Jinjer - Captain Clock Lyrics

He keeps on moving his mustache
Gets you fussy, makes you rush
He's got no legs but he walks
He's got no mouth but talks
Tick tack, click clack
He pulls a trigger, pulls it back
My time, your time is under attack
We run on a circle track

A bossy three-handed man
Who gives me a triple slap in my face
Years of tension, a second of slack
He is so tiny but hard to embrace

From the top of the world he shows you
No respect, don't regret, we're screwed
If time is gold, we are broke for good
Hopeless beggars, dance to this beatific flute

By towers supported
On a human wrist resorting
There's no word "retired"
For the soldier with the shoulder straps

Phlegmatic eyes dilated
Trickin' tick-tacktics underrated
Time to eat, time to sleep
Time to go back to your soil crib
Time to go back to your soil crib

Oh what a mechanical miracle
Global dictator, massive superior
Like a winding toy that sits at the porch
This bull-headed boy
Is a watchman on the life-time verge

From the top of the world he shows you
No respect, don't regret, we're screwed
If time is gold, we are broke for good
Hopeless beggars, dance to this beatific flute

Striking, beating, sweeping our lives away
The more we struggle
The more we lose our precious days
Hearts are swinging to the rhythm of imminence
Should we never grab a tail of what we cannot own?
Our time is a snail, running faster than any wind, any wind can blow
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh, any wind can blow
Striking, beating, sweeping our lives away
Striking, beating, sweeping our lives away

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Jinjer Captain Clock Comments
  1. Thall Joben

    Twerking can't even come close ...

  2. Thall Joben

    3:34 that fucking thigh jiggle stole my soul and shoved it down God's throat. That's how Tatiana took her throne.

  3. Thall Joben

    What a FUCKING goddess

  4. Rohanz Madbunny

    Love the heavy riffing, explosive bass, intense drum hitting and the growl.

  5. brycer72

    Nice legs

  6. Ant Wee

    It's so much better here than on the record much moore feel to it

  7. Sebastian Acuña

    Love tati ❤️🤘

  8. Ana Gonzalez

    3:09 wow i'm gay

  9. iqbal medan

    زِن زر،،،

  10. Derek Smith

    This crap is not talent! This isn’t even music! The only shows us the world is coming to a end!!

  11. Mark Alford

    Old rocker here, how does she do that and what !!!

  12. joca vic

    Cute girl with great voice and ugly looking socks.

  13. gonzalo jimenez rivero

    This musicians are great

  14. gonzalo jimenez rivero

    Love you tatiana keep strong

  15. gonzalo jimenez rivero


  16. Андрей Донда

    Украина рулит!!!

  17. Ruslan Storozhenko

    украинка джиндер лучше нуки

  18. Kreengle

    I would love to hear Tatiana take a role and do voiceover as some scary sounding Character/Boss in a video game. That would be awesome. Freakishly beautiful.

  19. one way street

    this band is beyond human wow

  20. one way street

    i could understand why they don't need second guitarest lol

  21. Vincent Rpl

    Impressive but can you ... Yes they can !!!

  22. Jesse Thomas-Brown


    thank me later

  23. dftns

    Pure and simple talented people AF!

  24. Chino Reacts

    Wow I have learned alot about Jinjer, I have made reaction videos for the first time to JINJER never listened metal at all. But I have learned from others comments on my reaction video a lot about this group! bravo to them!! <33

  25. calais owner

    Best you tube clip in world!

  26. Igor T.

    If i could hit like every time i watch it... :)

  27. Bdizzle 2234

    Love how they’re a low tuned djenty band that uses 6 strings instead of 9 strings

  28. Luis Garcia

    What a great momentum for the female lead singers...! Jinjer, Arch Enemy, Butcher Babies, Nervosa, Evil Drive, Spoil Engine, Synlakross...

  29. Seasiren Westwood

    Damn the bassist is something else.

  30. Odi Agam

    so stunning !!!

  31. Muskrat Repair Services

    holy tube socks, Batman

  32. lorena mares

    This is metal that sounds legit!

  33. Guitarrero Chapelero

    Capiroto's song.

  34. Orca Orga

    Look kid, you dont need 99 pieces kit of drum to be this great drummer. So stop ask your father to buy new one

  35. SW Don

    Omg this is horrible...xd

  36. Vladimir Zalkalne

    Драйва,секса и рок н ролла всем!Jinjer вы вы непобедимы!

  37. Jason Moose

    God I want to bang her 🔥💯😍

  38. Darth Nomad

    Bringin Fuckin It. Fuck YES!

  39. Justin Savage

    I've listened to a lot of songs and this song is one of my favorites

  40. Carlos Quintanilla

    Metal is Dying? Hahahahaha pure raw and powerful performance.

    Seasiren Westwood

    Metal never even stopped breathing for a second.

    Colin Idris Williams Ryder

    Whoever said metal is dying is obviously some kind of closet gay r&b fan

  41. Zach Woodroffe

    Holy shit. Was introduced to jinjer through the song pisces. The more I listen to, the better they get. WOW.

  42. Эльдар Абдуллаев

    Всё было нормально пока на 1:07 продижи не началось!)))

  43. Timo Musyal

    3:10 the tatiana devil!! Jinjer is the fucking genre!!! Best Band in the World!!

