Jimmy Wayne - Sara Smile Lyrics

Baby hair with a woman's eyes
I can feel you watching in the night
All alone with me and we're waiting for the sunlight
When I feel cold you warm me
When I feel I can't go on you come and hold me
It's you... And me forever

Sara Smile, Sara Smile
Won't you smile a while for me

If you feel like leaving you know you can go
But why don't you stay until tomorrow?
And if you want to be free, all you have to do is say so
When you feel cold, I'll warm you
And when you feel you can't go on, I'll come and hold you
It's you... And me forever

Sara Smile
Won't you smile a while for me

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Jimmy Wayne Sara Smile Comments
  1. Diane Arnold

    Saw him open for Trisha Yearwood, an amazing talent.

  2. Wayne Edward

    Ya happy now

  3. TheDp1965

    How is this guy not singing anymore . When you get chills you know it good!!

  4. Swapster .com

    The live version on Daryl's House... to die for. Hall & Oates both honored this recorded version by adding their backing vocals to this track. Great tune, great rendition.

  5. Chris Shirley

    This is an amazing performance of one of the most beautiful songs ever written. You have done some truly great work here. Your voice is so soulful and emotional. As a 59 year old man who was there when Hall and Oates first released this song (and fell completely in love with its hypnoticly smooth, enticing melody), I am in awe of you for not only doing justice to this remake, but giving it a newness that I never thought could happen. You have brought me back to a beautiful time in my life when I first fell in love with this song. Thank you for that gift, Mr Wayne.

  6. Mindy Belt

    You inspire alot of people!

  7. Melanie Fish

    He has to be the artist who sounds as close to Daryl Hall!! My favorite version hands-on!🙌

  8. derek0173

    I grew up with Hall and Oates. Jimmy Wayne nails this!!!! Hand's down. I'd like to hear Vince Gill sing it also

  9. Kris Naman

    He nailed it. Awesome.

  10. Gordon Chow

    I first heard this guy Live at Daryl's House... man he got soul. And he's a country guy?

  11. Joe & Jassy down in Georgia

    Good one Jimmy. I like your story. Thanks

  12. Commercial Communication

    Great, but the Jimmy Wayne live version on Daryl's House sends chills through me.

  13. diana von B

    the chord changes in this song are so difficult and he pulls it off perfectly !  LOVE THIS GUY's voice

  14. diana von B

    wow - never heard of this guy - where has he been?  he sings the hell out of it !

  15. Allison Byerly

    So beautiful ❤️😊

  16. Raven Amaya

    Makes me cry even time.

  17. Rocio Alatorre

    I love that song !!👌🎤🎵💜

  18. Joe Charles

    Great job bro!!

  19. TheDaytonhillbilly

    He has a true feel for the songs, not just “his” selfish take.

  20. Steve Dolinsky


  21. natalie horne

    I saw this boy on Daryl's house,   he's got the 'groove'

  22. Bruce Santhuff

    Would be great to see Jimmy team up with Diane Birch and do a remake (again) of Michael McDonald and Patti Labelle's song On My Own.

  23. josie messias

    Eu amo esta música pois fiz uma homenagem p minha filha Sarah, letra e música harmoniosas!!! A interpretação então, talento puro de Jimmy Wayne!

  24. Christy Dan

    93 people with brain damage

  25. Jimmy Wayne

    My little brother nails it all the time!

  26. Ed Holland

    Great Version !!

  27. AntiqueQT Tomes

    he could sing to me any day!

  28. anne mott

    I'm not a big fan of pop music (I prefer twangy country music), so the only song I ever knew by Jimmy Wayne was "I love you this much." His music career started right about the time I stopped listening because country music became pop. However, I am reading his book and it made me want to look up all his music. I never heard this song by Hall and Oates (I was listening to real country during those years). It's okay.

  29. Bob Alex

    With no doubt this song was written for your voice. Sorry Hall & Oates, but Jimmy definitely took this song as his. PS. Sarah is my daughter's name.

