Jill Scott - Cross My Mind Lyrics

I was just thinking about you
Wondering if you wear the same cologne
Smelled good
On you
Had the next boyfriend of mine try the same kind
But it stunk on him though.
You know what they say everything ain't for everybody.
But I tried anyway.
You sure did smell good.

You just running cross my mind

You had that masculine thing DOWN
Shoulders, back straight never sloping never round
It would turn me on just to see you walk into a room, across the room, out of the room.
You really impressed me.
Eh yeah

You just running cross my mind

I know if I pick up this phone, write this letter send this two way.
I know I'm gonna say some things, I know you gonna say some things
That we both don't mean to say
Like...how amazing...how amazing...
When you would spread my limbs cross continents
Bump our bed way over mountains.
Kiss this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and that.
Show each other where the climax is at.

You just running cross my mind
I was just thinking about you, wondering what you doing I mean what you've been up to
I know its wrong feeling this strong let me take a second minute I will think this thing through

I was just thinking about you, wondering what you doing I mean what you've been up to
I know its wrong feeling this strong let me take a second minute I will think this thing through

Remember all the moments for two, how we used to
Oh yeah
But the reality honestly...you where never good for me and I was never good for you.
I just remember what we used to do....

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Jill Scott Cross My Mind Comments
  1. Mo Blessings

    She be having the realist lyrics. She's a stunning singer.

  2. Maggie Calhoun

    Woke up with this morning with this song on my mind. It hit all the right spots. Some time it's like that can't change your feeling even when it's not right.

  3. Sean Sartor

    Timeless !

  4. Kenneth Yarbro

    Jill you just ran across my mind.... damnnn

  5. Cameron 2K player bo2

    Will Forever Be One Of My Top 5 Favorite Songs, On The Soultre Side💪🏾💜#JillscottIsOneOfAKind#FACTS🤷🏽‍♀️

  6. Ernest Miller

    My favorite lyric from that song (a man's version), "Had the next girlfriend try that same perfume, but it stunk on her." LOVE THAT LYRIC!!!!😄

  7. Sheila Blow

    When I hear this song I think of one of my exs

  8. Lola Femme fatale

    Jill is thick and sexy

  9. Betty Boop

    This is my girl...so talented and real.

  10. Edward Hood

    .....if i never had Cross a women mind her mindframe til life is no life datt AdultUp😑 thang same as i as
    Instead of the 🥀🥀🥀🥀💔💔opposites ordinary

    I done as Jilll Scott said inn this one too

  11. I feel like she is criminally gorgeous & criminally underrated.


    You said it all!!!! She is so badass!

  12. Gerri Miller

    We never forget that intensity love feeling....that moment stays in our soul forever🌷😘🌷

  13. Pisces King

    This song still hits hard 2020

  14. Shotta bwoi

    STILL LISTENING 2020!✔✔💯♦️👌🏾

  15. April George

    What in the hell is on them damn lips.. 💄 😍😍😍...ohhh the song is Amazing too.. lol

  16. Christian Anderson

    These songs were so sensual, passionate, and real back then. No wonder babies were being popped out left and right lol

  17. Gemini babyy



    🃏Can neva be replaced of my space or my place. Jus wen u thot the grass was greener. 👑💌🥀🍆☯️⌛

  19. kyshaon Brooks

    Love this

  20. Douglas Wright

    Jack meet Jill o boy !

  21. paul Thompson

    Jill Scott!!!!! no words !!!! 😘

  22. Kuda Majaha

    its 2020 and I'm now 23, wondering how Jill really made me cry about my imaginary boyfriend when I was 10.

  23. Erika Davis

    Must be getting close to Mercury retrograde. Got me all up in my feelings right now. Dedicated to the 'forbidden fruits'.....😎

  24. Teresa Hadley

    Still jamming in 2020😊

  25. 4550lvl

    Dammnit Man!

  26. madizm son

    My baby!! 😘

  27. Juvè Chevez The Work

    Girl Luther

  28. Juvè Chevez The Work

    W R U! MissTheTru.. 🌸💐

  29. Ayanda Mathebula

    The mischief dripping all over that "I was just thinking about you"... statement...😂😂😂

  30. Aunraysis Pollock

    This my jamming

  31. G-MEISTER Dreamcatcher

    Yo Jill makes my soul feel so good if that makes any sense?

  32. Lisa Toro


  33. Darius Totten

    Jill, is so sexy.

  34. Appetite 4 Chic

    This song will have you hitting up ex’s you know you have no business talking to 💀

    Yavonda Dudley Long

    Exactlyyyyyyy ✅🎯😂‼️

    Marchree marshall

    😂😂😂 okaaay

    naturallybronzed xo


    Jerome Lewis

    Thank you we need all our black men to be men treat our women like u want your mother treated jkl

  35. Zachary Powell

    Jazz and r&b I love it

  36. Tyza Harper

    Oh help me...sos...ooh please

  37. Dj Kutt’n Cee

    extraordinary muzic!

  38. Yadier Noa Chamble

    Beautiful Jill

  39. Vel Boone

    This song is really beautiful..

  40. Anthony Stephenson

    Timeless music!

