Jhene Aiko - Popular Lyrics

I was the young girl,
I was the dumb girl,
I was the one who can never be your one girl!
You were the fly guy,
Never asked why guy
Running around, making all the girls cry, guy!

Laying in your bed is gets so cold,
You wonder why!
You were such the man
Damn what happened
It’s just so sad!
They say

Mister popular, why are you alone now?
Mister popular, where are all your (hoes) now?
Mister popular why are you alone now?
Where did they all go now?
Mister popular, where did they all go now,
Why are you so lonely now?

Damn, homie, in high school
You was the man homie,
The fuck happened to you ..[2x]

He wanted things that he didn’t need
And I was the one who was trying to make him see
That he had it all cause he had my all,

But he’s a lost cause,
Guess you cannot save them all!
Now he’s at my show
Standing front row,
He don’t know how
He messed up such a good thing
Look who’s popular now!
They say

Mister popular why are you alone now?
Mister popular, where are all your hoes now?
Mister popular why are you alone now?
Where did they all go now?
Mister popular, where did they go now,
Why are you so lonely now?

Damn, homie, in high school
You was the man homie,
The fuck happened to you [2x]

Damn homie, damn homie
The fuck happened to you
Damn, homie in high school
You was the man homie
The fuck happened to you?

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Jhene Aiko Popular Comments
  1. Shania Diamond

    Still loving this gem in 2020

  2. Linda B

    2019 & i still love this song

  3. Wild Rosa

    Why isn’t this on iTunes

  4. Virgo Vixen

    Why is this not on Spotify :(

  5. tia allen

    Tekashi just copyright this song

  6. Gaby Ibarra

    Who's here after 6ix9ine STOOPID?

  7. Shannon Goins

    Feminine calmer version of prom queen. Idk which one came out 1st but i like them both

  8. Billy Mkhize

    This song makes me cry because i use to be jhene aiko in high school and the guy who mistreated me because he was popular is now nothing and i am working in a big company. I pass him every day selling sweets by the corner

    Boys Boysboys

    youre so strong

  9. Heavenlee joy


  10. Sean Steptoe

    jhene aiko my baby girl

  11. Rachel Lopez

    What does she say in the very beginning ?

    Vanessa Nakpane

    I think "one second" 🙈



  12. kimberly williams

    Love jhene!

  13. kimberly williams

    Omg freshmen year bus ride home had me feeling so bad about myself.....

  14. Kisha Paul

    my song i love this song i listen to it everyday on the bus and other places THE IS MY SONG MISTER POPULAR who poplar now, mister popular why are you alone now . MY SONG

  15. Ilyass Benzellat

    50 cent lyrics

  16. Hamdiya Perez

    This song 😍😍😍

  17. Jay Wayne

    This sing make me feel better every time I hear it

  18. BrownieGeo

    her whole album is fire....this song stands out to me

  19. Zinhle Ntsham

    #damn  its so dope 

  20. Elle Eee

    I love that she used J. Cole lyrics! Dreamville is the team

  21. Ashely Palmer

    i love this song

  22. Angel Moonlight

    Do ecstacy by tinashe please

  23. Ace Digs

    i like how she unique and shit , keep it up nigguh

  24. Tasia Harrison

    Vine brought me here

  25. Lorena Palacios

    I love this c:

  26. Chancellor Tharpe

    Good song. Exactly how it always is. People should realize what they have.

  27. Red Nel

    dammmn homie !FIDDY SHOULD DO A SONG WITH HER dope

  28. Krystal J.

    19 people were Mr. Popular....

    Chancellor Tharpe

    Haha, right! 21 now.

    Danielle Charley

    +Chancellor Tharpe now 33 LOL


    Now 50 ha

  29. Navers Kay

    How can people not get that this is 50 Cent - Wanksta that was being sampled? J. Cole?! Daaaaaaamn homie!

    Shawn Of The Dead

    j. cole is garbage. 50 is and always will be x1000000 better.



  30. Peter Griffin

    Lol it's because J cole basically bit 50 cent's lyrics from Wanksta, how can anyone even mistake Cole's voice for 50 anyways...haha

  31. d11ng

    sampled j cole!! okay!

  32. Trinity Catrice


  33. Priince' Dee

    But i know where you can get there mix tapes ill send you the link in a message.

  34. Priince' Dee

    She's Underground. She doesn't want to be sign, like Dom Kennedy

  35. Desmond Desouza

    You're pretty :) @babygurl331


    update niggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    hahahahahaha bitch nigga im still popular

  38. Rissa Phray

    All of his hoes are listening to this song lookin stupid

  39. Cake-Face BY: BIA

    Ha that part if off of wankstas-50 cent (: You have it right lol

  40. _ Thea

    I can't find her album on iTunes for some reason

  41. kay kay walker

    awwwwwwwwwwww......i wish u too a wonderful marriage

  42. kay kay walker

    I hope u grow up...jerk

  43. kay kay walker

    11 people were a mr popular

  44. kay kay walker

    i love dis song u got bad taste

  45. kay kay walker

    u make no sense

  46. emily Correll

    I dont like this song but i give her credit fir tryin

  47. diamond jhonson

    jhene aiko deja vu

  48. Cake-Face BY: BIA

    Im Getting Married And im Looking for a love song by her, ijust love her voice&iwant to dance to a song by her for our first dance as a married couple ;C

  49. ShaeeLighhhk

    , mhmm well I'm Miss Popular .

  50. Leniese92

    This song reminds me of this guy. He bullied me all through school because I wasn't pretty. Last time I saw him he tried to get with me and I straight up dished out my revenge.

  51. Brittney Ritchens

    Love this song

  52. ybz817

    anybody know where i can get this instrumental !?

  53. EthanJayy

    There are these typa girls for all dudes I swear

  54. Arttiparti

    i only really like the very first part

  55. Sasha Nowell

    Story Of My Freakin Life !!

  56. jade bradley

    homie u was the man homie lol

  57. Ope Savage

    This song is very similar to Lil Wayne - Prom Queen. love both track.

  58. L. L.

    This song reminds me of this guy.

  59. KID

    Damn she hot

  60. Lala Roswess

    its *dam homie, unless. you with the man homie*

  61. BDD EDDE

    reminds me of chuck and blair when they broke up in season 3 :3

  62. Carpathianpixie195

    My song!!!!!!

  63. Mally Osih

    1) calm down if you want to talk me, we do not know each other. 2) this was an innuendo in relation to the song. 3) get smarter.

  64. leah pettway

    i love her and u are totally right she is the BEST

  65. leah pettway

    how u gooda tell her how her song goes u dont sing it so shut up

  66. leah pettway

    i cant get this song out my head i keep playing over and over and over and over its even on my i tunes my i pod and in my music folder

  67. yyah

    all the guys i thought were hot in school waited til college to tell me they always liked me -_-

  68. Mally Osih

    actually it was Mr.popular and his hoes.

  69. KaeeDee Kyra Davis

    This is the girl version of Prom Queen

  70. Farah

    What an inspired sample of a 50 cent track!

  71. Taylor

    Shes a freakin beast!

  72. Taliya Jenee

    1 Person Was a Mr.Popular !

  73. Diana Velazquez

    This reminds me of prom queen by lil wayne..
    Its my first time hearing it and i already love it ( :

  74. SceneStarrx3

    i love this song <3!

  75. aleishajanae

    True shit !!!!