Jimmy Durante - September Song Lyrics

When I was a young man, caught in the girls
I played me a waiting game
If a maid refused me with tossin curls
I let the old earth take a couple of whirls
While I apply her with tears in lieu of pearls
And as time came around, she came my way
And as time came around, she came

Oh it's a long, long while, from May to December
But the days grow short, when you reach September
When the autum weather, turns the leaves to flame
One hasn't got time, for the waiting game

Oh, the days, dwindle down, to a precious few
September. November
And these few precious days, I'll spend with you
These precious days, I'll spend with you

Oh, the days dwindle down, to a precious few
September. November
And these few precious days, I'll spend with you
These precious days, I'll spend with you

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Jimmy Durante September Song Comments
  1. Dan Jameson

    "As time came around, she came." LOL

  2. quad8

    One of the greatest and most generous men that ever lived. While today's people contribute with class, this man contributed with kindness and warmth.

  3. Cmark Prime

    I have a family member I see in my dreams that looks like this wish I knew his name

  4. loulou calil

    Magnifique chapeau!!!

  5. hackberry flat

    I am now older than Jimmy Durante was when he did this show, Jimmy's rendition of September Song stays in memory, faint but recalled easily, I guess it's in the Windmills of My Mind.

  6. Don Levy

    That's how you do it. His performance is sublime.

  7. SuperMegguy

    Very nice

  8. Richard Dalin

    Not the most gorgeous voice, but he really knew how to sing.

  9. Marcel Audubon

    hot cha-cha cha-cha!

  10. CDemby Tony

    I've been listening to this song since I was a little boy. Now I am no kid anymore, far from it, and this song still makes me shed a tear.

  11. Alan Malcheski

    Now That's entertainment. Back when they couldn't just CGI everything.

  12. leonard wilson sr

    The good old days

  13. Marlies Ortmann

    Jimmy Durante so lovely Songs ❤

  14. Art Moss

    "And the days turn to gold
    As they grow few
    September, November
    And these few golden days
    I'd spend with you
    These golden days I'd spend with you . . ."
    That's what we planned, but life is full of surprises. And so, there is now in my heart this terrible, bright pain. And it never relents.

  15. Marc Gratton

    I love this guy and I all will achhatacha jimmy we will miss u

  16. Frances Van Siclen

    I love Jimmy; a wonderful human being. RIP Jimmy !

  17. Louis Volpe

    Jimmy was not a great virtuoso, however his style and clarity made his singing a pleasure ...."Goodnight Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are."

  18. Frances Van Siclen

    Love Jimmy !

  19. Lili Marlene

    ...those precious days, I spent with you...

  20. Winston Elston

    Such a fine performance, so much more touching than the more traditionally polished crooners. Durante really meant it! Tears in my eyes

  21. Mark Newman

    I have many people singing September song,
    None move me like Jimmy Durante!

  22. Brandon Bennetzen

    Milton Berle tried this song on Saturday Night Live to a prearranged Standing ovation and promptly got banned from the show for life by Lorne Michaels and NBC.

  23. Ivan Sanofi boca


  24. Frances Winslow

    The older I get, the more meaning this song has for me....Although I think I've passed September and in the October of my life...Maybe even November.

  25. Raymond Louis Llompart

    A totally original man................
    we have NOTHING of the uniqueness of this entertainer today...............
    of course, every uncouth person will dismiss him with the same old story: "He could not sing"................well, we could do quite well with a few personalities that may not sing, but could "declaim" with such profundity and depth...........And no, I do not mean rappers who do not sing, either, they talk, but that is a sub-genre that is (am I right, Dear God?!) DEAD by now.................

  26. Richard West

    Jimmy Durante on TV  just great memories watching his shows on a black & white TV at that time in the 1950s

  27. yolanda ferrer canessa

    Que gran cantante de esos años. Aun así me gusta escucharlo ahora.

  28. Beedee Kay

    Brings back many memories. Even though this was 'an old song' when I was young, it almost paints pictures for me. Different settings, different people, different memories in different times. I just love it......nobody but Jimmy can do this song

  29. Jorge Mario Rodas

    Ilike this song which is Nostalgic and makes one think about time gone by and remember both the good and the bad things we have done. Then try to keep the good things and avoid the bad ones.  Now we have not that much time left we can try to do the best we can for all around us.

  30. MrManorAvenue

    Marvelous entertainer who was, of course, known for novelty comic numbers but had the inherent pathos to put over a serious number to perfection.

  31. Arthur Throovest

    Wow! Jimmy at his best!?

  32. Joseph Bacon

    Remember my Dad singing this every September 1st. Sure do miss you, Dad!

  33. Michael McNaughton

    Tks Jimmy!! This  one took me back...

