Jewel - Only Shadows Lyrics

Think there's a monster in your closet
Even if you lock it
Think you can't stop it
No matter how hard you try

Well listen here sleepy head
Close your eyes and go to bed
With good thoughts in your head
Tell you why it's gonna be alright

They're only shadows
They're only shadows
They're only shadows
In the night

You walk down the street
A creepy feeling starts to creep
And suddenly you feel your feet
Moving faster til they fly

You look all around
You look up and you look down
But still there's nothing you have found
And I will tell you why

There are lots of things that may go bump in the night
But if you use your brain you will be alright
That scary noise is just the faucet dripping
And the thump thump thump is the dog's tail wagging
The thing you saw out of the corner of your eye
Was just a shadow in the night

You can't have shadows without the light
No hello without goodbye
No laughter 'til you cried
That's just part of life
The great compromise
You are truly wise
If you see with your own eyes

[Chorus X2]

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