Jimmy Eat World - Drugs Or Me Lyrics

Stay with me
You're the one I need
You make the hardest things
Seem easy

Keep my heart
Somewhere drugs don't go
Where the sunshine slows
Always keep me close

If only you could see
The stranger next to me
You promise you promise that you're done
But I cant tell you from the drugs

Don't let go
We'll dig a great big hole
Down an endless hole
We'll both go

You're so blind!
You can't save me this time
Hope comes from inside
And I feel so low tonight

If only you could see
The stranger next to me
You promise you promise that you're done
But I can't tell you from the drugs

I wish that you could see
This face in front of me
You're sorry you swear it you're done
But I can't tell you from the drugs


(take me) I need your help
(so far away) To pull me up take the wheel
(take me) Out from me
(so far) Out from me

(Take me) If only you could see (I need your help)
(So far away) The stranger next to me (To pull me up take the pain)
(Take me) You promise you promise that you're done (Out from me)
(So far) But I can't tell you from the drugs (Out from me)

(Take me) I wish that you could see (I need your help)
(So far away) This face in front of me (To pull me up take the wheel)
(Take me) You're sorry you swear it you're done (Out from me)
(So far away) But I can't tell you from the drugs (Out from me)

Keep my heart
somewhere drugs don't go
Where the sunshine slows
always keep me close

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Jimmy Eat World Drugs Or Me Comments
  1. Thomas Harrington

    As addicts, it's a shame how much we hurt the ones we love the most. I don't wish this beast on anyone.

  2. Gankageddon

    My sister died from an overdose, she was 22. Ironically I'm now addicted to painkillers that I get off the darknet just so I can bury the memories.

  3. sammiiiamm

    This song is life. ❤❤❤

  4. wayne thompson

    bring it back guys

  5. Donald Turner

    I just sent this song to my mom who is in denial of her addiction. It really fit the mold for the most part to say the things I needed to. I've probably listened to this a 100 times over the past month. Great Song.

  6. Krispie Marie

    My love is in rehab,.2 weeks today..

  7. Hawky McHawkface

    I'm sorry Beth. I'm so fucking sorry I didn't get help until it was too late

  8. Joao Pereira

    Thanks to songs like these and some of yall folks in recivery,I am able to find the hope and courage to show up to life. God bless you all

  9. It's Spagett!

    I feel so low tonight....

  10. Rikki Moore

    Stay with me
    You're the one that I need
    You make the hardest things
    Seem easy
    Keep my heart
    Somewhere drugs don't go
    Where the sunshine slows
    Always keep me close
    If only you could see
    The stranger next to me
    You promise, you promise, that you're done
    But I can't tell you from the drugs
    Don't let go
    We'll dig a great big hole
    Down an endless hole
    We'll both go
    You're so blind
    You can't save me this time
    Hope comes from inside
    And I feel so low tonight
    If only you could see
    The stranger next to me
    You promise, you promise, that you're done
    But I can't tell you from the drugs
    I wish that you could see
    This face in front of me
    You're sorry, you swear it, you're done
    But I can't tell you from the drugs
    I need your hands
    (So far)
    To pull me up
    Take the wheel
    (Take me)
    Out from me
    (So far)
    Out from me
    If only you could see
    (I need your hands)
    The stranger next to me
    (To pull me up)
    You promise, you promise, that you're done
    (Take the wheel out from me)
    But I can't tell you from the drugs
    (Take the wheel out from me)
    I wish that you could see
    (I need your hands)
    This face in front of me
    (To pull me up)
    You're sorry, you swear it, you're done
    (Take the wheel out from me)
    But I can't tell you from the drugs
    Keep my heart
    Somewhere drugs don't go
    Where the sunshine slows
    Always keep me close

  11. P B

    1:58 yup that’s us 😭

  12. J.P. Larson

    if the lyrics describe your life, youre not alone in this nightmare. you cant fix someone that doesnt want to be fixed. just hope they dont die before that happens. but they are already a slave to their drug whether you can accept it or not.

  13. Stacey Arwen Raab

    Just lost another friend to an overdose last night 😞

  14. Ricer Caliber

    This hurts....

  15. Ivy Rose

    My mom called me drunk and living in a car and told me she's going to die today. Alcohol always wins,

  16. d ja

    TO those that watched Requiem for a dream

  17. d ja

    Drugs are a way to waste your money. If you did it once why not try to replicate the feeling with a natural high. I can feel drunk by spinning around in circles and I dont really need any feelings other than the company of friends.

  18. Bri H

    I love my mom. But she'll never put the pills down. Its always something..