  30. Danniela Luz

    No puedes hacerle esto a un clasicazo de Hall & Oates.

  31. Steve Seas

    Dennis kaufman loves sarah lane keim

  32. Fist Cube

    Hall and otes is better

  33. Jan Niemi

    Skillful done👍


    1:43 😔.....did it much better live on Daryl’s house!


    Seen him at.. well on Daryl’s house! He’s KILLED IT live!!

  36. Maraina Waaka

    #awesome 🤘

  37. AL Maricle

    Man! I just read your book, Walk to Beautiful, and what a testimony! You are so courageous and an inspiration! Best of luck and much love!!!!!!!!

  38. Tony Velez

    would like to see him do "one on one" , he would nail it , as for the 80 fools who thumb down this don't know music , period

  39. Lana Isaac

    I have fallen in love with this guy Since seeing him on Live from Daryl's House I love his voice and love the rendition of this great song Listen to it every day

  40. Gary Moreau 2 nd

    what's up wt Jimmy?? miss that voice...

  41. Savage Dragon

    Uh... I thought I wouldn't like this. But, you know what, ya gotta hand it to him. He can sing. He's unfortunately missing an incredible guitarist/vocalist with a bitchin' moustache! Oh wait. John Oates has a soul patch too 🤔.

  42. David Scrivens

    Love this guy and this song and highly and I mean highly recommend his book and what he went through to get to this point in his life. https://www.amazon.com/Walk-Beautiful-Power-Homeless-Found-ebook/dp/B00KQ2G3HG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1503854602&sr=8-1&keywords=jimmy+wayne+walk+to+beautiful

  43. Debby Suder

    I just finished your book "Walking to Beautiful". Wow! No words... except everyone should read it.

    anne mott

    I'm reading it right now. It's why I came to hear all these songs he talks about...

    Budi Rahardjo

    I am reading it right now. Can't put the book down. Love the book.

  44. Angela Jackowiak

    beautiful remake. Sorry I think it's better then original. He sings with so much feeling.

  45. Elizabeth Will

    Wow! What a beautiful voice. I remember hearing him on the Bob and Sheri radio show before his recording career. I didn't realize what he could do with his voice though. He has more ability than probably any other country western singer. And, no one has a bigger heart. I wonder what he's doing these days since I noticed he hasn't released anything lately. I don't usually listen to CW music, but this cover was better than the original. Jimmy Wayne, maybe you can do what Taylor Swift did and cross over. With that voice, you could do anything. Much love!

  46. Ishmael Robinson

    I ve never heard this song sung better than Hall and Oates did, great job sir...

  47. Jerald Elliott

    were did she go away from my life

  48. Dustin Lewis

    jimmy love u man read ur book walk to beautiful im from asheville nc . You have been a inspiration to me God bless u man.

  49. Dustin Lewis

    jimmy love u man read ur book walk to beautiful im from asheville nc . You have been a inspiration to me God bless u man.

  50. Andrea Lynch

    LOVE this song!!!! Love both version by Hall & Oates, and Jimmy Wayne!

  51. Vickini9

    Love this song....... Sara keep smiling.

  52. Bill Wallace

    It's even better when he performs it with the great Daryl Hall. Live at Daryl's House

  53. moggs

    Amazon recommendation brought me here. I'd never heard of Mr.Wayne. Excellent cover of Hall and Oates classic.

  54. Account Play

    His version Live At Darryl's House....OMG he nails it. Gorgeous.

    Susan Coronel

    Yes!! he's Gorgeous! beautiful voice!

    Nikki Monforte

    Account Play I watch that rendition over and over. It unbelievable. He is gorgeous for sure. Anyone know what he's doing now?

    Dave Owens

    Even Daryl Hall was impressed. It was scorching!

    Chris Shirley

    I totally agree.

  55. Steve Birks

    Cannot buy a CD with this track on in the U.K.


    Steve Birks that's unfortunate

  56. Lynda Anne Art

    Impressed! Great song great cover.

