Jimmy Buffett - Trip Around The Sun Lyrics

Hear 'em singing happy birthday
Better think about the wish I make
This year gone by
Ain't been a piece of cake.

Every day's a revolution
Pull it together and it comes undone
Just one more candle and a trip around the sun.

[Jimmy and Martina:]
I'm just hanging on while this old world keeps spinning
And it's good to know it's out of my control.
If there's one thing that I've learned from all this living
Is that it wouldn't change a thing if I let go.

No you never see it coming,
Always wind up wondering where it went.

Only time will tell
If it was time well spent.
It's another revelation,

Celebrating what I should have done
With these souvenirs of my trip around the sun.

[Martina and Jimmy:]
I'm just hanging on while this old world keeps spinning
And it's good to know it's out of my control.
If there's one thing I have learned from all this living
Is that it wouldn't change a thing if I let go.


Yes I'll make a resolution

That I'll never make another one.

[Jimmy and Martina:]
Just enjoy this ride on my
Trip around the sun.
Just enjoy this ride
On my trip around the sun...
Trip around the sun.

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Jimmy Buffett Trip Around The Sun Comments
  1. Milissa Silks

    Cane here to listen to my birthday song. 55 today!

  2. soldotnaman

    Best birthday song ever

  3. Kelly Iovansci

    Omg I get Chills
    This song.....

  4. 780tuner Tube

    What a great tune

  5. JD Marr


  6. 00 Coyote

    The only line I disagree with is "Only time will tell if it was time well spent." I was engaged for 4 years until it ended. Even though it wasn't the expected outcome, it WAS time well spent. Wouldn't trade it.

  7. Sandra Brooks

    I am taking by trip in 1 hour 12 minutes...turning 60!❤

  8. michael de3gen

    Just a great song by two talented artists... Martina never looked or sounded better and Jimmys other birthday song off the Christmas album is just as good.:

  9. Chris Maggio

    Watching this today... my birthday. 56 trips around the sun for me. Thank you Jimmy, Martina.

  10. huntingtonm15

    This song only gets better with time. It’s like a fine wine.

  11. Rich Bashore

    One more trip.

  12. Jason Gronau

    today ends my 33rd trip around the sun and starts my 34th.

  13. Joe Zingher

    What kind of plane is it?

    George Sides

    That’s a Stearman. I think it’s the type that my dad trained in during WW2 at Pensacola.

  14. Breezey 420


  15. Austin p

    Any one who makes millions doing what they love and doing it in surf trunks and sandals is good in my book

  16. Freda roberts

    Happy Birthday Timmy!

  17. KL Brown

    Love these two! Such a beautiful song! Today is my 48th trip around the sun

  18. VolVet 1385

    Just ended my 34th trip with a meniscus tear surgery

  19. Scott Mitchen

    Love it!:)

  20. My 30th next month I love You Martina Been a fan for over 12 years!!

  21. Kevin Freeman

    Now starting on my 50th trip.

  22. phil holloway

    im 50 today... this song really says it all!!! thanks jimmy and martina!!

  23. Paul Brown

    Great song. 57 trips heading for 58. But it wouldn’t mean a thing if I let go.

  24. Kevin Freeman

    My birthday double play: this and Cherry Bomb. Starting trip #50 on 1/22. (Hello AARP).

  25. slots777

    Today begins lap 28 on my trip around the sun.

    Kevin Freeman

    Congratulations on #28! Come January 22nd I will be starting lap number 50.

  26. heavymetalgarden

    Loved this. First time hearing it.

  27. pbandj37

    Today is my birthday. Love this song.

  28. CrimsonSandBoa

    Birthday time and this song came to mind. Had to lean back and listen.

  29. Dan Flury

    Martina has never looked so good in a video !! Oh yeah, and it's great song also !

  30. Laura Wilfong

    We buried my mother 5 months ago. I find both sadness and comfort in this song. Life goes on. Soon I will be celebrating my oldest daughter's 3rd birthday, the first without Mom. Don't allow me to be depressed, Mom. Help me to celebrate the happy times without you 💔

  31. Jon Weiss

    Epic Musicians and song! I read Jimmy Buffett's book. YouTube - Jonny Weiss "Back to Phoenix." A trendy Music Video.

