Jhene Aiko - Deja Vu Lyrics

Just when I had decided and told myself I didn't want nobody,
You appeared to me
Just when I decided love itself was just a made up story,
You made it real to me
Tell me what the chances are
you, me together forever
is something that I sware I've done before
(and I) won't let nothin' happen to this feelin, love and cuddle with me
is this what I was created for

For internity I made my mind up
can't believe I finally found ya
my one true love
I'm livin DeJa Vu
You've been in my dreams so many times
I can't believe this is my life now
your my true love
I'm livin DeJa Vu

Although I've known you for years
it always feels like the first time I've seen you
when I open up my door
I wish I could make time stand still to feel your arms around me baby
maybe, for a minute or two more
When you look into my eyes,
you make me feel like I'm the only person hear in the entire world
(and I) I know I may sound crazy
but I think the world was made to bring you to me
I was meant to be your girl

For internity I made my mind up
can't believe I finally found ya
my one true love
I'm livin DeJa Vu
You've been in my dreams so many times
I can't believe this is my life now
your my true love
I'm livin DeJa Vu

Its crazy, its crazy
o, no
I'm livin DeJa Vu...oooooo
o, no no no no no no no

For internity.......

For internity I made my mind up
can't believe I finally found ya
my one true love
I'm livin DeJa Vu
You've been in my dreams so many times I
can't believe this is my life now
your my true love
I'm livin DeJa Vu [x2]

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Jhene Aiko Deja Vu Comments
  1. Brandon Salazar

    Been going back forth I just hit top of the dome out of the roof smoke blowing out the nose

  2. Asmoothjawn Atta

    This song makes my stomach hurt

  3. raheem walker

    This shit should have way more views

  4. Really?

    I'm here every week 💜

  5. Layla Moneroe

    Jhene reminded me of aaliyah on this one matter fact on a couple ones too low key why she one my favs in this era

  6. Alyssa Suguitan

    This gives me an old and new school Aaliyah and Timbaland vibe the instrumentals in the back have an Aaliyah type of sound. Can't believe I only stumbled upon this now its a new favorite for me! ✌👏

  7. Adam Andino

    This song is timeless... great duo. Still remember bumping this album on a Friday morning going to school my freshman year.. where does time go damn.. “woah it’s been 3 years I can’t believe that shit is crazy..” ):


    "Does it ever cross your mind
    you told me that you love me
    Then turn around and told your homies we was just fuckin'"

  9. The Realest Jaee

    They are so greaat together

  10. Rortez

    Jhene speaks to my soul ❤️

  11. Joshua Deloach

    They should do a remix and have Drake on it.!

  12. tesha281

    YouRun This!

  13. Victoria Frasure


  14. Country Living

    This is still that jaun ❤😩🙌🔥

  15. La’Chat Bė

    Has it been this long fr 😩

  16. nyara collins

    bro her and queen sound so much alike

  17. seshan marshall

    Now He Got Amnesia! 🎤🎶

  18. Smiles and the Twisted MD

    I miss them as a couple....Dam. Their chemistry both musically and romantically was so incredible & unique. We'll never see anything like this again. 😭😪

  19. Jamare’ Smith

    Yooo I’m still listening!!!!!! I hope they continue to make music together this was pure talent!!!!!!

  20. Cody Brooks

    One of my favorite r&b and hip hop eps of this decade. #Twenty88

  21. colombian Mocha

    I need them back together ❤️

  22. Marrero Michael

    I wish they would of made a tape like dej and durk💯check out ciano- make you forget! New wavws🌊🌊🌊🏄‍♂️

  23. Dajsia Walker


  24. Jeeves

    Jhene run this 🙌

  25. Philmarie Gabi

    playback speed- 1.25x

  26. sanii taylor

    Jhene snapped on this one! Jhene always snap though....

  27. Ci Summers

    its so crazy how songs can really bring back memories. they music be on a whole different level, its just a whole vibe. I love jhene and sean

  28. W. Barnes

    Ty dolla Sign?