  34. Mike and Sandra

    Many years ago when this song came on the radio I would jump on my Grandad's knee because he would gently whistle along with this song and smile at my Nana! Back then I did not understand the September song but today I find myself humming it a lot and smiling at my husband Mike because this year we are celebrating our Golden Wedding and we are now spending our precious days together.

  35. derek martin

    My favourite version, no problem, so moving.

  36. JustMe

    Thank you Mr Huston, Mr Sinatra, Mr Anderson, Mr Weill... and lastly but not least of which, thank you Mr Durante.

    Anita Phillips

    September song Walter houston

  37. Steven Torrey

    A moving rendition.

  38. Designs By Spirit

    Jimmy Durante was one of the most kind and charitable entertainers of all time. He used to play benefits for children and donate all his earnings to the causes. A foundation was named after him, the motto was 'Do it for da kids'. Which is what Jimmy always said when he would donate his pay. Just a wonderful human being.

    Michael McNaughton

    So Happy to hear to hear this...Now I luv him even more.. R.I.P.

    Frances Van Siclen

    He seemed genuinely sweet !!!!

    Love God & Neighbor.


  39. Tommy Björling

    all this romantic songs. always so good, the version from Bing Crosby are the
    most remembering!

  40. william atkinson

    Wonderfull memories brought to life after all these years (65years )

  41. Laurie Morrow

    Thank you so much - my favorite version. How wonderful he was.

  42. Denise Figueroa

    Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas brought me here. Part Two - Ch. 8

  43. X X

    how absolutely brilliant !

  44. Jorge Mario Rodas

    Nice song to hear on September. It is raining by the way.  This month includes the end of summer and the beginning of autumn.  After it the first chills come and we prepare for the coming of Winter.

  45. Elaine Ayton

    love this song my mums favourite song

  46. felix omai

    Good bye Mrs.Calabash,wherever you are!

    Michael Mark Martin III

    What a lovely bunch of coconuts ha Cha Cha...

  47. Philip Thomas

    Lovely, thank you J.D.

  48. 一男青木

    This is the music that I was looking for!

    felix omai

    @一男青木 its sweet is it not grew up on this.his verity show

  49. Johnny Trash

    You got to love the broad NYC accent!

  50. Fran Van Siclen

    you can just tell he was a very sweet man !!! RIP

  51. Fran Van Siclen

    love Jimmy- great!!!!

  52. Thomas Underwood

    Jimmy is the best...

  53. 60 panhead

    thank god for youtube..... thanks

  54. Karis W.


  55. david evans

    Met my wife to be in 1955, we were both aged 19.  We had 49 happy years together; she was givenonly a month to live, and it was only a month.  These precious days I spent with you are a reminder of that month.

    Michael McNaughton

    I will think of u both the next time (which is often). GOD Bless u both)

    david evans

    Thank you Michael.

    Michael McNaughton

    One time long ago in the early '60s when I was in my early '20s I saw this on TV. I was  just w my mother. R.I.P, I glanced over and saw she had tears in her eyes. I did not interrupt  as I knew it very personal. This song brings this scene back to me every time. I don't want to know what she thinking about and never asked as the moment was hers 

    irene m Wrench

    Tears for you and your lovely wife. The song is so lovely x

    satori cmaylo

    Bless you

  56. Len Hummel

     Old Jimmy didn't really "sing", ... he recited, ... but with feeling and old-timer class.

    Moon Rich

    As Prof. Harold Hill said in The Music Man, "singing is just slow... talking..."

  57. John Repsher

    What a wonderful man, and a wonderful song!

    Frank Lott

    I've done this song at open mics, and I always had to escape from the last verse, doing a segue to something completely, different, because I had a crush on the girl hosting the open mic, and my heart would start breaking.

  58. James Dunning

    JFK brought me here

  59. Joe Wal

    She's still with you cf1934, don't worry about that, for sure.
    Try to keep laughing, if you can, Jimmy would agree; Laurel & Hardy won't let you down there either.

  60. wjpollock

    I can remember Jimmy singing this song after Rocky Marciano was killed in a plane crash. Jimmy said it was Rocky's favorite song.

  61. Elaine Ayton

    Just love this song one of mine and my mums favourite

  62. andwhymeuask

    My favorite song. Love Durante.

  63. clarence fender

    I was still courting my wife in september of 1955. We were married October 15, 1955. I lost her on September 13,2011 and I miss her so very much.

    Love God & Neighbor.

    God bless you (& her). 🍀

    Cmark Prime

    God bless you and your love

  64. MrManorAvenue

    Back to the day when people related to human emotions in songs. I play this song on the piano for my late mother on her birthday each year (along with her other favorites). Durante put so much human emotion into his recordings.

  65. lflarry1

    Yes it is..you're just not used to hearing the intro that led into the songs. Lots of older popular songs had them including this one.

  66. daiseyloveret

    That is not the september song.

