Jimmy Needham - Nightlights Lyrics

Be Thou exalted over my reputation
'Cause applause is a poor form of soul medication

And I've tried it for years but my symptoms remain
Still fretting the day that they'll misplace my name
Still selling my soul for American fame
Treating the promotion of Jesus like a well oiled machine
Advancing His kingdom just to snag some acclaim

Now, I'm both comforted and haunted that it isn't just me though
I see a nation of people needing to feed their own egos
Parading status like steeples
Do we not know it's evil to love ourselves
More than both God and His people?

But see, here's where You turn this poem on it's head
'Cause the greatest among us came as servant instead
And You humbled Yourself to the point of Your death
Apparently love for the Father's glory runs red

So friends, will we point to the Son till our own flames grow dim?
Will our bright lights become merely night-lights near Him?
Words echo once, let them echo again
Be Thou exalted over my reputation

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Jimmy Needham Nightlights Comments
  1. Samuel Grubbs

    Absolutely Fantastic!

  2. Joy Ross

    This preach's to me so much! i need to hear it more often.

  3. hispuregarden

    taking this personally. thanks!

  4. isabel Figueroa

    awesome!!! frikin legit!


  5. isabel Figueroa


  6. Jubal H

    This is the real deal bro, thank you for the words that God has given you, for he knew you before you were born. Let his spirit remain over you, so that you may continue to spread the Good "Gossip Tale" among his Beloved. Always be free to tell the overflow of your heart because God has given it to you as a gift.

  7. Jubal H

    Your name is in the book and I will see you again....By the sweet to the taste, Grace, of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.....Amen
    I truly believe that, God, himself knows you on a personal level. Keep it real Homie. We appreciate it out her in Neverland.

  8. Giraffe0702

    God is amazing! Preaching should be about sharing the Gospel not making people think we are wise or special. This video spoke to my heart. Lord you are Almighty. BE THOU EXALTED OVER MY REPUTATION!!!

  9. Samuel Correa

    deep and enouraging

  10. Zeralys Correa

    wow very powerful love it

  11. carolinachic16

    <3 it ! (: