Jin - I Got A Love Lyrics

[Kanye - talking]
Yo Jin we good with this one

[Jin - talking]
Good lookin Kanye (whoo!)
You see we're the next generation
Of this rap game
So it's only right we got down like this uh oh

[Chorus - Kanye]
I got a love that's better then
You ever was you've never been
No good for me i guess i was
Just way too hood for you to be with

[Jin (Kanye)]

Yo I was doing a show with Kanye in the west
Mid that is, so basically the chi mi's up in the mix
We in the game now, it makes perfect sense
The kid that dropped outta college, the other never went

We take turns doing our one twos and yes yes y'alls
Look at shorty with my name tatted on her breast y'all
Mr. west what do you think is the best
(take em backstage, get aquainted that's what I suggest dawg)

When it coming to spittin' g, I'm one of the best y'all
She look goods, smell clean and she had fresh draws
Naw, that's too good to be,
Usually them type of chicks ain't good for me nope

[Chorus x2]

I got a way with words
I use words in ways
I convince birds to come out they cage and play
Polly want a gucci parka ma what did you say

Polly might get a cracker
Ain't no trickin today hey
But anyway though she got it on
Smash like mashed potatoes

High class with a ass that'll smash on j. lo
Lay low got playdoh stash the payroll
Ain't no credit card spendin cash on Rodeo
And me i'm at the slauson swap meet

Lookin for a pair of air 1s and white tee
She want champagne
I got Sisqo and koolaid
Why go to the movies let's watch the bootleg

[Chorus x2]

Girl i don't wear prada
Never met gucci
Or wore versace
All is too bouche

We all know Kanye is mr. louie vuitton
But if i see a L and a V i'd think that its on
That's what my old chick used to clash with me
[Girl:] Jin, why'd you get this fake louie bag for me?

Actually you should be happy i purchased that
I take this as a sign
You don't want the matching hat
Huh I'm too gutter

You more parkay with yours
I'm more I can't believe it's not butter
What the other suckas do for love is a damn shame
I got a new significant other cause plans change

[Chorus x2]

[Jin - talking]

It's over girl i thought me and you was it
But obviously things ain't work out
And i know when you see this video
First thing you gonna do is pick up that cell phone go to J huh

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Jin I Got A Love Comments
  1. Joseph Turner

    I remember this song along time ago :(

  2. jonathan brevan

    this is chicago kanyee RIP since 2011

  3. Jay Pas

    Who woulda thought when this song came out that these two would become Christians? God is GOOD!

  4. TROLL

    like everyone else is saying here, this needed to be dropped at the time. god fucking damnit

  5. Dran Soriano

    Ruff Rydah should've promoted Jin better... only asian dude that was flame at the time.. 2019 still here

  6. Dd Fg

    His voice is lit🔥

  7. H M.

    "But anyway tho, she got it on smash like mashed potatoes,
    high class with an ass that will smash on J-Lo's,
    lay low,
    got playdoh,
    stash the payroll,
    ain't no...credit card,
    spending cash on Rodeo"

    Jin always been sick with the ryhmes

  8. Tharsan J

    lit tune.

  9. DeeFunnyGuy

    wow man. time flies. came from the china mac and jin interview

  10. Chico Montana

    this is way too crowded hate the refrain

  11. Insidious Vidz

    Doesn’t even sound like ‘ye here!

  12. Hoodiebud

    Wait chinese rap collaborated with Yeezy?

    KG Visions Publishing

    Yeah I’m surprised too

    Chi Vang

    Naw dude Jin was a RR back then

    KG Visions Publishing

    Chi Vang I’m still surprised lol Jin wasted a Kayne in his prime song with this 🗑....Kayne basically took this beat to Twista, change a tune here or there and made a SMASH HIT (celebrity overnight)

    Jay Coleman

    @KG Visions Publishing His name is *_*KANYE_** , not Kayne.

  13. TRMC

    Jin was nice 🤷🏾‍♂️

  14. Klocc562

    Miss old Kanye. That sample is hot shit

  15. Yi Fan

    lost my cd, so fml XD but thanks for uploading patman24

  16. jeronimo_XXX_limelite

    ITS 2019 GAWDDDDAMMIT!!!!!

  17. Fresh Press Cafe

    Love you Jin

  18. Moses Omondi

    One of the BEST battle rap MCs 106nPark 💯

  19. Fear of God Eco

    My first time hearing this ... reminds me how gold Kanye is

  20. King Kari

    106th and park days !

  21. Xel Wilbur

    Why is it I never knew this beat belonged to a Jin song? Darn shame. He spit on here.

