Jimmie's Chicken Shack - Spiderweb Lyrics

Time to scale again the wall
Eight feet move two inches tall
I watch in mirth as she catches prey
I see her work here everyday
Another web in my path that spider lays
I think there there's nothing to it
Think I'm gonna walk right through it

Don't ever give up on yourself
Don't ever give up on yourself
Don't ever give up on yourself
Won't ever give up I'm young

I've seemed to done it once again
A spiderweb gets stuck all in my head
I walk through it everyday it's just the path I lay
If she could catch me in her web
I wonder how many days she would be fed
On the flesh that clings to these lanky bones

Don't ever give up on yourself
Don't ever give up on yourself
Don't ever give up on yourself
Don't ever give up on yourself

Don't ever give up on yourself
'Cause I won't ever give up on myself
The circle of humanity is a 3-60
That begins and ends with me
And my endless interactions
With separate entities that make up my family
So what we need is that
Aphrodisiac to protect us from the webs
That hang low to hunt are heads
We're not going out like that this time
This time were going to walk right through it

Throw your hands in the air if you know what this is about
See I snatch mics and cross boundaries while the crowd be
Jumping around and wilding and getting rowdy
Time to break free of spiderwebs that surround me
While I chase my density the beats bring out the best in me
If the spider catches me then that will be the death of me
Be the sole controller of your mind you can't escape it
Power is only passed to those who dare to take it
From the spiderweb

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Jimmie's Chicken Shack Spiderweb Comments
  1. sinistergrey3

    wow, never heard of this band before. Got into them due to hearing "dropping anchor" on the radio and thought it sounded awesome. The album "pushing the salmonella envelope" is awesome from start to finish and they have an awesome sound/song writing structure on that album....all the other albums or more or less "meh"didn't really catch me the way this album did....seriously confused how this one album came out of their catalog of work considering the other albums....I mean how does this one awesome album combining this really cool, unique, and varied song writing style come out from this band? what's even more puzzling is that the "sound" they made on that album was short lived, only to be left behind on follow up albums leaving much to be desired after putting out such a great album (I.E. "pushing the salmonella envelope")....it is confusing/ a mystery!

  2. Lag Swag

    what album was this? i only have BYOS, this stuff is GREAT


    @Doug Ransley I think this was on Pushing the Salmanilla Envelope

    Lag Swag

    thank you

    patricio argentino

    +Doug Ransley bring your own stereo is good too

  3. Mono1up

    nice gap of silence

  4. applesaucezebra

    everything from 'pushing the salmanilla envelope', front to back it an amazing album

  5. MysticHydra

    Wow, fuck Youtube for doing that.

  6. Jacob Cheney

    Pretty underrated is a serious understatement, lol

  7. Goctagon

    lol you make me laugh!

  8. Goctagon

    CHILL OUT! Its a song! ENJOY IT! don't argue about it! JUST SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO THE MUSIC! ;)

  9. Goctagon


  10. Goctagon

    yeah i agree!

  11. Nicolas Huet

    Not rap!! defiantly not rap, Jimmies c.s. started life as an acoustic group. Far from rap my man.

  12. Raymond Anderson

    @MattL883 btw they do have sum ska influence know it all

  13. Raymond Anderson

    @MattL883 wut a fuckin hater u know almost all modern rock and nu metal and alternative take sum form of influence from hip hop it musical evolution quit bein queer and just listen 2 the music man closed minded people suck man

  14. Brian Higashide

    Jimmie's Chicken Shack sort of transcends genres. I've heard that each of their albums have a very different sound. I like them.

  15. RyanEYE

    Fuck youtube! why would they give a shit if you posted JCS?

  16. chausee08

    bringing back some memories....I played this CD until it didnt play no more back in highschool, lol

  17. MemoryOfTheRose

    this is the best band you will ever hear. this song kicks ass! my favorate song by them

  18. Rafael Enriquez

    ah the memories...

  19. bcdigit

    +definetly like this.especialy milk.totaly under rated

  20. redsunpro

    @jizzlek57 Pushing the Salmonella Envelope

  21. Wynton Huddle

    reminds me of Primus...

  22. egergarg ergergerae

    haha what the fuck's happening on the cover there? i love this song. love this band. pretty underrated

  23. Goodgoyim Takethepill

    i listened to few of there songs and they made a new album, honestly this is the ONLY album i like, the rest i hate. Although this album im in love with i dont get how they can make albums i despise yet make one im in love with.

    TheDUI Guy

    It's a good one I found a copy at my house but the CD wasnt in it, glad they have it on YouTube though

  24. Robyn Margaret McComb

    Officially addicted to this song.

  25. Robyn Margaret McComb

    Cool song.

  26. Phil Wiseman

    Lol....bitter much?

  27. Zild10

    damn I can´t find this song!

  28. Michael Seikel

    Surprisingly not many people have heard them and my bassist put me on to em so we are going to cover a few of the songs from this album Milk, Spiderweb and maybe another they are fun to play thats for sure...I agree the bassist is very good as a drummer I find the drummers parts alot of fun and still leaves places open to stretch out a little and do your own thing...Very cool music

  29. dancingsquirrel

    Best Song Ever. I <3 Jimi Haha!

  30. Cesar Reyes

    all songs from "pushing the salmonella envelope" have cool guitar riffs,, excellent album,,

  31. Norrin Radd

    Love this Shit. got this cd when i was in like sixth grade in the mid 90's

  32. TommyRay2222

    GREAT Album awesom song! Memories lol