Jimmy Barnes - Last Frontier Lyrics

Pushin’ ever westward, across the great divide
Beyond the darling river
Towards the outback sky

The lawless and the brave, searchin’ for a dream
When all they found was sand and stone
Where rivers once had been

They tried to follow nomads, like ghosts in desert dreams
And suffered in a sunburnt land…
Down in the last frontier

They sent them from the motherland
Into there greatest fear
To live and die for freedom’s cry
Down in the last frontier

A drover rides in search of work, across the sweeping plains
A farmer kneels in a hungry church
As his children prey for rain

Back in a land across the sea
They found another war
They asked the anzacs to believe
What there fightin’ for

They sent them to another land
Into there greatest fear
To fight and die for freedom’s cry
And for the last frontier

People in the lucky land, who searched for paradise
Are reachin’ out for somethin’ more
And don’t believe there lies

The promises of hope and work, still ringing in there ears
The hungry and homeless cry
Down in the last frontier

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Jimmy Barnes Last Frontier Comments
  1. chisel83

    Jimmy pulled me up on stage at the Bridgeway hotel singing this circa 91

  2. adrenalize666

    This song is awesome. I wish there was a film clip

  3. Giggs Kafae

    Great Album!
    The great Neal Schon on lead guitar
    Love Freight Train Heart, a really good album for when you're on the road.

  4. guus van luffelen

    He is a fabulous artist bought allready six albums in 6 months


    Finally, 'recorded this song in the80's , from the Friday rock show on radio 1, never knew who sang this song as tape ( yes kids........ Cassette tapes !) ran out and stopped ....... So never knew the singer, but now I do 😃

  6. Lee Urquhart

    I can't explain how much Jimmy's music moved me when I was a young man in the 80s and 90s.
    The guy is a legend and has had some legendary musicians play with him.

  7. Antonello Nusca

    This album is a jewel.

  8. Dan Weiers

    Thanks to the Internet I discovered Jimmy Barnes and these awesome songs I live in the states and he has become my favorite performer I wish I would have discovered him a long time ago he is just as good as the band's we have here

  9. kd dk

    Co written by Jonathan Cain...great song!

  10. Chris Drummond

    Jimmy has gotten better with age.

  11. kaylah

    my favourite from this amazing album from so long ago.. cheer jimmy

  12. Stephen Bell

    Awesome Song.

  13. Braxton Crawford

    my dad loves him

  14. Cornelia Buehler

    Siamo visti senza volendo per un tuo video...

  15. Randy Marsh

    fuckin brilliant

  16. Graham Allen

    The best song Jimmy ever sung...

  17. Peter Ward

    seen Barnes twice here in the UK, best ever concert for me...guy is brilliant.

  18. JF68Firebird

    The great Neal Schon on lead guitar

  19. Truckin mad fella

    barnsey is the best

  20. mum loves his music, seen him 4 times already . best album freight train heart she said.

  21. The Flying Dropbear

    Love Freight Train Heart, a really good album for when you're on the road.

  22. kevinindublin

    I'm sure this has been said before but he sounds like Elton John.


    no way  no comparison at all

  23. oberfrange

    Rock and Blues DO go together.


    Fuck yeah

  24. Monica Ferri

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  25. Andrew Page

    another fav

  26. Patrick Russell

    Jimmy Still the Best...

  27. Alain Laspeyres

    ♥  ♥

  28. wiesBadisch

    Great Album!

    Brad Cooper

    wiesBadisch i


    1000000000000 d 100000000000

  30. Alain Laspeyres

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  31. shane69999

    nah way off mate.... It was Tobey Saint Mac Millon

  32. Jackie Kixx

    You´re welcome! :) Happy x-mas buddy!

  33. GooseNo123

    Brilliant. Thanks mate.

  34. William Samuel Filice

    Who plays lead guitar on this? Is it Robin Riley?

  35. William Samuel Filice

    Barnesy is the greatest!

  36. darley1958

    This brings back memories...........London 1988, Royal Marsden Hospital and the love of my life brought this back from Australia. Changed my life. What a great singer. She's gone but I still have the music and the memories !!!

  37. Shell Bogan Chick

    I can send you a copy if you like...on disc...

  38. Shell Bogan Chick

    I have adored Jim since I was 14......(2012 sees me celebrate my 42nd birthday!! Faaaaarkk!). This is, without a doubt, his best song ever!! It should be the Australian anthem! Nothing short of fucking brilliant......and I have ALL his albums (including the rare B side tracks)...but this one is still my fave.

  39. Shell Bogan Chick

    Have always said this song should be Australia's national anthem. My all time fave song of Barnesy's!

  40. aftermath89

    one of his best

  41. Jackie Kixx

    @12fangs You are welcome!

  42. twinnies20

    @llph0enXll What I would give for a copy of that! I was starting to think my memory was failing me and I had only imagined that version as I have never been able to find it again. I too had it on casette many years ago.

  43. twinnies20

    @llph0enXll What I would give for a copy of that! I was starting to think my memory was failing me and I had only imagined that version as I have never been able to find it again. I too had it on casette many years ago.


    100000000000000000 d 100000000000000

  45. Daniel van Q-Bass

    @JackieKixx: Dunno... I just know one Live version. With an epic piano solo at the beginning. (about 2-3 Mins.) My dad had it on an old cassette. I just recorded it to PC but it has som jumps and errors because the cassette was very old.

  46. Jackie Kixx

    @flamenkoit Agree with you! Long live " Jimmy Barnes" !!

  47. Jackie Kixx

    @llph0enXll you mean the live version from " BARNSTORMING" ?

  48. Daniel van Q-Bass

    Very good song indeed... but the live version is WAY BETTER

  49. Jackie Kixx

    @pauljohnson030174 Hell of a good song! ;)

  50. Jackie Kixx

    @pauljohnson030174 That´s right my friend. He is a real rocklegend!

  51. pauljohnson030174

    An absolute classic Aussie rock sock from an Aussie rock legend

  52. Jackie Kixx

    I agree with you, Jimmy is very great and talent!! :) rock on!!

  53. Ben Rai

    This is one of my faves. Thanks for uploading it :)

  54. Jackie Kixx

    great song, but not the best of the album! :-)