Jhene Aiko - Feel Like A Man Lyrics

Is there something on your mind? Say what it is now
Won't you tell me why, you don't just let her go
She's so bad weather, I can treat you better
Show you how a man should feel, boy on the real
Baby you deserve so much more
Won't you tell me what you're waiting for
What you see in her, you can find in me
Just let her go and follow me, baby

Are you, ready?
Boy let me pull (let me pull you) you close to me
Please hold me tight
So I'll make you feel like a new man
Make you feel like a new man
Make you feel like a new man
Let me make you
Make you feel like a new man
Make you feel like a new man
Make you feel like a new mane
Like a man should feel

There's no reason why, she should make you cry
See if you were mine, I would never lie
Love you like a crime, and glad to do the time
And I just can't sit by, 'cause baby this ain't right
Baby you deserve so much more
Won't you tell me what you're waiting for
Baby here's the plan, I'll say it with my hand
She can't do it like I can

Are you, ready?
Boy let me pull (let me pull you) you close to me
Please hold me tight
So I'll make you feel like a new man
Make you feel like a new man
Make you feel like a new man
Let me make you
Make you feel like a new man
Make you feel like a new man
Make you feel like a new mane
Like a man should feel

Baby just relax and let me run your feet
You ain't gotta say a word to talk to me
You can let her go cuz you're never hurt again
Boy you won't even remember her name
You'll never be the same
You'll be mine to claim
So don't you hold back
Before the night is over, I'll make you scream my name

Are you, ready?
Boy let me pull (let me pull you) you close to me
Please hold me tight
So I'll make you feel like a new man
Make you feel like a new man
Make you feel like a new man
Let me make you
Make you feel like a new man
Make you feel like a new man
Make you feel like a new mane
Like a man should feel

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Jhene Aiko Feel Like A Man Comments
  1. Alexzandria

    It’s so interesting to hear her sing this type of music 😍😍😍😍 happy I found this

  2. Spiritual Empress

    Always be my #1 song this what had me hook on her every since love u jhene the growth is amazing

  3. Aku The Shapeshifter

    2008 thru 2019💕💕

  4. Aku The Shapeshifter

    had to come back and show some love🧘🏽‍♂️🌙💙

  5. 90s Nostalgia

    💋 Incomparable. 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  6. Rudra B

    she my mumma i love her

  7. Martrice Henderson

    Beautiful record . ❤

  8. terance tarpkins

    My baby got them runs 😘

  9. Steph Beauty Artistry

    Uuuuf tbt and still one of my faves to sing and never forgotten the words to no none of her old songs ❤️one of my favorite vocalist, artists, & writer she always has been so underrated since b2k days

  10. Melissa Lopez

    Here in 2018❤❤❤

  11. Hi Hunni

    still listening to this in 2017 babyyyy

  12. Che'Isha Johnson

    Here in 2017! 😊

  13. Chaye


  14. Tazja Goodman

    Listening to this in 2017 😍😩🤤

  15. Aaliyah Kassim

    now shes all about F**** like a Maniac 😕

    selina james

    Aaliyah Kassim and that's just fine too

  16. Justin Lee

    fan since 2012

  17. Imani

    nobody will understand special if u been a jhene aiko fan since u was like 13

    Latoya Wilkins

    imani Nash yassss... since she was first introduced on the pandemonium album. folks just dont know jhene is the TRUTH

    Cephas Foy

    I been following since 2003

  18. Monay Newell

    Still listen to this lik it's new 😩😍

  19. Sunnyside Up

    I used to love this song I still do

  20. Natorïë Aíkö

    ughhhh I loveeeeeee her vocals in this 😍😍😍

  21. breana chadwick

    She sounds like Tynisha Keli .. I love her vibe and music ❤️

  22. Holly Vi

    I havent heard this song in a while. I love
    it !!

  23. Keniesha Peoples

    Shoutout to everybody who was listening to this back in '06

    Alexis Rembert

    Keniesha Peoples girl YESSSSS


    shout out to people listening to this period.

    Keniesha Peoples

    borntobeborn1 facts but what I’m saying is shout to her TRUE fans..

