Jimmy Buffett - Twelve Volt Man Lyrics

I never got a grip in penmanship
Could never make those small l's flow
Seldom found the trick to arithmetic
Three plus two be faux pas
But ask for some palm trees
Or tales from the South Seas

I never had the clout to knock one out
But hitting was the name of my game
Standing on third as the coaches conferred
So close to my first claim to fame

Just give me the steal sign
And I'll make home plate mine
And I just might turn some heads

Sometimes I may get a little drastic
Sometimes I just let my feelings show
Sometimes I may be a bit sarcastic
Most times that's the way the story goes

Now I know this Joe down in Mexico
He went there to work on his tan
For years he's been plugged into blenders and songs
They call him the Twelve Volt Man

He don't need no charge card
Just give him a die-hard
And he'll make sparks fly round your head
Or just ask for some palm trees
Or tales fromthe South Seas
And I'll make sparks fly round your head
Round your head
In your head
In your head

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Jimmy Buffett Twelve Volt Man Comments
  1. Eric Guthrie

    How dare I think of myself as anything other than a forever spirt. The majesty of the timeless ocean waves the beauty recorded speaks directly to my own spirit from countless miles away.

  2. Mike B

    I am the 12 volt man



  3. Tim Walker

    As a 45 year Parrothead (White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean) I agree that your videos are great. I've seen him all over the country and met him backstage. Thanks...............

  4. tim flynn

    Listening to this tune here on Sombrero Beach in Marathon Key FL. Nice

  5. eagletrek3


  6. Mark Mahoney

    I don't know who the twelve volt man is but I envy him!

    hondo smith

    He was a Jamaican who fished all week and on weekends hooked up a generator to a battery to power a blender and tunes and sing buffet songs

  7. Tranacria Sicilia

    Saw him at a free concert at Mallory Square, Cayo Hueso in 75 or 76. Don’t recall the exact year. Then again in the early 80s at the Sun Dome at USF. He killed “Brown-eyed Girl”.For me, Buffett’s song bring back a flood Floridays long gone. I get the same feeling seeing a banana tree or Spanish bayonet. So many wonderful days.

    Parrothead Poet

    that is a great memory, seeing him in Cayo Hueso. Buffett is the soundtrack to my life.

  8. Ted Taggart

    Soul soothing

  9. Fran Ziegler

    I too love your videos thank you Parrothead Poet

  10. Patrick Valentino

    I'm with ya Poet !

  11. David McDade

    Your videos are fantastic! As a 30 year parrothead I really appreciate some of the older classic songs. Thanks for the trip down memory lane and keep up the great work.

    Mark Wilson

    @Parrothead Poet I agree with David. Wow! You're videos of Buffett songs are fantastic! Fellow 1982'er first concert here. Keep up you're great artistry, if you're still at it.

    Parrothead Poet

    @Mark Wilson Hey Mark, I haven't made any new videos in quite a while, but if you have any suggestions, let me know! Jimmy is my muse.

    Mark Wilson

    @Parrothead Poet From your postings of Buffett from Cincinnati, are you from Cincy? That would make your 1982 first concert at the ATP Tennis Center in Mason, across from Kings Island? My first show as well!

    Parrothead Poet

    @Mark Wilson of course I was there! My first concert was indeed 1982 at the ATP center. It was ME standing on the benches, and Timothy B Schmidt saw me and announced us all to be PARROTHEADS! I will take all the credit! those were the days, right?

    Mark Wilson

    @Parrothead Poet I'd been a fan for about 4 years prior to 1982 and couldn't believe our good fortune when I saw the show advertised in the newspaper - the good old days of concert announcements!