Jimmy Durante - Hello Young Lovers Lyrics

Baby, how long
Baby how long
Have that ev'nin train been gone
Baby, how long, how long, baby how long

Hear it was so
Can't see no train
But deep in my heart I feel and achin' pain
And that's a-how long, how long, babe how long

Into the station
Look up at the board
Next train around
Strawberry Road
How long, how, woo, baby how long

'Make it wail ev'rybody'
'Yeah, so sweet'

Down atta station
With my head hung down
Lookin' at my sugar, when she leave this town
Baby, how long, how long, baby how long

I ain't got no money
Buy a ticket on a train
But I'll ride de blinds, baby
Be back home, again
Well, how long, how long, baby how long

See me comin'
Gon get some plow work
I'll cut your liver
Plug your heartache
Been so long, woo swoo, baby how long

'Sonny, wail about it'

Feelin' bad, I'm lookin' sad
Thinkin' 'bout the bad luck, Sonny
I once have had
But how long, how long, honey how long

See the green grass, growin' on a hill
Never seen no green grass on a dollar bill
How long, how long, baby how long

Lower you, baby
To a hollow tree
Way you treat me
Come back to you
Hoo, low, hoo, woo, baby gone

'Make it wail ev'rybody, now'

Feel so disgusted, I feel so blue
Sometimes Sonny, I don't know
What in the world I'm gonna do
Now, how long, how long, yeah how long

See that little house, sitting on the hill
You don't love me, goin' try another who will
How long, how long baby, how long

See my baby, tell her I'll be runnin' home
I've been worried, ever since she been gone
How long, how, woo, baby how long

'Love to see ya'

'Play for me, now'

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Jimmy Durante Hello Young Lovers Comments
  1. Mia Hess

    Most unique voice ever!

  2. Mary Jo McKinney

    Always loved Jimmy Durante. He has a way of his own with a song.

  3. Franny Cardillo

    The guy sings dam pretty.

  4. boonestead

    he may not be mathis or what not  but theres feeling in this   entertaining  its what its supposed to be  my friend made me a cassette of him years ago and ive liked him ever since  waaaaaay before my time  but .........