Jhene Aiko - Drinking And Driving Lyrics

Man the view was so nice from here
Dancing on the edge with you, but I am not scared with you
Could you remind me why I am here?
I can only feel with you, I am only real with you

So I need you to tell me
That you love me some more
Put your hands on my body
As my clothes hit the floor
I know you barely know me,
But tonight I am yours
Ask me what do I want
I say whatever can cure this mess

Do whatever I'm yours
Do whatever can cure this loneliness, yes
Do whatever I'm yours
Do whatever I'm sure

Anything, anything, anything, anything to feel alive
Anything, anything, anything to feel my heart beating
Anything, anything, anything to feel like I am still here
Anything, anything, anything to feel like I'm still needed

Na na na na na na oh yeah

I got one hand on this bottle
One foot on the gas
I'm searching for trouble
I'm going too fast
I'm running from shadows
I'm hoping to crash
Just to wake me up from the pain and the past

Hennessy, plenty weed, do you have anything stronger?
I don't care, give it here
Wanna make this high last longer
Unafraid, unaware. Can't you see that I am dying?
Wanna feel what is real. Anything is worth me trying

Anything, anything, anything, anything to feel alive
Anything, anything, anything to feel my heart beating
Anything, anything, anything to feel like I am still here
Anything, anything, anything to feel like I'm still needed

Is there life after death
Or should I hold my breath?
I just don't know
I just wanna go
Wherever you take me, oh yeah
And if it all comes down to this
If it all comes down
If it all comes down to this one night
If it all comes down to this
Will you be around?
Will you be the one keeping me alive?

Anything, anything, anything, anything to feel alive
Anything, anything, anything to feel my heart beating
Anything, anything, anything to feel like I am still here
Anything, anything, anything to feel like I'm still needed

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Jhene Aiko Drinking And Driving Comments
  1. Linda Harris

    Happy new year 2019 im drinking and driving

  2. Ulysse Hwang Fam

    Very sad song , ive been in this place many times and yes there is life after death and God is real but you must know his son to see a new and better life we never should feel so low that we feel there is no way out and that life is not worth living. I just wanted to share to anyone who wants to listen Jesus Christ the one and only king of kings is who you must know and love with all your heart , we are all works in progress there is no such thing as a perfect human on this earth. Much Love.

  3. C Tnee

    Please please put on Spotify

  4. Vanessa Valadez

    Hennessy, plenty weed, do u have anything stronger

  5. LyriicSky

    ask me wat do ii want ii say watever can cure this -- mess;; do watever im yours, do watever can cure this loneliness 💔

  6. Maria carrillo

    Felt when she said she wanted to crash

  7. Alisha V.

    Yo.. I just heard this song for the first time in 2019... and I'm crying listening to this song in the car... this is the type of song that makes you go faster than you're already going!

  8. Kenethia Ewing

    I love this song so much 🥰

  9. Amy Woodard

    This is what he's done...I cant live like this ,its already been a few years . It's not pitty I want . I want the pain to go away !! But it never will. ..I'm not taking my own life . I'm sick BECAUSE of him. So he's taking my life.. then I'll be free.

  10. Kaiya Martin

    need an instrumental to this 😣

  11. Angelina Marie

    Anything to feel alive...

  12. Trichina Bagley

    Pisces 🥰❤️🧜🏾‍♀️

  13. Lyric Thompson

    french gives me depression.

  14. Devonna Reynolds

    I thank God for delivering me from my self- destructiveness

  15. missJamie Leigh

    This reminds me of when i met my current partner i came out of a hard relationship and met my partner and felt i met someone who saved my heart break and made my life fulfilled x

  16. Jermiah Mercadel

    ❤️❤️W.G.H.T LY❤️❤️

  17. Jermiah Mercadel

    ❤️❤️W.G.H.T LY❤️❤️

  18. Desiree Jackson

    When severely depressed

  19. Mia Moore

    Night ride vibes💜🖤

  20. Ashley Nicole

    Anyone here listening in 2019? 🥰


    Ashley Nicole I’m still living this in 2019 😫

    Krystal Gee

    And still in my feels 😩😩 #2019

    Lexi Rogers

    Yes, forever a top pick for me!

  21. Mell Tellz All 333

    I felt like this when my moma died

  22. Jelisa Miller

    This song is Suicidal I hope this song dose not came on when someone is having a bad day this will push them over the edge I like jhene Aiko but she needs better writers I only like one song by her and that took awhile to grow on me

  23. ihave a headache

    I'm depressed ass hell ..

  24. Alison F

    Gives me chills because wow. This is me

  25. Inanna

    got exposed at 15 in hs by a varsity fb player so everyone dapped him up and congratulated him all while calling me a hoe this and that. He’s the first dude I ever touched my first kiss we didn’t even have sex it was just oral but I got the heat of everything this song makes me feel like someone’s here to feel this pain I’m 19 still haven’t healed it’s so hard to not understand why why wasn’t I smarter why did I let it happen it ruined me but I can’t let him have that power it’s just so hard he shaped adolescent hood and how I’ll see men forever! It wasn’t love I know but it’s too hard I don’t even wanna anymore.

  26. Rebekah Castille

    Man the demons are real 😞💔 and when you reach this point it feels like there is no point of return 🥺

  27. Kellie Williams

    SEPTEMBER 2019

  28. Taja d0ll

    It does from time to time..

  29. Versus


  30. ebony knowles

    It’s 2019, an I’m here again listening to this song! Trying to feel alive an get through these feels😒

  31. Hyshemai C.35

    Love this song helped me thur my depression thank u Queen .

