Jhene Aiko - Do Better Blues Part 2 (Marvin's Room Remix) Lyrics

Three blunts rolled up
Hennessy in my cup
He always told me slow up
I never really gave a fuck
We haven’t spoke in 3 years
I wish that he could be here
I’m tryna fight through these tears
But I’ma call him anyway and tell him

Fuck this shit, I’m missing you so bad
I know you still think of all the times we had
I said fuck that shit that I was on before
Like then I didn’t know but now I’m for sure

Ohhhh, oh
I’m just saying I’ll do whatever
To get you back, yeah, I’ll do whateverrr
Tell me have I said that ever?
Without you here I cannot do better
Without you here I cannot do better (Ohhh)

And I just been sitting here going crazy
Been thinking about the baby that we almost had
Thought I moved on, but I didn’t
Like who am I kidding?
Shit, it’s all been bad
He threw a party, yeah he threw a party
Remember I went when he threw a party
We went to his room and shit got retarded
He didn't use no protection, I’m sorry

I need you right now, are you down to listen to me?
I think that was something was slipped in my drink
I know you’re thinking how dumb can I be
Shouldn’t be there anyway, I’m ashamed
That night was my first time trying cocaine
After we split up, nothing’s been the same
I’ve been caught up living in the fast lane
It’s been two months and I’m scared cause I’m late

Emotions are mixed up
I am just a crazy girl
Lucky that you picked up
Lucky that you stayed on
I need someone to be my savior
Could it be youuu?

I’m just saying I’ll do, I’ll do whatever
Without you here I cannot, I cannot do better
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
It only gets better with you
And I am only better with you
It’s true

Baby, I’ll do whatever I gotta do
Whatever I gotta prove
I’ll do it, I’ll do it
I’ll do it

Cause I been drinking, I been smoking
Way too much and way too often
And I need you, and I need you right now
I need you now

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Jhene Aiko Do Better Blues Part 2 (Marvin's Room Remix) Comments
  1. tiddy

    I wish she would re-record this song, it would slap

  2. MauJayne Harris

    Still here 😌♥️

  3. Dre Taylor

    When she hit them high notes 😤😤😤

  4. Breanna L.

    She needs to redo this so I can hear her 😩😩

  5. Sol Art

    they call her x like exctasy cuz shes dope no drug testing the best no asking the flyiest with the highest competition she killing these hoes digging their grave while she standing ten toes down everytime they come around

  6. Maiya Lashae

    Still listening In 2019


    Love her 2019 anyone

  8. Romario Rodrigues

    I never kneww

  9. Bonaventure Ekouari

    Without you here I cannot do better.

  10. uhhlexiiz

    everyone’s always talking about drake, jojo, chris brown, and lil wayne’s version but to me this is the BEST version of the song idk what is but i just feel like this version of the song is so fuckin deep and sadly realistic it gives me chills

  11. Brelle Craig

    Story of my life, today has been a very challenging and sad day for me ,I need him BAD ! Dec 4 2018

  12. Myracle Woodford

    I love this woman 😘🎧💕

    I swear for the past few days I've been addicted to this 🤣😤

  13. Callie Cat Gaming

    Lyrics are good but the autotune and volume are god awful


    Callie Cat Gaming she recorded this on her laptop while at the hospital her brother was at so obviously the audio isn't gonna sound the best

  14. Alexus Brownridge

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  15. Og Faceshot

    This song make me think of all the shootings gang violence & all the emotional crazy roller coaster I put my first and only love through. I'm sorry DDW.

  16. Keith Lynn

    I can imagine the hurt, was in a similar situation.

