Jinjer - I Speak Astronomy Lyrics

A handful of golden dust
Is what determines me
Magic inside of us
Speaks astronomy
Sent signals amplified
Through tidal debris
Super nova, my guide
Release your energy!

This space foam is so delicious
Dark matter is so divine
Tell me, why are you so suspicious
When you see black holes in my eyes?
In my eyes

Let this binary be blessed
By holy X-ray
Singularity's our nest
Peace-forming clay
If there is Lord out there
He is just a guest
Sitting in his spaceship
Observing the parade

This space foam is so delicious
Dark matter is so divine
Tell me, why are you so suspicious
When you see black holes in my eyes?

Don't discontinue this expedition
When stuck upon event horizon of my eyes!

Come and join me in my rotation
We won't be held by no bars
Our reunion was tagged the "celestial"
The very moment stars got us baptized

Wave your hand from parallel universe
Hidden in a folded palm
After twenty-eight light years my research
Must be ended somehow

Wave your hand from parallel universe
Hidden in a folded palm
After twenty-eight light years my research
Must be ended somehow

Wave your hand from parallel universe
Hidden in a folded palm
After twenty-eight light years my research
Must be ended somehow

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Jinjer I Speak Astronomy Comments
  1. droukak

    This looks like a chocolate ad

  2. World of Gambling


  3. Mike Mahmoud

    What have you done....

  4. Jeremy Powers

    Can't lie I'm kinda of on the fence on this one

  5. Voodoozero

    So like Bayonetta vibes just me?

  6. SmoothAndScaley

    This band is just so tight. I love these people. I am going to go to Rocklahoma to see them, and Slipknot, and Bad Wolves, and well you get the point...Amazing lineup in 2020!

  7. Zachary Loewke

    oh look its a bunch of guardians jamming in the cosmodrome

  8. Artur Kęcki

    My Brother... Infected me

  9. Ivan Rios

    2000 people doesn't understand astronomy.

  10. That One guy

    I love this band. And im glad a metal band finally chose the corpse of UNICRON to film a video \m/

  11. GoFuck Yourself

    garbage. was expecting something better. Napalm records is shit imo

  12. Cody Dixon

    Came here after finding pisces but this song fucking blows

  13. daniella valdes

    i love you jinjer!!!!

  14. Gori zont

    Воу красатища какая!

  15. Patrick Beard

    These need to tour with Gojira

  16. Josh Zehner

    "After twenty-eight light years my research must be ended somehow"

    Did she just use light years as a measure of time?


    To be fair, it could be meant like an endless expedition taking you somewhere far away without finding what you were looking for...
    At least this is how I hope it was meant, because this would still be scientifically correct then...

    Juan José Navarro

    @Mueesli I think it could be use the two ways possible.. but only one is correct haha

  17. Viktor CV


  18. Persephone's Diadem

    I eat asstronomy

  19. Christine Buglia Brocious

    I love everything about them! Keep bringing this amazing magical perfection.

  20. I'm Groot

    Very surprised, I'm French and this band, whaou awesome 👌😋😍😍

  21. Guitar3034

    is that a stargate? <3 love the band

  22. Jussiê


  23. truellaksala

    Then sings my soul,
    My Savior God, to Thee,
    How great Thou art!
    How great Thou art!...!!!

  24. Róbert Hemző

    My favorite Jinjer song!🖤

  25. dragdragon23

    The whole band is very professional and highly skilled. The instruments players and The singer show their dedication to the art. I seen flaws in many other bands, But I don't see any here.

  26. CJ Claybird

    A Killer Ending...JINJER Kills!

  27. Некто Инкогнито

    я поклонник этих талантов!) Как она двигается, это шедевр вообще!)

    Dimon ZloyUkr

    Таким вокалом можно резать бетон))) Зачем нужны перфораторы?

  28. Randy Jones


  29. Clive Ked

    master peace

  30. xVYKINGx

    5:08 is probably one of the greatest moments in musical history. Ever.

    JX VX

    Yeah, maybe you need to listen to more songs :D


    @JX VX nah I'm good. Thanks for sharing though. Really "opened my eyes".

    Jonás Ortega

    4:00 🖤

    SUB13 customs - electric vehicles & green energy

    yes.yes it is

    Dimon ZloyUkr

    This is music of the 22th century.

  31. Seneca Crow

    Fucking A *

  32. Doug Fitzgerald


    Wooow!! sing it girl.

    New favorite

  33. виктор ермоленко

    Круто би було якби мене така вчителька колись вчила в школі.

