Jimmy Cliff - Time Will Tell Lyrics

Time will tell, time will tell
Time alone will tell

When I was just a little boy only six years old
I asked my daddy what big things my future hold
He said, Son, when you grow up to be a man,
The facts of life you will start to understand
Nobody knows just what tomorrow may bring
So I want to tell you now, and listen while I sing

Father said,
Time will tell, time will tell
Time alone will tell

Now I'm a lonely man trying to make life on my own
Ever since the day I was born, I never have a happy home
Just like the river, I've been running ever since
The day I was born in that broken down little town
I'm wondering now just what my gain will be
'Cause it seems to me, happiness I'll never see

Mama said,
Time will tell, time will tell
Time alone will tell

What he say now,
Time will tell, time will tell
Time alone will tell

Time keeps on changing like the weather and the seasons
For every mistake, Mama said, there must be a reason
After a storm, there's got to be a calm
So I think I'll wait a while and try to wear a smile (Wear a smile)

Mama said,
Time will tell, time will tell
Time alone will tell

What he say now,
Time will tell - I know, I know!
Time will tell - said I know
Time alone will tell

One more time now
Time will tell - I believe
Time will tell - oh yes, I do!
Time alone will tell - I believe that...

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Jimmy Cliff Time Will Tell Comments
  1. Akamba Awah

    When am happy I listen to Jim cliff

  2. Mpho Mbedzi

    I Salut u man

  3. Momodou Baldeh

    I remember taking a photo with jimmy Cliff in 1970. I shared a bottle of 3 barrels whisky with him. He is a wonderful star.

  4. Mari fênix

    Demais!!! 👏👏👏👏👏🥰

    Mari fênix

    Amo ouvir uma boa música, isso é poesia nos meus ouvidos! Maravilha👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  5. kamilia Lrgge

    Jimmy Cliff you are the best. Be blessed. Thanks that you make the World happy.

  6. Jim Harrison

    Remember dancing to this in a disco in Singapore. Great memories of a song of its time.

  7. Alhasan Latif

    Indeed time Will tell. Thanks Mr Jimmy Cliff time has really proven

  8. richard obeng

    Jimmy cliff ,still remains my number one musician,he's simply, the best

  9. Stanley Arodiwe

    I feel so emotional listening to this song. Oh what a great song

  10. Wairimu Mutiti

    Jimmy Cliff was the father of the Reggae beat. Nobody did it better than him.

  11. Lewis Mugabo

    Time told that Jimmy Cliff is the best!! Love you Jimmy!

  12. Bernard Shaw

    Ohh yes listening in 2019 this music cannot die

  13. cat alaya

    good stuff.....👂❤❤

  14. John Onyekwere

    Jimmy never get tried

  15. Feliaho

    My dad used to have the vinyl and I've been listening to that masterpiece! A lot of emotion in my heart right now! The singer songwriter and producer that I've become is listening to this song with a different pair of ears! I can hear those amazing backing vocals guitars drums percussion! And all have been actually performed! No programming no auto tune! This is pure talent! Thumbs up!

  16. Liz

    Its so uplifting because as Bod says none of them can stop the time 💞

  17. Richard Eaton

    He has too much siratoneim, what is he some make the world smile polition


    Lovely boy of those days, very handsome and excellent

  19. Katies Beauty Care


    Laban Mwila

    He visitd my village Jimmy

  20. Katies Beauty Care

    Have bofer stopped make say bib lie about

  21. Katies Beauty Care

    Yea can

  22. Katies Beauty Care

    Xavier could think about

  23. Katies Beauty Care

    Yea lie said thing

  24. Katies Beauty Care

    Use some one yea can could sorry some

  25. Katies Beauty Care

    Some all not

  26. Katies Beauty Care

    Didn't Anything Yea weed art

  27. Katies Beauty Care

    By roumr

  28. Katies Beauty Care

    Mad popluer yea could win

  29. Katies Beauty Care

    Mary sometimes bont by could you

  30. Katies Beauty Care

    I am meach jacson

  31. Katies Beauty Care

    Still about it think about

  32. Katies Beauty Care

    Katie bo win Mary get app

  33. Emmanuel obeng donkor

    Oh, Jimmy, you've really made your mark, musically, you're simply among the best

  34. Antonine Louis

    lol.. pbp

  35. John Vaikosen

    Jimmy is like you telling a message I didn't understand then but now time is almost against people like us who were just dancing

    Jean Welapio

    Just his name makes me Happy. Peace and Joyce for you jimmy

  36. Olaniyi Taiye

    It is my life ambition to meet Jimmy Cliff

    John Mutuku

    Olaniyi Taiye make that two of us

  37. Joan Medford

    Time, it always tell..... who is listening to this in 2018? Great song.