  44. Rob Shane

    I have the weirdest boner right now lol

  45. Robert Domzalski

    Zajebista kobieta 👍 👍

  46. wow

    I'm 37 and never been to a concert how fucking pathetic is that

  47. Алексей Волков


  48. ThatGuyYouKnow23

    2:15 gigaheadbang

  49. SmokeThat SkinWagon

    That dress is kickass

  50. Timo Musyal

    1812 supid humans... 😅 This Band and tatiana is fuck in awesome!!! 🤯

  51. Bliff Toff Robert Horry

    It'd be wierd af moshing on a stiffy

  52. klimtklavier

    The ridiculous "surfer dude" voice intro for Res Fest is idiotic... as is whoever thought cutting to a moron in a blue wig while Tatiana is singing … well, that really looks stupid and it takes the listener right out of it. Men afraid of
    Tatiana shouldn't be allowed near recording equipment.

  53. DeepInsideTA

    I’m in love with Jinjer!!! broken asses!!

  54. Дядя GAGA

    Hail from Ukraine

  55. Алексей Волков


  56. Chemtrail Pilot13

    I like his guitar! somebody now what guitar ist is? brand, model??? :)


    OD Guitars

    Chemtrail Pilot13

    @dman3d thanks a lot!

  57. Stan Lukin

    hello with Ukraine,)COOOOOOL)Tatyana and other team

  58. resonantBoom

    Nothing short of a goddess...

  59. Roads ToMadness

    Is there any girl sexier than Tati? Man her voice and screams are amazing same as the band. 🤘🤘🤘🔥🔥🔥🖤🖤🖤

  60. Marco Seyfert

    Awesome guitar 👍😎

  61. Paweł S

    Holy shit that bassist again

  62. Jarek Majer

    perfekcja !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. mr jack

    Goodbye christina scabbia,. You now are my number 2

    Roads ToMadness

    Lol Cristina was my favorite but shit I don't know? This girl is 🔥 I guess I'm switching also. DAMN!

  64. Decimate the Soul

    She has some of sweetest thighs I've ever seen

  65. Live Shows HD

    Any other Londoners seeing them live this november?!

  66. Patrick Marshall

    Dude, HER VOCAL TECHNIQUE!!!!!!!

    Cool technician

    She’s good, right?

  67. GIOVANNI Pascoal

    Queria essa banda aqui no Brasil

    Cool technician

    GIOVANNI Pascoal Jinjer va para Latinoamerica en Marzo, y Brazil también..

  68. Byrne

    I would love to see them live. Her presence on stage is astonishing. She commands this show!

  69. Bianca Carvalho

    Mermão... essa mulher é muito FODA vééééééééiiiii

    Irwyn Matheus


  70. Ayush Aripirala

    The guitars sound really muddy, can't hear the notes he's playing

  71. aSh drAvEn crOw

    When she growled she sounded like Randy Blythe.

    PRO shotz

    That's what I think aswell

    Cool technician

    She had Randy as one of her inspirations to start doing fryscreams, they have a cover of Laid to Rest

  72. Luis ON


  73. yonatan

    She is super hot

  74. Cornelia Tomson

    3:08 I thought for a moment that they were her damn eyes..

  75. Oppo A3s

    Daaamn you're voice

  76. Broken Butterfly

    Who's better?
    Su-metal or Tatiana?

    \\\\\/////_TOMBOY31_\\\\\///// 420 ZEN 420

    The two xD

    aa miw1999

    Su-metal can't scream and naturally has a Japanese high voice, so Tatiana.

  77. Lizonthung Shitiri

    OMG the last song and still here vocal is pitch perfect. The expression of the wink she gave at 3:09 is priceless. The band deserves much more recognition and respect. For me this is the best performance of a band with female as the frontman or should I say front female.

  78. Sa Mac

    Everything was amazing.

  79. c ss

    band is unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!! but the body and talent on her god damm

  80. KYLEY B

    That’s baby making music right here!

  81. Teemu Reijonen

    This is my neighbors favorite band whether they like it or not.

  82. Radu uVladaslas

    so effortless. she is a goddess

  83. Left Hook

    See them this October. Can't wait. This band is most bad ass metal act to come out in past decade

  84. klimtklavier

    The best way to make a metal band with a female fronting it seems legit...show a moron in a blue wig in the crowd... well played, dumbass.

  85. Jerzy Dziś

    Clock with a direction of an Arrow leaning into an opposite side ⌚

  86. Megat Mendoza

    A fucking solid band
    Wonderful art

  87. Sam Castilleja

    This band WILL ascend and dominate!!!!

  88. Sam Castilleja

    Truly the SEXIEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD. I met her once at an autograph session she is so tiny and petite but fuck she ha charisma.. I was nervous taking a picture with her.... I ❤ you Tatiana!!! Just the best!

  89. Sam Castilleja

    She would put Beyonce in some sweet shade

  90. Vino Veritas

    3:36 : the demon became an angel.

  91. Bobby Coltrane

    She reminds me of Angela from AE.

  92. The Conscious One

    why the fk do people enjoy this growling/screaming shit.

    aa miw1999

    Why the fuck do people enjoy listening to people sing about things you'll never have?

  93. Ehsan. rffr

    Holly Shite !!

  94. Дима Панасик


    Арчибальт Ромуальдович

    как твоя мамка

  95. Toecutter

    She is impressive to say the least love the fact that there are more females growlin now rock on jinjer

  96. Matt Bell

    Dude stop walking

  97. Josh Findley

    Jinjer is sick! Great musicians and great sound! I've been watching them for a couple years now progress. Looks like they finally made it to the US. This band will be big. They've been around for a while

  98. Resurrection Fest

    Full show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HW-ACeiUMI :)

    yogi gunawan

    Please invite to burgerkill or jasad

    Singgih Sans

    no deadsquad is the best