J.I. - Need Me Lyrics

I swear this gon fuck the summer up
Niggas hatin' on me 'cause I'm comin' up
Fuck you all night, we ain't gon stop until the sun is up
Make you mine for a little
You should let me, break your spine just a little
Got your shawty on my pistol, made her empty out the clip
I swear I'm too official, I can never stress a bitch
I done lost a couple soldiers everyday I reminisce
And I could've took his bitch, but her pussy smelled like fish
Me and all my niggas on the ship like marijuana
Only time a nigga hit my phone is when there's drama
Niggas feel a type of way 'cause I do want I wanna
While you were scared of sharks, I was posted with piranhas
I heard that your freaky, maybe you should teach me
I'm afraid to tell you how these other bitches treat me
Don't gotta worry, I'mma pull up when you need me
How my bitch bad is what I wonder like I'm Stevie

I know it's been way too long
I know niggas did you wrong
I said you could call my phone
When you need me
Hit me when you need me

I swear to God you better never try to leave me
I want you to myself I swear to God I'm greedy
I gotta move a type of way, knowing it ain't easy
'Cause at the light is where these niggas tryna leave me
I gotta be cautious, these niggas like to talk shit
I remember when I pulled up on your shorty and she lost it
I was in the trenches, I was moving with them bosses
You was on the benches, you was dwelling over losses

I know it's been way too long
I know niggas did you wrong
I said you could call my phone
When you need me
Hit me when you need me
I know it's been way too long
I know niggas did you wrong
I said you could call my phone
When you need me
Hit me when you need me

Let me hold you
Girl don't stress nobody
You got me going crazy
You turn me on, turn me on
Let me hold you
Girl don't stress nobody
You got me going crazy
You turn me on, turn me on

I know it's been way too long
I know niggas did you wrong
I said you could call my phone
When you need me
Hit me when you need me
I know it's been way too long
I know niggas did you wrong
I said you could call my phone
When you need me
Hit me when you need me

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J.I. Need Me Comments
  1. Debbie L

    Yea. Yea 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. cute world with cece and junee

    His face tho

  3. Kuroro

    Nigga is mad ugly damn


    What beat he used for this

  5. Zoe Thomas

    Happy new year🧡

  6. Waxsabbi Melon

    N word!!! Tho

  7. Myana Elexus

    I like this song

  8. Ive Maldonado

    That is lit

  9. BigNT

    He looks like a Gansta Steph Curly

  10. Coles Dreamville

    He look funny af but he got good flow so fuck it

  11. ii_chicki clown

    Is his name like Jamal Ignacio

  12. Swifty Gamer

    Like for 10 years of good luck
    Click here to activate

  13. IHazUrOreoz

    He looks like Faze Rug

  14. 0nly aliah

    I'm addicted 😝😬😬😬🥺❤️

  15. 0nly aliah

    This song hit different ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Cristal Ruiz

    I love this song

  17. Minu Savage

    J.Cole-Work Out vibes💕💕✈️

  18. BabyTay

    He took someone else lyrics look it up💯💯

  19. Princess Kanijah

    He’s fine 😍😍

  20. Kristianberki22 Yafuckingbitch

    He is racist

  21. Natasha Joseph

    Remind me of lil baby

  22. Lil Ma'ams

    Bruh I Luv u and you've grew so much

  23. Adriana Petty


  24. Shadow

    Who knows him from the rap game 🤘🏾

  25. Anniee

    who else hears (Kevin Lyttle - turn me on) verse in his music?

  26. Poop Taste grea


  27. Better Than EMMIT

    J.i and a doggie collab?

  28. Zayzay Church

    I remember when he never used to curse

  29. L2 Clan

    Y this lil white boy saying nigga

  30. Maya WRLD 9 9 9


  31. Roger Jones

    Leaving all the heart break in 2019💔

  32. arii cruz

    Maaaan this makin me act upppp😩🔥🔥✨

  33. Master YI

    I felt like running a drill beat since the drill scene in NYC is hot at the moment, I took major feedback from my last post asking for advice thanks to many supporters who took the time to give my first track a genuine listen. Nonetheless here it is, tell me what you think and feedback is always needed. Thank you for your time 🙏


  34. bigjon012582

    Fire beat

  35. Big Mz Top 7z

    cant stop listening to his music

  36. David Villainy

    This shit is shit, and not good shit

  37. Cogel Man


  38. James Gaddy

    Real https://youtu.be/fUJRC9ccV0w

    James Gaddy

    premise is homeless in a suit dear mr. Donald Trump verse httpsnhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ie7E21dZNYaUIdfFoPYBykfydgX5-mNN/view?usp=drivesdk

  39. ynwjosiah fhdhdjncjf

    One nicca has a red flag the other nicca gots a blue wtf

    Lil Tree

    ynwjosiah fhdhdjncjf Thats How it is in NY

    ynwjosiah fhdhdjncjf

    @Lil Tree i would of killed the nicca wit the red flag on crip

  40. alexandra Kelly

    Love it play it all day

  41. M.I.A_Faith

    fav rapper off of season 2

  42. James Konan

    This sound like questions from Chris brown

  43. GravityCancel

    This shows how grinding can pay off fr. Kid went from street battle rap to love songs switching up his flows and it worked out 💫

