Jewel - Fat Boy Lyrics

Fat boy goes to the pool
See his reflection, doesn't know what to do
He feels little inside
And filled with pride
Oh, fragile flame
No one sees the same

Fat boy goes about his day
Trying to think of funny things to say
Like, "This is just a game I play"
And "I like me this way"
Oh, fragile flame
When no one feels the same

Hush, sleep,
Don't think, just eat
Your daddy's little boy
Your mama's pride and joy
You know they love ya
But not because they hold ya

Fat boy says "Wouldn't it be nice
If I could melt myself like ice
Or outrun my skin and just be pure wind"
Oh, fragile flame
Sometimes I feel the same

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Jewel Fat Boy Comments
  1. Michael Orzolick

    Dear Jewel
    Is this song have anything to do with the time Sean Penn took that picture of you in the second book called Chasing down the Dawn where the caption says Glamour on the Road, I remember that Night you were drinking Jack Daniels out of the bottle looking at me and I literally watched you piss your pants. Didn’t know it was you, till I bought your book it was in. The guy who owned that bar died in 1995 he gave Sean Penn his last bumper sticker. Where the Beer is Warm and the Hospitality is Cold. Last Call Drink Up, Closing Time, Beat it Chump
    BIG JOE’s
    You’ll Never Know My Truths unless you and eye sit and talk eye to eye.
    Believe it or not I ended up in the Special Olympics August 25,1974 because I tried to go to Alaska after I heard the whisper that you were Born & I have two gold and one silver medals my reward for loosing the memory of my imaginary wife and daughter Jewelry, but you listen to the lies of the game players your mom and Laura Gold aka Lori Speck

  2. Armando Carrasco

    it´s a beautiful song... and I always feel the same listening to it!

  3. moonstone

    This song has always had a great impact on me. I was overweight my entire childhood. I've thinned out as I grew into adulthood—still slightly overweight, but not much. It effects you for the rest of your life I think, whether you lose the weight or not. I read that Jewel wrote this about an overweight classmate of hers who killed himself on her family's property. With that in mind, the song is especially devastating.

  4. NWchilldude

    Her voice is so precious

  5. Jo-Ryan Salazar

    Ah, a song extolling the virtues of childhood obesity.... #hottake


    Yep. That's what it is - all it is. Flawless comprehension.

  6. Sun Flowers

    I have always been overweight and the amount of comfort I have found in this song is astounding. This song was the first time I realized that I wasn't truly alone. I rarely listen to this song because of the emotional impact that it has on me. "Because you know they love you, but not because they hold ya."

    Michael Orzolick

    Sad to feel your pain of Lonelyness. I myself been loosing weight, dropped from 210 to 183 my last Dr s appointment.
    177 pounds Monday September 30,2019. Was a 90 pound weakling in Jr High School

  7. God Lover

    i have a gun jewel gonna tomorrow

  8. Romeo Corgan

    one of the most heartfelt songs by a human being ever

  9. A SilentEcho91

    thin people can feel the same way

  10. Just a speck in the universe

    I'm fat and this song made me cry. I also cry in the shower, and when I'm alone.

    Daniela Deloya

    JC Malone me too

  11. C Henrique

    For years I listen to this song every now and then, one of the simplest and most heartfelt lyrcis by Jewel. Sometimes I feel the same too.

  12. Andrew Jamieson

    for you, scullino

  13. Lorna Fox

    such a sad song. One of my all time faves! :( 

  14. King ORSM

    I think the correct term is, Morbidity obese boy.

  15. David Van

    no u dnt

  16. Njekt

    @Shaq, all bout that fat doe

  17. James Reynolds


  18. Thescoed

    Love this song.