Jimmy Eat World - Nothing Wrong Lyrics

Hold them down our bleeding suspects
(Just because, just 'cause, just who are you?)
Like candle light, burn burn burn, baby
(Burn, burn, whose turn, Who gets a taste today?)

We've done nothing wrong,
But we've done nothing
We can't look away,
But we're just looking
It's second nature to say,
Hey hey hey, we've done nothing wrong!

Turn them off, our blacklist singers
(Don't ask why, don't cry, don't make a scene)
A forty-five, spin spin spin, give in
(Spin spin, who wins, who's not afraid to play?)

We've done nothing wrong,
But we've done nothing!
We can't look away,
But we're just looking in!
It's second nature to say,
Hey hey hey, we've done nothing but -
Nothing but take what's handed down
Said nothing but words approved to shout
We wanna know that we own the cake we're eating
Spit it out! Out, out...

Hold them down (burn, burn)
Hold them down our bleeding suspects
Turn them off (turn, turn)
Turn them off our blacklist singers


We've done nothing wrong!
We've done nothing wrong!

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Jimmy Eat World Nothing Wrong Comments
  1. Gabriel Figueiredo

    Isso que é boa musica

  2. Lucas Clavijo


  3. NFSF1McLaren

    probably the closest thing that this band has ever got to make a grunge song.

  4. Orange

    Is someone still having a PS2 with Gran Turismo 4?

    Lucas Clavijo



    @Lucas Clavijo Nope

  5. Orange

    2 Days ago I think I did a record with my Nissan Skyline R34 '00 breaking the record I did in Nurburgring with a time less than 7 mins.

  6. Maico M.

    Que buena canción

  7. Mastel Cat

    those memories...... This was one of the best n faorite songs of GT4 by far


    Wait aminute... You are dat bat-waifu that can make her boobs bigger when his "owner" is having sex with her?

  8. Elucidx

    my favourite Jimmy Eat World song, they better play this at Montebello Rockfest!

  9. TheSyrinx63

    I remember racing with the Panoz Esperante to this song on La Sarthe. I beat the fastest cars with it.

  10. Kevin Wang

    The most satisfying moment is enduring 24 hours of Nurburgring to unlock Polyphony Formula Gran Turismo. Ah the nostalgia!

  11. RL Jakovasaur

    Gran Turismo 4 :D

    Also, I really enjoy singing along to this song

  12. Jeanless Is Jeanless

    Gran Turismo 4, God damnit.
    The best racing game a 13 year old in 2005 could ask for.

    Tommy Hammond

    Vega vs Capri in your profile pic?. XD


    No man, I'm a 12 year old and I love simulators like this! I always try not to crash NPCs lol.


    I had my PS2 when I was 9 or 10 and still playing and having it this days!

  13. weses2


  14. Hunter De Riot

    my childhood racing game and song, it'll always be in memory as long as I live

  15. Pax Humana

    Samurai IX YOLO, Van Halen and Joe Satriani might have words to say to you on that matter.

  16. Pax Humana

    Jimmy Eat World should have done more music like the songs that were on this album.  Say what you want about their debut album, but this album honestly is FAR more influential than their debut album and that it is also a damn shame that this album is so criminally underrated.

    D Jefferson

    Shhh, don't tell anyone. Would love to see JEW play Futures album live straight through.

  17. f scott fitzgerald

    This song reminds me of a special person.

  18. smitty manjensen

    one of their most underrated songs makes it that much more awesome.

  19. Geoff Edwards

    Among my Futures favorites.

  20. Shawn Cardenas

    Found the version I was looking for, thanks.

  21. kouta1408


  22. Artur Kwaszyn

    Even though GT4 was good, the GT2 was the best GT ever made. :P

    Riley Loan

    GT3 was the best by far


    But GT2 didn't have this song, :p

  23. MElekiaZ

    GT4 long straight line in nurburgring near to the finish line! and this song in 2:04
    One of the best sensations in my life.


    nice days!

    Diogo Cordeiro Ferreira

    Came here for this, am not disappointed

    M G

    Or in Hong Kong at night

  24. Joseph Harris

    The Endurance race song.

  25. Big Cazza

    best song on best game

  26. DunkRyan

    This song is amazing!! Hearing Jimmy Eat World get this hard makes me wish they would go even harder!

  27. PhenomenalWun77

    It's okay if you find a song through a video game, but people who invade the comments and just spam about the video game are annoying. Some people are here because they like Jimmy Eat World.

  28. XNeonX09

    The guys who thnik it (soft rock) never played GT4.

  29. KillersSpartansRevolución HaloCE

    Heard this on Replays, B-Spec & A-Specs Races with the Kickass MINOLTA and the 787B on Nürburgring :) good memories.... awwwwww :3

  30. maggi seet

    4 people have done everything wrong

  31. Rafael

    GT4.... uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  32. Trent Charles

    This entire album should have been their best hits.

  33. Diego Pascarelli

    thumbs up if you are here cause heard this song in GT4!

  34. 25claws

    Gran Turismo 4

  35. Alexánder Álvarez

    4 people doesn't know what's good music.

  36. FaTaL TaCo

    holy crap i used to be ADDICTED!

  37. Dollar

    The intro reminds me so much about Foo Fighters.

  38. Rakhesh Martyn

    *should have

  39. Ethan007R

    i remember this...good times

  40. onexslickxtrick

    I don't think I could ever feel stupid dancing by myself in a crowded room if Jimmy was playin' :P

  41. Thanos Paidkilla

    like candle light ...burn baby ;)

  42. Daniel Arias

    @19danflo have you noticed that gran turismo always suports on their games amazing bands like this...

  43. TheHonza09

    @Moerab yeah the PS3 console is great!

  44. TheHonza09

    best song of gt4!!fantastic!!

  45. SessionCrazyLP

    BEST JEW SONG EVER. It's a shame it's not more popular.

  46. Ferdi NaND

    2:05-2:15 best moment in a hole song

  47. HugoS0166

    @Xaric2k actually J.E.W is alt rock :P

    thumbs up if u think this is tru also

  48. HugoS0166

    @Xaric2k actually J.E.W is alt rock :P

  49. Piero Donzelli

    i love the jimmy eat world!!! rock on babyyyyyy <3

  50. ThisIsNoise92

    the song rocks!!!
    great band

  51. carrotjuice555

    @letsargueyaaaay Well obviously :P

  52. salivaundead

    2nd nature 2 say
    hey hey hey
    we've got nothing wrong!

  53. carrotjuice555

    Wtf this riff sounds like Korn. Even though I don't listen to them.

  54. CelestialSugar

    Ah yes, One of my favorite soundtracks while playing Gran Turismo 4 lol <3 Jimmy eat world! Thumbs up for sure!

  55. vegan beauty

    i love this song :) ♥

  56. nprsux

    this is my favorite song off of futures

  57. vortexvonvortex

    it might be a problem with your computer because on my pc it sounds fine

  58. SkullyD

    Well sure, compared to those bands this isn't that heavy, but it is harder than their typical singles.

  59. SkullyD

    This song kicks ass. I always play this for my friends who think Jimmy Eat World are "soft-rock".