Jhene Aiko - For My Brother Lyrics

Oh yeah oh oh oh oh
Waves of sadness crashing against the shores of unsureness
So hard for me to understand when doctors they cannot cure this
I wish I could take away your pain
I wish I could trade places
Man I just want you to be okay
Man I just wish I could erase this
I know that life has a funny way
So I'm not complaining
And while I still got you here, still got you here
I hope that you can hear this

Don't give up, don't give up on us
I just want you to hear this
Don't give up on us

See when you were two I was born
And when I was two you were four
And when I was four you were six
And now I'm just sitting here reminiscing
You are more than just my brother
We grew up just like best friends
I know that nothing last forever
But I don't want this to end so...

Don't give up, don't give on us
I just want you to hear this
Don't give up on us

I love you til your last breath
Til the last drop past death
Til forever ends and that's never
Man I won't stop loving you ever
Do you understand, til your last breath
Til the last drop past death
Til forever end and that's never
Man I won't give up on your ever
Please just hear this

Sometimes you gotta walk through the darkness
To get to the light
Sometimes you gotta get through the wrong shit
To get to the right (oh right)
No matter how hard life gets you still gotta fight (fight for me)
Sometimes you gotta walk through the darkness
To get to the light

And if love is real and love can heal
Then on the real I would die for you
Said if love is real and love can heal
Then on the real I would die for you
So don't give up, don't give up, don't give up on us
(I would die for you)
I know you hear this

Don't give up, Don't give up on us
I know that you can hear this
Don't give up, don't give up on us

(And if love is real and love can heal then on the real I would die for you)
Sometimes you gotta walk through the darkness to get to the light
(Said if love is real and love can heal then on the real I would die for you)
Sometimes you gotta go through the wrong shit to get to the right
No matter how hard life gets, you still gotta fight
I'll never give up on you I'll never give up all right
(If it's one thing that you taught me it's how to fight)
I'll never give up on you I'll never give up all right
So don't give up (you still gotta fight) so don't give up
Please don't give up

I had a dream last night
And everything was alright
And you were walking and you were talking just like
Everything was alright and I know
It was for a reason I won't stop believing I won't
(If it's one thing you taught me it's how to fight)

And if the angels call your name
Baby please tell them you're staying
And if the angels call your name
Baby please tell them that you're staying
I know that you can hear this
I know that you can
Don't give up, don't give up on us
Hear me (don't give up)
Hear this
Please hear this, hear this

Die without you I would die without you
Die without you I would die without you
I would die without you I would die without you
I, Yes, I'll die without you I'll die without you
So don't give up on us

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Jhene Aiko For My Brother Comments
  1. Abby M

    I’m so grateful for my life ❤️ #GODISGOOD #THANKYOUFORANOTHERDAY

  2. Nicolas Carmona

    I feel sad my brother hagging out whith lots of girls AND Is cheatting ok em AND almost never hangs out whith me im 10 years old

  3. Jayden Thompson

    This song makes me cry everytime I listen to this it reminds me so much of my sister Nita B💜 she was shot and killed my her ex in front of her kids💔😢😫 she was literally two when I was born😔she was my best friend and he torn us apart☹️

  4. debra tibane

    i lost my brother 12 years ago but it still feels like yesterday 💔 hope He's in a better place i still love you❤️

  5. Ainsley

    I lost my oldest brother back in October of 2019 I'm I was 14 and he was 21 when I first found out I thought it was a joke I thought they were playing with me but they weren't...It had been so long since I had seen him but we would always be on The phone...this pain really sucks I don't wish it on anyone at all not even my worst enemy 😔 I've been so strong like I have people come up to me and tell me that they don't know how I do it and if they were me they would cry everyday.. I have to be the strong one for the rest of my family but I will never forget my brother the best big brother I could ever ask for🥺💔 it's truly not fair for him to be on a hoodie... everything is going to be okay for anyone who thinks it's now it is one day I promise you just stay strong for your family or for whatever reason you have to stay strong 🥺❤️

  6. Katie Hull x

    My brother died on 9/8/18 from oesophageal cancer. He was 23. I miss him more than words can say. He was my best friend. Sometimes I wake up from sleep and say “oh my god”. I still can’t believe it. His strength and bravery is what keeps me going. I love you forever Robbie 💙

  7. Trayania Wilson

    I lost my 14 year old brother on a Friday Jan 10,2020he was playing basketball cake home complaining bout he couldn’t breathe and left us suddenly 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  8. Opal Monroe

    For my daddy miss u every day‼️

  9. fuck outta here

    Fuck I miss my brother!!! COME HOME😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭

  10. Lijiana Todd

    My brother is going through a really hard time in life right now. He is 18 and has 54 more days in jail by being at the wrong place at the wrong time and he tells everyday how much he can’t wait to come home and start fresh. I pray he will be ok and one day we will all be sitting at dinner laughing him , my mom & I. I love you brother ♥️🙏🏼 Not a day I don’t think about you.