  19. Joshua Houseal

    another person caught in hell screaming for help with no voice to project it. May God be with us.

  20. Ashley Renee

    This is my favorite song ever

  21. Chris Carranza

    2018 :,)

    P B

    Chris Carranza I know what you mean man.. I’m at my all time lowest 😢

  22. Lauren Booker

    My coke addict boyfriend is out of my life now and this song has me in tears. He’s going to die and there’s nothing I can do. It’s tragic

    Ricer Caliber

    How is he doing now? ;-;


    Not from coke. If it's that garbage coke that's been cut a hundred times over from them shitty street dealers then yes. If it's pure Bahamian (pink sands) or Bolivian (90%+) then nope.

  23. j j

    She picked the drugs.......

  24. Rick M

    RIP Matt Mongaya.. I love you brother.

  25. Sam - I - Am

    This is poignant.

  26. David Lunt

    God this song brings back the worst memories but I'll never stop listening to it

  27. Anthony Kueneman

    I think this is just him talking to himself... stuck in a cycle of depression, addiction and weakness... I know the feeling bruh.

  28. Jacob Verda

    Is this going to make me cry

  29. Chris Carranza

    This song will always be great to me

  30. Mary Constance Seibert

    I'm battling trouble with drugs right now and my boyfriend is basically the one in the song, it's making me cry thinking that I could lose him if I don't stop

    Ricer Caliber

    How are you now? Hope you are better now.

    Amber Rose

    I'm in the same position you once were. Smh

  31. videotampa

    R.I.P. Matt Mongaya 1974 - 2015.. Miss you brother.

  32. Seasick Shark

    I've been listening to this song for days. It makes me feel some time of way. Bless this song.

  33. Roozie F


  34. Dot Matrix

    Anyone know where to find the instrumental version of this song from the CD-ROM?

  35. Dani Vortex

    drugs gave me a purpose. I woke up everyday with one end goal; to get high. Nothing else mattered. my addiction has held me prisoner and pushed away from everyone I love. and I'm sorry, but between the drugs and you, I pick the drugs.

    Melissa Leigh

    I hope you’re better now.

    J.P. Larson

    wish u cared about anyone else

    Brandon Kenney

    Humanity is garbage. You do you.

    Isa G

    good for you... you choose you... i hope you survive.

    For Real

    I'm sure you're probably not alive now :/

  36. TheTurnbull9

    4:04 is the start of something amazing.


    Most awesome part of the song

  37. Mark Mccormick

    I had some close friends that I used to hangout with all the time, but then they all got into drugs even though I chose to stay away from it. I noticed how their personalities start to change over time and how they started to drift away from me, and long story short I don't associate with them anymore not only because of their habits but because they became very selfish and screwed me over in a time when I needed their help. It's amazing how drug abuse can change people. This song really makes me think about these people, and Adkins especially hits at the point that its not only to sad to see people on drugs drift off a different path from your life but its also sad to know that you can't depend on them anymore and they become a complete stranger to you, which I definitely can relate with

  38. Mateo Montoya

    it's crazy I so my mother 2Day

  39. Laeveld Paraatheid

    Damn that first chord just blew my ears out.

  40. Diddlez505

    Im slowly loosing my family, this song makes me feel like im not alone. We all have that one person we wish we could save.....Hopefully we all get through this.

    Caitlin Warnick

    Diddlez 505 amen brother🖤

    E Hurst

    You gotta want it man. If it's you suffering it, it can be hard to find the strength. At the peak of my addiction, I got to the point where I was hoping an overdose would happen, that way it wouldn't be on "purpose." There's light at the end. Just have to hold onto any hope you can gather.

  41. alpero483

    Man this song kills me. so good. so sad. so true.

  42. Hana ?????

    To my brother...

    Uncle Mundy

    Hope his doing okay! <3

    Jacob Verda

    To my mom

  43. vanPistolrooy

    I don't think its just about drugs as we know them. Also things and circumstances people get lost in.

  44. Uncle Mundy

    This song really hits close to home for me...

  45. Heather Feather

    This song couldn't have come at a better time, it's a defeating feeling..
    trying to help someone you love, and watching them destroy themselves and all along thinking that "hey I'm keeping this a secret.. even though I'm the only one being left in the blind" ugh

  46. Kiillljoy

    Very very very underrated song.

    Isa G


  47. Jasper Bicknell

    One of the most heartbreaking songs ever written. Reminds me of my mom..pull through, mom.

  48. Nissim Raj Angdembay

    I hear Moonlight sonata (mvt. 1) in this song. :D


    Good ear!


