Jim Croce - Which Way Are You Goin'? Lyrics

Which way are you goin'?
Which side will you be on?
Will you stand and watch while,
All the seeds of hate are sewn?
Will you stand with those who say
Let his will be done?

One hand on the Bible
And one hand on the gun.
One hand on the Bible
And one hand on the gun.

Which way are you lookin'?
Is it hard to see?
Do you say what's wrong for him
Is not wrong for me?
You walk the streets of righteousness
But you refuse to understand.

Say you love the baby,
And then you crucify the man.
Say you love the baby,
And then you crucify the man.

Every day,
Things are changing.
Words once honored turn to lies.
People wandering
Can you blame them?
It's too far to run
And too late to hide.

So now you turn your back on,
Everything that you used to preach.
It's let him live in freedom,
If he lives like me.
Well your light has changed,
Confusion reigns.
What have you become?

All your olive branches turn to spears
When your flowers turn to guns.
All your olive branches turn to spears
When your flowers turn to guns.

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Jim Croce Which Way Are You Goin'? Comments
  1. Jett Chaniotis


  2. bigwille11

    Miss him his lyrics we’re something great 💝

  3. Shannon Patten

    I like that time in the bottle that was a good song

  4. Matthew Pullen


    Jim We could of used more than ever today .

    Things changed ..

    It's got farther to run.

    No one can hide.

    Everyone has turned there back on what they preach !!!!

    Jim .

    Olive branches are Spears

    One hand on the Bible
    The other on a gun.

  5. Nain Aguero

    Brilliant memory, song, lyrics...Jim Croce, thank you for sharing your light, your art and music. Few like you my friend.

  6. subliminalmaster

    Never meant more than today.

  7. Pedro Pinto de Oliveira

    The Best!!!!!!

  8. Melissa Barnosky

    Makes me think of a specific political party today...

  9. Mr Nobody

    36 people dont know which way they are goin

  10. Josh Young

    Does anyone know what album was originally this from? Can’t find it anywhere lol

  11. Matthew Corder

    I will always miss the great Jim Croce.

  12. Janet Bracco

    Brilliant!! So true.

  13. Félix Gallardo

    well, i'm Brasillian guy and if I had not attended X-MEN, I would never have known this genius!

  14. Metro Metro

    Life Lessons. Legrndary tune and something to think on,,. Really. RIP Jim long live his son and wife ,...

  15. Phil Morrison

    Haven’t sung that one yet ,bi will!! Miss you Jim!

  16. Metro Metro

    Jim was poetic, prophetic" ahead of his time ---------LEGEND!!! Trump, ,,, pelosi. fun control nothingness,,,

    Metro Metro

    Gun Control nothingness,,, NO Conceal gun period. Gun hunters for Deer? Go fishing instead,,,

    Metro Metro

    Did we mean Gun Control?? Yes

  17. ludmilla roman

    seems like every song somebody comes along and says, "so fitting for today..."

  18. Breana Langhorne

    this song really makes me rethink everything I am and do makes me want to be a better person

  19. Diego Oliveira

    This goes great with a morning joint

  20. Jeff Whiting

    This song is nearly 50 years old, and it's still meaningful.

  21. gilvado vieira

    Ouvindo em 2018.
    Aracajú BRASIL.

  22. Michelle OSAS - The Gospel 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 KJV

    Which album is this song on, can’t find it on amazon.

  23. Jameson Campbell

    Unfortunately he died less than 10 miles away from where I live in Natchitoches I heard he was trying to get away from cops who was trying to search him for having a little pot at his concert at Northwestern State University so his pilot who had a heart condition made a 5 mile run to the plane they took and had a heart attack on lift off one guy told me the cops drained the planes tank and he was there I wanted to destroy this guy after he told me that but, I know Jim would not have approved one day he’ll get what’s coming around I’m sure if that is true

  24. Barnie

    i think because it was written in the height of the peace era where many went to jail protesting vietnam war his words were important more than today . but he is talking about governments and groups backing religion (i'm understandably not against that ,its apart of western society ) by saying in the first verse one hand on the bible one on the gun . but if wars were not fought we lose freedom . Zanadu is the perfect world we cannot reach because there is always hate and greed ,needs to be controlled.

  25. Sandy Somewhere

    Powerful lyrics


    Song for our times .....!!!!

  27. Brian Cather

    Many of the music Greats have passed too soon.. in the peak of their artistry.. but I see a few who have survived IE. Gordon Lightfoot and Paul Simon and their decent in life must be a living Hell... so many Great talents flying high with fame and landing in tough spots...

  28. Ethan

    I wish this song was on Apple Music.


    Ethan retweet

  29. Syngrö

    don't vorget Maury Mühleisen!

