Jimmy Durante - Make Someone Happy Lyrics

It's so important to make someone happy
Make just one someone happy
Make just one heart to heart you, you sing to

One smile that cheers you
One face that lights when it nears you
One girl you're - you're everything to

Fame, if you win it
Comes and goes in a minutes
Where's the real stuff in life, to cling to?

Love is the answer
Someone to love is the answer
Once you've found her
Build your world around her

Make someone happy
Make just one someone happy
And you will be happy too

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Jimmy Durante Make Someone Happy Comments
  1. incog99 SKD

    Indeed. Make one happy and then all of a sudden there is another one! It's contagious!

  2. Mick Power

    Makes you swell with happiness

  3. Max Garcia

    It's so important to
    Make someone happy,
    Make just one someone happy;
    Make just one heart the heart you sing to.
    One smile that cheers you,
    One face that lights when it nears you,
    One girl you're ev'rything to.
    Fame if you win it,
    Comes and goes in a minute.
    Where's the real stuff in life to cling to?
    Love is the answer,
    Someone to love is the answer.
    Once you've found her, build your world around her.
    Make someone happy,
    Make just one someone happy,
    And you will be happy, too.

    Henrique Francisco

    Thanks man

  4. Ted Fineran

    Interesting fact - Jimmy was born in 1893...

  5. Bruce Mincks

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    Bruce Mincks


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  6. Bruce Mincks


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  7. Bruce Mincks


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  8. Bruce Mincks


  9. Bruce Mincks

    Met him at the 10th Street Lifeguard Station, Del Mar

    Bruce Mincks


  10. Ryan Clemenhagen

    Here before a 100 mil?

  11. Ray Sullivan

    We need more songs like this to be shared because MANY PEOPLE are VERY UNHAPPY these days. Be it political or no, there are so VERY unhappy people today. I would hope for a happy 2020 but there may very well be strife ahead. I would like to give a shout out to Mr Durante for this song. Its so magical and a reminder of how more simple life used to be!

  12. Margarida Esperon

    Acho a melhor interpretação!

  13. Guilherme Brito

    coca cola comercial

  14. NiannaParker GirlKitty

    D**m he has a very Very VERY BIG A** NOSE!

  15. paul catch

    Another singing paisano.....

  16. Jason Borne

    Sounds like joker singing

  17. Blue Clouds

    Don't make anyone happy but yourself.

  18. Syeda Jasmin


  19. Jorge Chaverri

    He wasn’t a great voice ... but has the charming and carisma to mark an epoca in USA ... excelent master good job ... forever 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  20. Orga lorg

    I love this song it makes me happy and sad. Lol. It reminds me of the human condition..

  21. John Jurkewicz

    👍👍👍👍 I love it so great 👍👍👍👍

  22. Ms.Scorpio Erica

    I want to make just one man happy, but I'm single lol

    Orga lorg

    Hey whatsup?

  23. Love God & Neighbor.

    Love is the Answer.
    *Hello to Dennis Prager & **_The Happiness Hour_** fans...*

    KRLA *_The Answer_* 980am
    9-noon PST

    _Happiness Hour_
    is every Friday.

  24. My mom would play this song ALL the time when I was a baby/little kid from the Sleepless in Seattle soundtrack. So nastolgic and such a beautiful song as well

  25. Mara Barchielli

    love this song!!!!!!!!!!

  26. itsuki uehara

    this should be the new joker theme song.

  27. bl c

    sick of thumbs downs get your s together a holes

  28. Silver Wallace

    🌟 Beautiful 🌟

  29. Mike Sande

    dear god what happened to music, classic and classy

  30. Lupita Espinoza

    Like si vienes porque sigues recordando al anuncio de coca-cola

  31. Joe Gutierrez

    The Joker brought me here..... ok so did Arthur Christmas lol

  32. Jennifer Avalos

    Me encanta sintonía de amor, y esta canción me hace sentir de maravilla

  33. geo

    I was sitting in my car on a Boardwalk parking lot listening to this song and an older couple walking by all of a sudden started dancing like they were professionals. It was the most Beautiful thing I have ever seen.

  34. henry b

    Make someone happy, so beautiful.

  35. DutchApple Pie

    Gr8 soundtrack. 👌Sleepless in Seattle. The songs wr "mfeo" Lol. 🎼When I Fall in Love...

  36. David Smith

    There was never s song that was too short as this...brilliant and heart breaking, and true

  37. louise luxton

    Everyone should heed these words.... no truer words were said...

  38. TAWL

    Maybe this song will be in the JOKER

    Gabe Masutti

    TAWL you know what, I can actually see that happening

    Taylor T. Carlson

    His song "Smile" is.

  39. bloody back stabbers

    I thought this was a Christmas song

  40. xenobork

    I really just want Danny DeVito to sing this song.

    Zach Ray

    Wtf!? Y?

    Zach Ray

    Does DD even sing? Y him? Of all, people.. Danny DeVito..?

    Imani M

    Now all I can picture is Danny singing this song 😂

  41. Iron Warrior


  42. I am hungry

    Best Joker theme song.