    Keniesha Peoples

    La Shon girl same !! I miss MySpace

    christian sandoval

    They dont even know about this hit

  24. SlimWaveTV

    if you love jhene aiko then check my music out im a new artist trying to get heard with a pretty different style

  25. vanessa benton

    Jhene is my favorite artist

  26. Tee A Love

    Baby You Deserve So Much More

  27. Rachel India

    so in love with this song

  28. yaboyisgifted

    She stole this beat from Brandon Hines the song is called Steady look it up


    its not stealing, rappers and R&B singers usually buy other's beats. It's quite common.

    Lee C

    @***** lol isn't that common sense. everyone samples. most of these rappers make full songs taking verses from other people music. prostitute frangle by wayne was a sample. that whole chorus is the bridge from musiq soulchild's song me and you. sampling is a big part of the music industry now days

    Omar Andrews

    Her song is older

    Jackie B

    yessss Jhene killin that Brandon Hines cover Steady

  29. Javeion Smith

    I became aye fan of hers n I really think no body has aye better voice than hers

  30. roland crosby

    She is the truth her voice, u can really sit back and vibe out with her

  31. Nur Farisya Shukor

    Love her Voice

  32. Mosella Sanders

    Love her voice....

  33. CeceAaliyahBorelandMoss.

    Lol, lil fizz was not her cousin... Sony said they was so jhene would get noticed more! LOVE JHÈNE THO❤️😘🎉.

  34. Love Trinity

    i Love this Song She Snapped !!


    love her voice

  36. dee rollins

    if I'm your reflection ,,,,than baby you must be an angel,,,,

  37. classicstorm

    I haven't listen to this in forever!...

  38. Kayla Stephens

    Love this song so much!

  39. Shan E

    Ummm this song is the truth... love her songs!

  40. alspenqt

    I am wondering why so many people are worried about her being signed. In every Jhene post this question has been asked. It is almost like people feel like a record deal is the holy grail for singers... when it isn't. I am sure she is not hurting financially and she may have a deal- but only for production purposes- who knows? The fact is , she is exactly where she needs to be; a precious rare jewel not intentioned for over exposure and radio. We need more music- not more celebrities.

  41. Abril Crenshaw

    shes lil fizz cousin,,, that was my bby when b2k was out lol

  42. SunKissNicole

    I want to send this to my best guy friend..

  43. sierra imari

    whats the name of the song at the end ?

  44. Frenchboysolo

    Where can I find this instrumental?! Please help lol

  45. Priince' Dee

    to answer your question . She doesnt wanna be signed shes underground like Dom kennedy. Thats where the money is anyway.Promote yourself you get all the money and dont have to split it with anyway bt her producers which leave her with steady income for Nami.

  46. LifeisIesha

    Kinda, have sum1 n particular 4 this joint... ::sighs::

  47. Jaymesha Richards

    Omg me nd my man go do it to this song nd ima tell him to keep it on repeat

  48. AvaLo

    My itunes

  49. TheLeshe86

    This is a jammmmm!

  50. SunKissNicole

    I feel like sending this song to the man I'm feeling..but i just won't. The lyrics in this video is beyond truth though

  51. Catherine R

    Love this song :)

  52. SunKissNicole

    The lyrics are beautiful! Captures how i feel bout this guy I'm into

  53. Jurvae Williams

    This song is awesome love It !!!!

  54. randerika johnson

    This bes my song in 2013

  55. gagababee

    Great song love it'

  56. Nat

    Tyneisha Keli's voice sounds so much alike to Jhene's :O !!! Obviously there's no comparison here, this girl is truly an underground artist & it should stay that way so fucking amazing god bless her

  57. IrezyStick01

    Ultimate Rare Song **

  58. Kitana Brown

    NOT TRUE. Jhene was 14-16 when she was in videos & "tied to" B2K... She definetly wasnt pregnant then & her baby just started her first day of school today (9/23/12). You do the math.

  59. goodgirlbadgirl5555

    The love I have for this song is something serious, people need to recognize real soulful music.

  60. Ernesto Uiterloo

    good point

  61. Ernesto Uiterloo

    good point

  62. theycallmejade14

    @vonwest88 no shes not and her name is aaliyah ... with two A's .