  32. Aicha Rodney

    wow so articulate. Please check out my book; You are a beautiful creature. Aicha Rodney. I get it this inspires me to publ It ok to say no.

  33. Karima Ellis

    She says what so many people wanna say but they can't say it she says ANYTHING I love her music 💙💙💙

  34. MrsGorgeous9020

    Speaks to me so much

  35. Miranda Matthews

    She gets it, so relatable.

  36. Danielle Baskerville

    "Anything to feel alive, anything to feel like I'm still here"

    Please subscribe to my channel :) https://www.youtube.com/DanielleBaskerville thank you in advance! Follow my Instagram @BiggDreamerr https://www.instagram.com/biggdreamerr/ https://www.instagram.com/daniellebaskerville/ Hair Page https://www.instagram.com/dreamersbeautybar/ Photo Page https://www.instagram.com/biggdreamerrphotos/ <3

  37. lili20009

    To feel alive......


    I know you barley know me
    But tonight I'm yours

  38. Nomvuselelo Phoswa

    5years later and this song is still soooo relatable

  39. Myisha Cartwright

    i can relate 100%

  40. Mere Baby

    any listeners in 2019

  41. Percy Sherrod

    Damn I thought this song was about sex til I read the lyrics.. shit made me cry. Anything to feel alive.. make this moment last

  42. Toomuchforyall24

    This song hit harder when you’re high

  43. Nataijah Wright

    This... This hit 🤦🏼‍♀️😭

  44. Smidge And Luna Vlogs

    I emotionally relate to this song.

  45. Valerie Aponte

    I just have to tell u jhene aiko that this song broke me into tears. I was smoking(420) and this song and it just felt like u knew me. Like i told u my life story well at least this past 12month. I connect with this beautiful song in a way felt out of this world. I just want to say THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR STORY.....I ABSOLUTELY LOVE U.😍😁🤗💋🔥🔥🔥

  46. Pookie Mookie

    This song speaks to me. My reality now.🥺

  47. Angel Taylor

    I swear she is borderline...i relate to this so much. I feel like this when I'm losing control. Borderline personality and bipolar is not a great combo...i feel she is just like me. GOD KNEW I NEEDED TO HEAR THIS. GOD BOUGHT ME TO JHENE

  48. Takera Jones

    She never fails my ears

  49. Kierra Bowens

    I hope this is my last day

  50. Deneshia Browning

    It's any pain any pain any pain listen closer

  51. Kerida Music

    Still here 💘

  52. kia kia

    it’s like you can get high off her music😭

  53. Ari’yon Amiaa

    Wowww I’m so inlove w this song❤️

  54. Kee Rose


  55. Makeda Pow

    When the only thing you feel is empty.. it’s like you’ll do anything just to feel alive again

  56. Stella L McKinley

    This song amongst her other like Promises. Remember and W.A.Y.S will ALWAYS BE ON REPLAY

  57. sOulSistahMJ

    Like this if you’re still listening in 2019+

  58. Ashley Roberson

    I just wanna jump in the car late at night and just hit the interstate and ride! Her voice is so amazing

  59. Christopher Williams

    Charge the mega Man boster music babe don't ask why

  60. 2clean Slime

    This song is for someone who numbs there pain through relationships , drugs, and/or anything stimulating.


    Best artist to vibe to..

  62. Yajaira Salinas

    Man, I forgot how hard I used to listen to Jhene...wtf

  63. iiChantelle

    Need this on spotify

  64. Nicole Arnold


  65. Dynishia Terry


  66. Sharrell Victor

    Is there life after death?... Or should i hold my breath?

  67. Lorr Bree

    anything to feel alive ..

  68. Nikki Haynes


  69. XXX YYY

    Bringing back memories.. 2014 in my teen years..

  70. Madison10123

    Her songs just help with everything wow 😩😍

  71. Sir SwayZee

    I love broken women like this 😈💜

  72. Ncukana Ricky


  73. Milly Sanchez


  74. Anelisa Zweni


  75. Treball upt

    2019 still here for it....song speak volumes 🙌🏽

  76. Whitty Curls

    Who’s listening in 2019??

  77. a l y s s

    This song was my anthem when I left my house and went M.I.A that one four day weekend not to mention when my ex broke up with me but kept hitting me up, that was both a fun and sad weekend lol

  78. Fatou Miknas

    "i just don't know, i just wanna go"

  79. KiKi J

    This song hit hard right now

  80. Elise Collins

    Makes me wanna smoke til im numb

  81. Costa Rica Cartel

    Puts me in a trance every time. Love me some Jhené man 🥺😍

  82. Damien Walker

    Who else listening in 2019?

  83. Charlie Cooper

    2019 n still my favorite song🙌🙌

  84. ZY’s WORLD

    my new favorite

  85. Destiny Rose

    It’s crazy how much I can relate to this song and I found this song while I’m going through the worst part of my life

  86. Alonzo Jordan

    2019 still here 🥰❤️

  87. Dana Rafati

    2019? <3

  88. Lorrin Davis

    I began to lose myself in him. He didn’t even see me reaching out for help. He was so caught in his own mind and messed up world that he became blind to me.. everything that I once brought to him was no-more. I gave in because I thought he might feel needed by me again.

  89. Gemma G

    Why is this not on Apple Music ???

  90. Antalicia Gray

    Here in 2019💃🏾💖

  91. Jasen B

    You cant ever run away from your soul mate, as hard as you try, plenty dont know this..

  92. Queen Jae

    Still one of my favs going into 2019

  93. Pso Phly

    ...this song stays on repeat ...

  94. Master Fury

    God damn this song is so freakin perfect right now.