  41. Sonia R

    2020, hey do that sh!t Jill😊😁😀

  42. Bunnay 7

    "You were never good for me and I was never good for you." Whew harsh reality!!! "I just remember what we used to do!" Damn🖤💋🤷🏾💔

  43. Major Williams


  44. kevin J. Avilez

    2019 and Jill Scott make me want to break my own heart.. like wtf

  45. Belmont 216

    Her concerts are everything. This song live is even more amazing.

  46. Sandra Heggs

    Don't throw ur Pearl's to the Swan...Sometimes after u give it away they roll away.. Listen to Chaka Khan Song 💋 Best Of Ur Heart ❤️ I think it's on her Street Player with Rufus Album/CD..Chaka Khan Breaks it down my Sista's All Over The World..💯

  47. Charles Taylor

    I love jill's voice

  48. Elizabeth Matthews

    Still here for it and its almost 2020


    Same here.

  49. Earth Erika

    +1.5 speed is life 💖

  50. Jay Akerele

    This Melody Made Me Cry.....x

  51. Buddy Love

    I used to have this song playing on my myspace page lol this is one of my favorite Jill Scott songs

  52. james owens

    12-11-2019 #runningacrossmymind

  53. anthony perry

    There will never be another Jill Scott

  54. Conscious Zone

    Love Jill Scott...who is ready for new music

  55. MemoGrafix

    Love the song, the video not what I expected, a lot less than expected.

  56. Baby Cakes

    She was Everything at the Oakland Paramount

  57. Emmanuel Boswell

    I love this song. Makes me smile every time

  58. besx 908 goddess88


  59. Simone Vargas

    🥰🥰🥰 we need another album

  60. Kellice Mitchell

    I was just thinking about you...

  61. Jocelyn Jefferson



    #JillScott I remember you do you remember me Ms. Lady when you answered the phone & Anthony ask to Speak to Jazzy & you said that you were the only one in & I said damn she sounds like me... You are currently pretty much other than a select few that can compare to the sultry way we have about ourselves!!! You know that you know that simply speaking the S.H.I.T.

  63. Sonar Eskoh

    *d[-_-]b* ★♪♪♪♪🎧♪🎵🎶🎼🎹 🎻🎷🎺🎸♪♪♥ ♥♪♪ ★⭐

  64. Sonar Eskoh


  65. Practical Fitness

    Just to see you walk into a room... Across a room.. Out of a room 😭😭😭🤣🤣

  66. Loretta De Herrera


  67. Darlene Harrison

    You Bad with this Jill 💕💕💕💕💕

  68. pinot Noir

    still play this track Day 2019 Instant Classic

    info joe



    How many of you, when it first started, had that specific person pop right in their head immediately ??? Then how many people thought, 'if I thought I could get away with it I'd call' ??? 🤫😉😁

  70. jacqueline starkey

    I love her!

  71. Ayesha Aj

    Checking in for September 19th 2019

  72. Jessica Marie Baumgartner

    Damn this song haha #SoReal

  73. Keitriscyia Bradford-Stubbs


  74. Appetite 4 Chic

    This should have 50 million views. The subject is so relatable. Not to mention anything Jill makes is the smoothest shit ever

  75. Blessin Flimdoza

    Damnnnn the way she said those words blow me away #Jill 👑🐐

  76. Patut1


  77. Youlonda Griffin

    How amazing........you would spread my limbs cross continents 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  78. Vanessa Richardson

    The is my favorite song of Jill Scott. So darn sexy.

  79. James Hill

    You just run a cross my mind, 🥂 will you in all cans of trouble with your #EX'S

  80. Derrick Gordon

    I had a random dream about someone I was cool with. Woke up, and played this song. sighhhhhh

  81. Elliot Ness

    If you can't keep a man just press play and let Jill show you how.

  82. Vegan Vocalist

    What a beautiful feminine Black sista and lovely music, voice and video ;D

  83. Shawna Ross

    How amazing, how amazing when you would spread my limbs cross continents and bump our bed way over mountains edge!!! I can't wait to get back to my Mann. It's going to be some furniture movin u heard me!!!!

  84. Charlotte Thomas

    Jilly from philly

  85. Dell Thompson

    Thinking about you too as I listen to you sing me to sleep when I wake l am still the one you will never know but if our eyes connect you will be thinking about me "damn "

  86. sacoyea mckay

    This shit still go💯🥰

  87. méguy firoly

    Bonjour 🤝 jill scott c'est mon clip préférée oh mon dieu 💋 💋 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

  88. Ivory Williams

    Her musical style is so original. She’s good for an amazing poetic but melodic track that she narrates over 😭. It’s addicting

  89. Jay Cee

    I'm here now.. damn Jill😊 got me in my feels. Now I'm up texting my ex 😑🥴😌lol

  90. QueenB 1969

    I love you #KingKouture💜

  91. Mo Minor

    I could see fine ass Idris Elba in this video. Jill telling the damn truth put some shit on my mind almost had me dialing a number I should always never answer or call. I'm keeping it that way.

  92. Ramon Romain

    Intimidatingly Beautiful,its not a word but oh well its true.

  93. Cheri Whitaker


  94. Epson Bramstedt

    Its a nice melody but a song clearly going on about sex is really dirty minded for entertainment. Beautiful voice but thats way top far. All of the comments are completly dirty minded as well, im out.

  95. Kabore Mahamadi

    I love you Jill