  57. Ola Fortner

    I am not a Country an Western person. But... this AWESOME best remake. After7 did it in R&B but best Ever!! But Daryl Hall should be proud it's their Hit Song!! Hats off Mr Jimmy Wayne <3

    anne mott

    this isn't very 'country' at all. :)

    Rene'e Rose

    you know nothing about country,pop,western please Just enjoy the music no matter what you think it may be...OMG

  58. Ola Fortner


    Star Baby

    Ola Fortner I second that DAMN!

  59. cindileux


  60. ashton locklear

    I'm literally obsessed with this song!!!!! 😍🙌🙏👍👍👏

    susan pixley

    Me too!

  61. flashlight mlp

    my name is Sarah

  62. angelsbearly

    Back again for my fix!!

  63. Lisa P

    Seriously the only cover of this song I've ever liked. He has no idea how much 2 of his songs helped change my life. Very underappreciated songwriter/singer. Him and Mindy Smith

    M M

    Terry swims thank me later

  64. Steve Birks

    Hey Paulla Smile !!!

  65. Steve Birks

    Love this version of 'Sara Smile' - I tied to get a copy of Jimmy ' s album which this great song comes from but HMV did not stock it ?

  66. Taylor Stickle

    love it... Jimmy wonderful voice...💗🎤👍☺😀😇i am happy that you stop by my school this morning.... I love it so much...

    Susan Coronel

    wonderful voice, love it. He's so cute!!

  67. deysy gonzalez

    You were so awesome today at Bessemer City today😊😊

  68. Ivan hero

    will now forms sara

  69. Brooke Johnston

    I can't believe I saw u today up close and everything ur story was great so is ur voice!!!! ~3-2-16~

  70. Kathleen Alferez

    love you Sarah

  71. Karen Dion

    Dear Jimmy,
    your story is so inspiring. You actually reminded me of how God really works, even though you could have gone down any number of paths....you listened to your inner voice and it lead you. Thank-you for your story, you are beautiful!

  72. Kayla Brown

    he came to my school last year

  73. Kayla Brown

    he came to my school last year

  74. angelsbearly

    I had to once again come and get my Jimmy Wayne fix singing Sarah Smile! One huge fan of his! :)

  75. Tanya Martin


  76. Jennifer Williams

    Please come sing at the restaurant I work at❤️

  77. OA Millie

    Oh my....

  78. Rebecca Gallivan

    I just finished reading Jimmy's life story in his book Walk to Beautiful, and I had to hear him sing this song. It's no wonder that DreamWorks signed him after performing this song. Simply beautiful!

    Frances Venezia

    Rebecca Gallivan I found the book at a thrift store two days ago. I'd heard him on a Christian radio. can't put it down. had to hear him sing. that's why I'm here.

  79. Shayne McCauley

    Wow Wow Wow !!! What an absolute magical cover of one of the most romantic songs ever written.BIG fan of Jimmy`s !!!

    Chris Shirley

    I totally agree with you, Shayne

  80. Shihira13

    Wow… it's been one of those nights that i just wanted to ball up and cry… to get lost in depression, and then i come across this song… and hearing my name being sung in it i couldn't help but smile. It felt like something was trying to use this song to tell me to just smile, that it would be ok….
    Thank you Jimmy Wayne, for singing such beautiful music.

  81. One Cute Peanut

    LOVE Jimmy Wayne SINGING THIS SONG! He has & puts so much soul & feelings into this song! You SING It Boy! I don't know if I want to cry or dance. LoL

  82. Carlos Zandoval

    La hizo Country y salio Mejor   !!Sara Sonrie !!. Excelente Cover.

  83. Jonni Zeal Stetsa


    1. H.A.O
    3. BOYZ II MEN


  84. Deni mckinney

    Peace and Love

  85. Feelthebreak

    I was named after this song❤️ the cover is excellent


    @sara brooks thats awesome !!!


    +sara brooks And you are just as beautiful as this song sweetheart. And of course, you have EXCELLENT taste in music!!

