Jimmy Wayne - I Will Lyrics

So you're the one
Ive waited on
The one I've been dreaming of

Now that I know
It's hard to let go
I don't wanna lose your love

What can I do
I cant make you stay here
But if you should choose
to go your own way

Whereever you're going
Whenever you turn
Remember this moment
Remember these words

I will
I will give up my life for you, if you want it.
I'll give you my heart, you already own it.
I'll do anything,
I'll go any where
It's true,
I will,
I will,
I will.

I look in your eyes,
And I see our life
So full of happiness.
Do you see the same?
Just someone you play
For things that you might've missed.

I don't wanna weigh you down like an anchor.
But if that's how you see me now I will pleather,
Let you go free
Just sail away
If that's what you need
If that's what it takes

[Repeat Chorus]

If everyday is going to steel you away
If you feel you need someone to hold you
I will
If you ever need some one to
Talk to someone who really knows you
Yes I will

Give up my life for you if you want it
Give you my heart you already own it
I'll do anything
I'll go anywhere
It's true
I will
I will
I will
I will.
Love you

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Jimmy Wayne I Will Comments
  1. naega 123

    I don't know why? But this song made me cry

  2. Donna Pierce

    He had to find his true "LOVE'.

  3. Rob salinas

    This reminds me of the the love of my life..an wasn’t able to hold on to..

  4. Suzanna J

    Ok. Jimmy Wayne if your reading this. I highly doubt it. But here goes. I’m a new fan. I watched your story just now on Paranormal Celebrity edition. I know the song “Three Chords and the Truth” which I love. It was an I did not know moment. I fell in love with your story. Gave me goosebumps. Life as we know it has unexpected turns. I loved what I saw and read about your breakthrough success. Much love from FL. 💕

  5. Manda Williams

    Anyone who's ever felt true love can relate to this song.

  6. Debra Podgorske Sagan

    What a cutie too

  7. Robert Scott Wilson

    I am giving up the love of my life so she don't have to be scared anymore of her family I will always love her

  8. nik nak

    It's a shame no one probably remembers this song

  9. Depressed Gacha

    Omg Jimmy visited my school!

  10. Juanito Ray

    I love this song

  11. Julie Harrell

    I absolutely love love this song! You hooked me on your music and disappeared 😢. Your life story was so touching and I am so very amazed that you can find the strength to try to help and teach people. I was a victim of domestic violence and am still suffering from the PTSD and the fear of the stalking is unbearable. I wish there were many more inspirational beings out there. I wish you would come back to country radio

  12. David Berryhill

    Jimmy come back sing I remember watching you at the Choctaw Indian festival years back then walking a cross Oklahoma you have so much perational make it. Here my email address [email protected] I like to talk to

  13. betty vance

    He has written a book about his life  WALK TO BEAUTIFUL'

  14. Carmen Wheeler

    I met Jimmy Wayne at a foster care event downtown Raleigh, NC. He's so down to earth sweet guy and very gifted :)

  15. Billys Angel

    I miss Jimmy's songs but I know he is making a difference with what he is doing and that's all that counts cause he cares about the other kids out there who are in the same cycle he was growing up. Jimmy is making a difference and it's his caring and love that keeps him going.

  16. bob bob

    I sent this to the girl I love I hope it helps her understand

  17. Kendall Gbonah

    This guy came to my school

  18. ourwayne

    Really a talented singer. I had forgotten about him until i happened upon I love you this much yesterday. Watched his Sara Smile with Daryl Hall...so good. Hall was clearly into it.

  19. SuperBullies1

    I read his book...someone in Hollywood needs to wake the heck up!

  20. Julie Schultz

    He was SUPER HOT in this video.

  21. mwolf13333

    Jimmy Wayne is A King Bad Ass !

  22. Haley Fry

    I know the song is about romantic relationships but I can't help think of my precious daughter every time I hear it. It's not just about romance, it's about unconditional love.

  23. Jeff

    Easily the most underrated musician. I came across him in the early 2000's when I heard Stay Gone. His music touched me during a rough patch in my life. He's never recorded a bad song. He's a good person who endured a lot growing up and he's a dog lover. Easily one of my favorite performers. Wish he still recorded.

