Jinjer - Noah Lyrics

Haunted by the nature's fury as the legend reads
You set off to search for a new land as your master pleads
Wood and nails, they create the masterpiece

The ark is gliding upon the flooded surface
The wind is welcoming and pushing it forward

The ark is on the tide, tide is high
Keep it safe and sound what you have inside
What is meant to be let it be (let it be)
A blessing is a shield in your time of need

The ark is gliding upon the ocean
A placid giant on a mission
The wholesome deed is transition
Of living creatures to the other side
To find a mountain the giant glides

Something went wrong, huh?
I can hear the animals moaning
Dogs are howling in their roomless cage
Why are you standing frozen with fear?

Staying on the boat for weeks
Where the sea and the air are still
You sent a dove to find a seed
You sent a dove but it will not return

What is meant to be let it be
Keep it safe and sound what you have inside

The ark is imprisoned by the ocean
A placid giant failed the mission
Horizon bends over hiding dry-land
The giant surrenders the quest for a mountain

Skies are falling, Noah
This woe just can't be gone
The horizon is bending over
And now it's upside down

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Jinjer Noah Comments
  1. baryna666


  2. Jonathan Duran

    Amo esta canción

  3. Ana Licia


  4. DenArz

    It reminds me of Suicide Silence's Witness The Addiction with Jonathan Davis so much

    Ant Wee

    Please dont trash the song its in another dimension
    Suicide silence jesus

    insulting my darlings


    @Ant Wee the point was mainly about Jonathan Davis and clean vocal vibe in chorus. They are similar in a certain way.

    Ant Wee

    @DenArz Yes you are right with that, And i'm joking little also and sounds harsher than I really am ⭐ have a Sweet day

  5. Osvaldo D.

    Me recuerda a gojira

  6. Vinicius Ribeiro

    3:42 Holy shit

  7. Lesbian tmb

    1:04 AS FUCK

  8. Vino Veritas

    Incredible song.

  9. gutrhero2

    What a fucking song... got the album a few days ago. This has been on repeat for me

  10. Adriel Barrera

    Qué album tan chingón, grande jinjer

  11. Dan B

    Man the snare on this album just sounds awful to me

    Vinicius Ribeiro

    I actually kinda like it hahah

    Dan B

    guys i'm just talking about the snare not the whole band, I agree I actually love how organic this album feels, it has a raw almost underproduced feel which I love, and I understand a lot of death metal uses that super hollow snappy snare sound, here though, it just completely lacks any impact which is shame but it's all opinion really.

    I also wish they fleshed out some more of the sections, particularly outros with either synths or more guitar layering like that synth at the end of NOAH, that fits so well.

    Ant Wee

    You mean like a real snare drum

    Dan B

    @Ant Wee You do realize there are a lot of real snare drums on the market and they all don't sound the same? Yes?


    @Dan B I like the snare tone quite a lot. Strangely it sounds snappier to me because it contrasts more with the kick drum

  12. Stellar Horizon Productions

    cool jam!great album so far!

  13. Thelema

    That fucking riff at 1:00 though