Jimmy Buffett - The Pascagoula Run Lyrics

Billy pulled in in a Jaguar
Red convertible sixty-five
Headed home to Mississippi, he'd been
around the world
He was that black sheep uncle of mine

His ship had come in, he was lookin' to sin
He was singing his own song
When he yelled from the drive, my heart came alive
"Jimmy boy come along"

It's time to see the world
It's time to kiss a girl
It's time to cross the wild meridian
Grab your bag and take a chance
Time to learn a cajun dance
Kid your gonna see the mornin' sun
On the Pascagoula run

Friday night at the Stateline Bar
Where the waterfront peole dwell
Better watch my step if the floor caves in
I'll go right straight to hell
There were pinball machines and Cajun queens
Men with knives and scars
Billy moved 'cross the floor through
the real hard core
And said "Here's where it gets bizarre"


What do the ladies say what do the ladies say
What do the ladies say, what do the ladies say
What do the ladies say what do the ladies say
What do the ladies say what do the ladies say
What do the ladies say what do the ladies say

Bring that young man over here
We gonna buy that boy a beer
And that ain't all we want to do
And bring your crazy uncle too

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Jimmy Buffett The Pascagoula Run Comments
  1. Frank Robinson

    Just fn great

  2. Tony Riley IV

    Who disliked this?

  3. tapioca toupee

    little bit reggae + little bit skiffle=riffle.

  4. shop99er

    Been there!!

    Heather Finley

    Pascagoula is only 2 cities over from where I am living now. Absolutely loving life living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast!!

  5. ClassicRocker61

    Good chapter in Tales from Margaritaville, too

  6. TexasPikapp44

    my fav jimmy song, FINS UP!

  7. redfishradical

    Yep, still one of his best from deep in his hay day of songwriting! Man, if a song ever begged to made into a video it's this one! It'd be a GREAT little movie-short! I mean the story's already written out so well!

  8. amyww

    One of his best!

  9. aviationgrade

    Great song. Lots of fun! :) This is one of my favorites. Unfortunately its eclipsed by some of Jimmy Buffett's more popular songs like Margaritaville, or Cheessburger in Paradise. Another Buffett deep cut that I like is La Vie Dansante. But like Pascagoula Run, only Parrotheads would be familiar with it.


    Young Parrothead here, I still hate saying "could we listen to some Buffett?," and it's Margaritaville.

  10. Dusty Tomes

    Only one comment? LET'S FIX THAT!!