Jewel - Face Of Love Lyrics

until tonight
my heart was just half full
i'd never known the fruit which fed the soul
but now i see what may put to rest my longing
for i have seen, the face of love
the grace of god, the face of love
in silence i feared my heart
would remain words unheard
inside a separateness of skin
but now i know that the skin just veils the soul
for i have seen, the face of love
the grace of god, the face of love
so take my hand and knowing
with it i also give my heart
wanting never to be separate again
let eternity begin
if you were flame
i'd allow myself to be consumed completely
were you wind i would wish you pass through me
but now i know that the skin just veils the soul
for i have seen, the face of love
the grace of god, the face of love

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Jewel Face Of Love Comments
  1. Edward Krzynowek

    "but now i know that the skin just veils the soul..." Wonderful! Beautiful!

  2. Tesla Thepoor

    My favorite Holiday Album!!! <3

  3. Cyber Bee

    I am looking for sheet music for this song?  Anyone?

  4. Mitzy Campbell

    Had this sang at my mom's funeral - to signify her love for my dad and her journey to eternity

  5. Jonathan Pennington

    where can i find an instrumental version

  6. Dorothy Catalano

    Please remember Jewel said publically You were Meant For Me was givin to her in part she finished it. Many more songs also found by one composer like all songs today. Now you know why two top ten songs sound alike. Music labels buy songs cheap from one crooked "legman". They hype up different artist. Same writer daughter of producer Vinny catalano/acorns. Google if you want early history of roots of the phony artistry. Actually robbed for 40 years. Someday. The story will unfold. Copyright kids don't trust anyone.

  7. Mitzy Campbell

    Sang at my mother's funeral

  8. Gayle Hardy

    Jewel is one of a kind. Written by Jewel and performed with her mother - nothing like it. Such a wonderful song/rendition of the personal relationship I feel with the Holy Spirit.

  9. MacDougall Memories

    One of my favorites. This Christmas album is my favorite of all time!

  10. TheRascalFlattsfan6

    Jewel has a beautiful voice

  11. Sherry McMahon

    This is the most beautiful and so ture

  12. JCarlos Chunga

    ' now I believe angels exist'
    Blessed voice, it could not be better.
    Thanks Jewel to enjoy this masterpiece

  13. Lana Vaughan

    We had this sung at our wedding as I walked down the aisle.

  14. HarryTheHoudini

    The meaning of Christmas = This Song

  15. Angel Vemich

    Thats Jewel and her mother and the song is on one of Jewel's older Christmas albums

  16. kath5489

    Jewel is AMAZING...her voice is sent straight from Heaven...listen to Violet Eyes by makes me cry EVERY time I hear it. I wish it would be for sale so I can put it on my Ipod!

  17. Pink Guitar Woman

    This is goosebump material...stunning

  18. Joemanjamz

    my favorite jewel song...and im a metal head.

  19. darwin1981ph

    Your welcome!

  20. Optimum Reader

    A good friend just introduced me to this song. It's now one of my favorite songs of all time! Thank you, my friend, for ths gift!

  21. queeneve

    Does anyone know where I can find the sheet music for this? I'm singing it at my cousin's wedding in July, and can't find the music anywhere.

  22. Submariner75

    Wow, Jewel's mother is just as beautiful and talented as her daughter!

  23. queeneve

    It's also on Jewel's Christmas Album.

  24. darwin1981ph

    This song was originally written by Jewel for the Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack (Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes) but was rejected by the record producer to be included in the original soundtrack nor in the movie track and end up in her christmas album.

  25. marielacristo

    it is not magic it has a blessing in it

  26. darwin1981ph

    download it thru limewire.

  27. Miki Guettaf

    she has a beautiful voice !!! i really love this song, this is one of my favourite of her, it's so magic ! :)

  28. 小男神

    perfect ^^