Jewel - Do You Want To Play? Lyrics

Met her on a friday afternoon
In a neon dayglo pink
Chiffon satin room
She never looks back
She always looked good
Dressed in black
And she says oh
Do you want to play?

She lived beneath the
Disco discount store
With pictures of Randy Newman
Scattered all across the floor
I said "This place
Looks sort of desolate"
She said
"Are you only half alive?
Or have you always
Been this inarticulate?"

Do you want to play?

Don't think too hard
Don't think too fast
Don't ever give away
What you can't take back
Don't try to understand
What you can't comprehend
Underneath the disco neon
Daylight chandeleir
Disco diety of the chivalry
I said "Take it back
Take it back
Take it back"

Do you want to play?

Do you want to play?

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Jewel Do You Want To Play? Comments
  1. varowest

    love this song, brilliant lyrics, but why Randy? For heaven's sake, why?

  2. Harkeill

    "This Way" has to be by far my most favourite of Jewel Kilcher's albums, past and present. There is just something about the songs and the way they are incorporated into the album that makes it feel 'right' to me... Although, I do admit, there are one or two dodgy songs on the album, by overall, it is grouse (that is great, for all of you non-Aussies).

  3. Doppelganger IsaacWhiteman

    I saw on tv once her singing a song at a thanks given parade . I think one of her lyrics was " Mirror Mirror " . Does anyone know the name of the song by her ? . If so what is it ? .

    Wapachrsha Anan-Arunraksa

    Doppelganger Benjamin It might be "Serve the Ego" song

    Doppelganger IsaacWhiteman

    Thanks for the info. .I'll check it out now .

  4. Kevin Patrick

    love Jewel and Love this album ... This Way was the last truly great Jewel album ...