    Clay Russell

    hells yes!!!

    Mr. W.

    @Clay Russell Yes. Yes indeed.

  30. Beth H

    My God... I never heard this song before, despite having some of his later work memorized to this day. I think I was in 8th or 9th grade when he died. How much this song speaks to TODAY... and how many of the peace & love & freedom generation has come to stand on the other side of the aisle. Many aren't just standing and watching - they're sowing the seeds of hate themselves.


    its appropriate in todays times ,the lyrics ,will you stand and watch while the seeds of hate are sown . some say let his will be done but we control our own destiny as well. it probably was influenced by vietnam or korea but its relevant when

  31. joey sempirek

    yep Mr. Jim Croce

  32. David Roossien

    Better than bob Dylan

    Charlie Greska

    Bob dylan was a great song writer he just couldnt sing

    Dave Thompson

    How about "as good as Dylan?"

    Derek Rauschelbach

    He taught Dylan to play

    Fred Flintstone

    @Dave Thompson
    Dylan surfed on the Jew nepotism train. They control entertainment. Just because a thousand Jew promoters say a fellow Jew has talent means nothing. The game is rigged.
    You've been played son.

    It's the Jew m.o. to lie and deceive in unison. That's how they got away with 9/11. Read the Talmud. Your hair will stand up like a cartoon character.

  33. Joshua Isaac fowler

    I wish he hadn't have died same with Jesus such good people who are loving and caring that faded away as life went on 😖😭😭😭😟

  34. Ali Muntaka

    This man never fails to amaze me.. when i thought i listened all of his great songs then i found this..
    R.I.P Mr. Croce...Greetings from Bangladesh

  35. Joseph Young

    Hits the needle on the head in describing the hypocrasy and the religious right. The NRA should listen to this song! "You say you live the baby, then you crucify the man."

    Cole Miner's Daughter

    You missed his whole meaning, it has nothing to do with what you think it does, listen again, and leave your narrow mind out of the song...Its not religion or the NRA who sends people to war, its the elected politicians if you want someone to blame for your life, outside of you, look at who your voting for....so chill out, love the tunes, and for God sake, get a grip and turn on your mind...Take care...

  36. David Cadogan

    I miss him most because his poetic lyrics make me thirst for more.

  37. Maura Maria De Oliveira silva

    Linda música

  38. kev1147zxcvbn

    So good such a loss

  39. The Outlaw Josey Wales

    Life changing song. This was my anthem through that troubled 16th year

  40. allenrizzi

    Love this song. Played it a million times back in the day. Still play it now.

  41. Infidel14?

    Jim Croce sang to the heart of the matter. Respect...

  42. David Johnson

    In the late 80's while my friends were listening to Def Leppard, I was listening to Croce.

  43. YourLocalAlien

    shit i thought he said "bitch where are you going" at the beginning.

  44. Amico USA

    This song is deep, far, and beyond a normal human intelligence.


    Amico it has a profound *emotional* intellect!

  45. Keith B

    17 people suck and don't know good music

    Don Wayne

    I agree, sadly now its 18.

    Nicholman 15

    It has become 35 now.

  46. Johnathan Goodwin

    Jim Croce has such a powerful way to make you visualize his songs. For instance, when you offer an olive branch, it is one man handing a branch to another. A spear could be held in the same manner. Holding out a flower, but take away the flower, and make it a gun. The arm's position doesn't actually change all that much. This can also be noticed in other songs (not the exact same situation with this "exact" imagery, but it is still there.)

    Metro Metro

    In the Bible it reads "we are the branches & Christ is what?"

    Darkwyng Raym

    I thought an olive branch is a sign of peace? Look at the eagle emblem. It holds olive branches in one claw and spears in the other. Political symbols of peace and war.

  47. Arafat Abouchaker

    wonderful lyrics. greetings from germany

    Johnathan Goodwin

    Greetings from the United States :)

    Riker Lawrence

    ya, wunderbar!

    Moemad Ibroham

    Liebe Grüße aus Bremen


    It's good to see that Germany loves great music too, greetings from GA, in the US.

  48. Truth to Ponder

    still relevant to this day

    phil giglio

    More relevant than ever before.


    Oh heavens yes...if anything...they are more relevant now more than ever.


    They will never realize. Money is drowning out freedom.


    A song like this will always be relevant, for as long as we have and will walk the earth.

  49. Patchouli Essence

    wow good song Jim....

  50. Huntaaar of the hill people

    olive branches sposed to be peace. but olive branch is a spear and flowers are a gun. all good things are weapon. peace is the ever evolving lesser evil. at this point the doves got a beakfull of diks . croce tellin it how it suks

  51. allenrizzi

    My best friend Ray's favorite. I still play it often.