    They should use this song for the next trailer they come out with haha. Would be amazing. The trailer that just came out used Smile.

  43. albert gerace


  44. LookUpToTheStars TheUniverseIsYours

    This is kinda song you can hear at anytime of the year its just to good a song.

  45. MlunguX

    So am I the only person who came here because they heard the song in the BBC sitcom Cuckoo

  46. bandofbrothers2025

    Honestly thing songs says it all

  47. Luc Clymans

    Yes make some One happy

  48. Francis CAVAGNE

    Right and two years ago i meeted a wonderfull woman in Essaouira and she live in Seattle. Since that time we're Friends .

  49. nihahane

    Trump needs this song.

    Pedro Jenking Ortega

    the whole world need this song

  50. dank1568

    This song reflects I love sounds like in a song and what I have found in my dear wife Fame and Fortune are temporal but life his love. Making her happy is where I find content. I prayed for a Christian wife to be sent to to me of the Lord's choice and he sent me much more then I deserved. Hoping that all that hear this find that kind of love

  51. William Hunter

    Jimmy was a great one. Love this song.

  52. Mark Blackburn

    Two favorite versions of MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY
    Earlier this evening Siriusly Sinatra satellite radio played my all-time favorite version of MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY. Tony Bennett and the late jazz piano giant Bill Evans . . . alone together in a studio “at about 3 in the morning” Tony said later. The lovely song is from a long-forgotten Broadway show DO RE ME with music and lyrics by Frank's friends, Jule Styne, Betty Comden and Adolph Green. Favorite line?

    “Fame, if you win it, comes and goes in a minute; where's the real stuff in life to cling to?

    My all-time favorite 'good advice' song, culminating as it does with the thought that, before we try to change the world, we can begin at home with love.

    "Make just ONE someone happy. Then you will be happy too!"


    My other all time favorite version? This one by Jimmy Durante -- featured in the soundtrack of the movie SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE. (And as we say at the movies, 'But this is where I came in').


    David Smith

    I love Tony Bennett, but this is Jimmy's song...no flies on Tony

    David Smith

    Great comments...the "Fame, if you win it..." quote is the truth...you nailed it friend

  53. Hans-Jürgen Berghausen

    Ich liebe diesen Song !!!

  54. Ian Auck

    This is some good advice from Smiler Grogan! Everybody's friend... 😀


    lol, yep, Smiler was alright....

  55. Betty Cooper

    Such a touching song especially Wen someone uses you,, That hurts but jus like he said,,, " You're Everything Too"☹️

  56. kami kham

    i love💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  57. Mara Barchielli

    I love so much!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Mara Barchielli

    Very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Mara Barchielli

    Love Jimmy

  60. Mara Barchielli

    Bellissima canzone tratta dal Film" Insonnia d'amore"

  61. goji penguin

    Who came here because aurther Christmas

    Joshua Lee

    fat racoon I did

    Joey The decepticon

    goji penguin oh yeah I forgot this was in the film

  62. James Davis

    Isn't it funny how some pop songs sound wiser as you get older? So many people tell you to fulfill YOURSELF, to follow YOUR passion, to seek happiness. But the real secret is to make someone else happy -- then their happiness flows back to you.


    Too bad that everyone does not follow that basic idea.

  63. 2 Meter Mann

    Amazon Werbung

  64. Nick Delaney

    i love you so much dad forever and ever

  65. Kathleen Gordon

    Dr. Larry Feldman, Chair of the Council of Great city Schools ended his awesome speech in Baltimore, Maryland with this rendition of Jimmy Durante singing: Make someone happy! Wow.


    hope wife hears...lol

  67. Frank Lyons

    I want to go back there

  68. Neighorn Productions

    Sleepless in Seattle anyone?

    Rick C.

    Every time i hear Jimmy Duante’s voice, i think of that movie.

    Daniella Swann

    The Christmas Coke ads a few years ago personally

    Patricia Linguissi

    @Rick C. So do I. Actually I feel in love with this song when I heard it in the movie. Unfortunately it maybe be shortest song in the world. I would like it to be longer

    Honolulu lulu

    here i am :D xD

    Ryan Clemenhagen

    Not Seattle Portland tho kinda of a superior Seattle in everyone's opinion

  69. Daniel Rivera

    christmas coca cola anyone?


    Just that makes this more Christmas song

    Jordan Varkonda

    I prefer a 7UP!

    Joshua Lee

    Daniel Rivera me

  70. Storybellz Variety

    This is the best version of the song! I doubt anyone can do this song justice like Jimmy, plus the musical arrangement of this version is so wonderful! Simply beautiful and memorable- goes straight to the heart!

  71. Ink in Strange Places

    Don’t forget to make a birthday wish, my Nathaniel

    Clue: Thomas Hardy knew her (4)

  72. Wenes Jcazar

    Love travel :'0 💖

  73. Adrian Byrd


    Daniel Rivera

    COCA COLA 2014


    Sleepless in Seattle