  11. Atiya Gladden

    My brothers died . Not physically , but emotionally . They’re not there for me and they’re so emotionally unavailable . This reminds me of a love from a brother that I never had . And my father is emotionally unavailable as well . so I never had a male role model , (except my uncle but he lives in VA) or someone to simply say that “I’m beautiful “ and etc . It hurts . But I know I’ll be okay .

  12. Is that you R.I.P. KING JACKA

    RIP Kobe

  13. Villaz Beats

    R.I.P Kobe and Gianna 🙏🏾

  14. Bryan Mathews


  15. Reg Gee

    RIP to my Brother..love you forever bro

  16. Rell Brown

    2020-1-22 miss you all but I know your the light in every dark situation Just keep me covered in life we don’t get to always say goodbye but Cherish the good mornings goodNights I love you I miss you. Hold them so tight and fight.

  17. Kate Starr

    2020 and still here 💕

  18. Starmie

    Man this song never gets old! Crying thinking about my brother, cherish your memories, take a million pictures!!

  19. J London

    My brother/father died in April of 2019 and this song gets me through the pain everyday. @jheneaiko thank you for this gem!

  20. Wanda Bowser

    RIP... Pete. Lung cancer sucks. 12/22/18.

  21. Jojo Santos

    Love ❤️ you & Miss you so much baby brother
    Douglas James Gunter
    Born September 2, 1996
    Murdered on Dec.6 2019
    My daughter is 24 he was 23 and my son is 22 so he was like one of my own babies. I am so heartbroken, angry and grateful for all the memories we did get to have together. He is on his best journey as our Gram would say. Along with so many beautiful angels Jeanie Brian and Trudy R.I.P.
    He was special to so many people for so many reasons. Gone too soon baby bro.

  22. plain sight

    My sister loves this song so much i guess she loves her big bro id die for my lil one ❤

  23. Patricia Anderson

    I lost my brothers to the system it hurts so bad

  24. Jada Baker

    It's 4 am and I'm here just trying to find some peace. My big brother has been gone over 10 years and it still hurts like yesterday. I feel like I'm loosing control most days. Just wanna know that the pain can end but I just don't think it ever will. Sorry for all the loss 💔🙏

  25. tiffanie bhoorasingh

    For the pst 7 years I’ve been listening to this son every dec 31st I miss my brother so much he was 2 years older too 💔

  26. jj medick

    RIP Miyagi Chilombo! 🙏🙏🙏

  27. Pretty Metriaaa

    I Recently Just Lost My Brother And I Lovee This 🥺🥺💙

  28. Leslie Sanker

    I feel your pain more than you know! I love you for making this son for your brother....it's like you took my words for my brother and sang it for both of them. R.I.P. Bless you. May you live in peace knowing he is still watching over you.

  29. Indijae

    All of you are in my prayers 🙏🏽💕

  30. Ladii Different Kind 91

    Lost my brother the day after my birthday due to cancer in 2018! Rest well Pablo so cal

  31. Terronda Harris

    One step away from church music...?🤗🙌🙏

  32. Sammi Sammii

    <3 This song is beautiful, reminds me of my baby brother <3

  33. Jay EM Holla

    Had to come back and listen to this.. 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  34. hippa2dahoppa2

    one of my friends sent me this. i know 4 people who have died the past 2 weeks. i relaly dont wanna hear this bullshit right now. all this shit does is make you more depressed. if anyone wants a word of advice, when your depressed DONT LISTEN TO DEPRESSED MUSIC.

  35. Darius Bradley

    Rest In Peace Destinee A. Ford 👼🏽 I love you Cuzzo 🤞🏽💕

  36. MissNessy 28

    Trice❤😘 I Miss you sis

  37. Mademoiselle Carter

    I lost my brother 19 days ago and this song helps me get thur the day

  38. nani Banks

    Rest in peace sister 🙏💔 #cheetahsworld

  39. Ladessa Mccain


  40. Treu Wade

    This was so nice..I know your bro is probably watching over u

  41. Desirae Garza

    I miss you popo❤❤❤💞💞 My grandpa passed March 1st 2019 due to bone cancer severe took him in a month

  42. BabyfaceNitra

    I love you brother ❤️

  43. Victoria Vela

    This song makes me cry. I went through a similar situation except he wasn’t sick or passed away. But he left me and my sister because my mom didn’t leave the man that was abusing us and my mom...so he left us with the abuser and I haven’t seen him or heard from him in more than 10 years . I cry about it everyday. I will never know my brother . I don’t even know if he’s alive or dead

  44. Valery Mz

    my brother was killed 8 years ago💔 i saw him die in front of my eyes and i will always have a scar that reminds me of that day. I love you brother we’ll see each other again❤️🙌🏼

  45. Cha Darly

    For my MyLuv my best friend my BRO ❤️R❤️

  46. mystery gang

    I cried because im thinking of someone who was my first love that passed away

  47. retrina Bailey

    Tears rolling down my face! Now this is pure love!