    Jan van Bruggen

    Beautifull song, it is a pity Jim died so early.
    Jan (50). I like his music since I first discovered it when I was 13!
    A Dutch fan

    JcksnBrwne Fan

    RIP your friend Ray...Thanks for sharing be well Allenrizzi

    Doyle Nordman

    +JcksnBrwne Fan me too

    Myles JS

    Your best old ex-friend, Ray? (Operator)

    Paul Franklin77

    Watch out for Ray!

  52. mdhunter03

    Powerful Song ! RIP. Jim Croce

  53. Jennifer Colman

    f#+= anyone who posts a negative comment about jim croce.DID HE EVER DO A TERRORIST ATTACK ON YOU?! EVERY song is sweeter than life is NOW.


    What you just posted is no better.

  54. johnnie west

    @roy jones,,,way go tear the world down,,,where did you get your information, See Jim;s life with wife,,,says it all..who brought up musilm,,omGOD help us

  55. Daryl bruce

    When we lost jim we lost a grate musician and I would say a peace of music history....
    RIP. Jim Croce

    Jake Rubin

    +Daryl bruce RIP English language.

  56. OlymPigs2010

    ..sounds like the Jew's attitude to the Palestinians!

    Metro Metro

    No dumb ass,,, its the PLO against Israel,,,

  57. Cheryl Goodman

    Such a fitting song for the times we are in now.

    Dave Thompson

    No kidding. Man it's like it was written for 2018.

    Dave Thompson

    @Pro Letariat Bush2, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. Ugh....

    Trevon Taylor

    Cheryl Goodman no other way to put it

  58. Dominik Skorpion

    Grande  Jim  !

  59. Lesley Deskins

    Jim I know you are somewhere watching and I just wanted to say thank you.Without you I don't know if I could have made it.Just set back and watch as we turn this world on it's head!


    When I was a kid( many years ago) this man's music got me through a lot of crap. Funny how we all have that artist/s that just stays with us our whole life. 

  60. 08shortstop

    Oh man, I thought I'd heard all of Jim Croce's best songs but I came across this one for the first time today. What a great sound! Jim's statement on hypocrisy, I guess. I love it!

    Zekeriah Jones

    True, I've been listening to Jim Croce continually for about two years now(had listened to him before, just not as passionately), and just found this!

  61. soberchimera61

    Bitch where are you going...


    I thought the same fuckin thing😂

    Raheem Stephens


  62. Mr. Tulip

    One of the best singer-songwriters that ever lived, without a doubt.

    Zekeriah Jones



    +Mr. Tulip Absolutely the Best!
    I grew up listening to him and was about 11 when his plane crashed. After all these years I still have most of his songs memorized word for word.

    Nicholman 15




  63. melanie jarvis

    I always loved JC and he was way ahead of his time

    Dave Hensher

    High what's up

  64. handymandan100

    "Praise GOD and pass the ammunition"

  65. mitchell johnson

    I've been listening to Croce since I was a baby. Still do and have most of his records. I wish I could have seen him in concert, now that would have been priceless.

  66. Kilburn Hall

    Jim Croce was an important voice in the 1970's. He was taken from us much too soon.

  67. Art Moss

    I agree; this song is perhaps more true today than it was 40 years ago. I was a kid when Jim Croce died, but I was familiar his top 40 songs. Today was the first time I heard this song, and my opinion of Jim just went up.

  68. Mutther

    buenas vibraciones !!!

  69. Dawn Dickinson

    Wow! I don't know how I ever missed this one. Beautiful!

  70. Lee Crowther

    This came out on the compilation album "Down the Highway" in 1975 (Jim was killed in 1973). I am not sure if it was released at all during his lifetime. It was also released on the 2006 edition of the 1972 album "You Don't Mess Around with Jim."

  71. William Peddle

    Agents of evil killed this talent young.

  72. mwwillis1yt

    What a prescient and hard-hitting song. When did he write this? Does anyone know what album this was on, if any??

  73. Gotfive5

    Olive branches turn to spears...... When you flowers turn to guns. HHHHMMMMMMMMMM

  74. Colby Smith

    I will say "he" is the man who made me whole. If my women would realize the some way. usurp and Reagan go along way though haha!

  75. Berry Music

    got great super songs. unbelievably unique gifted songwriter.

  76. Mark Pinheiro

    he should have the same credit and rememberance as Jimi,Janis,Jim Morrison,Lennon,Zappa,Kurt Cobain etc.why is he forgotten?

    Dave Thompson

    Maybe he wasn't 27? But you're right.

  77. Charles Black Baingan

    And he WROTE these songs and recorded these songs in just a few years .SERIOUS STUFF.