  17. InstaIock

    2k17 n' im still in luv with this sh*t

  18. Kyeshia Malone

    still listening to this song in 2017 love me some jhene aiko love her music and voice 💯❤💯❤

  19. Misunderstood Twins

    😟😟😟 fuck i just told my ex half of the words omg jk my best friend sean

  20. Angeleyes319


  21. Anna Mejia

    ♥ ♥♥♥

  22. мσиαlιѕα

    ι αвѕσℓυтєℓу ℓσνє тнιѕ ѕσиg

  23. nyasiadurden

    The Way She Says "Cocaine" 😍😍😩

    tonya smith

    OMG Yaaassss ❤

  24. Brie Tellez

    so was nami the accident. because she's really an angel

    Gabi Alexa

    yes nami was in the accident

  25. Mandi Guzman

    love it just hate the auto tune :(

  26. BlankCuriosity...

    I like Jadens version

  27. Johnathan Test

    yo vietbabii617!! I'm subscribing to you cuz u have 665 subs. Imma be the 666th muahahaha. have a good day lol

  28. Johnathan Test

    damn.. I wanna eat her like groceries

  29. zakiah tukes

    Best version

    Natorïë Aíkö

    rightt #ILoveIt

  30. Imani Chanel

    this is so beautiful...can't believe i'm just now hearing this

  31. Joey Weirdo

    Tbh if i was her ex and she sang this to me,i wouldn't be able to say no to her

  32. Abby Fitzgerald

    i love this song ..addicted

  33. Blame 2k

    Where can i find this beat

  34. Ellen Mubwanda

    Now....😢😟so deep in the feels...

  35. Charlie Adams

    She sound soft I like the lyrics but not the singin

  36. NuNu's World

    I pick this over drakes

  37. Makayla Warner

    The reason for the auto tune is because she recorded this song on her computer in the hospital, being there for her brother. Regardless of the auto tune, she still sounds majestic.

    Kyeshia Malone

    yes i lovw jhene aiko voice and music ❤❤

    renee chilombo

    I don’t hear any auto tune 😂

  38. Jolissa Torres

    Badass lyricss

    Nikaule Norwood

    right ! this is my favorite marvin's room

  39. Neeza 'Azyy

    I think the song is about somehow related to Nami's father when she said sorry i didnt use protection. But whatever it is listening to every word, its so deep and painful. 3 years without contacting, it must be a harshful. We can feel her through her emotions and lyrics. Wish that the autotune was lowered down. Luv u Jhene x

    นัอย C

    she was singing from her friend's point of view- this happened to her friend

  40. Tiffany Jones

    Every time I here this song I think of my friend.. I haven't talk to him in 6 months .. five yrs that's along time to have love for a person.. I just couldn't give you what you wanted.. but where ever you are Q I hope your happy and safe.. Damn I still be missing you..

  41. Sithabile the star

    no disrespect buh i dink the JoJo version is way much better both in terms of lyrics and vocally.... 


    jojos is shit , ain't nowhere near jhene this is more meaningful , jojos is just her being jealous lmao

    Moni Lailah

    I like this ones lyrics because she admits she made mistakes too. JoJo's lyrics are just oh I'm better and you're gonna regret leaving me.

  42. Queen Tati

    She is one of the Realist !! Love this and her

  43. Convey Hart-Hagood

    They did kinda put too much autotune over her voice. She does actually does sound like her voice has a natural autotune. Cuz I heard her sing live! But this particular song it sounds like they added it. She doesnt even need it cuz she sings beautifully! Other bitches be needin that shit!!!

    Shae Williams

    Convey Hart-Hagood Mana

  44. aliyah estrada

    I wish she was louder

    CeCe Jones

    Real rap! It's cause of the autotune. And the reason for the auto tune is because she recorded it on her computer while she was at the hospital

    CeCe Jones

    +CeCe Jones for her brother


    +CeCe Jones lol👍

  45. rocnaymo

    Showed this to the girl I really like and she was like this reminds of me of my ex. 
    What the actual fuck. I died inside. 

    Dymond Johnson

    rocnaymo lmfaooo

    It's Eboni

    Poor baby lol

  46. Christina95

    Hahah wait nvm

  47. Christina95

    Rodstechout , im pretty sure shes talking about her brother who died ? Dumbasss ....

    CeCe Jones

    She's talking about Nami's father

  48. ilia raye

    too much autotune..

  49. Rodney

    How tf you miss someone like that after 3 years of no talking

    Isamar Santiago

    I think she is talking about the baby ? Lol my thought


    RodsTechout MEMORIES💔

    Jay Bae

    Real love dont fade

    Nevaeh Deas

    Not even missing the person tho but missing what yall had 💯

    Pretti Gyal

    I have two exes who are still stuck on me and it’s been years and after me they were never able to find actalnlove

  50. Quakeisha Ransfer

    Great love the honesty and real ness of her version.

