it.

  91. Дмитрий С


  92. dkyelak

    That is some super tight music! But does it djent?