  22. hi xd

    this samples the same sample overnight celebrity samples

  23. Nice Deltoid


  24. Aleksandar Jedini

    Man this song is so deep

  25. Kuma Chan

    Tf I can't believe this shit is real

  26. Willie Beamen

    Sick beat !!!!

  27. Nana

    Who listening 2018???

    Rizziveli The Great

    Nana Frimpong Present 🔥🤝

    Miss C Brown

    Yep!! I was like yo what happened to jin?? On a random one...

  28. Officialoneshow

    Dope track

  29. Donnovan Randle

    Back when Kanye was a genius


    Still is when it comes to making beats

  30. Enlighrap Rodriguez

    Wow magnífico tema 🇲🇽✊💪🏼

  31. JAL

    JIN and kayne ??? its a damn shame.....it wasn't a hit

  32. division100

    Imagine if Jin was still making music

    MyBattlePony Wei

    JIN is really still making music


    He still makes music lol but in his country

  33. Cerebral

    I'm black and I would totally date him :-)

    Miss J.

    Cerebral Ikr. He’s fine

  34. David Bana

    This was my jam

  35. Darius Olfus

    Beat was 🔥🔥

  36. Mek Channel


  37. ㅇㅇㅇ

    love him forever from korea

  38. Derek D

    this cornball is responsible for his shit music and flopped music career, no one else. if you're not man enough to fight to make the right decisions then you are responsible.

  39. matthew mann

    This song should have been the main single

  40. Alex224365

    Jin was a talent and I rated this album when I got back in the day

  41. jamface89


  42. Dsean860

    R R suk that shit played out .. dmx fell off dbloc fell off eve left they all wack lol 😂

  43. B Solo NJ

    Ruff Ryders didn't know what to do with this kid! He was something new and some Artists on the label would have been hating if he would have made it. I was waiting for this Album like it was crack!

  44. Eric

    "We the next generation of this rap game"
    I feel like 12 years later it is apparent that Kanye lived up to those expectations a little more than Jin did, but hey, what do I know?
    Anyway, this is by far my favorite Jin song, "learn Chinese" was gimmicky bullshit, and I never really liked the production on the Ruff Ryders Vol. 4 that he was featured on.

  45. Ryno Scheepers

    OMG listening to this i really miss the old kanye west prouduction

  46. MJBThePeacekeeper

    I'ma drop a freestyle on this nice beat. Fuck if anyone criticizes....

    Undervalued and unforseen describes my fame
    unmatched and unadulterated describes my pen game
    unmentioned and unknown is the status of my name
    uncompetitive and unpretentious I will always remain
    to have the focus on me what is the initiation?
    do I have to blend in with this trendy generation?
    blow trees like a bunch of insatiable herbivores?
    find a pretty chick and treat 'em like a personal whore?
    must I dumb down my extensive vocabulary?
    do I have to express myself like the average and ordinary?
    or would you respect me for being myself?
    have your own thoughts of me and don't listen to everyone else?
    would you be by my side for better or for worse?
    if I was knocked down would help me or disperse?
    back to reality and let the truth unfurl
    this is truly one cold and heartless world
    in a careless atmosphere more than likely to be prone
    I'm much better off making it on my own
    so my natural character I will always display
    no matter how you carry yourself people will have something to say

  47. ttp alan

    i cant believe i forgot about this tune and how good kayne productions use to be


    Kanye is still good

  48. Victor Gonzalez

    ye used the same sample for two songs damn

  49. Jakson Kash

    classic period

  50. Binye East

    Fukk ROCAFELLA for not allowing Jin/RR to release this as a single. Especially during Kanye's magnum opus year.

    Bullshiit excuse.

  51. suzyo mark mwandila

    when kanye was the shitttt.

  52. Tae Jules

    Every since I find this song I can't stop listening to it, geez I'm dissapointed in myself for sleeping on Jin. Never again & this track is nuts love the production & the way it sounds. Ye you a genius my nigga.

  53. 7 Realms Productions

    That fucking beat tho. Damn.

  54. Edward Encarnacion

    The second single for the album was slated to be "I Got A Love", but Roc-A-Fella Records blocked the decision, fearing too many singles would over-expose Kanye West. ---wikipedia DAMN!


    I wonder if it would have changed Jin's career path. I remember Jin saying he had no control over his first album, couldn't put his own creativity in it etc etc

    Eli Empire

    Edward Encarnacion y

    Homer The Don

    Fuck jay and dame dash, hating mutha fuckas.