  51. Jaja61984

    That's why I feel bout my ex : (

  52. ShotGun Alofaituli

    Reality iz, I only fucc with this and the original. Good move jhene.

  53. She'onnie Wiske

    I like this version but I can barely hear the vocals..

  54. Semajj Philly

    This is really good bt I haven't heard one better than Jo Jo's. She went hard with the lyrics tho.

  55. Michelle Meeks

    Ughhhh why the auto-tune!? Ruined a perfectly good song :(

  56. jbabii4

    I Love This Song....Bed Peace & For My Brother Is My FAVORITE!!!

  57. Monique Nada

    So talented

  58. Ritch B.

    Real shit

  59. Cade Classic

    :) amazing

  60. kayla ware

    fuck that shit that I was on before
     back then I didn't know but now I'm for sure
    I'm just sayin i'll do whatever
    to get you back yeah i'll do whatever..

  61. SupamomX4

    And I just been sitting here going crazy/Been thinking about the baby that we almost had

  62. PrincessJeMeaha

    Don't really care about the auto tune  the lyrics are simply amazing!

  63. Vero P

    I wish they would lighten up the autotune and amp up the vocals. Its a tight rendition but hard to enjoy

  64. Taylor Ashly

    too deep

  65. kashif reid

    she ill as hell

  66. Dee Money

    Worked thru this already...damn working thru this..NO work done!  Been there, done that..didn't work. He'll NEVER get i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She can't know this much! LOL

  67. G'na Rene

    Beautiful and True

  68. janelle wise

    jhene is better then mila


    I think mila is better than jhene but this is a good song

  69. MonsterBeeziee711

    did she get breast implants?

    Jo Niccolo

    uhm..she had a baby...


    @Jo Niccolo Ohhh that makes sense, I did not know that. 

  70. daishia mouton


  71. Alan Nabors

    Dangg her voice

  72. Aniya Cornish

    Love thisss so muchhhh

  73. Aaron Nealy

    I know!!! I thought I was the only one who thought they sounded alike.

  74. Kerry Bazile

    damn y defuq she used auto tune....remake without auto tone plzz!

  75. Mee Chee

    OMG why am I just now hearing this. I keep picturing Cassie though as this plays... Anyway love how she sings cocaine.

  76. Meagan Smith

    explains me almost to a t.

  77. Vani Jay

    so mad she used autotune for this, because doesn't need it and it takes away from her voice

  78. lashawn king

    I hope she never did cocaine again!!! She's too beautiful & talented

  79. jibby jibbyy

    best version

  80. BDO 97

    The lyrics are originally from her song 2 seconds.

  81. Just.NenaBena

    Her an jojo's the best !

  82. Essince


  83. klephtt

    Best part of the song is from 0:01 - 3:53

  84. Sabrina Vega

    there is a song called OFWGXO with jhene aiko, the weeknd , & frank ocean

  85. Nisha Wyche

    Shen killed this :) this my shit

  86. janKawala

    Can she remake it without the autotune? Pleasssseeeee

  87. sydney mckenna

    they did it's called runaway

  88. abc123itzbri

    1:51-2:35 is my favorite part of this song my goodness.

  89. K a

    I Can Relate To This In so Many Ways...Thats How You Know This Is Some True Sh*t

  90. nyasiadurden

    When She Says "Cocaine" 3
    # Sexy ; D

  91. Autumn Erby

    I love how she say cocaine idk why lol

  92. cece bear

    she need to blow up

  93. sean Jackson

    who is this female? Nice voice!!

  94. Honey Bee

    Her voice is so soft

  95. jaylin reyes

    Love Jhene Aiko ♥♥

  96. Riyanna Obsidian

    ... I wish she hadn't auto-tuned, but otherwise I love it :)

  97. Chiante Thomas

    almost forgot to listen to this today

  98. Debbie Parker

    Sounds better than jojos version, this ones more interesting

  99. Philip Pascual

    man, i was lost in her breasts, i mean her eyes.