  63. My opinion she's awesome like Aaliyah and Left Eye :D.

  64. remmechicify


  65. Isya girl Miesha

    First time hearingg this song and i lovve it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Timeless

    @Nailsdewed LMAOOO I knowww that's the beauty of things like twitter and blogs they put you up to new music LOL and I bet she is she looks small somebody said she was in the B2K video or something!

  67. PrincessAmandaTV

    @babydoll32293 she gives her music away free.

  68. Liyah Shakur

    @letgetlifted o_O rihanna the fuckin bitch!! com'on she is not nothin on her. Jhene is more than riana. and stop with the comparations JHENÉ AIKO IS JHENÉ AIKO, she is real in the R&B and her voice is so sweet.

  69. ND G

    she didnt get signed because she wanted to concentrate on her education instead

  70. meek michelle

    oh men i love this song <3

  71. ashleykelsey2011

    @letgetlifted true!!!!

  72. Timeless

    I have NEVER heard of this girl before ummm BUT she's really pretty and I've been seeing her on some blogs lately checked her out and she had a mixtape out DOPE I'm gonna download it right now matter fact just wanted to hear something real quick just to see and I can't even frunt she's NICEEEE keep doen ya thang girl even though I'm madd late LOL <3


    You weren’t late at all.

  73. La'chay Hopkins

    OMG kno that i love her

  74. 0hxparis

    :) i love this sonq.
    i do wish someone would sign' her
    and trey songs should do a song with her
    i think they would sound so good :)
    and she is too talented. most girls in indutry dont
    got nothing on Jhene :) and i swear she is the princess on R&B

  75. LaBreesha Batey


  76. Vanity kunie

    i love this i found it on mocospace and had to hear more!!! excellent

  77. bxcutie4life2007

    this chick is dope, why the b shittin on real singers shit don't even make no sense

  78. sexypeaches08

    she is sooo slept on.

  79. Stephanie Carter

    Jhene should have been huge years ago smh

  80. Christian Vallido

    haha whoa. look up brandon hines - steady

  81. SingItBoy The Son Of R&B

    I love the pictures... she's soo pretty!

  82. Cassie Betts

    Don't worry people... Jhene's about to blow up soon... Wait til you hear the new stuff written/co-written by her business partner & my love The Incredible Mr. Smith... Go Jhene' ne'!!!!!

  83. ravreese96

    I Love this Song:) Feel like a Man, De Ja Vu, and No L.O.V.E, are my favorite songs by Jhene. She's a really good singer. :)

  84. glittered453

    she produces really good beats for her songs, God knows how long that must take but she's damn good das 4 sure

  85. Vashala

    i really love this song and her music seems like she just doing her no copying, she deserves to be out,wtf at least she can really sing,to many lip singers or non singers nowdays!!

  86. okonkwoobiageli

    this was the song she was singing to Oryan....that's how she ended up pregnant.

  87. ZEEmazingBooks

    ur right kuz hes been workin with that boy group called 2MUCH for the longest time and they only had one single thats been on tv . idk what his problem is kuz he has some of the most talented artist but he jus dnt knw what to do wit them

  88. Thee Melody Celine

    i LOOOOVVVEEEE jhene!
    her voice is so pure!
    and i most DEF love this song!

  89. Kris B

    Jhene is talented!! I would buy her album! She needs to RUN and RUN fast FROM CHRIS STOKES! HE IS NOT GOOD FOR ANYONES CAREER

  90. LifeisIesha

    Omg, if i was gorguese like her I'd b SOOO full of myself. I'm already an Aries. Lookin' like her wud make me have my nose all up n the air. Her & Adriana Lima r just EXTRA, EXTRA pretty 2 me! (I was gonna say beautiful. But, beauty comes
    4rm thee inside...)

  91. Rain Shani

    jhene is whole different level than rhianna. jhene takes you there and keeps you wanting more of her voice and lyrics. she is such a beautiful, creative artist!.

  92. SanAndrea X

    yeah true, but jhene look better kinda

  93. LiaTheShySinger

    because they're both black and japanese?? lol.

  94. Tiana Bee

    OMg i love this song..lol

  95. Kayy Nova

    oh yea she really does i agree rhianna whines, it bothers me cuz she could have a really nice voice

  96. Keyonna Phillips

    omg i love this song