  38. Enos Makunga Siwakwi

    This was a very popular song which was usually played at half time at Kafubu stadium the home ground of  Stylish Roan United football club.

  39. Franca Joseph Ajonye

    This is what we call soul cool music. I was only a little girl of about 10 years when my uncle use to play this music and i will listen even though i could not speak a word of English

  40. serigne dame Ndiaye

    Tu es le meilleur

  41. handel nicholas

    just great man. praise jah in christ.

  42. Ianthy Layne

    Indeed it will

    Desmond Humes

    Great song

  43. andrew ngwenya

    To those that think when things are hard they take their lives I wish you could listen to this song before committing sue side.

  44. Vegan Vocalist

    Enjoying Jimmy's music so much , its a sweet distraction , even though I'm really meant to be on here searchin for other Vegan musicians to work with : )

  45. Antonio Raimundo

    sempre gostei muito músicas Jamaica.

  46. saraso Lander

    hes lucky to have asked his father,i never knew mine i was told he pass to glory when i was just 5 years......tears all the way

  47. naija4life Naijalifestyle

    OH GOD! Such sweet memories...............................! Thank Jimmy Cliff for ALL your songs! Thanks for sharing!

  48. Felix Chisanga

    Time is now telling me. This song remainds me my sister and my late brother Martin.

    Victor Nwosu

    Felix Chisanga I was a great deal

  49. Nabie Swaray

    Excellent and nostalgic. The lyrics are the very rythm and soul of ordinary people waiting for the tide to come in their way, and then stirred by the songs to seize the day. A chance to be better. Nabie Yayah Swaray. Playwright from Sierra Leone.

    Ann Hentzien

    Its true time. Will. Trel

  50. Maikidi Zakari

    Is sweet to remember ones teen.

  51. Maikidi Zakari

    Is sweet to remember ones teen.

  52. Abdulmalik Ofemile

    My uncle in my mind. He taught me the song

  53. gerald nwaneri

    I just ran into the version done by Millie small....i think hers was the original but nobody can dispute Jimmy's uniqueness here like in all his songs

  54. Ria Pereira

    I just love his flavour of reggae. it's so relaxing and inspirational especially wonderful world.beautiful people.

  55. ernest letang

    jimmy cliff is my hero from time, i have the opportunity to see him in Dominica in my life time,

  56. harmenopoulos

    Geweldig nummer! Goede geluidskwaliteit!

  57. A Nassah

    Sir Cliff, thank you verry much my dear friend. I will always love youre music. Bless You!

  58. djRastaJohn

    This album is a classic.

  59. Mariejosé mbedey


    Remi KOFFI

    moi également j'aime ce chanteur

  60. 15tintin

    love this song!!!

    Papa Raphael

    15tintin l love all the track's of Jim cliff as u ar send to people like us God bless you then how about him as of today

  61. mazumathefirst

    @seek6289 and you're a tampon an ass wipe and a douche all rolled into one.

  62. yomstars

    @DeGigantischeSok I believe Follow My Mind would be one his best

  63. yomstars

    My oh My!!! Great song. My dad (RIP) used to have the 45rpm of the song on side B with 'Suffering in the Land' on side A. Used to play it a lot. Brings back memories of the early 70's. Thanks for the posting. God bless!

  64. ken kreie

    I have been trying to find the chords for this for years. Anyone figure them out?

  65. mazumathefirst

    This geezer must have been such an unhappy guy when he was younger.

  66. Tina izekor

    Awesome! Awesome!! Awesome!!! love this song, it brings back sweet memories of my late Daddy...Rest in peace Man..............thanks for sharing.....