  24. Peggy Kellar

    Love Jimmy Wayne. I am reading his book, "Walk to Beautiful". It is such an inspiration.

  25. Paula Pierson

    Where are you Jimmy Wayne??? We need more from you. Beautiful voice....<3


    Paula Pierson miss hearing his music

  26. stacy carpenter

    8 years later and I swear to god I still will... I love you Thomas always.

  27. Brent Goldthorpe

    Jimmy Wayne is truly inspirational. I'd like to meet him sometime. He's overcome so much, but hasn't forgotten to turn around and lend a hand to those with similar struggles. That is far too rare a quality. I hope all the best for Jimmy. Jimmy, keep up the good work. You make the world a better place. I'm also grateful for his book Walk To Beautiful. It is excellent. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


    Brent Goldthorpe, Wouldn't you agree that Jimmy needs to come back to the stage and sing?

    Sissy Laymance

    He is awesome I seen him in Roane county TN he's great

  28. Kim Roberts

    Jimmy Wayne come back cmt

  29. wunnafullme

    Crazy voice this guy has! Easily, and sadly, one of the most underrated out there! Love his music!

    Jules Servant of Jesus

    I feel the same way! Jimmy Wayne is number 1!

  30. Sabrina Longenecker

    I wish I could meet him cause he is my dream guy. You can tell he treats his girls right.

  31. Andrew Roberts

    great song

  32. Coni jordan

    I grew up a lot like Jimmy Wayne. I got very lucky I got good foster parents. I lived 10 minutes from a Gastonia NC for 18 years, but never got the chance to see him in concert. He does so much for others. I to was a Christmas angel so I understand how it felt. I have taught my 2 kids how hard life can be and that they are fortunate and should aways give back. So every year we find a family to help at Christmas. It was not til I was out of a foster home that I found out it was my grandparents that got me out. I am lucky that I had them. Jimmy music comes from his heart and what a wonderful heart what is. His song I will is very special it reminds me of someone I gave up because I thought it was what he wanted. I hear it and know he's always been in my heart.

    Mariah M

    I actually graduated from bessemer city high last year, if I had of graduated when I was supposed to, I would have gotten to meet him. He spoke at the schools 50th graduation.. I'm beyond proud of him!

  33. Coni jordan

    I grew up a lot like Jimmy Wayne. I got very lucky I got good foster parents. I lived 10 minutes from a Gastonia NC for 18 years, but never got the chance to see him in concert. He does so much for others. I to was a Christmas angel so I understand how it felt. I have taught my 2 kids how hard life can be and that they are fortunate and should aways give back. So every year we find a family to help at Christmas. It was not til I was out of a foster home that I found out it was my grandparents that got me out. I am lucky that I had them. Jimmy music comes from his heart and what a wonderful heart what is. His song I will is very special it reminds me of someone I gave up because I thought it was what he wanted. I hear it and know he's always been in my heart.

  34. R797

    Great voice. Jimmy wayne let's write a Country Rock n Soul album!

  35. Taylor Stickle

    love it Jimmy...u are awesome....😇😀☺👍🎤💗

  36. Bailey Trull

    he's from my home town !!

    Brandon Rikard

    Bailey Trull where is that? If this is the same guy I'm thinking of my ex boss wrote a couple of songs for him. He had a couple on a cd that he gave me. I'm pretty sure he said it was Jimmy

  37. Xatalic

    What a beautiful song that truly expresses how you feel about somebody.

  38. Robert Wallace

    Best and most emotional voice i have heard on any man ,in this world....period

  39. Rene'e Rose

    this song is true Love, he is as good looking as Gale Harold if possible

    Jerry Kingery

    Rene'e Rose 2! Huntington 2 huntington huntington bhhjjkkex16o4 ' .zb 7y4uuuuurggggq1ret 67

    Rene'e Rose

    ???? OK lol

  40. Daniel Nordeen

    If you love it let it free and if it comes back you will :) if not it was never yours anyway. Life is so complicated and confusing. If you do not base your life on your self love and worth you have nothing but pain in your future. Once your realize it is you and not them you will attract the support and love you deserve.

