Jin - Learn Chinese Lyrics

Yeah I'm chinese, and what?
(Another preview of Jin album)
Yeah you know who this is, Jin, and let me just tell you this
The days of the pork fried rice and the chicken wings comin to ur house by me is over
(This is it, it's crazy)

Ya'll gon learn chinese, ya'll gon learn chinese
Ya'll gon learn chinese, when the pumps come out, your gon speak chinese
Ya'll gon learn chinese, (chinese)
Ya'll gon be chinese (chinese)
Ya'll gon learn chinese, when the pumps go off, ya'll gon speak chinese

This hip-hop shit can fuck up your head man
I know a bunch of crips that love redman
And walk in New york, man things dun change
STOP, the chinks do it again
This aint Bruce Lee, I watch too much T.V
This is the game of death, when I aim for you chest
And too much sex got me seeing slow motion, eyes barely open, with a roach roastin'
And ur girl, she love the Jin motion, rub it on her body like body shop lotion
What's the comotion? You never seen me?
Original chinky eye MC?
Ya'll don't want to stop to the army
Double R rank refugee
And the barrel of the gun gon make you speak another language
And amigo I ain't talking bout spanish

Ya'll gon learn chinese, ya'll gon learn chinese
Ya'll gon learn chinese, when the pumps come out, your gon speak chinese
Ya'll gon learn chinese, (chinese)
Ya'll gon be chinese (chinese)
Ya'll gon learn chinese, when the pumps go off, ya'll gon speak chinese

This one goes out to those who ordered four chicken wings, pork fried rice and rolled dice in the hood
You think shit it's all good?
To the cowboys that roll out like Clint Eastwood
I wish you would, come to CHINA TOWN
Get lost in town, end up in the lost and found
Eye witnesses?
You must be crazy, we don't speak english, we speak chinese
And the only popo we know,
Is the pigs on the hook out by the window
Each time they harass me I wanna explode
We should ride the train for free, we built the railroads
I ain't your 50 cent, I ain't your Eminem, I ain't your Jigga Man, I'm a CHINA man
Ginseng in the palm of my hands, she looked suprised when she saw it in the palm of her hands
And you know what's next?
Safe sex, I'll be damned if I sleep in the flesh in the insest


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Jin Learn Chinese Comments
  1. MrCJR86

    damn near 11 years and i still haven't learnt a word lol

  2. Rocking진

    Hi! I’m Jin.

  3. Eddy

    2020 anyone?

  4. OriginalJoseyWales

    tx to this song I can now speak fluent Chinese.

  5. Nelkon Nsamba

    They want CHINESE

  6. 슌듑.채널

    Almost 15 years ago ... Miss these dayz .... one n only asian rapper rap at overground back that time...

  7. oOminouOo

    so this is the dude who should feed on a long shlong and go back to hongkong?

  8. Antonio Beijen

    2009 22 2

  9. Loula Tikomailodoni

    November 2019✌

  10. deeeeeeezzzzaaaa

    He is a really good rapper and cute too.

  11. Nabil Abdulrashid

    I feel bad that I was eating Chinese food and remembered this song.. does that make me racist?

  12. Bryandagamer lol

    Chinese eminem on drugs

  13. Elmo de la Muerte

    Girl singing the hook look like Joe Jackson

  14. Jun Kan

    Almost forgotten...ive seen it last 2003 0r 2004 if i was not mistaken...

  15. Matias Ambasciano

    This the same guy who made THE chinese rap?😂

  16. Elite Twisted

    I still haven’t learnt Chinese

  17. Skikkelig Snill

    Worst single by a rapper of all time, goddamn this is like the dr.seus rap song for kids.

  18. J Z.E

    mc jin hip hop man

  19. Lenox

    Wie bin ich hier gelandet

  20. 崴崴

    174people didn't learn Chinese

  21. 龍珠戰士纪念版


  22. 456 123


  23. M-J Gomis

    I was just looking for a video to learn chinese lmao.

  24. Sophie Venes

    I've learnt most of my Cantonese from this song hahaha

  25. Tokyo in Pics

    Who's here from Netflix?

  26. 喵嗚耳朵

    he isn't seokjin😳😳

  27. Sam Fisher

    I came here to "Learn Chinese".

  28. Akil Mieres

    If you ain't cooking you better be planting or you getting lock up or you locking up! 'cause I know you ain't working or making babies, because making babies is woman ting!

  29. Akil Mieres

    Pizza is chinese food... well Japanese food Japanese, Chinese, Korean Thai, whatever once you cooking yuh's a Chinee!

    Akil Mieres

    Indian, Barbecue, Cakes etc etc... hahaha!

  30. aster2013

    I give him my huge respect but he said y'all gone learn Chinese, but in some lines, that's Cantonese


    Cantonese is one kind of dialect of Chinese no?

  31. Sekai ii

    Epic rap battle

  32. BLUE XXX

    Anyone 2019???