    Sara Eck

    my mom named me after this song too :)

  86. Krystyna Horne

    He is an amazing person! He was in foster care in Gaston county and had my favorite social worker... I have listened to his story and it breaks my heart I have went through the same things he has and so I look up to him I had the opportunity to see him perform at my school and I loved it. He made me cry... He said a lot of things that I felt like he was directing towards me. I Love You Jimmy Wayne!!!

    anne mott

    I hope things are going well for you now. I had a rotten childhood, which is why "I love you this much" spoke to me so deeply. However, compared to Jimmy's life--mine was not that bad. I will keep you in my prayers.

  87. teresa edwards Turner

    I know his brother from kings mtn NC. That's where. He's from and I love his voice

  88. Austin Camp

    I just meet this guy cause he came by my school Ashbrook High School, and he was freaking amazing

  89. Michelle Woods

    he is a person i like to look up too i just aged out of foster care on october 25,2014

  90. Vassily Lucashenko

    Some of Jimmy's songs are also on iTunes but if this clip was available, I would definitely buy it.

  91. Cherwai Covers


    Chris Shirley

    I like your depiction of his musical style. You pegged it!

  92. msred boot

    he is Amazing!  song and soul.......i am so impressed with this young man

  93. John Reed

    All I have to say is :  BADASS  ;)

  94. mcfuelling13

    Seriously you're an old soul with a voice to match!! Amazing gift!!

  95. Faielynn Skyeborn

    I Came Here BECAUSE I Seen Him On Daryl's HOUSE!!!!! I thought... NO WAY!!!! No One Can Do Daryl's Songs Without Screwing  them Up. Im A Life Long Daryl Fan , Born In 1970 & Have been A Fan Of His ( Daryl Hall).. Since I was A Babe. So I Can Say THIS  Blew Me Away


    Daryl and John did the back-up vocals for him on this. 

    Deanna Kelly

    I was also born in 1970, and also am a huge Daryl fan, but I almost like this version better!

    Christina Wood

    Star Wanderer same here...mind blown.

    Rebecca Bromell

    me too ~ xx

  96. Pat Hesselgrave

    Oh, oh and oh my..........Isn't he just so cute?  This song suits him....beautiful! Terrific video but way too short. I saw the video at Daryl's house it also was terrific. Want to see Jimmy in person.

  97. austin teutsch

    This guy has a remarkable personal story. He was homeless at one time.  Amazing how God can open all the doors so that a man like this can use his talents to get ahead.  He is really blessed in so many ways.


    Where was God when he was homeless? Fuck that shit; it was luck, talent, and the American Way....

    Krystyna Horne

    His mom and step dad also kicked him out of a car in Pensacola Florida when he was like 10 I think and he is from gastonia north Carolina!! He has been through hell and that is why his voice is so beautiful!!!

    Billys Angel

    Don't say that Jimmy survived a horrific childhood one that a lot of kids don't and you ask where was God? He was right next to him quietly guiding him. You may not think he did but Jimmy is the first one to tell you that and every show my friend and I went to he said that. He's here and he's alive and he's helping other foster kids that were just like him.He's an advocate out there for all those kids out there that are growing up in the same conditions that he did only he is giving them a voice something that he himself didn't have growing up because too many adults looked at him and automatically dismissed him as being a trouble maker when all he ever wanted was someone to be there for him and love him. Jimmy is a very special young man.

  98. TheJwp1957

    For the 33 people who did not like this go to "Live at Daryl's House" and see him do this! There was not hate on the show!!

    Carl Mann

    TheJwp1957 Agree!

    Sherri Mango

    Absolutely! I have spent time with Jimmy and he is the real deal. Need more like this on the radio.

    Linda Olson

    Too true! His duet with Darryl is THE BEST version of this song ever!!!!


    Daryl’s video brought me here. This guy has a gorgeous voice. Beautiful rendition

    Gordon Chow

    I agree... he got soul. I tried to sing this song last night and realized I'm woefully inept. I need more soul!