    I thought i recognized the melody... thanks!

  49. FlavusFeles

    He seems to be singing from both of addict's and addict's partner's point of view.


    I've been in the shoes of the latter. love is trying sometimes i guess

    Robbie Hassett

    i've always noticed that myself. the verses shift points of view...hurts.

    Tricia Cherie

    never thought about it like that but so true. great insight

    Nina Bee

    FlavusFeles I was just thinking this. The first few lines sound like an addicts view of drugs to me...as a recovering addict. Drugs did make the hardest things easy.

  50. Co Cl

    Moi , je suis "hors" du truc , alors j'peux bien donner un p'tit conseil , pour les plus jeunes , les moins usées !
    L'idée très supérieur que se font les médecins Français de leur si noble métier , fait qu'on ne peut jamais leur demander trop directement de la morphine , voire du Fentanyl , 60 fois plus fort que la morphine , ça , c'est pour les plus atteints d'entre nous , le pire moyen de les "convaincre" nos chers Médecins serait de leur demander très franchement !
    Alors on joue les malades incurables , les déglinguées , Bien sûr qu "ils" ne croient en rien à votre théâtre , et bien sûr , qu'ils savent que vous savez qu'ils savent !
    Les deux parties font alors , comme Si - - - !
    Mais c'est qu'ils sont vicieux ,"Ils" ont besoin de l'entendre votre comédie ! C'est comme un passage obligé , une pantomime nécessaire , une sorte de gestuelle expressive , intercalée d'horribles gémissements de douleurs , c'est pour mieux faire "progresser la chose" !
    Faute de quoi , vous pouvez attendre à un NON Franc et Massif , c'est une sorte de rite quasi Mystique , qui leur donne malgré tout "bonne conscience" - - - ! Jouer les vierges effarouchées , ça leur va bien ,
    -" la Médecine quelle merde ! " -
    Disait Celine Médecin de son état !

  51. Delilah

    honey, alcohol is a drug too.... if only you could see the stranger next to me....

    Isa G


  52. PeejTastic

    A family member of mine, a sibling, is currently in the grips of an addiction. she lost custody of her kids and since got into trouble with the law. our family tried to force her to get clean and she turned on us and has swore us off as her family. its heartbreaking. addiction is horrible.

  53. alejandro

    Highly underrated song

    Mettro Wolf

    most of his songs are. But nah lets blast rap music.

    Uncle Mundy

    Metto wolf mate, pretty bold thing to say?

    L. C.

    y u so mad

    allan Mauricio figueroa

    why you say it? because he talks about what drugs do to a person? because you know you are a drug addict and dont wanna admit it?

    love Forever fashion

    alejandro it has to be

  54. Haley N

    This song is great, Ideed playing this song over and over never gets old. when i listen to this song I CRY. Drugs robbed me from life, I missed out on my kids growing up, I became a stranger to all my family, however the love and patience they gave me, has saved me.

    Jeffrey McNally

    I would so love to talk to you...

  55. Peril.Suicide

    This song makes me think of so many people in my life, especially my ex. I watched him destroy his life with drugs. I stayed with him for so long, and I tried so hard to help him but he didn't want help. Ultimately I had to let him go, because his addiction was ruining my life too.

    They Hold No Quarter

    Peril.Suicide same with my ex... she is still out there while I am.taking care of our daughter full time..this song.hurts and gets me.in my feelings.. I go back to.all the memories we had together.. ill.never forget them

  56. Jennifer O'Neill

    I needed this

  57. Jill Krajicek

    if i had to choose one song that i could only listen to the rest of my life.. honestly, it would be this one. i can listen to this on repeat for DAYS.. i actually have before and it's still not old..

    allan Mauricio figueroa

    +Caul Casion shut up drug addict

    Shiloh Store

    This and fade into you and it doesn't matter and I'm good

    Schwarze Sonne

    @allan Mauricio figueroa fag

  58. doll

    i veot hsis ong

  59. Thomas Dykes

    Gorgeously poignant. Sad.

  60. Kyle Belle

    I've been that stranger for so long.

    Caitlin Warnick

    Kyle Belle me too. #jusfortoday

  61. George Leonardo

    Trying to battle my demons atm. Crazy this is my favorite album from jimmy eat world. Yet its all making sense now...