  29. Dajsia Walker

    This project is still so slept on ❤️

  30. Pennywise twin

    2019 anyone?
    Make this button blue

    Seee See

    Nope I'm in 3333 time traveling, Yall better actright

  31. Matthew Brown

    3:20-3:55 damn you can feel the emotion in her vocals! She really loved Big Sean 😢

  32. 5tarzz

    6,14,2014 - 3,30,18 💔

  33. Ervin Brown

    Jamming this since 2016

  34. Jewler Kay

    Y’all need niggas with figures🗣

  35. Farrah Lynn

    “ when yo ass wasn’t doing shit but running round in D, wrapping nothing but them MUTHAFUCKING SWISHER SWEETS” I felt that ‼️

  36. Lesego Matlhaku

    2019 still

  37. d_dsg

    "y'all both dating NBA players? It figures, I guess with figures like y'all, y'all need niggas wit figgas dats figures on figures. Oh how the clique? Shit, bigger and bigger" jheez 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  38. Karma BellaRose

    I can’t believe they broken up, it’s really over 😩🤦🏻‍♀️

    jaznee copeland

    Karma BellaRose sadly we’ll never see them make a part 2 or perform this 😭

    Lindie Chituka

    Lucky for you they back together

  39. Brian Sherrod

    Jhene let somebody ass have it!

  40. Noot the hoot

    I have been trying to figure out where I’ve heard the beat at 3.24 from anyone know which song as it’s really stressing me now haha! Ignore the piano and singing just that sound I feel like it’s the weekend but at the same time I don’t

  41. Blahh Blahh

    This whole album reminds me of my ex. I know you loved this album as much as I did. I see you've moved on, got married and had a few kids. If you run across this know that I still love u. U will forever me my Worm 😘😘😘

  42. Vincent Bryan Blanco

    ako si vince

  43. C. Moore

    I don't care if y'all broke up I want another album.

  44. 최예림


  45. Nakia Robinson


  46. Jnae Chappell

    "& it's Deja Vu... 'cuz I been here with you" so addicted that damn line

  47. Heavenly Rae

    Cause I stuck around for ya. When ur ass wasn't doing shit but running around the D. Wrapping nothing but Dem mf swisher sweets

  48. melly mel

    That end doe she sing to a boi soul lol

  49. nishaisofficial


  50. George D.E Johnson


  51. Mohammad Yousef


  52. Ariana Williams

    Better than Bey and Jay to me 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Sophia Payne

    A year later and still facts

    Edilio Covele

    Never...i love jhene..but sorry sisi

  53. Jerilyn V.


  54. Brianna Ne'cole

    They sound so good together 😍

  55. don vito

    Why Naomi ?

  56. Heavenly McDavid


  57. QDubb

    Classic album

  58. Vincent Tieo

    wouah why does god's plan sounds like this song

  59. Bobby John

    KEY WANE mans beats are so legendary

  60. Marco Howard

    Me and my woman shit we b blunted on this 🌊

  61. famousdizz !

    Best song they did so far

  62. Eddie Walker

    What sample is this?

  63. Cyn M.

    This is 🔥🔥🔥

  64. Maurice Ross

    Now you got amnesia

  65. Maurice Ross

    This whole album reminds me of my ex gf

  66. JIMIN보라해



    You been runnin thru my mind 😩😩

  68. sad thottie

    3:40 gives me that chill man fuuuuu❤️


    Brings back memories

  70. Shea shea

    sexy ass couple. mentally and physically.

  71. Alasia Humber

    Still bumpin in 2018 🙏🏾🔥🔥🔥

  72. Nicole Ruluked

    I think I broke the like button

  73. Merry Christmas

    Drake on gods plan stole his flow

  74. Deven Green

    This album was slept on🔥💯

  75. snuggles825

    #2k18 This Will Forever Be My Shit 🙌🏾

  76. Jahmar Armstead

    When Jhene takes over @ 03:22 👂💪✌

  77. Tom Helman

    This shit reminds me when me and her were doing herron...

  78. Daniel Ross

    Sounds like summertime🔥

  79. Tim Xman

    2:10 The background when Jhene says "You know this...Man" Is awesome

  80. chinkydav3

    I know the dude that produce this beat

  81. Nae Derya

    the ending >

  82. 4 Fake

    Slept on

  83. Dee Dee


    Oh Myiah


    Dee Dee

    Oh Myiah Yessssss😻😻

  84. Drew Dumas

    i swear it’s like deja vu

  85. Zoe Johnson

    Who here in 2017??

  86. Mobby

    Now that they're together , need more music together . Shits so dope it's unreal .

  87. Malachi Douglas

    It took me long ass time to find this

  88. don vito

    Not only have I done it I did it I lived this

  89. Fefe Doll

    On them late late nights 🎶🎶

  90. L. Chill T.

    love this

  91. Justt Marie

    this shit go hard cant stop listening😍🤔🔥💯

  92. Stryder

    Bh this makes me feel some type o way

  93. Princess K

    all of the time all of time....