  41. Orchid Heart

    This song goes out to Andrew H. I know you need to follow your dreams, make yourself a better man. What kind of person would I be to try and get in the way of that? Go on...follow your dreams make them happen, be happy and a better man. With or without me I wish you nothing but the best. I love you!

  42. Steve Roberts

    Love this song

  43. Queenofwheels

    Who would be sad as a model?

    Christopher Briggs

    the model that misses her family hometown and her lover. modeling isnt a nice business. its damn cutthroat.

  44. Santa Pickard

    OUTSTANDING! Love it!

  45. Envious Green

    I'd rather listen to Jimmy's greatest hits instead of Taylor Swift's crappy songs.


    i love taylors older songs tbh but jimmy is good also!


    i love taylors older songs tbh but jimmy is good also!

  46. Mhale Ronald

    This is totally awesome great talent n da voice mwaaa

  47. michelle andrews

    This song reminds me of someone special in my life his name is John B I have known him for almost 2 years now and yet he is going in soon to have a MRI to see if he has brain cancer again . He had Brain surgery when he was 14 and he is now 33 year old . I have played this song for him and he got emotional . When I am sad and down all I have to do is see that amazing smile on John face and he makes my day a lot better.

    buffi bruce

    @michelle andrews sorry i'll be praying for him

    Michelle Andrews

    He is doing a lot better he (John)is still in my life . The memories that I have shared with this man means everything to me . He is my best friend my everything and puts a smile on my face .

  48. Stephanie Berryhill

    I love this song make you really see how love is and his voice oh my gosh I love it

  49. Meggie Willis

    This song reminds me of my almost boyfriend. I met him two years ago. back in 2013. I feel like  he is the one for me. He lives in the same city and state as I do. He is a very nice guy to talk to when i do get to see him.

  50. Marella Romanakis

    Nice guitar!! Looks like DP's lol

    Corey Abell

    Exactly who is DP

  51. Lindsey Theresa Music

    For my boyfriend David! I love you and this video reminds me of us! When I am down, I just give u a call and you ate there!

  52. Judy Owen

    Love your music and songs they go straight to the heart.

  53. Linda Arbuckle

    Jimmy Wayne is the great singer.

  54. Markus blackguy

    if i get married i'm playing this exact song

  55. sheila c

    What a sweet guy. Sometimes its hard but best to let someone u love go and do what they need

  56. T. Johns

    I mean did someone hurt him? Because some of his songs are about women hurting him or how he loved someone.....

  57. tiphanib

    im pretty sure the blonde is sara paxton

  58. Lila Rivers

    I love this song:)

  59. Chuck Norris

    moral of the story? if you are real hot, we will do anything for it!

  60. Blaine Larsen

    this sing proves that ladies really listen to their man....guys we need to watch what we tell our ladies

  61. Lila Rivers

    I love this song:)

  62. Iona Clark

    my boyfriend sang me this :D :D :D

  63. CinemaProfound

    Holy cow! I can't believe I've never heard of this band. They are PHENOMENAL!

  64. Jeremy Kuhl

    Who's the HOT!!! Blonde Babe!

  65. Crazycuddles27

    Jimmy wouldn't look right with short hair he is hot as all hell..i hope he doesn't cut it either

  66. Terra Maree Eden

    This song came out four years ago and has been my favorite for a long, long time

  67. fastcougar3200

    I will too...if I could get in those girl's panties

  68. Julie Schultz

    What's wrong with his hair? I (and I'm sure countless other ladies) think it's super sexy. I pray he never EVER cuts it short.

  69. Dani Holmes

    I love Jimmy Wayne. So talented. I love his music! One of my favorites right here. Wish he'd come out with more music! Miss him! And yeah, if you dont like this music, dont waste your time being here! Go somewhere else. Dont see me on a rap singers page "dissin" him...honestly...

  70. crashdumbie765

    My ex is finally giving me a chance but i am scared ill lose her again were seeing each other but nothing offical just taking it slow i will keep waiting for her tho

  71. Ruthie Madison

    That is sacrifice!