  34. Ignacio Valenzuela

    tatiana te amo <3

  35. Your Average Music Person

    Fastest 6 minutes gone by. Ever.

  36. Ne No

    Me: Watches one episode of Cosmos
    Also me:

  37. DrummerAP

    I hate when I see things like this, because the video and song are great, but at 1:10 clearly it shows the drummer hitting the crash, but on the music hes playing the hi-hat. :(

  38. yt tyu

    Why this band don't appear in the Google advertisements? Always appear reggaetton or trap of $&#/$!

  39. Michael Via

    Here in 2020 rockin the shit out of this

  40. DeepInsideTA

    The first part remind me XYZ by RUSH!! Amazing guys! I speak Jinjer only!

  41. drithligh

    I love them so much.

  42. Keenan Descartin

    Does anyone else see them collabing with someone like Spencer Sotelo in the future? I feel like songs like these fit his voice as well

  43. Ian Gorman

    love it, btbam screams influence

  44. David Hildebrand

    I thought there were two guitar players

  45. Chahine Yalla

    This video clip reminded me of Gunnm in the most pleasing way possible.

  46. Alejo 2011

    quien en el 2020?

  47. Yamamoto Genryuusai


  48. L. Own

    Now, that's one hell of a slapper...

  49. Veselin Jokanović

    3:48 I wish they made an instrumental song in this style. So mystic and powerful. Rarely can a band create such a tangible atmosphere.

    Son Ken Sama

    There is a good video where the guitarist does a playthrough to an instrumental track.

    Look up I speak Astronomy playthrough venus

  50. GroupHug

    When you wake up and see 2:47 and piss the bed.

  51. David Holland

    This is what Rush would sounded like if they took loads of drugs. Jinjer are at the top table now 🎸🔥

  52. Seamon

    0:42 those guitar riffs remind me so much of Symphony X circa V : The New Mythology and Paradise Lost

  53. argearer

    High notes sound like Cyndi Lauper.

  54. Dan Balan Fan


  55. ralexlu

    I wish I could travel the universe absolutely by myself.

  56. Clarence Le Prévost

    2000 people should stop listening to music....

  57. matt11708

    I will say i like this singer better then the in this moment singer far better singing mix with screaming vocals.

  58. merlin704

    Still waiting for her sex tape to drop.


    Not going to happen.

  59. raven arceneaux

    The double petal in that bridge just gave me a new breathe of life 😰

  60. Spectacular video

  61. Damien Mekaora

    Messhugah make sexe with lady gaga ? wtf it's good

  62. RafaleC77th

    Probably one of the most complete sounds in Metal and Music your gonna hear. Really enjoy the intensity of Jinjer's music.

  63. Jeremiah Shelby


  64. Mgou91

    I hope this label does them better than they did to Death...

  65. Doompocalypse CSAPress

    This is one of the NEWEST reasons as to why I like studying #astrophysics and #astronomy so much. Also, I've been into #UFOs and #interstellaroccurrences for some time as well. 🌑🌕🔭🌍🌎🌏👽🌟

  66. hexagonal

    This band is awesome and all but these lyrics are fucking dumb.

    Mary Rose Pelaez

    why? haha


    @Mary Rose Pelaez ''This space foam is so delicious
    Dark matter is so divine. Holy X-Ray, peace forming clay' .... shallow cringey nonsense ;)


    Ya and the new album was not as great as everyone was saying it was.

  67. nustada

    Sexy, nerdry, heavy, strong, profound: This is the making of black hole, careful.


    Ya just stay far away from the new bad wolfes album not very good.

  68. Matt F

    How can you not fuckin like this song? Friggin amazing on so many levels.


    A eU aqui de novo

  70. Honkanen

    You've defiitely got the world around your fingers Tatiana. Fucking love it.

  71. RealLifeRyan

    Good lord I have been missing out

  72. Rostislav Vítek

    Who moved the mouse when they thought the end of the song guys and girls ? Dont worry, me too :D

  73. Israel Rios

    Sublime !!!!

  74. Maxx Creese

    Aboleth? is that you?


    so where can i come to join you on your rotation?

  76. Michael Mott

    OMG I thought she was beautiful in Pisces, but this has brought a whole new love for her and the band.

  77. Sergey Zabolotnov

    Очень горячая девушка!!! Смотришь и понимаешь как женщина должна выглядеть. Никакого оголения, но хочется завоевать мир чтобы сводить ее в ресторан... А голос вообще волшебный!!!

  78. Froggeth81

    My name is Tatiana and I'd like to speak to your manager.