    Man Like B

    never knew this, damn

  55. PurplePandaClock

    I miss the old Kanye, chop up the soul Kanye

    Young B

    PurplePandaClock Indeed

  56. Rob

    Man Kanye got lazy and gave Jin a chopped up bootleg "Overnight Celebrity" beat

    lotr6ringZ Th36oat

    rite I just noticed that thanks for pointing that out

    lotr6ringZ Th36oat

    +Rodney Freeman he did the sample better on this track though

    Eli Empire

    I wouldn’t say lazy but it’s dope tho

  57. ActIgnorant

    lmao the boy said ver-socky

  58. M Dot

    he was a ruff ryder ???

    Rhyme Oddysey

    yes he was

    Homer The Don

    Double R, but was because of his 106 and park champ run.

  59. mraz kwong

    i still cannot believe that , mc jin and kanye and some other brilliant writers made this amazing song.....even now in 2016.....

  60. Dave Thomas


  61. TopFlightSecurity415

    this should have been jin break through single not that learn Chinese bs

    JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again

    Seriously they was out of pocket SMH

    Michael Yi

    @JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again its because ROC blocked this from being his single

    JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again

    @Michael Yi why is that ?

    Michael Yi

    @JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again kayne had too many singles/features out at that moment and they didn't want him to be overexposed/played out

    Thomas Woodruff

    @JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again we need to fight wyclef

  62. Optimus Prime

    Had double R dropped this as a single, we could have been having a different conversation right now

    Homer The Don

    Optimus Prime damn i had thought it had been jus no push.

    Jin woulda been big if this was a single and had a video. It would’ve put him into more avenues and probs more similar type songs.

    Chi Vang

    Jay Z nixed it, didn’t want a Asian brotha succeed

    Daniel Putnam

    Ikr? Jin never got the chance he really wanted. Shame, I liked the rest is history

  63. The inky Squid

    So happy I bought a copy of this album when it came out


    i remember the day it dropped talking about it on hollafront.com..think he only sold like 20k first week lol back then that was embarrassing but it is what it is.

  64. KZipKing

    Ruff Ryders fucked Jin from the start

    Crafty Shawn

    KZipKing I agree and disagree


    they didn't push n promote him enough

    A N

    he fucked himself by releasing "learn chinese". he admitted it. watch his vlad interview. dont blame the ruff ryders, he was wack


    Ruff Ryder producer is all crackhead 😂 that’s why they fell off eve left only person reppin rr is crackhead dmx 😂

    Gino 1

    Alchemy N Nigga you wack he tired whats u got nothing you bitch

  65. Precieux Miab

    How to get this song ?

    Jordan Allen

    @Precieux Miab Copy the the url and paste it here. You'll be able to download it. http://www.youtube-mp3.org/

  66. Real Rell

    This is classic. I'm happy I rembered this song, it's on my favorites list now and forever. It's rare to have a song where the hook, verses and production are superb. Radio should still be playing this. The second verse is on another level.

  67. hiilikeair

    god damn kanye used this snare in like 4 songs around 2004


    At least it's not as over used as the Young Chop snare that's in every single trap song nowadays

    WaVy Crockett #JizzBoss

    Overnight celebrity

    Homer The Don

    Prolly why the lable didnt push this.

    Jay Coleman

    D0n't @ Me *_*LABEL_*

    Homer The Don

    @Jay Coleman we discussing music here, take that noise to a english class or where ever else they taking spelling seriously.

  68. JohnCena25

    so sad that Ruffryder didn't have the vision to see that this song woulda paved a better path for Jins career...fuckin ruffryder fucked shit up


    Ruff ryder was dead by that time 


    And Roc a fella didn't want this single so they could keep kanye from keeping to exposed 

  69. The Truth

    Grown and now matured Jin.

  70. William

    ahhh back then ye refreshing

  71. JD Mclaurin


    lotr6ringZ Th36oat

    I think of the clipse version to when I hear this beat

  72. Dj Hurie


  73. Michael Johnson

    overnight celebrity sample, Vlad brought me here too...

  74. Leon_ThePro

    This song puts you in a good place real shit right here

  75. shotput4life

    Vlad brought me here...again

  76. Videoview000

    This what Jin should be continuing, not that fake bullshit he's putting out now. Sorry Jin you outta your prime.

    Shane Potts Willier

    lmao ur ass

  77. Theo Buchanan

    Kanye production!

  78. Anthony Dennis

    This is life changing. This song

  79. Anthony Dennis

    Rerrrtrtdartrtderrtrtrtrtftrsrre rw

  80. Blood Line

    this sum moved on ish

  81. mrkhamaileon

    Rufffffff Ryyderssssssssss