  48. Lance Aviles

    Thank you, to who ever made this ⚘

  49. Nikki Hart

    Lost my son , he died in his sleep when I heard this I broke down crying momma miss u jr was much I love u 🙏🏾❤️💙

  50. Dianaaa Nicole

    This song makes me cry no matter what I didnt loose my brother although he’s incarcerated i still wish he was here 😔

  51. Rakeem Higgins

    My brother died in a car accident he was 19 I was 20

  52. Stella Moon

    i can’t imagine losing my brother

  53. Shani Pineaha

    Your vocals are so soothing and healing i lost my lil brother in 2007 & my dad 2016 💔

  54. Miracle Bradley

    Jhene Aiko, I'm sorry for your loss......😭
    He's in Heaven 😇

  55. Eduardo Levy

    When music hits you you feel no pain , but it penetrates the soul now I have tears running down my face .

  56. Henessy Henessy

    Rip to my Older Brother , 2001 ♥️

  57. Luojie Hu

    Lost my partner and daughter, so I feel you girl.
    Beautiful sentiments, I can feel the love you had for your brother.
    RIP. Miyagi. From the heart...

  58. Anuel Fadez

    2019 anyone

  59. Annaliesha Sam

    so sorry for your loss jhene

  60. Tee Cee

    This is my first time hearing this song. And it hits hard. I lost my dad three years ago. And everyday I feel the pain over again. I pray for everyin who's lost someone dear to them. Thee wounds NEVER heal. But learn to move forward. 💔😭😭.. 9/28/16

    Luojie Hu

    Its hard to apply any logic to someones death.
    However, there is a popular conception that you shouldn't mourn their passing, but simply celebrate their lives.
    All I can say is, it's OK to cry, so let it out, don't choke yourself in negativity.
    When the tears dry, go do something new, and dedicate it to them.

    Anyway, that's what I do ... All the time :-)
    Stay strong.

  61. Bobbi Eleke

    Dear momma ...I'm so sorry I miss and love u soooo much it's so hard Everytime I open my phone I wanna call u but cNt I just want u to know when I look at my kids I definitely see u I just wished they met u and got to know such a amazing woman 💔♥️💕💞💓 I love u and it definitely feels like I'm dying without u 😚 just come to my dreams please

    Luojie Hu

    When people say they want to die to be with someone, they're wrong!
    Because without you living, where would their memories be?
    Stay strong, and you keep them alive inside you forever.
    My deepest condolences.

  62. Chikeyla Berry

    Sending virtual hugs to all who suffered lost

    Luojie Hu

    Right back at you :)

  63. Shannon Dougherty

    My big brother passed away in September 2014 listen to this and reminisce

  64. viri haydee

    lost my grandpa two years ago to cancer & I felt like I never got closure. it feels weird, feels like he's out there somewhere far away and eventually he'll come back. this song breaks my heart but its a bittersweet feeling.

  65. camyl dee

    my daughter lost her daughter to sids 9 days after she was born. i remember we was driving down the street & this song came on the radio & my daughter pulled over & jus started balling. she is so strong to have gone thru such a tragedy & still remain the beautiful soul that she is. listening to this song is very bittersweet. i love the song, its beautiful. but everytime i hear it,i think of that moment when my baby was hurting so bad & i couldnt fix it. rip laeionni

  66. Tez Jacksin

    I love you 4 this I guess I’ll keep going

  67. Jameel Rashid

    Respect to anyone who lost a loved one and held on. Rip mom

  68. bre Curly

    Lost my brother over ten years ago ... Still a hard time for me

  69. Lynn Livin'

    I cry every time i hear this song


    To all the broken hearted.

  71. Kammie Magee

    I woke up in a nightmare..My brother passed away on August 27th 2019. I lost my big brother, my other half & my bestfriend. I seriously just talked to you on the phone last week today & you were telling me how proud you are of me going to college. 💔😭 words cant even describe the way I'm feeling right now. We lost our dad in 2014 & now your gone 💔. My heart cant take anymore pain! Please keep me & my family in your thoughts an prayers. I look forward to one day meeting you on the other side.