  67. Laura Thomas

    yes I remember when he use to say this after his TVShow,,, Good Nite Mrs Calabas Wherever You R.... Wow....

  68. ferociousgumby

    Good night, Mrs. Calabash. Wherever you are.

  69. Snakecharmer95

    good night Mr. Durante, where ever you may be.

  70. Johan Lebbing

    I`ll be seeing you, Jimmy.

  71. singerisland1936

    still gets to me, as I get older

  72. John Upton

    Could not agree more. Try "Bluebird of Hapiness" for a real tear jerker from Jimmy. Returning to this track it does suffer a bit from that infuriating fashionable 1940's/50's background chorus stuff. Finally, for a lovely little piece of business, watch "One Room Home" performed later in his career and rewarded with a standing ovation. It is priceless.

  73. GRHCU

    What a song and what a singer!!


    he sounds like danny devito...thats a good thing

  75. Fathered Edward

    Just a timeless classic,and what a man.

  76. cateyemarble

    I remember the end of his show as he walked through each spotlight and it going off with at the end his famous saying of, "Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are." The feeling he put behind those words affected me as a young teenager. This song was one of my favorites growing up. I guess in the back of my mind I knew that life had its seasons.

  77. Tom Neff

    @MaxPennington The "C D" stands for "Club Durant," the New York nightclub Jimmy Durante opened in the 1920's and where he and others performed for many years. The musical parts of the Jimmy Durante Show were filmed at the RKO Studios on a "Club Durant" stage set in memory of the old club.

  78. MsSmallthings

    When Jimmy Durante died somebody commented, "You could warm your hands on that man". What a magnificent obituary!

  79. Steve D

    I loved It when he sang Frosty the Snowman I watch that every year....Steve D

  80. jh8856

    Obviously not a great voice but he could certainly put a song over so very well. This is a really great version.

  81. fred

    playin' my piano..R.I.P Eric Morecombe

  82. Jackie Rodgers

    What's more, Dear, you and he both prove it: A Woman Loves a Man for that unnameable Certain... Something.
    A Ladybird may mate (for life, even) with one of any variety of cocks, for reasons as common as the male himself...
    ...And will Stay. Forty thousand, thousand years.

    But. We Love... *LOVE* our Chosen for The Something in neither his face nor pockets (in 'that', or another, way. comenow, pigs!).
    O, mark it well, Boys...

    To say it's Heart or Soul is too small, too.

  83. robertc391

    Where are they when we need them. Great.

  84. Donald Iarussi MFA

    i watched him when i was a kid, he was beyond great! him, red skelton, jackie gleason, george burns, etc

  85. Stantheskeptic

    The late great Jimmy Durante and his songs touched me all my life. Thanks to YouTube, Jimmy is still around doing his usual marvelous thing. Stan Kossen

  86. Derek David

    When I was a young man, I always wondered why my mother who was also a singer held this song in such reverance.You have to live this song to truly sing this song..Jimmy lived it as did my mother and now in the autumn of my life, I can sing it because I too have lived it.....

  87. downhill2400

    @SHlTTER LOL That too!

  88. SHlTTER

    @downhill240 nose?

  89. Lois Davis

    @sluggo06 I feel we'll be in the bosom of our Father in Heaven. Never miss an opportunity to tell your loved ones, you love them.

  90. cailleachthehag

    sfden50 and pianatar did you see the video of the kid lip sinc Jimmy? Not all of us have to be a certain age. He does it with the kind of joy I'd like to think Mr. Durante would have appreciated.


    @downhill240 ..TOUCHE

  92. Dennis Hartnett

    You really have to be of a certain age to GET this masterpiece - let's just say I'm there and leave it at that :)

  93. profitleads

    @aurelius54 He really knew how to sell it though.

  94. partlymedia

    My Sweet girl. Our Sept. 20, will always be, Magic Time. ...and I love you so. D.M.

  95. Bob Stepno

    @Pianomam Coincidentally, "September Song" came from a Broadway play that was made into a movie about a young journalist... who gets the girl, over the older gent who sings her this song. (But I think he gets to sing the song to other girls, optimistically, at the end of the show.)

  96. gdosic

    @Fooblestheclown YES IT IS! Brilliant ..
    The song is great and holds fond memories.
    Jimmy Durante was such a great talent and little-big man.
    Thanks for the recommendation, mate!

  97. Debbie Center

    Thanks for posting this beautiful video. I'm playing piano for a group of retired journalists today, and they requested that I play this song. I'd never heard of it before. Now I know why they love it! What a tear-jerker.

  98. Lloyd deForest

    A wonderful, caring man and a great entertainer!
    I doubt we will ever see another like this great man!

  99. james chatterton

    thanks so much for sharing. I stil remember seeing the show. He was much loved.
    He rarely dated attractive women and when asked why he said, "everyone is beautiful to someone" ........ he was beautiful himself.