Jethro Tull - The Curse Lyrics

Young Gladys was a silky maiden
At thirteen, she was going strong, yeah.
Oh, Gladys.

Nicely filled out, fully laden,
But down below there was something wrong, yeah.
Oh, Gladys.

Nobody told her about the secrets
That ladies have to hide
Mom had no words to describe the things
That happened inside.
Need someone to help me,
I feel that there's a curse on me, oh.

Went down into the local disco,
For what used to be the one night, yeah,
Oh Gladys.

Felt a searching hand to frisk her,
Along the legs of the water line, yeah,
Oh Gladys.

Now Gladys knew she was in no condition
In no mood to play

I cracked a knee in her soft spot, nothing
Had got in her way.

I want no one to touch me,
I feel there's a curse on me, oh.

Directed down to the local drugstore
Got fixed up, now she's doing fine, yeah
Oh Gladys

Equipped with various kinds of apparatus
You know the feminine hygiene kind, yeah
Oh Gladys

Must have been a man to do these things
Who won her fall from grace
That day he programmed me
(That lady programmed me?)
You should have seen the smile on his face
He said ``You'll need someone to help you
When you feel like cursing me'', oh.

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Jethro Tull The Curse Comments
  1. Foxonian

    There were enough good tracks left over from the Broadsword sessions to have easily made another album from them. Still don't understand why Ian & co. never did.

  2. ballaballapo


  3. Tuurke01

    I always wondered: Is this a leftover from Andersons solo-album Walk into Light?


    Lots of electric guitar and yet unsophisticated drum programming reveal it is from the Broadsword sessions. The CD inlay of Nihgtcap says it's from 1981.

  4. bogen broom

    No one but Ian Anderson could write or sing a song on this important topic -
    ‘ Transition from a girl to a woman ‘......Genius ✔️

  5. add2718

    I admit the subject matter for this song is a pretty weird choice for Tull, but ya gotta admit the song is pretty catchy!!! One of my favorite 80's synth Tull tunes.

    bogen broom

    It takes a musical genius to come up with a song like this .......hence Ian Anderson over ✅