  44. Uknomya

    This hits different ‼️💪🏽💣

  45. Ms Trena

    i put this on all day every allday

  46. Corda

    wats shawty igg

  47. Triple G Reacts

    This a entire vibe please go check out the reaction video I did to this hit https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=C9ZtiiuTt_4

  48. SaiYT

    Aye it’s the dude from rap game

  49. Linda Ewing

    Bro what you saying the n work your white

  50. Damari washington

    the rap game was useful! he gonna be BIG soon!!💯

  51. Daniel Johnson

    I didn’t know he can sing damn he did good

  52. YT_Clipz_


    Lil Tree

    YT_Clipz_ Ya mother sucks

  53. Iconic Baby

    This proves jd ain’t know what he was talm bout 🤣

    Lil Tree

    Iconic Baby That old nigga out of touch

    Parnell Hughes

    Iconic Baby he didn’t sign him Bc he knew he was gonna leave Bc jd would get mad Bc he swears

  54. Zanae’s Life

    I can listen to this song for years keep doing ya thing we love your music

  55. Joseph torres

    can you come to usa

    Lil Tree

    Joseph torres He’s in New York dummy

  56. Hunter

    A boogie vibes from this man

  57. Brando Diaz

    Mike sherms lil brother

  58. Cassandra Guzman

    dis song hella good no cap . 🥶

  59. Joseph torres

    im a fan you are the best rapre

  60. Jayden Victoriaa

    Forever my babyyyy🤪🦋

  61. Maxxxprow JP

    From Dominican Republic❤️

  62. Maxxxprow JP

    This music is one of my favorites

  63. Hannah Steinbroner

    You fire asf 🔥😊

  64. Heaven Ross

    Only 16 swears wow hit the like if ur impressed

    Heaven Ross

    No it only has 16 swears in the song

  65. its your boy Eder

    Like this if j.i. and Luh Kel should make a song

  66. J smoove

    Beginning was 🔥 lowkey

  67. Kavinha Brodie

    Me and him have the same birthday (go libra) period

  68. hot cheeto dust

    shawty nervous af.. somebody grab sis a towel

  69. Live Life_24

    What’s the girls Instagram

  70. Kavinha Brodie

    It’s sad that I just now know this song I like it tho it’s going on my playlist

  71. BTE Calvin

    You’re blowing up in 2020👁👼🏾🖤

  72. Hector Colombus

    ive seen multiple different niggas who looks like this

  73. 1k Talibandzz

    “ I’ll crack you in the head with a bottle I just peed in” only day ones remember where that came from 💯😂

    Natasha Victoria

    1k Talibandzz the rap game 😝


    You said it wrong 😂

    K. Helen

    @It’sLaila its similar to what he said

    Life with Niyonna

    😂😂😂 when he was rapping with cannon 💀 .

  74. Datrass Harper McCollum

    The feeling is being restored

  75. Forever Squad


  76. Aaron Medina

    Bro you deadass took that one verse from chris brown💀 fake asfff


    i love this song

  78. Toxic

    The Rap Game flashbacks 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🤗🤗

  79. kayla monroe

    Nice song. Lol yo these kids look like they 15 on some high school shit. Damn I’m getting old

  80. Leeah D

    So proud of him


    Why did Mani win the rap game I dont see his hits JI on top ,🙌😂

    A Omondi

    BMG SIMMS look that shit ip

    Key Woa

    @BMG SIMMS they literally on the same season

    Ashley Ramirez

    Frz tho he has less than like 20k views J.I over her blastin wit millions

    y x

    BMG SIMMS my nigga did you even watch the show💀 they were both season 2

  82. A Marty

    tbh this shit go harddddd

  83. Carla Rodriguez

    He is so cute and 👌

  84. Carla Rodriguez

    I replayes this soung like a thousand times

  85. Carla Rodriguez

    He has grown so big since the rap game

  86. Stormy and Sky !!

    He looked better back then

  87. NC Gang

    "I could've stole his bitch but her pu$$y smell like fish"

  88. Jayda Gavin

    Call me when you need me my baby boy 💙♾


    Hey that girl the one cheating so the song should be sung the other way around lol

  90. Sony Be Wavy

    This probably just put JI even more on the map the way this banger skyrocketed

  91. Esmaily Rodríguez

    Si. Gabriela

  92. Esmaily Rodríguez

    Si. Gabriela

  93. AXEL

    Cheat codes🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  94. Incognita Me

    Shawty on my pistol/ I let her empty out the clip. Ok J.I. Your boy got BARS! That almost went over my head

  95. myaunna

    i been searching for this song .🙃

  96. frvkls

    You to cool

  97. Prinncess ivyyy

    how old is he ?

    SS NzXr_Fanatic

    Prinncess ivyyy 18