  33. Kam Chuen Ng


  34. 黄仕腾


  35. King’Kong' Quisha

    I live in Changsha, China. I use this song to introduce my students do Hip-Hop

  36. JLH

    10 years ago damn

    Careem Shah

    JLH This was longer than 10 years ago. This is about 2005/06 so 13/14years old. It was only uploaded 10 years ago

  37. イスラエルこんな感じ



    The best phrase to learn in chinese (cantonese) is the all famous “ Diu Lei Lou Mou “
    Learn this ya gwei lous

  39. Bazz Arh

    Here in 2019

  40. Krxxwa Wa

    Respect ✊

  41. Tharsan J

    lit tune.

  42. Sham Adams

    that new China Mac vid will bring back some new comments.

  43. Mahesa Anabrang

    this that shit for real

  44. mitch McCarthy

    Who's here from the china mac and Jin video?

    Mahesa Anabrang


  45. NRZ Racing

    Chicken fried rice

  46. Lowyongjun Alexlow

    Who is still watching this in 2019?

  47. sozoshi shonen

    I recognize what he said as an adlib

    Run faster
    Or in millenial speak GTFO but for escaping or running away

  48. Mail Box

    Is the door closing and opening sound from Gta?

  49. Maria Babeeyz


  50. Maria Babeeyz


  51. HARDSenSaTion

    0:03 GTA Vice city car door sound

  52. BestOfAll

    Why are the car door sounds from GTA San Andreas? lol

  53. Bedan Mackazi

    Jin is still a Ruff Ryders artiste!

  54. Kromazone

    All these years all I’ve learned is.


  55. Waiting

    speak Chinese please

  56. Violetskies

    Anyone remember Jin at Jumpoff?

  57. Donghui Zheng

    who is still watching this in 2019?

    Metal Storm

    your Lesbian Mom.

  58. Benni Klingenhöfer

    Cool und Geil

  59. Worried Fiber

    Where is the part two? It says to be continued at the end.

  60. Aaron Seguin

    Isn't this the dude China Mac jacked lol didn't know it was this Jin.

  61. Fei Pang

    Better to sing yall gon learn cantonese

  62. iynit

    God like Mc Jin😂😂

  63. I miss you

    I have learned Chinese.

  64. Roi Alberto Orlac

    He's underrated

  65. VolVox


  66. 鶴帥




  68. Chan Johnny

    真心希望他用過往BATTLE 實戰講解英文.包括對手說什麼,他說什麼? 英文詞語,俚語運用...etc

  69. 凱子KAIZ


  70. Coffee Creeper

    2019still learning chinese


    Who's watching this in 2019🔥🔥🔥

  72. lenzing koyu

    2019, thuglife compilation got me here

  73. Akshit Kumar

    **Ni Hao Ma Intensifies**

  74. toshiba brand

    best Chinese rapper

  75. rafael da silva

    lol this is so funny not real hiphop

  76. Nice Deltoid


  77. Smokeblunts Drink40s

    Motha luh me long time loong tiime

  78. Andrew Siu

    You’re not Chinese,you’re Hong Kongnese!


    What are you talking about, unlike Taiwan, Hong Kong is part of China without debate.


    阿当 it’s refrence to song Love me long time wich is Jin disstrack.

  79. Mohd Raimy Toni

    The best Chinese rapper ✌️

  80. MP R

    Funny thing is, America really SHOULD learn Chinese lol in 25 years time it will Chimerica lol keep worrying about Mexicans though whilst Chinese money buys everything.

  81. T SUU

    2019 Anyone?

    Lukey boy

    Hell yes Jin is awesome


    Hell yeah!!!

    Lazyboi Dri



    A few hours and it's 2020 :)

  82. Kenan Forever

    Bring back the hip hop 90s

  83. Yik Xian Tang

    it is very lurring

  84. FP LEUNG

    hi Jin, you were standing next to me in April! you were so concentrated to see the street performance and joined afterwards!

  85. Izskora Li

    If he had more blow up and recongization from america publics, Hes like asian emine

  86. unknown name

    China Mac shot ya friend

  87. ntuthuko radebe

    "I know a bunch of crips that love Redman"..lol took me so long to catch that line, and right now it's Jan 2019😂😂😂

    Im Estia

    I'm french don't understand can you explain the meaning

    Dominic Villard

    @Im Estia I think it's just a pun on the fact that 'Redman' is the name of a rapper who's been around since 1992. And it's "Red" (the colour) man. The Crips are one of America's most famous gangs that are known to wear blue, and they especially dont wear red because that is the colour of their rival gang, the Bloods.

  88. Jarvan Kohh

    i learned

  89. Asnen

    Motha love me long time, long time.

  90. Ian Musa

    Ni hao ma

  91. Hare Coakley

    I think this was the guy China Mac was about to smoke.

  92. Ludus DayTrading

    "The last great History of England will be written in Chinese" <<< Peter Hitchens

  93. 张震岳

    Lil pump gon learn chinese