    I LOVE YOU WAMO Kevin Magee

    RIP Kevin D. Magee
    .:7.26.94:. - .:8.27.19:.

    Sierra Missouria

    I pray all is well, keep your head😫✨🙏

  72. Phuti Most

    The first time I cried to this song was last year January on the 27th when I heard from my partner that his mom who was fighting cancer has left earth..i was 8 months pregnant and gave birth the following month on the 27th of February. This year im crying to it again because I lost my son two weeks after celebrating his first birthday. He grew wings on the 19th of March. Still can't believe it. I don't wish this pain on anyone.


    Lost my mommy to cancer 22 years ago I still miss and love her so much make room for me mommy

  74. avykash mantlee

    For my brother A.D. love u bro. Please stay strong. #fuckcancer

  75. Slay By J Magdalena

    To my big brother who passed away today from cancer... 💔😢

    David Moore

    Slay By J Magdalena sorry for your loss family

  76. Latifa Lowe

    2 weeks ago i lost my brother from suicide :( never tought it will happen 2 me im hurt.

    Master of The Unseen

    My heart hurts for you

  77. K mann

    Jhene if you ever read this song...just know you healed so many and said what people couldn't put into words. Thank you

  78. taekook BTS

    i don't know how it feels to lose a brother. but i can feel her pain.😢😢

  79. Cathryn Hutchens

    RIP to my brother Joe 4/20/82-8/8/2018

  80. Mariam Atobiloye

    I’ll forever love this song 💕 always hits me

  81. Patrick Farrell

    The Lord giveth and he taketh away.

  82. Amber Rose LOVE

    Greif is hell and u wont kno till this song plays👽

  83. Antwan Pena

    7/15/19 ✊🏾💙

  84. Amanda Terpenning

    My brother was murdered 15 years ago and this song really hits my heart

  85. Kazuking

    Find myself coming here often

    Antoinette Missouria

    Kazuking same

  86. Antoinette Missouria

    I love you are, BLESSING TO ALL!!!! Keep strong and believe that GOD will allow everything to fall into place. Keep the faith and trust the process ❤️❤️❤️ I will be praying for whoever has lost a family member

  87. Alli Eliz

    No matter how hard life gets you still gotta fight ♥️

  88. Jessica Morris

    I cannot sing this song straight. I cry like it’s my first time hearing it every time

  89. Reginas Randoms 84

    Tried last week by ending my own life, and yet I'm continuously pressing replaying this song. I am a mother of four beautiful children that connects my broken heart like a puzzle. This battle has been unending for 8 yrs and never do I get past the third stage of grief by losing custody of my younger children while trying to save them and others children that may have suffered the abuse from my ex hands. Please pray for me everyone as this is such a struggle to not end my life. I miss my other children and my oldest too whom I have custody of and I'm trying to hold on my heart i so 💔. Knowing I gave so much to my ex just for him to sexually abuse my baby boy. I never forget or forgive!!!

    Sierra Missouria

    Wow, you are a fighter. Many would had ended their lives by now. It’ll all work for out!!! Prayers to you and your family ✨ the only time you’ve been defeated is when you quit. Don’t Quit!!!!!!!!

  90. Dominic Trotter

    I just lost my little cousin to suicide. I found out she was schizophrenic, and had just been going through alot personally and mentally. This song really hits home, expresses alot of things that are going through my mind right now. Its only been 4 days, whats worst is it happened on my Birthday, waking up to hear the news broke me, I just really pray this pain fades. But its hard moving on and being happy when people you love are gone...

  91. Ashley Seylaz

    My baby brother died from suicide in August 2018 I keep pushing myself for him everyday ! I miss him everyday

  92. Apelu Hazelwood

    Oh brother why is there always stormy weather dad tells me to pray so I pray and pray but the pain won't go away 😐😭😭😭

  93. Shooky Shooky

    This is the only song that has made me bawl my eyes out even now I’m welling up man.

    Eric C

    Same.. makes me think of my mom and I start to tear up every time. Jhene has such a way with her words and voice..

    Shooky Shooky

    Eric C sorry 😞

  94. Fiu Dominiko

    Rest in peace Miyagi

  95. BOSSY 342

    Almost lost my baby brother and loss my cuzin to gun violence he was like my brother 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  96. Jessica Rivera

    I love you grandpa💙 sweet dreams, rip, count the stars for me

  97. Water of Life

    Ecclesiastes 7:2-3
    It is better to go to the house of mourning, than to go to the house of feasting: for that is the end of all men; and the living will lay it to his heart. Sorrow is better than laughter: for by the sadness of the countenance the heart is made better.


    Damn 👌