Jimmy Cliff - Love Solution Lyrics

Oh yeah, Love Solution,
Oh no, Love Solution,

Oh yeah, Love Solution,
Oh no, Love Solution,

Trials and crosses in our way,
Pretty soon they'll have to fade away..
With a little dedication and sweet devotion, oh yeah,
Cause it's alright, so hold tight,
Yes it's alright, so hold tight,
Hold tight, alright

Love is a Mans solution,
Loving is a Woman's solution,
Spread it over every Nation,
Tell it to the Young generation,
Love is a Boy's solution,
And loving is a Girl's solution,

Oh yeah, Love Solution,
Oh no, Love Solution,

I was born as a Man from a Woman,
and a Woman was made for a Man,
So put your little hands in mine,
There's no Hills or Mountains we can't climb,
So it's alright just hold tight,
Yes it's alright just hold tight,
Hold tight alright.....

Love is a Mans solution,
Loving is a Woman's solution,
Spread it all over the world,
Tell it to every Boy and Girl,
Love is a Boy's solution,
And loving is a Girl's solution,

Oh yeah, Love Solution,
Oh no, Love Solution,

And so as it revolves,
There's no problem we can't solve,
Put your little hands in mine and we'll fly, we'll fly..

Oh yeah, Love Solution,
Oh no, Love Solution,
Oh yeah, Love Solution,
Oh no, Love Solution,

Spread it all over the World
Tell it to every Boy & Girl...

Spread it...
Tell it...
Spread it...
All over the World...

Spread it...
Tell it...

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Jimmy Cliff Love Solution Comments
  1. Claudia Seroni

    Epoca de musica boa !!pena q o tempo passa e o q é bom caino esquecimento !!😢😢

  2. The Solution


  3. John OOPA

    Top thanks 🖒💞💞💞💞💞

  4. ova lē fia poko

    Still drinking to the old man's jams here in otara Southbound Auckland NZ!!!!

  5. Mary-Anne Groenewaldt

    Remain a solution. Memories!!!!!!

  6. Mateialona Latu


  7. Queen'Tee Samoala


  8. Tom Tekaawa


  9. Madam Nkechi

    Ooouh, Good music from the old days and I can say that today's generation is enjoying this type of music cause in Namibia 🇳🇦 it still a big hit from Jimmy....

  10. john higgins

    Hey good

  11. Jaiton Alvis

    Ainda curtindo 2019.😌🇧🇷👏👏


    Good music to listen now a days not dis.....

  13. Queenie Savelio


  14. T Y

    Dear Jimmy-James and Mr Cliff ... in Uncle's 80s childhood, he had and still has a beautiful older Uncle who wouldst pass on his books, music etc etc unto this younger Uncle. Sometimes we wouldst drive in his car and this very track wouldst make the the 45 minute journey between Masaiti and Ndola of Zambia seem more like 5 minutes. We go way back with the LP vinyl version of "THE POWER AND THE GLORY", dear Mr "REGGAE NIGHT ... WE COME TOGETHER WHEN THE FEELIN'S RIGHT".


    Dear publisher 'dvspuzla' ... thanks be unto thee of reminding us of childhood journeys in a vehicle with a good amount of bass in its speakers on long-distance journeys with an uncle whom we clicked with ... whilst "JIMMY" didst his thing. OH GOD !!!

    No, Uncle feeleth not guilty about appreciating the fella who is more empathetic than aggressive !!! Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi, Kenneth Kaunda, Jerry Rawlings and Nelson Mandela and Isaac Hayes shouldst be enough reason why without silly and unnecessary questions.

  15. Deborah Young

    2019 and this song still rocks

  16. malcolm warena

    Great music from an era of the past that will never die love this music boom still love it 2019 xxx

  17. Mosese Tuilawa

    Still jamming 2019!! Love makes the world go round n round. ✌️

    tricia brown

    I am telling ypu. Younger generation don't stray keep these words in your hearts. Nothing beat these songs from theael times. Ahhhhhhhh!!!

  18. candace wickliffe brown

    Still vibing in 2019 Uncle Jimmy the man alryt

  19. Jola and Sayana

    The tire world solution love and peace.

  20. Kimloy Chin

    this song gets me in a good mood

  21. Stephanie Salazar

    It’s 2019 and this song is still one of my favorites 😭❤️

  22. Ct Wiperi

    New day.. 2019..

  23. Raywin Amai

    love this song

  24. Jay Ram

    Love is the Solution
    Love is the Resolution
    Love is Evolution
    Love is Revolution
    Love is Devotion
    Love is a Decision
    Love is Revision
    With Huge VISIONS
    I am sent to be your CUSHION
    And its all about the FASHION INDUSTRY, Cos eye have PASSION
    For a FUSION, With no CONFUSION, We get the CONCLUSION, You must do the CONFESSION, Then you will get a CONCESSION in the MISSION and it will move from Millions to BILLIONS and then ZILLIONS and eye will give THRILLIONS to the iLL One.

    M is LION, He lies on Millions
    Me is Lion and I am ON.

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  26. Susana Vakalala

    One of my favourite....

  27. Donna Marie Ruru

    So True...

  28. Jootju B

    Ollie, I miss the love solution of you a lot, I wish I could turn back the time, almost broke without her, she was the love of my life, and she knows that!!!

  29. Rita Mau

    Still jamming in 2019😁

  30. dolores Watling

    It brings back memories

  31. kello d

    What choices do you have , but to move on. Live you always.