  78. Roger Crowder

    Jim Croce was one of those great writers whose Lyrics are timeless. Thanks Jim for what you did in such a short amount of time. RIP

  79. will10218

    so much heart and love is put into all his music. you still have a great many fans Jim.

  80. yamimm700

    he is great i made a playlist for everyone to remember how great he was and still is check it out

  81. MrTjsimon

    One of the most masterful song writers / singers of all time

  82. handymandan100

    The force was strong with this one...

  83. Michael Kimmel

    If you're into lyrics, you should check out some Tonio K songs - particularly off of the 'Funky Western Civilization' and 'Amerika: Cars, Guitars, and Teenage Violence" releases.

  84. Michael Kimmel

    Croce songs are spectacular, as was his guitar playing. One of his more popular tunes - I think it was "I'll have to say 'I Love You' in a Song" - he apparently got bored with normal chords. He plays a Dm that sounds exactly like the Dm every beginning guitar student learns, but he plays it around the 7th or 9th fret. As a beginning guitar player when I learned that song it really made an impression.

  85. jerry king


  86. Johnel83

    To clear up a few things. This song was first released in the late 1960's but went nowhere. If you read the lyrics carefully Jim is pointing out the hypocrisy on both sides of the 1960's. It was released after his death in 1973. The song went nowhere because Jim was saying a pox on both of your houses. Never a popular position when both sides are self righteous. Jim did serve in the military before the Vietnam War.

  87. Roger Crowder

    My Favorite Jim Croce lyrics - He was really GOoD - rip

  88. levons money

    Humans like to kill each other...Freedom is an illusion to those who cant afford it and it keeps going on and on.

    Johnathan Goodwin

    Humans don't "like" to kill one another, I would more likely say, "Humans often turn to the easy answer. You don't have to talk about something and compromise if the other person is dead, do you? No worries about trying to split resources if there is only one person..."

  89. heft1983

    This has always been one of my top five Jim Croce songs. The words in this song apply just as much today, as they did when he wrote it. RIP, Jim!

  90. OlymPigs2010

    ...don't sweat it now nappy..but hey if you ever get your head out of your ass..then you'll really have something to worry about!

  91. OlymPigs2010

    ...This song sums up the present Greedy,Corrupt,War Mongering American Government!!!

  92. rugbymom75

    This song is just as significant as it was when he wrote it as protest song against the war.

  93. Lia Mari

    It is not shock to know that his plane fell from the sky before this song could be released... now he flies even higher and his words are ours to bear. Love each other... it's just that simple.

  94. alongthismortalcoil

    I cannot thank you enough! I have loved this song since I was a little girl and would listen to it (and all other songs Jim Croce) with my father and have not been able to find it anywhere.

    IMHO it's one of his best songs.

    Thank you again!

  95. occams99

    I remember this from my parents records as they struggled, starved, and eventually persevered through Reagan's eighties. Today people have stopped wondering. My rage is only usurped by the sense of helplessness and lack of personal control over my own destiny. I have become my father as I watch the world slip away into the hands of people with profane motives and impure agendas. Like my father, I've found myself seeking some temporal example of justice. I fear I will find what he did.

    Johnathan Goodwin

    There is no easy answer, but sometimes an easy path. That is where everyone (governments in general) screwed up.

  96. sukaza4meshon

    what? 2 dislikes? the dislike button exists here? what? *sad day*

  97. Johnel83

    Not to worry. I don't have migraines and I will look at one of my four sons and call him by one of his brother's names. I call my wife honey also so I don't accidently use an old girlfriend's name by mistake. Our boy Cat later supported the fatawa ( order to kill) by Muslim clerics of the UK writer Salmon Rushdie because he wrote a novel that had some unfavorable things to say about the Prophet Muhammad. That was when he lost airplay time.

  98. Roy Jones

    @Johnel83 I am sorry I mixed up Jim with Cat Stevens. It was a terrible loss when Jim went down in that small plane. I experience severe migraines at times and sometimes get a little dsylexic with names of things and people. It's a good thing I just call my wife honey. Cat Stevens was pretty much denied airplay after his conversion to Islam though. No that he put anything out worth playing after that anyway. Sorry Again, Croce was bad with LeRoy Brown!

  99. Johnel83

    @deepsnapper This song was actually recorded during the late 1960's before he became popular and was re-released after his death in 1973. He never converted to Islam. The singer of his era that did convert to Islam was Cat Stevens.

    Johnathan Goodwin

    That being said, Cat Stevens still did excellent sons. Someone's religious views have little effect on how much I enjoy their music. Of course, i'm also not the type of person to hate a group of people, specifically, the individuals of a group, based of of religion, or their views, for that matter. i simply have too much empathy for that. "Stand in another man's shoes."

  100. Johnel83

    The most insightful, truthful protest song ever. Thank you for posting.