  62. Katherine Wood

    When I first heard this song I listened to it about 10,000 in a row. my boyfriend and I had dated almost two and a half years and he left me for drugs. he's my ex now. I hate drugs and how it changes people "if only you could see the stranger next to me"

    Katherine Wood

    got back together, left me again for complications of acid XDDDDDDDDDdd

    Brii And Marc Risner

    +Katy Clare I'm sure you are doing better now. I am currently going through it. his sister is making his addiction worse

    Katherine Wood

    Theres always a light at the end of the tunnel, I swear

    Brii And Marc Risner

    +Katy Clare you're Right

    Isa G

    igdx ovveer now......goo duluck

  63. oshizlgzngahr1

    When I first heard this song, I thought it was one person talking to another. But now it seems more like it's just one person talking to himself while he's in the middle of his conflict.

    Diego Quiñones Montecinos

    @oshizlgzngahr1 Goodbye mind, I'll miss you.


    I think that is exactly what he is doing, just like Staind does in Schizophrenic conversations. I think that's what makes this song so powerful.


    When I first read your comment, I refused to believe you. But after spending so much time with myself, I could say that it's that endless fight between your two selves. One of them tries to pick you up from what you've become and all the pain in your world but you refuse and just stay down. Fortunately, for the most part, I don't deal with any kinds of self hatred, self harm or substance abuse as the road has gotten better. I am lucky to feel myself as a whole person, but sometimes those voices interfere in decisions.

    Jacob Verda

    Dude this comment broke the flood gate

  64. Alana S

    "If only you could see
    The stranger next to me
    You promise you promise that you're done
    But I cant tell you from the drugs"

    Isa G

    ydzh i vfduzxx

  65. Matthew

    The most painful song Ive ever listened to knowing what drugs do to a couple in love.

    Mariana Cole

    Your Neighbour I’m losing my 16 year old best friend too meth. His face is sinking in.... I’ve known him for 3 years we have a romantic past he loved me until the drugs, he still comes around tho...

    Isa G

    @Mariana Cole all the best.

    Isa G

    @They Hold No Quarter all the best guy..

    They Hold No Quarter

    @Isa G thank you

    P B

    Your Neighbour I’ve lived through it and the drugs won 🥺

  66. Hush Puppy

    ......drugs really fuck up the most important and precious things in your life... and this song gets me everytime...

    Isa G

    amen brotha

  67. Kim Collins

    clean and sober 11 yrs...free from opiates by the grace of God ..thanks for music like this to help when you get low..turn to your higher power, and family n friends..music is healing!!

    Aaron Morgan

    +jlowe92 Are you always an ass?

    Amy Grein

    Kim Collins you had to put in a lot of work too! Congrats. Just celebrated seven months on the 3rd. Sometimes I think of this song as if I'm singing it to myself. I I am not willing to sacrifice my true self anymore for drugs

    SJ Macca

    thank you for your service to the drugs scene.

    Kevin Baker

    Kim im battling opiates how did u do it


    @kevin baker heard of kratom?

  68. Kellen Craig

    Haven't listened to this song in years but somehow all the words came right back to me. Guess when something really speaks to you it stays with you forever.

  69. zero Haven

    good times

  70. CreepyCrawly09

    This is what me and my boyfriend are going through right now. I love him and I'm working with him, but I feel like I'm losing myself within his addiction.

  71. Hayden Farmer

    This song always makes me fucking cry.

  72. SpecTRe X

    no, it doesn't make us better. it does makes us feel better though. it helps us forget about how messed up we are, how broken we are, and how empty we are. i've been on the giving side of hate but was on the receiving side of forgiveness. now i spend my free time hating myself. the difference between me and mike hawk is that i've never walked out on a friend, even after they've walked out on me. mike doesn't know what a real friend is.

  73. Georgia Robles

    I don't judge,i've been judged in the worst way.From what people say i barely believe all.

  74. Alexandra G

    This song is very close to my heart....My dad has been addicted to heroin and meth before I was even born, and even though I only ever saw him high, at least he loved my brothers and me, and I love him dearly, and that love will never cease no matter how many times he breaks his promise...I will always be there by his side, helping him to finally get off the drugs, no matter if it takes me a million times...I have already made it this far, right?...wish me luck! :)

    P B

    Alexandra G 😢

  75. Every Other Aspect

    Their best album.

  76. Maddy Meyer

    what is this world becoming...

  77. TheMelancholyangel

    this song hits me hard! I lost the love of my life to drugs and alcohol. My sons lost their mother to drugs and alcohol. We endured such pain and hardship and the whole time all we wanted was to help her. Now she's in prison yet again and hope has vanished except in the part of your heart that can never give up on someone you love

  78. Ashley Johnson

    I was there! Weren't they just amazing?

