Jewel - Happy Lyrics

Do you see the man with a monkey in his hand
He sings to him sweetly and calls him Sam
He's happy
So happy

And do you see the lady with the long black beard
Its her pride and joy
She's been growing it for years
She's happy
So happy

So may I caution you and say beware
Before you dare judge and stare

'Cause everybody has to be something
Its a lot better than just being nothing
Everybody has to be something
Whatever makes 'em happy

We all know Mary she has fifty cats
And all day long she is giving them baths
It makes her happy
So happy

Arnold is a hermit
He gets lots of weird looks
Because all of his friends
Well, they live inside of books
But they make him happy
So happy

You never know what it takes
For someone to be glad in their own way


We can see pieces of ourself
In the reflection of everyone else
So judging them is like judging yourself
Instead of just being happy

I know a lady
Who dances on her bed
Only she can hear the music
'Cause it's in her head
But she's happy
So happy

So be as different as you want
It's even more fun than you thought


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