  72. Adam Riddle

    yesterday my girlfriend said she wanted to be friends for awhile and see if she still wanted me. Driving away from her was the hardest thing because i still don't know what she'll do. All she needs is time and ill give her as much as she needs and no matter what i'll take her back. I've never been with someone for as long as i;ve been with her and i'm not ready to let it end now

  73. Lydia Heald

    I've seen him in concert, and he's amazing! (:

  74. Katie Touchton

    I love this song.. but omg his hair is stupid. lol

  75. SavTotallyRocks

    I know this song is about a romantic love, and letting the one you love do what they have to even if it means losing them. But the day I brought my son home from the hospital this was the first song I heard.. so whenever I hear it I think of my children. They are my heart, first and foremost. <3 I'd give up anything for them.

  76. Chelsey Styles

    I dont see pain people i see someone pushing this girl too her dreams cause he says "Go back in there. Show them what your made of. Go I have faith in you" People this is a never give up on your dreams song and have someone support it is enough and that was Jimmy did is support her and her dream. Plus is it just me or dose she look like shes from the movie The House Bunny?

  77. Old

    No.....no, no......fuck you.

  78. shannon bergfield

    Seriously my favorite song ever, i love the video and everything..his voice is amazing<3

  79. MandiiRenee

    My soon to be husband and I had a talk. I told him to do what he wanted to do. He is now a truck driver. I was against it the whole time. From this day forward, I cry. It's hard. The days he left..I found out I was preg. This is hard on me. Oh My, I am crying. I can't take it..

  80. tim lewis

    just saw him may 5th 2012 at the grand ole opry :D that was a good show!

  81. Suzi Anderson

    JW is the nicest guy talented, does loads of wonderful work for children who are in need and best of all writes amazing songs. He is on Facebook if u want to msg him iluvjosh44

  82. iluvJosh44

    anyone now how to get into contact with him email or mail??

  83. cowboyshane1

    for past four years ive felt this way for my soon be wife sherry and not day i wake up and regret feeling this way cause i know and she knows we always be together and love another and cant live without eachother as much bad comes between us cause love is about giving things up to be there for another and support them through it

  84. Daniel Nordeen

    I know this pain! It is your ego saying I need you more that I love you! Let them go do their own thing and who knows? A wild horse has to be free and you cannot cage it. Only when it finds its home can it be free!

  85. Cassie Kurosaki

    i love sooo much its one of my favorites i frickin love jimmy wayne because his music is just so true like he know exactly how to sum up all of someones feeling in one song its its just amazing

  86. Nicholas Boldery

    This song reminds me of my gf. . We have a long distance relationship and I miss her all the time, I would do anything for her if she asked, this song says what I want to say when she says it will probably be a while until we are living together. .

  87. vietwarriorvet

    I love music of all kinds. This is really one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard..
    The lyrics are truly fantastic and Jimmy delivers the song with all the emotions that the words need to express. I am planning on singing this song and puttin it on you tune to see what people think of my voice. It may take a while but I want to it. Jimmy if you could send me the music...that would be great. Yah right!

  88. paigemosley

    This is my favorite song ever! :) The video is amazing.

  89. Cierra Gerbers

    this song was playing when my ex fiance said he loved me for the first time.. i love this song & i think of him every time i hear this. i miss him, but this is for the better, for us, i guess. nds.

  90. vikkihottie55

    @kparady13 Thank you for sayin that!!..I surely would have, if you didn't..lol..

  91. iluvJosh44

    this song means a lot to me and I feel like it describes how my friend and I are since he is leaving

  92. Tom Bryant

    @MegaSavvy10 hell yeah! its about time someone else puts over Billy Ray Cyrus. He is the reason alot of people, myself included, turned to country in the 90's once Rock and Roll got bumped from radio for Grunge. He is top five all time for me, for that reason alone!

  93. Cassie Kurosaki

    i seen him in concert and he sang this song and started cryin it was so ssad :'(

  94. Daniel Nordeen

    This song was so important to me in waking up about my will. I don't have to sacrifice myself for anyone. God's will is clear and sometimesGod's greatest gift is unanswered prayers.

  95. Tara R. Johnson

    @SuperChristine2 Tiffani McCarter

  96. pbunyon2002

    I recognize that town! lol

  97. Alex Fedotov

    @SuperZaya25 sorry,it was my lil' bro XD