  79. grace tomaszewski

    this song makes me so sad


    Monday July 8th, 2013 First Avenue Minneapolis MN I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT! =)

  81. Jeremy Johnson

    Swagfags and sluts. That's all it is man.

  82. jaamiisonn

    Why. Just why do people do this. Can someone please help me understand. (family member relapsed BAD.)

  83. TheNmongi

    I feel ya so much. It really is a shame that we didn't hear this on the radio. It's not like I can relate to it or anything, it really speaks to me like no other song does. It's beautiful.

  84. sabedra2000

    Well the idiot chose to be selfish in the first place by neglecting his family. use a fucking condom if u don't want to deal with offspring. Now it's my turn to be selfish and selfish I will be when I get my sweet revenge. The father created the monster....Thus the circle of hatred begins...Love gives birth to sacrifice...which brings forth hatred...and lets you know pain.

  85. intheshadeofyou

    This song never really ment that much to until now. Most substances alters your personality in ways you one doesn't imagine. I became less emotional and I didn't fear that much at all, I became a very mean person. It feels weird to know that I am physically and mentally addicted to a substance. I mean, I was addicted to nicotine but I quit last year. No problems. But this, alprazolam, is something else.

  86. intheshadeofyou

    We all have our own gruesome meetings with drugs and it's powerful grip on our loved ones, and on us as well. I've lost two friends, one due to heavy overdose of methylphenidate and another one was tired of life and couldn't bare it (drug use & depression). Another one, a family member, was heavily intoxicated with different kind of substances and eventually went to heroine. I am addicted to alprazolam due to heavy anxiety, but I've been quitting for 3 months. Slow process to not cause relapse.

  87. sabedra2000

    and ur comments really won't meant $hit lol i will get my revenge on that pathetic excuse for a man lol

  88. sabedra2000

    when your meth addicted father tries to kill u with an axe and a shotgun i think its gone way too far...and yes its been well over 5 years and those memories aren't going anywhere

  89. TheBenRman

    I have experience with this as well...

  90. Brandy Lee

    When I was eight, my mom died in the hospital because of her drug addiction. She was addicted to pills and one day she decided to try and end it. She fell, hit her head. My sister had to give her cpr so that saved her for a while. She was in a coma almost the whole time she was in the hospital. In the end, the most she could do was open and close her eyes. That morning, at the hospital, everything changed. I don't remember much about her apart from when she was high but I wish I did...

  91. Ahmet Eleftoz

    You're so blind
    You can't save me this time
    Hope comes from inside
    And I feel so low tonight

  92. Dr Daeg

    Ha okay. I know how life was intended to be lived because I know that my body is a temple of The Lord. It's not healthy to do drugs, Your body tells you to quit. You get a rash or a raging head ache afterwards. I get that you're on this power trip of being your own god, but when you wake up from that, your dad will still love you.

  93. The Electrobuz

    I used to listen to this album over and over in 2004. I've come back to it now... So many childhood memories.

  94. MrJubbeh

    I'm not necessarily sure he was being critical, he could have just meant his friend has completely changed so the friend he used to know is dead.

  95. yummydots1

    hope comes from inside

  96. jaamiisonn

    @Jake La Motta #YOLO SWAG dud u so dum yo mama fat and u liek da dik. yeah, thats soundig like a child. earlier, i did not sound like one. you should lighten up and stop being ignorant yyourself and stop acting like you are better than me by calling me "ignorant" when you clearly dont know what it means. :D lulllllzzzzz

  97. jaamiisonn

    @Jake La Motta wow you are seriously retarded. i obviously wasnt calling you a sad person, i was pointing how how hypocritical you are in saying hhow people shouldnt criticize or judge or stereotype others, then you call me a sad person because youre trying tto offend me/make me butthurt which i think is really funny! im actually probably a happier person than most because i can laugh at things that most people like you would take too seriously :D

  98. jaamiisonn

    Jake la motta "It's not them that have the problem, it's the world that has a problem. People like you, who judge, stereotype and criticize"
    To me: You're a sad human being.


  99. jaamiisonn

    Lol, no need to feel sorry for me. I just think it's hilarious when people blame the world for their problems, when really the only person to blame is themself.

  100. jaamiisonn

    So it's the world's problem that ive lost several family members to drug and alcohol abuse? No. It's their problem.I told them countless times I was there for them, that they didn't need alcohol because I would be their to comfort them. They didnt care. They're destructive not only to themselves but to those around them.They let pathetic addictions control them and they refuse to acknowledge the efforts of those who love them.So don't sit there and say it's the world's problem. Because it's not.