  79. echidnasarf housewife

    the last couple of minutes - someones been listening to Muse
    everything bout this is stunning

    Yuuki Konno

    Omg another muser hiiiii :D

    echidnasarf housewife

    @Yuuki Konno hi yuuki, what cd was uprising off, i'm thinking Resurrection?
    whatever the title one amazing album from beginning to end.
    muse was the only post 2000s rock i listen to, until of course jinjer.
    i hear jewish influences via russia in their music

    Yuuki Konno

    @echidnasarf housewife Uprising was on the Resistance album, though I don't quite hear the similarities of I Speak Astronomy with this album in general. I would have gone with the Absolution or Black Holes and Revelations for the space theme and hard rock/ jazzy bridges part. they have influences coming from all over the world so I would not be surprised to know that got inspired by russian music :)

    echidnasarf housewife

    @Yuuki Konno what i meant was the last couple of minutes has that muse 'epic' feel

    echidnasarf housewife

    @Yuuki Konno hi yuuko, post 1990 there's not much rock that has interested me -nirvana, steve vai, muse, black crowes and now jinjer, this band are on a different level - musical monsters and boy can that girl emote. i only found them a couple of weeks ago and i've lost count the number of times tati has had me welling up, emotional manipulation at its best.

  80. Dylan Weales

    awsome video,tatiana if you see this,i tried face booking you,i need to ask you how you did this video.

  81. ShreddingSkeptic

    Apparently, her “research” has ended.

    I wonder if this means that she will put herself in a bad situation for believing all of that astrology pseudoscience, or if it will be a healthy and happy relationship over the long haul.

    Putting my crushed heart aside 😔, I sincerely hope for the latter.


    you don't like her new mexican boyfriend?


    Roughnegg I didn’t say that. What I meant is that I hope she didn’t make a bad choice because of astrology shit. She appears to take that stuff quite seriously.


    @ShreddingSkeptic Even though astrology is an absolute bullshit, I agree with that one, it's still a good inspiration for music and poetry as a whole. We as a society of adults have to believe in fairy tales and have our hopes and beliefs, even though we're of of that stuff is not true, just like any religion or a cult. Being a fan of something does not make one an idiot. Me and myself for example, I love all the space and astronomy sci-fi stuff even though I know it's not true, it inspires me to have dreams and makes hardships of the sad reality to seem lesser, something to overcome dark reality.


    Roughnegg I did not mean to imply that I thought she was an idiot. She’s brilliant at what she does. But I know it sounds cliche, however smart people do make really dumb choices.
    Not saying that her relationship is a really bad nor good choice. I’m not in a position to judge that.

    I don’t agree that we have to believe in fairy tales. I believe in being idealistic, albeit not blindly so. I don’t see what this whole bit has to do with Tatiana.

    I see what you mean from an artistic perspective. It’s quite fair to seek inspiration from mythology and such. Shit man Lord of the Rings, GoT (except season 8), and (original) Star Wars wouldn’t exist without someone seeking inspiration from mythology.

  82. Steven Eighner

    I am so in love with this band. Ukrainian metal... gimme more!

  83. Esra Re

    Vocals are too god but the music behind doesnt fit this beautiful melody much. Maybe it should be more musical I dont know it dpeant sound right somehow

  84. Fedor Riganov

    Simply awesome. In the last part of the song she even reminds me of Bruce Dickinson (if he were female) on his solo albums, and that's nothing to sneeze at.

  85. Latina in the City

    She reminds me of Dita Von Teese

  86. Michael Schwarzlose

    Fucking rocks!

  87. Gerbert Heller

    типа эпично, а внутри пустота

  88. Danse Macabre

    Her voice is a perfect duality, backed by some amazingly talented musicians.

  89. Rocker 4Life

    Please Tatiana marry me!!:)

  90. sergio s

    This Tatiana is a demon and angel hybrid

    Свідомий Хохіл


  91. Amber Montero

    Fuck, these amazing lyrics!

  92. W.J. Christophe

    Let's Fighting Love
    I Am The Black Wizards

    and this...

  93. Bogdan Hutu

    Phenomenal, video

  94. darling

    2:46 fucking sick

  95. Jorge R.

    She's f*cking hoooot !!! btw, the bassist is killin' it !!!!

  96. Justin L

    This is awesome on so many levels. Masterpiece.

  97. Guizon De La Vega

    Jinjer's best song and video.

  98. Botond Nagy

    No, baby, I do speak astronomy, you are rather burping me some poem of pseudo-scientific inspiration, however, kinda cool...

  99. Артем Витковский