Jill Scott - Spring Summer Feeling Lyrics

Feeling the way I do
It's hard to keep focus
One minute staring at the moon
Next into your eyes
And it's no surprise
Ooo that my knees weaken
At the lovely words you're speaking
La la la la
It takes more than diamonds to woo me
La la lala
It takes more than money to groove me
Feeling the way I do
It's hard to keep focus
One minute starin at the moon
Next into your eyes
It's no surprise
That my knees get weaken
From the lovely words you're speaking
It takes more tan diamonds to woo me
It takes more than money to move me
It takes more than ooo material things
It takes more than diamond to move me
It takes more than money to groove
It takes more than cars to get me where I need to go
Don't stop the flow

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Jill Scott Spring Summer Feeling Comments
  1. Tracy A

    It takes more than diamonds to woo me.

  2. Tracy A

    I love her voice. Beautiful.

  3. Jessica Hughes

    Grown woman anthem 🔥🙌🏾

  4. Dondre Johnson

    We need this

  5. angela lewis


  6. W Collins

    It takes more than Diamonds, money, and material things.

  7. Ari Kornell

    I love you LaLa ❤👌

  8. Tammy Albert

    2019 currently. Love this still🎶💯♥️

  9. Leslie Jones

    How I would love for JILL Scott to make another soft and smooth CD like her sound of her first music pure and sensual so beautiful

  10. Leslie Jones

    I wish jill Scott would make more music like this very sensual n soothing we need it today in 2019

  11. nemesixsis

    💗🌸💞 and boom on the move: https://youtu.be/egN9MaUR-BY

  12. Quianna Dillard


  13. D'Artenya Granger

    Spring Summer Feeling - Jill Scott

  14. Crecia Bonner

    Can never go wrong with Ms Scott. Thank you for all the soothing relaxing music it always sets the mood. 😊😊😊😊

  15. purposed patience

    La la la it takes more than money to whoo me💯😍

  16. Wr Alie Beatmaker

    Muito bom esse som!

  17. Angel Mac

    La la lal la it takes more than diamonds to woo me...takes more than money to grooooove me!! 💯👌🏾

  18. Queen Melise'

    This song makes me feel so inlove.

  19. Koray Kücük


  20. Koray Kücük


  21. Hot Boi

    I was on my thug shh😈😈👹 until I listened to this no my mind at ease💆💆

  22. R3systems

    This makes me think of the sun during the afternoon

  23. Tavis Banks


  24. Aoleon Wallace

    I'm in love this is on repeat 😌

  25. Kirk Drummer

    Is it possible to fall in Love with this artist without knowing her? Lol! Jill you are truly indescribable, and I love it!!

  26. Garran Johnson

    Mood altering...🙌

  27. Honeysuckle Moon

    It takes more... I'm Thankfull that you know this. E.D.K.

  28. Lawrence Worrell

    This song makes me feel incredibly sexy. The warm soft breeze of arousal whispers to my imagination. Give me this song, and i'll give any woman some of the best lovemaking she's ever had in her life.

  29. Mimi

    My favorite song of hers that I used to play all the time. She is speaking my language.

    JohnJacobJingleHeimer Schmidt

    Mimi mine too. LOVE this Jill but she got nasty lol


    @JohnJacobJingleHeimer Schmidt I agree, too nasty for me.

  30. thaillistproducer

    Who can in their RIGHT mind dislike this song??? Maybe they aren't in their right mind?!


    I agree 100%. Thanks for watching!

    Isaiah Conover

    thaillistproducer v

  31. Rhonda Mayfield

    not too many down to earth R&B artist around like this anymore!


    So true. Thanks for watching!

  32. Terrell Corrodus

    Beautiful song

  33. Tavis Banks

    passionate woman i love her man!!!!

  34. Jeremy Coney

    i love her songs but i lisen to her bc my mom use to lisen to her but she dle so im carring her music of jill scott live u mom and jill scoott

    Chrystal Bryant

    Jeremy Coney

  35. Lady Behind The Veil

    Tell'em Goddess! ♥🎵🎶🎤🎵🎼

  36. darrell murray

    So smooth.

  37. shanice homere

    I want to make a baby to this song.......nice, slow and sensual....

  38. shanice homere

    I love this song ....it makes me want to make love to my man all night...

  39. Everlasting Gemini

    This makes me think of walking through a big garden of flowers with beautiful butterflies and listening to the birds sing. So peaceful.

  40. skinfan jay

    Either. Someone is really. Gifted. At whisking. Or. That is. A. Synthesizer. (At the. End)

    skinfan jay

    Meant to say. Whistling

  41. skinfan jay

    The great. Rafael. Sadiqq (formerly. Of. Toni. Tony. Toni). On. Electric. Guitar. Along with the. Eloquent. Vocals. Of. Jill. Scott. AWESOME

    Jennifer Rhodes

    skinfan jay The G.O.A T.🙌

    skinfan jay

    Real talk

  42. Autumn Sunsets

    My favorite song by the lovely, beautiful, talented, Queen.

    Shirley Burgess

    Queen! Exactly!

  43. Wes Kim

    will i ever understand why this only has 33597 views

    Wes Kim

    i didnt mean to sound like those cliche youtube comment but seriously i was curious why this had so less view since 2010 upload..its been years

  44. Natasha

    this was the shat


    whole flickin album

  45. Linda Wright

    Just what I need thanks

  46. bahiyyah Ferguson


  47. Ethan Soul

    when i first heard her whistle note i didnt think it was her i thought it was an actual bird

  48. Tsanga Lauriane

    du pur son

  49. Mashadi Mokone

    My feel good and pick me up song :)

  50. oskamadison

    This song bring a smile to my spirit...

  51. Tierra Stark

    I love everything about Jill Scott !!

  52. Rickeya brown

    The whole song is just Beautiful. 😍

    James Franklin

    Nice nice nice💕💕💕

  53. Deo Tyler

    greatest female vocalist I've ever heard

    skinfan jay

    She's up there

  54. Deo Tyler

    greatest female vocalist I've ever heard


    man I can't debate that, she's in my top females all time along with Minnie Riperton, Sade, and Donna Summer.

  55. heemjordan92

    Great song and artist and video

  56. CeCe

    Jill and BJ the Chicago Kid on heavy rotation

  57. Nette Taylor wife of Kenyatta Taylor

    Jill Scott music is my foreplay♡♡♡

  58. Nette Taylor wife of Kenyatta Taylor

    no shade on her latest album but i do miss this style of music by her

    Shauntee Nelson

    Ennette Taylor For real, this CD has always had me on Cloud 9!!

    Dondre Johnson

    I knew I wasn't the only one that felt that way

  59. Dj Redlock

    Why ain't this tune classed as one of her best tunes, its got a special substance. Listen to those Violins and strings......Omg

    Raymond Ortega

    +Dj Redlock I know it just has that magical sound to it

    Armeia Gibson

    i play this song at least 10 xs a day

    Jennifer Rhodes

    Dj Redlock it's so peaceful.

    Johnnie Jackson

    Dj Redlock because it's just for us the true lovers of real music...


    Those strings and instruments is why I love this song so much.

  60. Menace

    This is the song I felt sit just for you. In that time, Strong.

  61. SW PARK

    비올때 들으니 좋은듯

  62. Moksha

    I discovered this album when I was 18, 19, lost track of it, now i'm 24, almost 25 and hearing it brought some nostalgia back, like a soft caress, or a fragrance of times past, yes I'm talking about a woman, songs reminds me of women in my past, I phase my life according to them

  63. verbaldoodle

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!