  32. Karen Broomes

    I do love this song not only from the begin also in ..,2018

  33. John Righa

    I tick it right nice good song for love troubled ones

  34. John Righa

    I tick it right nice good song for love troubled ones

  35. Ne Gueba

    adrei todas musica mais manda pra min todas Musica. do jimy clife

  36. Demetric Francis

    I like the old reggae than the new reggae.

  37. Demetric Francis

    I love this song.

  38. Alli Tajudeen Kayode

    Blast from the past could we ever have songs like this?

  39. forever real77

    Love is all we need !! 💯💯🎶😍😍

  40. Shayna Andrews

    Still bumpn in 2018 🔥❤

  41. Moera Tua

    good song to drink to😂

  42. Abba Beukes

    During 1984 I Bought This LP: The Power And The Glory and since I couldn't get enough. to listen to This Big Rastafarian. I wish I could visit Jimmy Cliff there in Jamaica

  43. Karen Broomes

    Love solution is the solution to a happy life let all remember this song love solution by jimmy cliff

  44. Sagrie Moodley

    Love is the Solution

  45. Alli Tajudeen Kayode

    Love is all we need

  46. Johannes Amutenya

    Sweet melody

  47. OFA LOVE

    LOVE is always the best solution...heeeyy...

  48. Tenisi Liaga

    1 of my favorite reggae artist, thanks Jimmy Cliff!!!

  49. Eddie Robinson

    Ani Quinn. BP RPG YOLZA

  50. Cora Rigby

    Cora to the right thing to say about the real world

    Cora Rigby

    Mast please

  51. Abba Beukes

    I admire Jimmy Cliff, Prince of Reggae. Long Live Jimmy Cliff. From: ABBA

  52. Joe Chave

    reminds me of my first real love, sad but didn't realize it till now.

  53. Francy82 Marelli

    Love jimmy cliff love this song solution is jimmy cliff

  54. Francy82 Marelli

    Ire harry a cecina mare e volterra

  55. nina mango


  56. Joe Chave

    all the way from Texas love it

  57. Tafa Varea

    This song is ideal for a drink up anytime. 🙏🏽👍🏼 thank god for this song

  58. Jose A Auberto

    Esse é muito bom

  59. Roland Reddy

    Love this song

  60. Joseph Brown

    good song really relaxing after a big day

  61. sunflower jam

    My favorite song..love it..goosebumps! !

  62. Brigitte Schüler Nordback

    Jimmy Cliff illusion baby komm HOME to me i love you to much Albert Sjurdaberg han er min skat Albert Sjurdaberg i love him to much you love me Albert baby Come back TO me Again

  63. Anne Stephens


  64. Taihuri Rite

    Love is soo the solution 💜

  65. Taihuri Rite

    Love is soo the solution 💜

  66. Brigitte Schüler Nordback

    Reggae Always gute musik og med Jimmi Cliff reggae musik jeg kan li at høre det når jeg er ked af det så høre jeg Reggae musik

  67. West Side

    Greetings from New Zealand

  68. Sagrie Moodley

    Beautiful song. Love it

  69. Rita Maria

    Músicas da hora enriquecedora de mente e alma.

  70. Eligar Silva


  71. william wachira

    Sweet memories reminds me of my youth and a good friend Peter Mwaura who really love the song.

  72. Ratu Vakawaletabua

    Thanks for posting this song...love hearing it..

  73. Lena souza barros

    very nice songs ....

  74. tommy Waiwiri

    Love is the only solution

  75. Maryanne Tukiri

    My favourite love it

  76. Richard Kelly

    Reminds me of myself way back in the eighties i was so ambituos and my laughter was filled with so much joy and carelesness of what 2morrow can be bring.life and love was caught uo in one word HAPPYNESS.thats the way it was everyday!

  77. Lesley David

    lesley david thank you for buying are ice cream

    Lesley David

    well you have my mommy.

  78. Vanusa Sales

    Adoro o jimmi essas musicas e coisa linda fes parte d meu passado que foi muiiiito bm saudades😥😥

  79. atua lasitani

    Love solution. ..

  80. atua lasitani

    love is a man solution and loving is a woman solution. ...you got that right Jimmy and a man was made for a woman ❤

  81. atua lasitani

    love is a man solution and loving is a man solution yes you got that right my brother!

  82. atua lasitani

    I love this song ❤

  83. Msdbtt Raindropkisses

    Definitely 'Love is the only Solution'!! Respecting the lyrics today as I did when my delicate ears first heard this many years ago...can we all spread a little LOVE around!❤❤

  84. Lucy Tere

    Awwsum song loving it.. jah bless.:););)

  85. Chano26 Illmind

    Im glad i came across Love Solution 😊🎵🎼🎶

  86. albert karena

    nice melody & vocals jim

  87. Amy Te Kotahi

    Terap mama s u e.

  88. Amy Te Kotahi

    L n o p and bigmac catches farmi.

  89. Talia Sinipata

    one of my favourite song lovesolution

  90. Turpin Edmond

    Fear the whole world has a dying love solution

  91. Barbz Karauria

    Love this song ❤️😍

  92. doonthepan


  93. NatalieKostanich TuinauvaiSchwenke

    Its almost coming to an end with 2017 but still jamming it straight into 2018

  94. Milly Ashby

    How I'm feeling kind of blinded and smitten and loving you will be a incredibly solution


    C’este le bon temps

  96. Deon Botes

    master piece

    Akouete Kangni

    Deon Botes