  32. Van Masterson

    so glad I got to listen to this on my 25th trip

  33. Dave Weinert

    I share this with my friends and family on their birthdays.

  34. star gazer46&2

    best song ever

  35. Terry Smith

    Will listen to this every trip around the sun.

  36. Kelly Dhainin

    I am getting ready for my 65th trip around the sun this September. Hope I can blow out all the candles then eat what's left of the burnt cake. Love the song!

  37. One Time Ronnie

    Yes the world is round thank God. 24 and 365

    Robert Webb

    Stupid comment

  38. Joay Atkinson

    love tripping around this old sun!!!

    Joay Atkinson

    Thanks Tom!

  39. Riviere the Wee Wanderer

    This is simply one of my favorite songs, year after year . . .

  40. Me McGill

    February 2nd marks my 46th trip around the sun.. every year I play this song ....

  41. Good for me I love dogs

    this song is SO TRUE

  42. James Jordan

    it wouldn't change a thing if I let go .....,.....

    Russ S

    we often cling to life and the souvenirs ...but when we release the dove, for example, and no longer seek to hold it close,... it can fly free... when it returns, the meaning of its presence is greater than before. I wouldn't change a thing if I let go, but it WILL change a thing when it returns...

  43. hbbeverly

    I share this with everybody that's having a birthday on Facebook - without exception they all love it!

  44. wwpfpk

    This song and video captures so well the melancholy mood I often get in fall

  45. Carl Lambur

    Ironic that someone reposted this song...on Martina's Birthday :-) :-)

  46. Kayla Holtzclaw

    Starting my 29th trip now 🎉🎊

  47. Zackery Yochum

    33 trips today! Listen to this every year for the last six years or so.

  48. Patsy Fisher

    Sent to me by a friend! I love the message in the song.

  49. Steve Everts

    Does anyone know where I can download the song? It is such a great song!

    Becky Murphy

    "License to Chill" (the album this song is from) is now available for digital download.

  50. brad51877

    Singularly and Unison is fun under the Sun. I Woman I know can grow up and get old and the older the bolder. Happy birthday 🎁

  51. Wingnut Hut

    I bought this Martina CD for my wife several years ago and I never knew there was a video of this song. Great!

    Wingnut Hut

    I meant to say Jimmy Buffett License to Chill album. I can't sing and type at the same time.

  52. Terry Hill

    my 60 th hope I make another!!!!

  53. chevy350jr

    love this song

  54. Lily Harrison

    I have been looking for this song for years

  55. Sparkishay

    Guess my 18th trip has started... <3

  56. R Melnyk

    nothing is spinning

  57. Kevin Freeman

    Starting trip number 48 today.

  58. Steve Richards

    My 45th trip!!! What a ride 😂

  59. beasleymu

    the sun is a little lower in the sky than it used to be

  60. tsidow2008

    32nd trip tomorrow

  61. JWD Racing Network

    14th trip next Monday!!

  62. moonlitenmagic

    Probably still one of my favorites. I listen to it every year on my birthday.


    moonlitenmagic yep, I consider this my birthday song

    D TheBassman

    It is one of his very best tunes (that he wrote). I could easily listen to it several times daily.

    Kevin Freeman

    @D TheBassman I'm listening to it on my half birthday July 22,2019(50 and a half.)

    Heidi Collins

    Just wanted you to know that I do the same thing. Today is my birthday and I keep listening going back to listen to it.

    JD Marr

    Me, too, on mine.. :)

  63. pbandj37

    Starting Trip #36 today.

  64. racefan1964

    52 trips for me today!!!  I listen to this song once a year for the last 6 trips!!! thanx jimmy and martina!!!

    Jen Parker

    racefan1964 Once a year, right near/on my birthday. In a week and a half I'll be at 32 trips.

  65. Mark Humphrey

    Tomorrow is my 57th trip around the sun.
    I have collected some pretty good souvenirs.
    Hopefully many more.

    Greywuff zfavrr

    Today was my 62nd trip around the sun.

  66. Azhiaziam

    Dig the subliminal AZHIAZIAM on the kids surfboard stickers after Martina sings "Every day's a Revolution" AZHIAZIAM = AS HIGH AS I AM at 30 seconds

  67. Mario Lofaro

    I love this duet, song, and video!

  68. Mark Humphrey

    Anyone know if the lady in the grey sweater on the bike and standing by him at the dinner table is
    Jimmy's wife?
    You see her in the "Come Monday" video but not sure if this is the same person.

    Johnny Utah

    Mark Humphrey thats Martina on the bike.

  69. John Lancaster

    49 trips....but I listen to this over and over....guess I should be careful

  70. Trevor Alkire

    well to much glitching

  71. John Jacobsen

    ME TOO!

  72. Phillip Chaz Dickson

    Starting my 32nd trip tomorrow.

  73. Nick Nelson

    Is that Carole King at 2:04?

    Candy L. Hill

    +Nick Nelson Nope. :)

  74. Kevin Freeman

    beginning trip number 47 right now

  75. The Obsesed Anime Freaks

    244p... REALLY? like i know it is old but youtube could do at least 460p in 2009...

  76. tachikoma747

    Martina McBride is so beautiful.

  77. 08shortstop

    Hey, for New Year's this is better than Auld Lang Syne!

  78. tsidow2008

    31st trip around

  79. Russell Scott

    Metagalaxy www.barnesandnoble.com/s/Metagalaxy

  80. Shannon Harris

    Starting my 27th trip around the sun today🎉🎁🎈🎊🎂☀️

    Kyle McGregor

    Happy b day

  81. Kevin Freeman


  82. Darrin Swenson

    Beautiful song

  83. Trenton Boston

    Seriously, how can you not like this song?

  84. Julie Porter

    I'm making my 5th trip today! ♡

  85. Dana Butler

    Just turned 35 yesterday....

  86. XxJustinXx88

    I haven't heard this song since It came out and was on the top 20 countdown on CMT and today for some reason It popped up In my mind lol...

  87. 44whf

    Just keep hanging on....

  88. Crystal White Mustang

    Ya know, the more and more music I listen to and discover, I find that we as humans can have an infinite number of perspectives ranging from positive to abysmal. But, occasionally, I find some perspectives that really are thought provoking, usually the more depressing ones catch your attention. Like that excerpt from Jimmy Buffet’s ‘Trip Around The Sun’. We are only around on this Earth for so long, doing our day to day things, but eventually we have to say goodbye. No matter how badly you try, after our passing, the Earth just keeps doing what is does best, spin. Nothing changes if just one of us meets our creator tomorrow, we just need to enjoy the ride until it’s time to get off... Perhaps I’m digging into this further than what needs to be, but this is just one of those lyrics that just makes you stop and think...

    Kelly Ann

    @Glade Travitz You find it depressing, I find it inspiring.   This makes me want to live everyday to the best it can be, embrace life - because it could end at any moment.  Take from this song what you will.  That's the beauty of music - it means different things for everyone.

  89. Andrew Classical Guitar

    Did Jimmy do those stunts?

  90. Sonya Alexander

    There's no better "Happy Birthday" song than  this!!!

    Kevin Freeman

    You know it!

  91. paul smith

    theres a throwback to another one of Jimmy's songs in the video.  He used to ride a red bike around Key west many moons ago.

  92. patrick ruth

    30 10-06

  93. Janel Goff

    8/21.  Another trip around the sun.  :)

  94. BlissBodyandBath

    My Birthday Song! Love!

  95. PinkTink05

    I post this every year on Facebook on my birthday...but when my father passed in 2013, I truly meant Jimmy's lyric about "this year gone by ain't been a piece of cake"...and I cherish that birthday and this one I just had Sunday...

  96. Myron Picadura

    happy birthday myron

  97. Melissa Wanamaker

    What a crazy trip!

  98. Mark Hanemann

    Happy Birthday to Martina McBride and her little brother, Darryl "Marty" Schiff. Many happy returns! How true this song is. I just came from the funeral of my friend Thomas Robert Ball, Jr. He died suddenly of a heart attack at age 62 on July 18. RIP Tom! Love you, and I'll see you in Heaven!